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  1. The first drive throw to Shenker could have been better. It was high and took him back into the defender. There were a couple of high throws, but I saw too many drops to think even a perfect throw would have made much of a difference. This team just can’t seem to get all 11 executing together at any point of the game.
  2. https://twitter.com/AuburnFootball/status/1439208906337697801?s=20
  3. Looking at the Uconn stats for last year, and he wasn't listed as having any. There were at least four guys ahead of him who saw playing time.
  4. exactly what i thought I promise you that his mind won't be made up by a teenager with a fake fb account.
  5. Some goof changed their name and profile pic to mimic Cyrus'. They then posted the message on his real page to trick people into thinking it really came from Cyrus.
  6. Going just fine speed wise for me. Much better than before IMO.
  7. Pretty strange story IMO. If the 'fans' were such a bother, why didn't he just remove them from his friends list? Take about two seconds to click the problem away forever. Don't get me wrong, I can think of lots or reasons not to go to state.
  8. Is it disrespectful to shoot off fireworks during the "bombs bursting in air"? Is the eagle itself distracting those from the anthem?
  9. Store in Alabama selling Oregon T-shirts By Rachel Bachman, The Oregonian MAC Sporting Goods in Montgomery, Ala., on Thursday added to its selection an unusual item: a T-shirt for the Oregon Ducks, who play home games 2,600 miles away. Oregon, of course, plays the Alabama-archrival Tigers on Jan. 10 in the BCS championship. Peggy McLendon Lanier, an Alabama graduate and store owner with her father and brother, said the Oregon shirts are mainly for fun. “We wanted to order some anyway, but we’ve had a lot of requests,” Lanier said. “My roommate from college is in Pensacola, (
  10. What does it say about all of these other teams we're beating if their 11 guys can't stop our 'one man' team?
  11. As mentioned earlier, I'm sure it's just a way to get acclimated to the heat they'll be facing. A sweatshirt is nothing compared to all the gear and helmets they'll be wearing soon enough.
  12. Due to the pressure that he's under at home, I don't expect to read much more than what we're hearing from him now. Trevon had to deal with a lot last year, and I'm glad he has him to talk to about the experience.
  13. He camped at Auburn and blew everyone away. There was top talent there, and he was ranked as being the best of the bunch. He ran at the camp and was timed below 4.4 by many there. When you have guys hitting timers, that's where you get fractions of variations in times. You'll hear a lot about him from here on out. Not every star is one by the time he enters the 10th grade. This kid is legit.
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