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  1. That is a bullcrap way of rating HS players. This rating should be based on what they will do at the College/University level, not the pro level. That is was NFL draft ratings are for.
  2. It's been this way forever and it irritates me. The number 1 rated place kicker in the country is a 3 star. That sooo does not make sense when it comes to winning football games. Same with punters. A great punter turns the field. around. So, I may be wrong but I assume Alex will be the placekicker and we have someone else punt, even though he can punt really well. I've seen too often when a kickers leg gets tired towards the end of the year and doing both may cause this to happen.
  3. My take on the G league is way different than most. I think it should be canned, not allowed, period. I think the college BBall game has gone down the tubes from the likes of the G league (a league that no one even watches) and college enrollees ability to go pro after 1 year. I would like BBall to be like Football. Kids have to stay till their Junior year. If this happened the college game would be much better and you could actually cheer for kids on your team for enough time to actually feel like they are family. I mean, come on; all we got from S Cooper was a tease. I wanted more.
  4. Super glad to have this kid. He has 4 years left and already has SEC experience. Great addition.
  5. Agree Loof. My personal favorite is NFA Burger.
  6. I soooo disagree here. In and Out is all hype. The burger is decent but the fries are the worst is the history of the french frie universe. I traveled to Dallas in December for a wedding and there was a Whataburger in the airport. I had to try it. It was not in a close concourse but my wife and I went anyway. I loved it. Had the double cheeseburger and fries. Its like they cooked it once I ordered it. Came out super hot. It was perfect for my taste. I now need more Whataburger food! I live in Atl. We have no Whataburger's here.....but I am excited to take the 2 hour drive to AU, walk arou
  7. Kid can Hoop! Does he have any free ride offers? Hard to believe he doesn't. I'd take a flyer on this guy all day long.
  8. I think this is a good get but since it has not been brought up, I sure hope Greene had at least a lunch with Rowdy G to discuss the opening and get his thoughts.
  9. Pettaway looks great on film. Not really sure about the competition though. They are in slooooow motion.
  10. Dude goes to the same school that Carl Lawson went to. We need to be all over this!
  11. I agree with all this, plus even when a big goes outside, we should still have a great rebound game. AU will have one of the biggest starting lineups in the NCAA. Plus, these guys are not just big, they are talented. 2 of the 3 were 5 stars and 1 was a 4 star. Giant, talented guys. Schools will not be wanting to play us. I would expect us to go against several 3 guard lineups, which could make things interesting.
  12. Wow! Seriously impressive assistant hire with Starkey aboard. Let's just be thankful!
  13. If you read through everything you can find on Kessler since he went in the portal, it is obvious this kid is the real deal. With Covid and being a true freshmen, it took a while for Kessler to crack the lineup with Carolina already having other bigs that were more experienced. Once he got playing time Kessler showed out. I can't wait to watch us next year. If we stay healthy, we are going to be more than a handful once the team is comfortable playing together. We do need Scoot to commit and reclassify and grab one more talented guard.
  14. Congrats! Welcome to the World Zoe! I hope mom is doing well. Hard not to be in awe of birthing wives.
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