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  1. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't our gymnastics team sold out every home and away meet this season? That is truly a remarkable accomplishment. Has any other AU team in any sport ever done this?
  2. Just wondering if the reason for some of Suni's scores, which were down a little at the Michigan meet, is due to her more difficult high-risk routines, which may not be executed as well and thus not rewarded in collegiate gymnastics in the same way as a lesser routine executed well. Could some gymnastics expert "in the know" comment on this scoring dilemma and whether in collegiate gymnastics strong execution of a lesser routine can offset good (but not great) execution of a high-risk routine. For the championship run, would Suni help the team more by performing less difficult routines to perfection or high risk routines to just less than perfection? I'll hang up and listen.
  3. If Zep had played would he have had primary responsibility for guarding Nolte tonight? We did a poor job managing him.
  4. I think he would achieve more as the only minority coach in the SEC than he will as a coach at JSU, but I understand your thinking.
  5. Who would melt more if we hired Deion, our conservative base or our SEC brethren who would fear what he would be capable of doing with AU resources and booster backing? Would be earth shattering!
  6. Hopefully you did not hurt yourself!
  7. Well our hypothetical coaching staff of Ray, Ed and Deion was just mentioned on F'Baum. Looks like the Forum has a following in Texas. We just need an equally outrageous coaching staff now on the offensive side.
  8. Well if we are really wanting to go bold and add a dash of splash, then bring in Prime and have him talk his friend Ray Lewis into being his DC. Prime might get some help with the latter from Senator Tuberville who was his position coach at Miami. Talk about great recruiting and motivation, we'd be turning recruits away!
  9. As an Auburn undergrad and MSU masters grad, I listened in to the Alumni Q & A with Bill and then the Memphis Board of Trustees (BOT) discussion. Bill did a remarkably good job in his interviews and the BOT unanimously endorsed him. I think it was a good hire for Memphis and probably a good for him and Auburn. A win-win situation for all. Congratulations!
  10. Sorry, I'm off a year. Nebraska came into AU in 1982 and won something like 41-7. it was basically the same Nebraska team in 1983 that played for the NC.
  11. Mention was made of the 1983 AU vs UF game. Many may not remember that the 1983 UF team beat Miami the first game of the season. Miami would go on the rest of the year without a loss and beat the great Nebraska team to win the NC. That Nebraska team came into Auburn and beat the stew out of us. The Nebraska team was among the most talented teams ever to set foot in Jordan-Hare with Turner Gill, Mike Rozier, Irving Friar, Dean Steinkuler (Remington trophy winner?). I could have run through the holes the Nebraska OL created. I believe most if not all were 5th year redshirt seniors. Just a distant memory.
  12. Are we redshirting Davis? I don't recall him playing in a game.
  13. The offensive play call that stood out yesterday to me was an important 3rd or 4th down play where Shenker and/or one of the other receivers was(were) looking over for the play call. The play was nearly over as Shenker continued looking over to the sideline for the play call. He never moved. Not sure whether that was really a coaching problem or a problem with players picking up the play from the sideline?
  14. This is a coaching problem on both sides of the ball that was very evident yesterday and contributed to our less than stellar outcome. By this point in the season one would hope this would have been a resolved problem, but it continues to persist. Do OC and DC coaches need to be on the sidelines? Where is the breakdown and what is the remedy?
  15. I loved the aggressive 4th down calls and success we had last night. Lost track of how many times we went on 4th. Did we fail on any attempts? Reminded me of Spurrier bringing in a less talented USC team into Auburn and going on every 4th down situation. He played to win and made an otherwise outmanned team competitive. Harsin played to win last night and the team responded accordingly on both sides of the ball. Atta Boys!
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