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  1. I think this is an interesting take. We have seen some terrific players come out of North Carolina in the last decade. Not so sure Maryland is a great state for HS football. Overall, I still think Texas is a hotbed for great prospects. Many of the Universities in Texas have moved toward a more fun and gun approach. Univ of Texas has regressed, but they did teach UGA a lesson in a bowl game 2 years ago. Several other programs have improved, Baylor, Houston, TCU, SMU, Texas Tech. With the type of offense we run, we would do well to heavily go after Texas QB's and WR's every year. I definitely think the OL talent is there as well as LB, DB and DL talent. I think coaching once these kids get into college is an important factor in making these kids successful. Frankly, I think there is way more college talent in Texas than in NC, VA, and MD times 5, maybe times 10.
  2. He said in an interview on Monday that he was 215 now. Looks like he is working on adding some weight.
  3. Yea, except that Houston’s population is bigger than the entire state of Alabama.
  4. King is going to be a matchup nightmare. He is to tall for a LB or DB to cover him. Plus he has above average hands. I agree with King that he needs to work on his blocking. If/when he learns to block well, he may be remarkable.
  5. Doc, you are a good guy, was going to say dude, but not sure that is in your vocabulary. 😁 Get well, we are all thinking of you. 🤧
  6. May be a better runner than passer. Could be short yardage, goal line, mix things up a little. His TD to interception ratio isn't going to excite many.
  7. Not surprised we won't get these 2. It would have been great, but I never thought the tea leaves were leaning to us. I would rather it not lead to Bama though.
  8. Gotta like that list of suiters. Come to the good guys!
  9. Love the Rock. Seems like a terrific person. He may need to run for office sometime.
  10. E, Thanks. That is a lot of good info. I guess he is close toa 5 star.
  11. Bird, How good is Duncanville? They look like a college team with a line better than many. Pretty quick, big kids that are all athletic.
  12. E, how can a dude be rated a 98.29 on the composite and not be a 5 star? Kid must be really special. Want big time!
  13. Isn't this kid required to go to Tenn with that name????? 🤪
  14. 2020 is going to godown as a year we all wished did not happen. That is a lot going on and I sure hope things take a good turn for you and your family. Take care.