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  1. "You'll miss me when I'm gone, right guys?... Guys????
  2. This thread is going to kill me if I don't walk away. I'm the type that has to try to find the answers. Great question on no Roman numeral for zero so this is what the all knowing and all powerful internet says (romannumerals.org). I learned something today, I think I'll go home now. "the Romans didn’t have a symbol for the number zero (0). Because Roman Numerals System was developed for mostly knowing the price of goods, and to trade. So, there was no need for a symbol to represent zero. Instead of the number zero, the word “nulla” (the Latin word meaning "none") was used by the Romans."
  3. Not BBQ but we Sous Vide our steaks then sear on a very hot cast iron pan, nothing better. Vacuum seal the steak with butter & herbs, sous vide to 129 Deg F for medium rare then sear for 30-60 seconds each side, yum. No resting needed and perfectly cooks. It properly renders the fat too.
  4. I wonder if that works like Roman numerals. i.e. when I proceeds (i.e. IX) it subtracts? So a Lieutenant General would be less of a full General than a Major General. I just made that up but makes sense to me. Things we wonder about!
  5. Prayers for your whole family but specially for positive results for James from this clinical trial.
  6. Team - NCAA Norman Regional - 2022-05-16 (golfstat.com)
  7. Prayers lifted for Brenda and all those affected by her illness.
  8. I can see the arrow to the right but it does not do anything. Can't swipe either but the "View All" works. Never used this feature so can't compare to pre-upgrade. Using Edge on Android
  9. I seem to be missing the "k" after the number of posts. I see it on everyone else's???? By the way, can anyone explain what the "Submit Reply" button is for? Where's the "lurker" badge?
  10. So I never heard of a bushwacker and had to look it up, sounds delicious. We make a chocolate martini type drink and love it but this sounds even better. Definitely going to try; both with and without the peanut butter whiskey floater.
  11. I won't lie, peanut butter whiskey scares me. I do like pecan whiskey with RumChata, delicious.
  12. Mods, move if not the correct place. Personally I think this was a really good day for Auburn football. Two questions: Name a drink that would rate today's recruiting success Name the drink you will have tonight to celebrate (or drown your sorrows) with For me, I think the answers are the same; I think I'll celebrate with a Lagavulin 16. a darn good single malt I really enjoy. Like my selection, today was not the best recruiting Auburn has had and we'll have better in the future but this was way better than I thought it would be and not a "house brand" day. Cheers Fam!!!!
  13. I vote Rye, I have a sweet tooth.
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