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  1. We probably won't be able to take him. Don't think we have his major and we will not accept 30 of his credit hours. Hard to trust Wake Forest as a serious school. 🤪
  2. Reading the last 2 pages of this topic with all the excuse making for not getting this kid, slow playing him, etc., and what happens! We Win!!! No one get your panties all ruffled up here. Maybe for Basketball at least we can just have a little more faith.
  3. Wishful thinking, but if we get both Broome and Phillips, we will have an impressive starting 5 with nice players surrounding them.
  4. Great end to the weekend! Great kid, loved his written commitment. Now let's get another 22 4 or 5 star kids. 5, 5 star linemen would help a bit!
  5. It's way too early, but I just watched a 1 minute video highlight on Yohan and my gosh, he can dribble like a guard. He actually reminds me of Giannis, crazy I know. Kid is a stud. He finishes above the rim and has touch. We are going to love him in orange and blue.
  6. Just donated. Not sure how you realize who is who. Anyway, sorry it took me a while.
  7. I would prefer we change to either Nike or Jordan brands. It certainly would not hurt our recruiting either. The kids like them better and I personally don't think UA is great quality....plus I own stock in Nike. Let's help my bottom line.
  8. I just do not understand. Coach Wade is on tape paying players/recruits. Why, Why Why no penalties? It has been years and nothing seems to be happening.
  9. Amazingly detailed eval. Nice. Super talented kid.
  10. Hunter has been a terrific addition. All teams need a minimum of 2 backs or more that can play at a high level. Both can catch the ball too. This is the first time we have had this in several years. We are lucky the staff scouted him at RB instead of at LB and that he came to AU. He was not an elite recruit and he didn't make a choice until the end of the recruiting process. It is soo cool when players like Hunter show out on the field well beyond their recruiting ranking, and especially great when they are only freshmen. and play for AU.
  11. I agree, where is D Davis? The kid won’t just stick around if he doesn’t get any PT. He is talented too.
  12. Welcome Tre! This is great news. Class Athlete and leader.
  13. That is a bullcrap way of rating HS players. This rating should be based on what they will do at the College/University level, not the pro level. That is was NFL draft ratings are for.
  14. It's been this way forever and it irritates me. The number 1 rated place kicker in the country is a 3 star. That sooo does not make sense when it comes to winning football games. Same with punters. A great punter turns the field. around. So, I may be wrong but I assume Alex will be the placekicker and we have someone else punt, even though he can punt really well. I've seen too often when a kickers leg gets tired towards the end of the year and doing both may cause this to happen.
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