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  1. Are we redshirting Davis? I don't recall him playing in a game.
  2. The offensive play call that stood out yesterday to me was an important 3rd or 4th down play where Shenker and/or one of the other receivers was(were) looking over for the play call. The play was nearly over as Shenker continued looking over to the sideline for the play call. He never moved. Not sure whether that was really a coaching problem or a problem with players picking up the play from the sideline?
  3. This is a coaching problem on both sides of the ball that was very evident yesterday and contributed to our less than stellar outcome. By this point in the season one would hope this would have been a resolved problem, but it continues to persist. Do OC and DC coaches need to be on the sidelines? Where is the breakdown and what is the remedy?
  4. I loved the aggressive 4th down calls and success we had last night. Lost track of how many times we went on 4th. Did we fail on any attempts? Reminded me of Spurrier bringing in a less talented USC team into Auburn and going on every 4th down situation. He played to win and made an otherwise outmanned team competitive. Harsin played to win last night and the team responded accordingly on both sides of the ball. Atta Boys!
  5. Daniel Carlson is also the leading scorer in the history of the SEC. Not a small feat! Perhaps the downside is that during Daniel's tenure AU teams under Malzahn were often challenged to score in the red zone, providing him more opportunities to kick 3s. Let's hope Anders has fewer red zone opportunities this year and we score more red zone TDs.
  6. Maybe we should consult with the REC on how to "recruit" the #2 recruiting class for 2022.
  7. I was at the UL Monroe game that UA lost. Left at half time. Saban was in the process of getting rid of "problem" players. Appears to have worked out for him and UA in the long run.
  8. Thanks for the conjecture. I enjoyed BO's aggressive defense in contrast to the passive reactive sit-back-and-let-the-offense dictate our defensive play schemes.
  9. In watching the PSU game and our inability to rush the passer, plus their TEs running wild in our secondary, I thought back to Brother Oliver and his 11-man defensive front and whether we would have been much worse off running that here-we-come defense in some situations than the bend but not break defense we ran. Can someone remind me why when he was the interim coach Brother Oliver was not hired? I don't recall the reasons. Would Truesdale, Big Cat, and Newkirk have been starters over our current defensive front and do you think our pass rush would have been any better with them on SA
  10. Agree, especially on getting tight ends involved (hopefully someone at AU also noticed PSU successes last night with tight ends up the seam) and both RBs on field together. I think the latter may have actually happened on at least one successful play where Tank came in motion to line up together with Bo and Hunter. Again, I doubt we will ever see an option formation like a wishbone formation used again at AU, just hoping for a creative scheme to get both backs together on the field to take advantage of their talent.
  11. I was at that game at UF (probably in 2003?). You are correct that Caddy did get hurt early in the game. Ronnie came in and had a great game. We settled for a late game winning chip shot FG that was blocked and we went on to lose in OT to UF and Rex Grossman. Tough loss. Thanks for the memories! Cribbs, Brooks, and Andrews were a heck of a backfield. Who was in the backfield with Bo Jackson and Lionel James? Weren't they in a wishbone set? Did Brad Lester play in same backfield with Bo?
  12. My memory fails me, but did Ronnie Brown and Cadillac ever line up together in the same backfield and if so, then what was/were the set(s)? Surely we got them on the field together in some situations.
  13. Agreed, but you don't believe Bo has the wherewithal to make option reads? He has the speed and running abilities otherwise. Again, I have no illusion Harsin will go to a wishbone or veer scheme, but we don't have the wide receiver talent to run his system this year. I can envision working in a triple option set over the course of the season, but not relying on it as the primary offensive scheme.
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