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  1. E, I agree. All reports are that JS had a good day and did not make any errors.
  2. Current QB situation. JS - Looked good in the scrimmage. He did not make any mistakes. He did not take contact. Coaches said they have enough info on JS they did not need him to go live. Translation: JS is our main guy this year and we can't afford to get him hurt. SW - Participated in 7 on 7 with no contact. He has a metal plate in his shoulder now after his operation. Translation: This could mean he is bionic (for those that remember the 6 Million Dollar Man) or that he will never start again for AU. Coaches are saying they will wait to name a starter until after SW has had a chance to compete. Second Translation: SW is one Whirly Bird throw away from being either Backup #1 or Backup #2. WB - Physically, he is the biggest of our QB's. He is almost built more like a LBer than a QB. He went live in the practice Saturday. He stats were 0-4 with an interception. Translation: Don't think twice about Coach T-Will spending 20 minutes working drills with WB after practice Saturday. They were just getting to know one another. MW - True Freshman, should be attending his HS Formal soon, but chose to enroll early. 3 Star kid, many thought was an afterthought for AU on signing day. MW has quickly picked up the offense and is reminding people of Nic Marshall. He went live in Saturday's scrimmage. He had 4 possessions and led the offense to 3 scores and threw 2 TD passes. He was elusive and made some nice runs. Translation: MW is one more scrimmage away from potentially losing his redshirt year. We know how fragile SW is and in the SEC anybody is one hit away from being on the injured list. Things can always change, but, this is the way I see things today.
  3. Remember, the Kid has a couple more years to grow before he gets to college. I totally agree with Bird. Kid has really good cover skills for his age. Lovett, for those who are not aware is one of the most prestigious private HS's in GA. Lot's of rich kids at this school. His mentioning of wanting offers from Stanford and UVA are not a good sign for us.
  4. Kid looks crazy good on film. Fast and great in the open field. He is a little short for LB and a little light. Right now he looks Safety size. We must think he can add weight. Kid is a crazy strong tackler. Valdosta is a very strong program. One of the best in the history of HS football. They have recently returned to to be one of the best programs in GA again. Would love to have this kid join our team.
  5. Thanks RIR and Aubiefifty all for posting the daily practice interviews and pics. Love this stuff. I have missed it so far this year.
  6. Bottom line here, with Stidham at QB and our talent at the receiver position......if we miss on Ross, we have really screwed up. Kody's job should be on the line if he does not deliver Ross. Kid is in our backyard...We really need to win this one. We have talented backs, we should be able to run the ball and our improved passing game will help our running game. I hope to see Stidham throw to our backs too. I think Cam Martin, Kerryon and Cox can all do really good things with the ball in space. I am excited to see this happen. Wish I was going to the spring game. Might be fun this year if CGM lets them play a little.
  7. Grill, I have to believe you are right on this. Gotta wait for mom.
  8. I wish Ross would commit soon. He is one of our top recruits this year. I would love to have him in the house and recruiting for us.
  9. Introduce this guy to Harvey Glance.
  10. Apparently Malik has looked very strong in practice. He is crisp, and can be explosive. Some say he looks like Marshall but not as fast. I have heard talk that Barrett is still not seen by the coaches as a solution they are very comfortable with. Some of this could be his play in practice and it may include some attitude stuff as well. Anyway, if Malik continues to improve, it is only a good thing for AU. I think it is great that Malik has an outside QB coach as well. One interesting thing is how polished Malik looks for a kid that should be going to his Senior Prom soon. Malik was very underated.
  11. Several people, including WDEwde think Willis will be higher on the QB chart than Woody after spring practice.
  12. T-Will is a great choice to mend fences. He is proving to be a outstanding recruiter and an above average coach that players like to play for. We need to keep T-Will around for many years. Can't wait to see how our LBers perform this year.
  13. I lived in Knoxville for almost 10 years. Their football stadium is a rust bucket. In addition, they jam people into benches that are too small for normal human beings. Their seats are only 16 inches wide. This allows them to brag about their huge capacity. Additionally, the upper deck area is at such an angle, you almost feel like you will fall forward when you stand up. I'll take our stadium over theirs every day of the week.
  14. I like his size a lot. If it is correct, 6'1" is good for a CB. I think he has really good ball awareness. I love that he looks at the ball and doesn't just stare at the receiver. He seems multi-talented, with good speed, good hands and he has special team skills too. Sign him up. Please.
  15. One other point on getting Jalil. With Kirby trying to close off GA from outside schools, this early 4 star get says we will fight them and others for recruits we want.