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  1. JFDTiger80

    Mississippi State Score Prediction

    Come on, ya'll know you want to see 3-2 again. If it ever were to happen again, it might this Saturday. War Eagle!
  2. JFDTiger80

    Southern Miss Postgame Thread

    Not sure if this has been brought up, the fair catches on the kickoff returns were poor. we lost 10-15 yards for most of those. There was no one near our person who caught the ball except the one time no one caught it. As bad as the offense is, we do not need to give up easy yards.
  3. JFDTiger80

    Dixie 1860 Passes Away

    He used to post all the time. He has posted rarely in the last couple of years. He was really in to his AU recruiting and had very good takes. Rest in Peace, Jay.
  4. JFDTiger80

    2020 4* QB Robby Ashford

    He is a very good fit for us. Sure hope the kid is a good student considering he wants to play both baseball and football. I know I couldn't have done that when I was in school and come out with decent grades. Of course they get tutors, etc.
  5. JFDTiger80

    2018 Auburn vs. LSU Score Prediction

    My guess is AU 20 LSU 12 LSU defense is still tough and their QB play is better this year. That said, we still win.
  6. JFDTiger80

    All Things Shaun "Worm" Shivers (merged threads)

    Worm is Super Special. So glad he he is an Auburn man! Great combo of speed and power with a low center of gravity. Love his attitude. He always looks like he is studying to learn and continue to improve.
  7. JFDTiger80

    Auburn 63 ASU 9 - Postgame Thread

    Driscoll (sp) came out of the game looking looking like he had a knee issue. Did he get back in?
  8. JFDTiger80

    All Things Shaun "Worm" Shivers (merged threads)

    He is a for sure football player.
  9. JFDTiger80

    Auburn vs. Alabama State Game Thread

    UGA beat the crap out of USCe today. Beat down. I had to turn the channel. Depressing
  10. JFDTiger80

    ***FINAL: AU 21 UW 16 — Postgame Thread***

    Bird, this is your expertise; that said I sure wish our db’s would turn their heads to find the ball at some point. I played dB and it frustrates me to no end we don’t look to the ball.
  11. JFDTiger80

    ***FINAL: AU 21 UW 16 — Postgame Thread***

    I am sooo tired of the 1st down run right up the middle. Horrible play and uses a down.
  12. JFDTiger80

    3rd and Goal Run Play

    Only thing I can think of is that Washington might have made ajustments. Made me mad we didn’t run more slants and back shoulders too. Can’t really defense too well for the back shoulder most times.
  13. Jay, Thanks for posting, I have been searching games thinking I might get to watch a good one tonight. I thought The Hoover/Pinson game would have been tonight. I have is scheduled to tape now.
  14. Of course, using my Orange and Blue eye filter, I would not trade Pickens for any other receiver in this class. He is a dominating presence. Can't wait for him to crush his classes and enroll at AU!
  15. JFDTiger80

    2019 4* RB Noah Cain

    I just reread the post. I got it wrong. Wolk wrote it saying that if Cain falls through AU is keeping its options open on RB Ronald Thompkins from Grayson HS in Atlanta. He is currently committed to Nebraska and is a 3 star.