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  1. Our recruiting issues are not with WR's. We get more than our share of highly rated receivers. We have not been recruiting well on the OL, and we won't compete for championships without a much better OL. Our new OL coach needs to be a terrific recruiter.
  2. I was thinking the same thing. The entire team looks super impressive. Bird, is this team a powerhouse in Texas? The QB would be awesome in our current offense.
  3. This post has started my weekend with a big smile.
  4. My wife and I watch. It is very entertaining.
  5. I should have been clearer re. the "almost any hire would be better" part. What I meant in my reply was that our last several hires have been poor, so our hiring history over the recent past for OL has been it is hard for me to believe we will get it right this time and therefore, I am not convinced this new hire will be any better, and we need way better.
  6. I don't agree with this. Our Oline coaches have been below average for the last several hires. We need much better.
  7. Well, it looks like UGA is desperate for a QB now.....and guess what this 5 star is convenient. Damn, tell me this won't come true. Please go anywhere but Georgia.
  8. Watched it last night with my wife. It is a guilty pleasure. Madison got lots of TV time last night and they previewed her all over the Auburn campus. She is a talented athlete, in addition she was on the beauty contest circuit when she was younger. Her HS BBall team won 4 state championships when she was in HS and she won an MVP trophy. She is a beautiful girl. She had the 1st one-on-one date with Pete, the bachelor. He took her to his parents house in LA and saw his parents renew their vows. She handled herself very well. Of course she is my favorite. Good luck to Madison.
  9. Sharife, can't wait for you to suit it up in Orange and Blue.
  10. This kid is a freak! I love getting freak athletes. He needs to play early at whatever position he ends up playing.
  11. How many additional spots do we have on next years roster if Okoro stays? We want him to stay for sure and I think it will help his game to stay one more year.
  12. Sure, I get it. I would hope we would give up a spot for him if we have 2 to 3 scholarships still. I understand we are looking for a possible OL signee and maybe a transfer QB. I think that may still leave 1 spot. I think Anders could use a little competition which should make both kids better in the long run. I am still of the opinion that the kickers are worth the scholarship.
  13. Is this kicker HS kicker coming to AU regardless of getting a scholly?