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  1. Preach brother. Our biographies sound the same (except I never won AU any awards, lol). We can be fellow whiners/Auburn-haters that really just want Auburn to finally reach the greatness that always seems just out of reach. Gus “leading” us ain’t gonna get us there.
  2. Haven’t read the whole thread but this loss sums up the Malzahn era. A chance to win a bowl game that is on one hand relatively unimportant but on the other hand means a bunch; a chance to come out prepared and win decisively and carry forward the momentum from a big win at the end of the year. Instead we have a lackluster (at best) performance and lose a game that is easily winnable. This is why we we always be “settling” while Malzahn is our coach and why the fan base will always be split about 50:50 over Gus as our coach. The worst of all worlds: a coach the fan base can never whole-heartedly support or rally behind a plan to move him on. SMDH but WDE.
  3. Lol. Name of the import company. Came all the way to Scotland to buy American whiskey, lol. Pretty cool though, don’t think the Gold Edition Blanton’s is released in the States (I’m sure it’s the same as the regular but a nice conversation piece)
  4. That’s not a position. They are part of the OL.
  5. Agree. It’s nice as a change of pace but the malting of the grain clearly increases the depth of flavor, makes Scotch whisky more interesting than Irish whiskey IMO.
  6. In Scotland for Christmas holiday and participated in a single malt tasting last pm. Had a taste of: Springbank 21, Glenfarclas 25, Laphroaig 25, Dalmore 20 port cask finished, and Balvenie Tun 1509 Batch #6. These are all fantastic whiskeys. If you like single malt and have a chance I would recommend a pour of any of these. I really like bourbon, but man, single malt Scotch whisky is way more interesting just from a variety standpoint. Merry Christmas to everyone!
  7. As stated by @ellitor and @McLoofus, my post was sarcastic without the font. No, I think Cristobal is a great recruiter and will prove to be a very good head coach at Oregon for those that have their doubts. Put him in a talent rich area with tradition in addition to the resources that he has available right now.....look out. He would be a force at an upper echelon SEC school, IMO. On another note: did @ellitor detect sarcasm that was missed by someone else?
  8. Insane. With what I have stashed away in Weller 12 and Antique, at those prices I could take a great fly fishing trip probably, lol. Our local store was selling the Kentucky Owl Rye for $260 and 10 year WhistlePig for $110.....ridiculous.
  9. Glad Gus and staff did very well this year. Damn shame Cristobal turned into a crappy recruiter when he ended up at a place that’s geographically disadvantaged with little historical football success. Just like Saban magically improved when he went from MSU to LSU then Bammer. Better luck next time Mario, lol
  10. Great ENSD for the Auburn Tigers. I think this is part of my Gustration. It just feels like we are soooooooooo close to consistently great stuff- better OL recruiting/play and some better offensive game plannning and who knows………………? Regardless, give it to this staff (and recently departed Dilly) for hard work and great recruiting. This is far and away the best recruiting we’ve done since Dye’s time at AU but in a much tougher recruiting landscape. Well done coaching staff! WDE!
  11. Even with Tutt’s lack of foot speed?
  12. Waiting on Pappy to lock this stud down for us....
  13. The irony in all the "WTF....Kentucky?" talk about Flax.......that is exactly the reverse of what is going on between the two schools in men's bball, lol
  14. For those out there wanting a little bit different pour, try this. Very tasty.....
  15. Pappy McButterMilk killing it with OL recruiting this year!!!!!! WWWWWOOOOOO!!!!!LET'S GGGGGGOOOOOOOOO PPPPAAAAPPPPPPYYYYY!!!!!!!!
  16. I think we just got tired of waiting on George’s camera/video man
  17. Anybody that doesn’t know what asparagus is or tastes like should come under immediate suspicion
  18. Pretty good for a lousy DB that got crappy coaching, lol
  19. Lol. Looks like our involvement was short-lived...
  20. I have no idea if he can play football at all but I want Yaya Diaby based on name alone. Badly.....