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  1. Wow. Our kids know how to let it loose in the post season. Impressive. Super tough World Series matchup but we know anything can happen.
  2. Count me in on a Brock. Kid looks very talented. He can throw on the run with accuracy. He runs well and has a very strong arm. The guy has SEC starting QB written all over him. Now, let’s not screw this up!
  3. Welcome to the Family! Like his size and we will not have to teach the kid how to block. He knows how already. Impressive.
  4. I think Brock will take away the emotion and go to the school he feels will offer him the greatest success and best chance to be a high draft pick in the NFL. I think OU and Clemson may be the leaders, considering OU's success with recent NFL QB's and Clemson success with their last 2 QB's. UGA is also up there. He is also interested in the OL's of the schools. UGA and Clemson are killing it on the recruiting circuit right now. They are both loaded with 4 and 5 star kids and we are getting 3 and 4 star kids. It will be a heck of a get if we can pull this off. Coach D is going to need to be a QB whisperer this year. JMO.
  5. Gotta ask. Does this commitment mess with our chances with SC?
  6. Everyone wants to play with Cooper. He seems to like to take it very slow when it comes to committing though. Hope I am wrong. If he does push the button I would expect the floodgates to open on 5 stars if we had the open spots.
  7. Love this! Now, show out on the field!
  8. It might be sailing right back to AU.
  9. Agree! This kid will definitely see the field early at AU. I don’t care who we already have. Hands, speed and route running helps him. Hope he knows how to block too.