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  1. Hey Doc. Another Big Braves fan here. I'd just soon, Philly and the Mets join the Nats in a long losing streak. Cheers for the Braves tonight verse the lousy Mets!
  2. I can't tell you all how happy I am right now. Happy for AU and Tank. He has a great chance to be very, very special. War Eagle!
  3. Dude has a offer from Stanford. Good chance he is very bright.
  4. E, you got that right! This is fun!
  5. When is Tennison commiting? I'd like some more AU happiness before Friday's big day with Tank!
  6. We want Tank! We want Tank! In all seriousness, we are on one heck of a commitment roll now.
  7. Just rewatched Thompson’s video. Wasn’t sure we were going to pull him our way. Kid looks really good and likes contact. He may have a good chance at early pt.
  8. Great pickup. Such an important position. Right Bird! Anyway nice commitment video with his family. Seems like a leader.
  9. Well, UGA has a commitment from the #1 or 2 player in the country right now who is from GA. Their recruiting class for this coming year is rated higher than ours. They are not getting Kessler and lets hope Coop pulls the trigger for AU.
  10. Trying not to spin my head in crazy directions from the quote in the above pic that says, "Bad fit Bro, @Omar.Cooper". My head may just continue spinning until he commits to AU. If for any reason, Coop does not come, I will have to go see a head/heart doc.
  11. Want! Want! Want! Caddy, stay on him! Bring him home. I had to go watch his highlights again. Well, either Hudl is becoming a pay service or something is up because it looks like you cant see Hudl videos anymore. I did find a nice video of Tank on YouTube. Kid looks really good.
  12. Hey, I live in the Roswell/Alpharetta area. It is still interesting he left the Gwinnett schools. They are still super loaded with talent. The North Fulton private schools are also amazing right now, specifically, Blessed Trinity. Funny, read below. Interesting facts, Denmark HS is actually in Forsyth County, even though it says it is in the city of Alpharetta. Their HS coach is Terry Crowder who was Chattahoochee's coach when they won their State Championship. He also won a State Championship as DC at Camden County.
  13. He got his first college offer in middle school playing for one of the large Gwinnett County powers. Everyone knows this kid. My guess is UGA thinks they can do better. They are 5 star hunters at this point. I am not surprised he did not go to either Chattahoochee (where u went) or Johns Creek. Chattahoochee lost every game last year and has a new coach this year. If his family was moving into Fulton County, I would have guessed they would move to Roswell, Alpharetta, or Milton. (State champs last year, whose QB is going to GT on Scholly). As E mentioned, this new HS is making waves early on. He may have known the coaches there.
  14. Aaron is no more of a Pro Style QB than Nix is. He is very athletic and can run. He has great size and good speed for his size too. We got a great one here. I am sort of surprised that UGA was not in the mix. Kid has been a known quantity since middle school.