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  1. For what its worth, both Kip Adams and Rusty Mansell picked Fields to UGA yesterday.
  2. Hopefully, while they are there, they can get an autographed copy of Fl's coach on his date with the Shark.
  3. It's crazy how if you go to other boards, others schools are very confident they lead for Fields. Some are even saying he may commit soon. Florida - is supposedly recruiting him the hardest right now. FL fans feel confident, even though he does not live close by. They have lots of Crystal Balls for Fields. GA - fans are confident because his mom likes UGA a lot and she wants him to play close to home. He has visited. Fl St - Lots of people have been saying that FL St will be tuff to beat for Fields because of their success with QB's and their HC. He visited Fl St very recently and some seem to think that he was not impressed as Fl St tried to negative recruit the other schools he is looking at. Auburn - AU fans like that we are close to his home. He has idolized Cam Newton and plays on his 7 on 7 team. Plus, he apparently like our OC. He has visited. Let's hope Bama does not get involved. This is going to be very interesting.
  4. Yea, but I also remember him taking down Johnny Football at a critical time during that game. Frost was not perfect but.......
  5. Who is on commit watch? We usually get a few.
  6. Great. I appreciated everyone's play by play. Great win for AU baseball.
  7. Congrats to Jalyn.
  8. It's going to be fun once we get Shaun involved. Speed can't be taught, Speed Kills.
  9. I am in agreement with the people saying there really is not a competition this fall. I like Shaun a lot, but I saw too many passes while falling backwards completely out of control. His being injury prone is another reason I would lean in a different direction. I think chemistry is a big factor in success....we had that as the season went on in Cam's year, and in the years Marshall was our QB. When injuries happen it is hard to keep the chemistry.
  10. All Bama has to do is lay out the receivers they have in the NFL and how much money they are making and compare it to us or any other school and they look good.
  11. Draper is such a huge asset to this team. She plays with guts.
  12. JMO, I would put Mr Monday on commit alert.
  13. Great news!
  14. I think we can win against Clemson. It won't be easy. They seem to reload on defense. I think it will be very close.
  15. your right. The discussion might be better suited for the AU Football Forum though.