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  1. Love my Breville oven. Has better heating elements than your cheap toaster oven. Cooks just as well as a big oven when you have smaller dishes. Perfect for a family of two. I hated heating up the big oven for a pizza, roasted veggies or other dishes for two. We bought quarter sheets on line and silpat liners for the oven and they work great. We roast veggies in it all the time and they are perfect. 390 convection for 30 minutes, turn after 15 minutes. Loved it so much we bought one for my elderly parents.
  2. Crazy thought but could this have anything to do with NIL & SEC possibly getting out off the NCAA?
  3. I enjoy reading and learning about people's various drinking experiences I thought I'd share one of mine. At a buddy's lake house and he pulled out gift bottles he's received. Added some I brought. The Glenrothes is making me re-visit Speyside Scotch, loved it. I don't have a great pallet but definitely tasted the vanilla and crème brulei. The Bunnahabhain 18 was smooth & delicious, don't know the cost but can't say it was the best I've ever had. Haven't tried the Highland Park yet, probably tonight. The Peg Leg Porker we bought on our way in while passing through Knoxville, really enjoyed
  4. I heard he went to Coach Harsin and said 'Release Me'
  5. Praying for you Cole. Look forward to having you back at full speed.
  6. Very unlikely Marsh comes back. I take it as a good sign AD Greene is not sitting on an underperforming program and making a change. Found the below article interesting. BY BRADEN KEITH 74 April 19th, 2021Coaching Changes, College, News, SEC Yet another big-time college head coaching position has opened up, with the announcement on Monday that Auburn and head coach Gary Taylor are parting ways “mutually.” Auburn was the country’s dominant program throughout the 2000s in collegiate swimming & diving, but there’s some question about where the gig ranks
  7. That's why I don't post often!! 😀
  8. If you ever have a layover in Baltimore the Guinness brewery is just down the road from BWI airport and well worth the trip. They have a bigger selection than you'd think with some very interesting beers, brewed on site.
  9. Prayers for ‘72 and his family
  10. Auburn 24 Alabama 9 Bo starts hitting some of the longer passes and opens up the field. After the bowl game Gus gets a new O-Line coach and/or let's him recruit the players of the O-line coach's choice; Bo works with an outside QB coach, with Gus’s blessing; coaches have success on the recruiting trail including transfers and Junior College players to fill immediate needs. 2020 starts the new era of success we all have been waiting for. Note: Almost everything I know about football I’ve learned here over the last 7 years 😁
  11. Auburn gets: 0 TO, 2 Int & 3 sacks Handsome Tigers 52 Ugly Tigers 34 caveat is that we don't get screwed by the refs which probably happen.
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