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  1. 2018 4* WR Matthew Hill commits to AU!!!!

    Welcome to the Family Mr Hill!
  2. Former AU QBs weigh in on Stidham

    Tiger, I am going to have to disagree with you on this one. I could see calling him a rather experienced Sophomore; not a Hyper Mature Freshman. Stidham started 5 games as a true freshman. Not many freshman can do this. Most freshman get a redshirt year, because they need it. Our guy started 5 games. Most sophomre QB's haven't played as many college games as Stidham has already. This being said, you can always find a few that have more experience......but the vast majority do not.
  3. Jarrett Stidham to be named Auburn's Starting QB

    This is all great news for AU. Means that Tega is a very talented kid. At QB, I believe that we Stidham has the IT factor. Time will tell, but I think we are in position to have a very good year
  4. scrimmage updates?

    Let's get back to talking about the scrimmage. Lots of whining and bickering going on in the last few pages. None of it makes for worth while reading. I could give a crap about Hurts, period. There should be a Rivals thread to argue about him. Let's talk AU here. Lets talk Ol, DL, Lbers, Db's, kickers, punters, whose moving up the charts i.e. Prince W.
  5. 2017 Fall Camp - Sat, Aug 12 (Scrimmage #2)

    Hard to understand how this guy keeps his job. He almost never has something good to say about the team is is covering.
  6. scrimmage updates?

    Frankly, I am very glad to hear that Stidham balled out today. My opinion is that we will need a huge QB upgrade to have a chance to win 10 or more. I like SW and he has a big heart. He has trouble when the pocket brakes down and his touch on long passes has not been what it needs to be. Our receiving group may be a huge strength this year. Myer is balling. We know Davis is good, I hope the coaches let McLain play because he has shown he has the height, the hands, he goes after the ball aggressively and has break away speed. Slayton is a player, and we are hearing good things about Noah. I almost forgot Stove who may be our most explosive guy. There are others too I have not mentioned that are deserving of PT. Ie the hands and guts of our little walk on. Kid is fearless. Still others but that is enough for now.
  7. 2017 Fall Camp - Sat, Aug 12 (Scrimmage #2)

    Yea, right. Clear choice.
  8. 2018 4* RB Dameon Pierce

    That is a good point.
  9. 2018 4* RB Dameon Pierce

    I really wanted Pierce. Great fit for our offense. Not panicing but I'm not sure a great RB remains that we are the lead program for. Everyone wants Cook and my guess is we are 3rd for him right now. My current feeling is that I would not mind a change at RB coach. Bama and UGA get all the 5 stars they want now and several other SEC programs seem to be out recruiting us on paper at this position....
  10. 2018 5* QB Justin Fields (Update 6/6/17)

    I totally agree with everything you said. The film reminded me a lot of Cam. He doesn't panic when the pocket collapses. He has a rocket for an arm, and is accurate on long throws. He looks like a potential once is a long while type of QB like Deshawn Watson or Cam.
  11. 2018 5* QB Justin Fields (Update 6/6/17)

    He looks like a seasoned vet playing against little boys. I'm not sure who Harrison played, but they almost always play against decent teams.
  12. Great News - OT

    Glad to hear your news! Celebrate!
  13. 2018 4* QB Joey Gatewood (Auburn 12/5/15)

    He would be a huge RB. TE may be an option.
  14. 2017 Fall Camp - Wed, Aug 2 (Day 3)

    Everyone seems very focused. I like this team a lot. I just hope every day there are no injuries.
  15. 2017 AU Football Man Crush

    I'll take Jarrett Stidham's girlfriend. Oops, I did that wrong...