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  1. We all recognize the poor historical results for a recruit when a thread reaches 100 pages. What happens if a thread reaches 100 pages of silly arguments for an exciting prospect that has signed with Auburn? I’m worried for Mr. Frazier’s future here....
  2. Damn, we're going to miss that recruiting heavy lifting.
  3. Somebody is going to dispute the validity of this article because it can’t be completely corroborated. Won’t name names but it may rhyme with Pikey.....
  4. This whole thread reminds of the great Oscar Wilde quote: “Second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience”. Substitute “Gus” for “Second marriage” and it seems like a nice summation of Gus’ tenure.
  5. AT4L= Pat Dye🤷‍♂️?
  6. Dude named Coarch. Keep talking about him and he’ll be meeting you in a parking lot to kick your a**, lol
  7. I loved your post but let’s be honest. He came because he knew Bill Taylor would be protecting his blind side
  8. Serviceable but not irreplaceable. Lots of talent in the RB room. Seems likely addition by subtraction to me. Moving on....
  9. It was Louisville with Pervis Ellison that they lost to that year. Louisville went on to win it all
  10. Or maybe since Chuma Okeke. I hope he is just the next in a long line. War Damn Okoro!
  11. He sure looks good at CB to me. Smooth transitions, makes plays on the ball, and brings the wood when he can. How the heck is he just 3*? That’ll change......
  12. All this OT talk. SMH. Bill Taylor says “Hi”.....
  13. fredst


    I would love to say taking the high road and ignoring that tool is the right thing. But with his complete lack of effort leading our program and his demeanor/behavior towards us since his departure......I hope we heckle and torment that guy every time he step foot within 30 miles of Auburn. You can’t tell me that the same thing wouldn’t happen in Cameron Indoor. I could care less about the guy but everything he’s getting at Auburn Arena he earned in spades.
  14. If I haven’t said it already this post seals it:
  15. As I've said (too many times, lol) the of 1920 or any of the the OF "Whiskey Row" series. Enjoy!
  16. Can you imagine if by some wild act of God..... Okoro stays, Cooper is at AU, and Green signs with AU? Two freakin’ lottery picks on the b-ball team at the same time AT FREAKIN’ AUBURN UNIVERSITY!!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS UNIMAGINABLE BEFORE OUR MAN BRUCE “SWEAT THROUGH MY SUIT” PEARL!!!!!!! WWWWWOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! LET’S GGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. If they are worth having at Auburn they all want to win every damn game and are really mad when they don’t. I suspect (or hope)that is true for all of the kids we are signing. Have to wonder if this is a result of Saban making a conscious effort to really try to get Alabama kids. They’ve been criticized for not taking some AL kids over some outside talent, just like is being stated here that Kirby is losing traction in GA because he has been going national and leaving some of the in-state kids behind. Agree, we need to do better in-state, hope this is a one-off.
  18. Gus giving it his all pre-game: Bruce pre-game:
  19. No. We need a douchebag rival that comes on here to post after losses . WAR DAMN EAGLE!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Sweaty Cheating Bruce just kicked the s*** out of Non-Sweating SuperCheating John. Lol. Another wannabe that prolly cheers for Bammer in college football, the Yankees in MLB, etc. Glad you’re here! Post more often and War Eagle!
  21. We are 19-2 and just beat the University of KY (think about that) with a team that shoots about 20% from three and is about as mediocre as it gets offensively. If anybody thinks that Bruce Pearl can’t coach basketball as well as any HC in the game (X-O/recruiting/repping AU) they are out of their damn mind. WWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! LET’S GGGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I feel like I need to give @GwillMac6 a bro-hug😛
  22. Best ultimate outcome would be Bowl Cut doing something that actually lands him in prison and getting sodomized by a homicidal maniac that just happens to be a sidewalk AU fan. A man can dream🤷🏻‍♂️.......