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  1. This pic sums up DBs year: OL with both arms extended and grabbing each side of his shoulder pads. Result=no flag
  2. Well we’ve got 1. I don’t see how cutting JG or GB in half is going to help anyone (especially them) and is likely to cause serious NCAA problems
  4. They have the best fight song and helmets in CFB though, seriously
  5. Is it good, really? Have seen it on the shelf and haven't thought to try. As a guy that likes a good Old-Fashioned or Manhattan (if made correctly) I still like good whisk(e)y neat. Always willing to try something if the taste is good though....
  6. Fun to look back and see that some of the best hires weren’t the “home run hire”, but the “right guy at the right time” hires. With the dollars involved these days it takes a really confident, surefooted administration to pull it off. And, actually Gene Banks the player may have been the one that changed the trajectory of that program somewhat before Coach K even got there (remember watching him play in the final against U.K. with Goose Givens when I was a kid, to date myself lol) And, none of this has anything to do with that super stud player Jaylen Green😛!
  7. Correct, '82, not '81. MUH BBAADD!! Yes, Duke was a good program but at best second-tier ACC until that '82 class. Coach K was close to getting run off until the right collection of guys sent them on a path to being THE program for the next 30 years. They had more historical success than AU but were not UNC/Kentucky/Kansas level at that point.
  8. Echoing Golf... this is the kind of kid (along with SC) that can alter the trajectory of a program. We are already headed to places we haven’t been in men’s basketball but start getting guys like this and it can be program altering. Duke wasn’t the Duke we know now until the ‘81 recruiting class came and changed the whole course of that program and made Coach K into Coach K. We are already in a better place than they were. Getting ahead of myself here but it’s exciting as hell to think about.
  9. @augolf1716 was the man today! Thanks for leading that comeback! Who needs Okoro anyway? WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! WAR DAMN GOLF!!!!!!!!
  10. I brought him up early in the pre-conference schedule as somebody that would have really helped this roster if he’d have stuck with AU. Was told that his numbers were meh and he wouldn’t have made a difference. Not sure what his motivation for leaving was although I think he (like the coaches) expected Harper to still be at AU this year which would have limited his minutes
  11. I’m fired up about watching you! What is the strength of your game at this point? They finally offered enough PBR to lure you into the lineup? This is gonna be the best damn basketball-watching Saturday I can remember: Golf torches UT in an AU win then Baylor-Kansas later on. WWWWWOOOO!!!!! LET’S GGGGOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. The quality of this content is why I love AUF! WWWWOOOOOOO!!!!!!LET’S GGGOOOOOOO!!!!!
  13. James Williams makes me a good way
  14. Loof doesn’t get that Velma. He gets the cartoon one that was almost certainly a hermaphrodite
  15. This should be the easiest recruitment ever. Offer unlimited Scooby Snacks, pick him up in the Mystery Machine.......we’re golden. And, for goodness sake, bring Daphne but leave damn Velma at home.
  16. The problem develops when pissing in Cheerios is what makes some people happy
  17. That and a reliable catch-and-shoot guy. Even with this team’s obvious limitations, one reliable outside shooter would take this current team to the next level. I’m thrilled and surprised by what they’ve accomplished record-wise thus far but I’ll be more surprised if they make it to the second weekend of the NCAA tourney. And, if they don’t they have nothing to hang their head about.
  18. Wondering if we are going to get LED lights for JHS. Anyone? Asking for a friend..... @augolf1716, any info....?
  19. Absolutely. He looks like a great player. Hope we end up in his Top 1 ! War Damn Barrett Carter!!!!
  20. Top 11!!!!!!!!!!! HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!