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  1. Not sure he cares. His HS team lost 3 games this year so I am not sure he won a state championship. He said he was happy with their season. I think it might have been like 31-3.
  2. Personal opinion is he signs with Arizona State. I have no special knowledge other than reading everything I can on this guy. We may actually be in 3rd place here. I hope we have a good relationship with other kids that can play Center. We should be good here as Wiley is graduating. I hope I am wrong!
  3. And the minute anyone involved, staff, players, coaches, crew, support, etc, tests positive, they will blow up all games, both in pro and college at any level.
  4. Btw, Kurt Herbstreit said yesterday he would be shocked if we had college football or pro football this year.
  5. Since she is married and has kids, I think you are a little late unless you are trying to bust up her marriage.
  6. I appreciate y'all responding. I am dating myself not being able to figure out this lingo. All so cryptic. So want Green in a AU uniform!
  7. Still need more help with this. Are the circled entries Cambridge? "Time"?
  8. Based on my years of following recruiting to what happens when the kids move from HS to college, the vast majority of kids that are better prepared, and coached in HS have a much better chance of seeing the field, within 2 years, and sometimes, ever. Yea, it happens sometimes that a kid with poor technique excels in college but that is not the majority. The idea of coaching a kid to be successful in college at the QB position depends on several things; including the coach working with the kid, the kid himself, dedication, etc. There are a lot of ifs. AU has not had a great history of having terrific QB coaching. We don't really have a great history recently in recruiting QB's from HS that become successful in college. We have to take Nix out of this discussion since he basically was going to AU once he was born. It's been a while since AU had a QB we recruited out of HS that was special. We have a new QB coach now. Let's hope we get better.
  9. That is a classic hurry up to go slow offense. I see lots of growth needed here. He would have been sacked a ton in the SEC. Needs some coaching on lots of stuff. On the other side, he seems to have a pretty good arm.
  10. WOW! Early yet, but we will end up with the best BB recruiting class in AU history. Living in Atlanta, I have found it hard to get to games but I will have to get some tickets to see these future 1st round NBAers play for AU next year. Can't even imagine having possibly 3, 5 star kids in this class with 1 or 2, 4 star kids and the best player in KY. Not forgetting returning several second year players that can contribute. I am sure we will lose some games simply bc we will be young, but once these kids gel, watch out. This hasn't happened ever for me but I am more excited for BB recruiting than FB recruiting.
  11. Based on previews, I don't think Madi ends up with Pete. Lots of rumors about Madi being a virgin and Madi's dad not agreeing to give Pete the OK to have Madi's hand. I have watched these shows since the beginning with my wife. We enjoy them. Madi is terrific. To me she would make a great Bachelorette, but she may be too conservative for the show. Not really sure why she decided to go on the show because of her beliefs. They sort of counter the show. I would think she could have any one of 1000's of guys around AU any time. SHe would be great as some sort of TV sports analyst.
  12. This kid can really sling the ball. He is a tall, good size QB with a big time arm. He was our signee Caper's QB. This staff better have a terrific list of DT QB's they feel like we can reel in or cutting Aaron loose without a replacement that is as good or better fits our plans is risky at best.
  13. Right now people are saying not for a couple of months.