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  1. Disgraceful first half. Outplayed in all aspects go the game. The SEC deserved better representation. Very disappointing.
  2. Yes, I watched the same UA v Houston game you did. Houston's guards would have embarrassed ours and beaten us by 20 or more points. Great rebounding and team defense was played by two very athletic and physical teams. We were lucky to have been playing Memphis instead of Houston.
  3. For me, this loss looked even worse after just watching UA beat the #1 team in the nation, Houston, on their court. The latter was a really high-level, physically competitive game, whereas our game with Memphis looked like a JV warm-up game in which their point guard did whatever he wanted to do against our guards. Could be a long season in the SEC.
  4. On the bright side, we played terrific defense. Lots of great effort especially on NW's final possession and we did not foul.
  5. My pleasure. Worth every penny of my contribution. Keep up the good work on this site. I'm getting much more than my monies' worth.
  6. I have never seen a coach before or since go for broke the way Spurrier did in that game. I agree he knew he was outmanned, but USC probably did better than they otherwise would have done in that game with Spurrier's pull out all the stops approach. That game was as memorable for me as was Brother Oliver's 11-man defensive front when he was at AU. I enjoy a little eccentricity on occasion.
  7. I see a lot of Steve Spurrier traits in Kiffin: Bold offenses: Can win with a running game (i.e., Spurrier's Lattimore teams at USCe) or throwing the ball all over the field (UF) based on available talent; Spurrier's heart was not in recruiting, but he did well enough bringing in talent; Good QB coach and developer (i.e., Weurfel; Grossman at UF; Garcia, Shaw at USCe); Willingness to go for it on 4th down (USCe loss to AU in about 2013 when Spurrier went for it on virtually every 4th down call); Trolling sarcasm; Visor; Spurrier defenses were never strength of his teams. He typically won by outscoring opponents and often showed no mercy, most notably at UF. I'm sure I'm missing other common traits, but there are enough of these to hope Kiffin will enjoy Spurrier-like success at AU.
  8. The coed part is unlikely since Sewanee did not enroll women until ~1969. Maybe the Coach brought them in from Chattanooga or Nashville.
  9. Sewanee beat AU and Heisman in 1899 (11-10). It was afterwards that Heisman left for Clemson. We should have hired Coach Suter, the Sewanee coach, after Heisman left. Suter went 12-0 in 1899, beating UGA, GT, UTk, UNC, and in a 10-day roadtrip beat UTex, A&M, Tulane, LSU, and Ole Miss with 18 players in a span of 6 days. Auburn was the only team to score on Sewanee during the 1899 season.
  10. In what universe is FAU a step up from UT or USC or Ole Miss a step up from UT or USC?
  11. If so, then it would be the first such event in modern times.
  12. Yes, in Maryland they probably do know who I am one way or the other. I doubt nothing up here when it comes to the Big Government.
  13. And the perception of Auburn University off the field, which Deion also would promote, is transformed positively.
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