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  1. I say we go hard after that Pittman dude coaching at Arky. It doesn't look like he will last long in his new position. Tee Hee
  2. Gosh, This dude has a very good highlight video. Hard to understand his 3 star rating. He is fast, can run and can throw the ball. He needs to hold the ball a little better when he runs. He also has a very impressive offer list.
  3. McLaughlin is the real deal. He reminds me of Trevor Lawrence at Clemson. Not quite as tall. I would hope we fight real hard to keep him.
  4. Massive BOOM here! I am convinced that DL and OL are what can get you to championships. Our DL is there for sure but our OL needs some help. This kid is terrific! Welcome to the family Lee!
  5. Bird, I hope and pray your son can stay out of the hospital and have a long life and you watch as he takes off as an adult! You are a very good dude and just reading through this thread and reading your posts for years now makes us all want to help and cheer for you. Damn, I need to appreciate everything I have. Its been much easier for me. My kids are grown and married, and have great jobs. We have been very lucky! Sounds like your bills are terrible? Hopefully insurance is covering a lot. The AU family is here for you.
  6. I watched this earlier today and this kid is very talented. Its a new HS he is playing for and obviously they were able to do some HS player recruiting because our WR commit is from the same HS and he is the real deal too. The coach was a state champion elsewhere before moving to this school.
  7. This is one Tall, lean kid! Come to AU!
  8. Wow. So the dude came to AU. Looking forward to hearing about this.
  9. Sharife is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Crazy talented.
  10. Great get. Awesome! Welcome to the family Mr Walker.
  11. Where is Walker going? We can use DL replacements.
  12. When should we expect Marquis back on the sidelines?
  13. Very happy for Wiley and AU. He was the 1st local big timer to come to AU to play for Coach Pearl. It has not been a smooth, easy deal for Wiley while at AU. I hope this year works out really well for him. If it does, we will be a very good team.
  14. I watched the whole game. Edwards had a poor 1st half but he completely took over the game in the second half against one of the best teams in college basketball. He is unbelievable. He played good defense too. Definite lottery pick, and if he gets consistent he will be picked first.