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  1. So, an OT is what you’re saying🤔.....
  2. Williams is the dude I have been salivating over for 2 years. That guy on the back end of your defense......sick
  3. Little did we know that we’d see this same kind of game trajectory play out repeatedly when our then OC became HC. And, instead of cutting bait, we’d keep hanging on and hoping that something might change for an additional 4 years (and counting) with that guy. All the while, seeing the blueprint of what our program could be with the program that used to be AU-lite. Thanks for the depressing topic, lol.
  4. Man, I feel great our program. We’re winning almost 70% of our games and the only reason we’re losing is because the refs are conspiring against us. GUS IS THE MANNNNN!!!!!! THE $49 MILLION MAN!!!!!! WWWWWOOOOOOOO!!!! LET’S GGGGOOOOOO!!!!! LOOKING FOR A RETURN NEXT YEAR TO THE SCENE OF ONE OF HIS GREATEST TRIUMPHS...... MUSIC CITY BOWL OR BUST FOR 2020!!!!!!!!
  5. But, self awareness is a real virtue.
  6. I’m hoping Broderick Jones likes this hire
  7. Bill did all that stuff that Wade claims.....twice
  8. Wade is a complete tool. If ever there was evidence that the NCAA is completely feckless (or Wade has a pic of Emmert with a goat) the fact that Wade is still coaching at LSU is Exhibit A.
  9. Auburn's coach now last place in the division for "Coaches I want to have a beer with". Conversely, first on the "Most likely to play PokémonGo" we've got that.
  10. More importantly, who does Bill Taylor want?
  11. Sandberg is 24
  12. Bill Taylor >> Wade Christopher
  13. 😳Talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire. That might work out but that sounds like disaster in the making to me.
  14. 1978. Watched us lose to Miami 17-15, dude named Otis Anderson broke a long run late in the 4th to set up their winning field goal. Seems like he ended up being pretty good for the NYG after he got done at Miami 🤔
  15. Bill Taylor approves of (and laughs at) this message
  16. I thought we were counting on Bill Taylor to step in at LT🤔......?
  17. Shout out to McCormick. Dude has been really good all year and was clutch again today......and, made his free throws. If Purifoy strokes it like he did in the second half this is a dangerous team. The defense is going to keep us in every game. And, if not already known, Akron is a stud.
  18. Does it make me a bad person if I keep coming to the board hoping to see that we’ve shown Grimes to door? I hate see somebody lose their job......but damn I want JB to lose his AU job, lol
  19. Nice to hear since I’ve never tried. I bought 2 bottles at 90 pounds each which I though was quite a good price. I plan to drink. Y’all let me know if you’re in Huntsville, AL so that you can stop by for a pour!
  20. Those two wins are over Memphis and Purdue. That is the extent of Malzahn’s bowl accomplishment. So, it’s even worse than it appears