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  1. JFDTiger80

    2019 4* SDE Justin Eboigbe

    Agreed, Bird. There is a lot of potential here but he needs a lot of coaching still.
  2. JFDTiger80

    2019 5* CB Andrew Booth

    I love being In the Lead! Let's take this guy!
  3. JFDTiger80

    2019 3* TE Tyler Fromm commits!

    Wow! After watching his brother you know this kid will be on the field. Are we done at TE?
  4. JFDTiger80

    2019 4* CB Tyrique Stevenson

    WOW! Kid is not afraid to lay the wood! Kid looks tall too.Whoever gets this kid is going to be very happy.
  5. Come on E, out with it. What other recruits may commit that are #1 at their positions?
  6. Boom!!!! He should have immediate impact. I love he says he is ready to help make the the #1 class. Sweet. We need to keep T-Will who may be due a very big raise.
  7. JFDTiger80

    SEC Golf Championship

    Sweet! Nice championship! WDE! Love beating those guys.
  8. JFDTiger80

    2020 4* WR Kobe Hudson COMMITS TO AU (4/27/18)

    Wonder if this commitment will have any positive effect on the 2019 GA recruits we are hoping for. Hudson is highly rated, it can't hurt.
  9. JFDTiger80

    Tutt a "pleasant surprise" at punt returner

    Basically, outside of fumbling, which we stayed away from, you can't get worse return teams than AU has had lately. We have been way to conservative in the return game. Starting with letting too many punts hit the ground and losing more yards because of it. Then, add to it very few return yards, it has been disappointing.
  10. Great addition! This improves our team, esp early in the season.
  11. JFDTiger80

    Equestrian 2017

    Awesome! Congrats ladies! War Eagle! Can't hide the fact that I love it when we beat UGA!
  12. JFDTiger80

    2019 4* RB Noah Cain

    Yea. They are kind of hurting on the talent front.
  13. JFDTiger80

    Men vs. Georgia

    UGA coach will be gone after this year. Love this AU team. I hope Bryce comes back healthy and on target. I hope we kick Kentucy's backside on Wednesday!
  14. JFDTiger80

    2018 4* WR Justyn Ross

    He certainly looks the part. From our standpoint today and what I can only say I saw from film, I like Asa a whole lot too.
  15. JFDTiger80

    2018 4* WR Justyn Ross

    Thanks. Nix in 4th. The 3 above him must be wicked good.