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  1. I hope Rocker will recruit with passion. Elite Oline and Dline are required to win championships.
  2. Yea. Hard to forget him no hitting my Braves. Guy is 6'10". For the record, I said, he would be a big baseball player......I didn't say he would be the biggest ever. Ha!
  3. I read that he has gained 14mph on his fastball in the last year. He can hit up to 93mph now.
  4. He would be a big baseball player.
  5. Not sure we are looking at him but, I watched the film. Kid is a 4 star and looks really good. If we are not looking, maybe he is already too far down the path with other option; or maybe there are other things that could affect his coming to AU like grades. I have no idea though.
  6. JMO, I think Gunner is the Baker Mayfield of this class. He is of similar stature (stocky), and can move around. He is not afraid to throw it into coverage but is accurate. With Davis and Gunner following him the next year, we should have ourselves some very talented dual threats.
  7. Not enough plays on film for me to get a great feel although I am not a fan of his sidearm throwing motion. The coaches know better than I do though. We need bodies. I'm still hoping Davis turns into our version of Russell Wilson.
  8. Prayers sent 72. I only noticed this thread a few minutes ago and just read through it. I have to admit I shed a few just reading the thread. The older I get, the more my emotions are mush. Thinking about you 72, and hoping you get to enjoy the heck of of your new home.
  9. I want to hear the story. Cole, you are a great poster on this site. I enjoy your takes.
  10. I'm hoping for Coach Bryan. I don't want to call him Coach BM for obvious reasons. I want Coach Bryan because I think he will be the best recruiter of the bunch. Coach Tee Martin can recruit but so could Coach Trooper Taylor. I don't want to get in trouble. The other option, Darryl Wyatt does not have SEC experience so he will have to learn the area.
  11. Some mistakes both early and late in the game by Coop. That said, this dude is electric. He will drive other teams crazy. His vision and touch are elite. I think if Powell was playing yesterday, we would have won by 8 to 10. Next year I hope this group stays together while we add Jabari. My heart rate goes up thinking of another year with Coop, Thor, Flanigan, Powell and Jabari all on the floor at once.
  12. Love this kid. SO happy for him and AU! I don't expect his first time out to be Earth shattering, but you never know!!!
  13. I totally agree with you. The move to 8 teams should help but may not really open things up that much if they force a automatic bid to all 5 P5 conference's then allow 1 guaranteed bid to 1 outside the P5 schools. It will help though.
  14. WDE, for sure on getting a new Avatar and flipping the page to 2021 for many reasons. Looking forward to your insights this year! War Eagle.
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