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  1. Watched the video. Nice speed for his size. Seems very athletic too. Sign him up.
  2. Great win and momentum right now. Perfect timing in the year to be jelling. Last year we were hurt and worn out now, if we keep it up we may have a decent run this year!
  3. I’ll just hate for LSU to go down the tubes in BB? Hope they get slammed!!!
  4. Interesting. Is he that good? How is his actual coaching considered? He seems to have a good personality. Would love for him to turn into a Lincoln Riley.
  5. Great size. Excellent film. Go get him!
  6. Sign him up. I like his size and the fact that he knows pass coverage.
  7. Hey, this Zimmerman kid is getting popular on the recruiting front. It would be great if he committed early to the good guys.
  8. I would hate it if Cooper went elsewhere. Kid is wicked smooth.
  9. This guy has a nose for the football. His Jr film is very long; means he made a ton of plays. Impressive.
  10. Great get! Really impressed with how JJ gets off the line of scrimmage. Still looks underrated to me.
  11. Nice we are on his list. To be honest, UGA has way underutilized their previous 5 Star TE, Isaac Nauta (sp). That being said, I would say we are a longshot here. UT has utilized TE's well in the past. Still the pull to UGA will be hard to overcome. He has a who's, who of schools after him.
  12. The film is just unfair on Mr Braun. He is a giant of a man mowing down kids half his size. Love his speed. No wonder we are looking at his older brother Parker. I'll take him and 4 more just like him.
  13. WE need ALL linemen. Come to AU.
  14. Cooper had 42 in his HS first round playoff game. Need this kid. On same team as Okoro.
  15. OMG! He looks elite! He will be able to go wherever he wants to. Caddy needs to show us some magic here!