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  1. 2020 NR RB Deondre Jackson Commits to AU!!

    Ahh. I see. I guess my sarcasm sense is lacking today. thx
  2. 2020 NR RB Deondre Jackson Commits to AU!!

    Clayton, not sure I get this. I did not suggest that nothing happens in recruiting till this kid signs, I am on this site almost daily and enjoy it. I wanted to just keep the discussion going on this recruit and start a separate discussion on the new 10th coach as several pages of this thread turned into a new coach discussion.
  3. 2020 NR RB Deondre Jackson Commits to AU!!

    Ok. Someone should start a discussion topic on the 10th coach. Let's use this thread to talk about our new RB commit, Mr Jackson. Thanks
  4. 2020 NR RB Deondre Jackson Commits to AU!!

    Welcome to the family! Guess Deondre might be our Joey Gatewood from the 2020 class.
  5. 2018 4* DE Kayode Oladele

    He will sign with AU!
  6. 2018 NR P Arryn Siposs Commits to AU!!!

    Great News. So happy to have this guy. He is 25n years old. I guess he knows he has to work towards a degree too? Is he an early entry?
  7. 2018 3* JuCo CB Benjie Franklin

    This Benji Franklin kid is ELECTRIC!
  8. Golf, thinking about you and ur wife. Hope everything went well.
  9. I just rewatched Worms highlights. Kid has the it factor. He is very tough, wicked fast, has great eyes and can cut. He also doesn't goof around. He sees the hole makes a cut and then he is gone. We are very lucky to have him. He will quickly become a huge favorite with fans. Momma, looks like you raised a great kid. When he scores, which looks like it is a lot, He doesn't go crazy celebrating; he finds the ref and tosses the ball to him, then he looks for his teammates. Very cool!
  10. Chip Lindsey

    Yea, I actually think neither Briles or Freeze should be in play. I would actually like to keep Lindsey.
  11. Chip Lindsey

    I was actually thinking of Daddy Briles. We could be his 2 to 3 year penance before he got another HC job. Sort of like the Freeze hire would be.
  12. Chip Lindsey

    Or Briles.
  13. There aren't any Ole Miss players to go after. They are all transferring to the newest power in the Big Ten, Ole Mich.
  14. 2018 4* TE Luke Ford

    I'm not sure I understand why, but Ford seems to really be enjoying his time with AU coaches. He says he had a great time beating AU coaches in bowling yesterday. I wonder what AU coaches are telling Ford about the TE position at AU. It has to be, "If we had a TE talent like you, we would find ways to get you the ball". It would be great if we would actually ever do that.
  15. Alright. E said the other day that Stidham would most likely stay another year. I certainly hope this is the case. Will he stay if we make the playoff? If we win it all? What if we lose the SECCG? Odds?