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  1. All Bama has to do is lay out the receivers they have in the NFL and how much money they are making and compare it to us or any other school and they look good.
  2. Draper is such a huge asset to this team. She plays with guts.
  3. JMO, I would put Mr Monday on commit alert.
  4. Great news!
  5. I think we can win against Clemson. It won't be easy. They seem to reload on defense. I think it will be very close.
  6. your right. The discussion might be better suited for the AU Football Forum though.
  7. I watched some of Ole Miss's game today. Shea is the real deal. He has to be great though. Their running game is still fair at best. Their defense, as mentioned will not be great. Additionally, they will continue to get dogged by all the NCAA stuff until all rulings have been made. I think it may be pretty ugly for Ole Miss.
  8. Hearing Shannon's reason for not being at the Spring game has made me feel a lot better. I am sorry for his family's loss. I think Shannon can be an important part of our team this year.
  9. Agree. Pretty optimistic after the Spring Game if CGM lets our OC coach and call the plays when the season comes. I honestly think we have a very decent chance to beat Clemson. If we do, the negative recruiting should die down and I think recruits will be excited about us again. We may have both a really good D.C. and OC at Auburn at the same time. If it lasts for several years, this could be lots of fun!
  10. This thread should be closed. Malik is an Auburn Tiger now. He early enrolled and was the biggest surprise of spring football. He played a very good spring game. I would say he is def #3 right now and if he goes through fall practice continuing to improve like he has, he will find himself the starter for a few years. Great find!
  11. Great day for JS. Also NCM got to show why he was so highly recruited. MW showed he can be a serious player too. My only disappointment is punting. Where is Shannon. We have not had a punter that is even SEC average in a while. Bama's punter hits them out of the county. Carlson does not need to punt. The punting part of this has been answered. Shannon was at a funeral. Sorry for him and his loss.
  12. Anyone have any HS stats on this guy? Thx
  13. Good win, but I would like for our offense to start taking over like last year.
  14. A&M is darn good. Great win. This team is so improved from last year.