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  1. JFDTiger80

    Horton reassigned to off field role

    Agree on Player development. Have to agree to disagree on only struggling in OL recruiting. Our RB recruiting has been below average lately. It bothers me that Bama and UGA can get multiple elite RB in recruiting years while we do get any.
  2. JFDTiger80

    Kendall Simmons joining staff

    I read online that Off the field coaches can't really get involved with the players. They are mainly involved in coaching meetings. (This came from something I just read online) and the they were talking with Saban about all his off the field coaches.
  3. JFDTiger80

    Kendall Simmons joining staff

    What exactly does off the field mean. I guess he is not at practices?
  4. JFDTiger80

    Horton reassigned to off field role

    E, there is more to it that that and you know it. You need to get players you need. For us that would be OL, elite RB's, etc. We can have a bunch of great receivers rated really high, but if our line can't give our QB time to get the ball to them, then it goes back to recruiting. I can argue that MS ST recruiting has been better than ours.
  5. JFDTiger80

    Grad Transfer QB Jalen Hurts

    64, like the post, just one correction. Bryant chose Mizzu not the Pigs as I remember.
  6. JFDTiger80

    Horton reassigned to off field role

    I have been saying for a while now we need both a new RB coach and a new OL coach. We are halfway there. I agree on recruiting. We are getting out-recruited by Bama, Georgia, A&M, LSU. Our recruiting now is on the MS St and TN level. We need to recruit at an elite level to compete in the SEC. Way more focus on OL recruiting.
  7. JFDTiger80

    Horton reassigned to off field role

    This is a good move. We need a new coach and someone that can recruit at a higher level than Horton has done recently. We need a young coach with lots of energy that relates well with kids.
  8. JFDTiger80

    2020 4* QB Robby Ashford

    Interesting. Not sure he is a good fit for a pro style offense. Sure would be depressing to lose Fields then Ashford to UGA when the fit with AU is better. He could end up like Fields and transfer after a year or two. If he comes to AU, I seriously doubt he will transfer. Time will tell. JMO.
  9. JFDTiger80

    2020 4* QB Robby Ashford

    This Ashford kid seems like a talent. Does AU lead for his signature now? I must throw in my opinion again that any QB playing for us will need to seriously learn how to run for his life unless our OL recruiting gets a ton better. This is a very frustrating thing for me right now because I believe a team is only as good as the OL and DL quality it has.
  10. This kid is way underrated. I watched him play on TV in multiple games and he was the best player on the field each time. He is a much different receiver than Pickens but he will have a huge AU career along with Pickens.
  11. JFDTiger80

    Coaching Staff Changes?

    I would personally like a new RB coach and a new OL coach. New guys that are young and can recruit.
  12. JFDTiger80

    2020 5* PG Sharife Cooper

    Want Cooper bad. He is a joy to watch. Amazing skills and will play in the NBA.
  13. JFDTiger80

    2019 Men's Basketball Recruiting Thread

    Cooper looks like a 6 star player if they allowed 6. He is maybe the best passer I have ever seen in HS.
  14. JFDTiger80

    men vs. North Florida - game thread

    Keep on rolling! Good job.
  15. JFDTiger80

    Roster outlook: Quarterback

    True, but watching Nix play in HS, he did nit have a decent line to protect him, no great RB, and his other castmates were not at his level either.