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  1. AUSwim


    Prayers for ‘72 and his family
  2. Auburn 24 Alabama 9 Bo starts hitting some of the longer passes and opens up the field. After the bowl game Gus gets a new O-Line coach and/or let's him recruit the players of the O-line coach's choice; Bo works with an outside QB coach, with Gus’s blessing; coaches have success on the recruiting trail including transfers and Junior College players to fill immediate needs. 2020 starts the new era of success we all have been waiting for. Note: Almost everything I know about football I’ve learned here over the last 7 years 😁
  3. Auburn gets: 0 TO, 2 Int & 3 sacks Handsome Tigers 52 Ugly Tigers 34 caveat is that we don't get screwed by the refs which probably happen.
  4. Went to the '86 game. Was at a Halloween party Friday night and a buddy said "wanna go to the game" and I said "yea, you?". Drove all night in our costumes. Was able to shower and change in their athletic dorm, my friend knew some of the athletes (not football). We snuck into the stadium and sat in the student section. Obviously we were happy for 3 quarters. We behaved while we were winning since we were in their student section so didn't get harassed in the end when we lost. Bad loss but good times 🙂
  5. From what I hear this is not good, not good at all.