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  1. "This game will likely cost us our jobs"

    Nooooo. it was too damn funny to watch this conversation digress. Nancy. note; i do feel a little bad for the irony in my post
  2. well whoop-d-doo we beat a horrible team. Sorry razors. yes yall need help too. gus will get yall 6 wins i'm telling you...
  3. Name your method of protesting

    I learned for the first time that auburn won a football game from a ******* message board.wait he's still here...
  4. "This game will likely cost us our jobs"

    Why are no jobs being costed yet...?!?!
  5. realistic expectations

    DO you have one for LSU-UGA and UA only please???
  6. does lsu loss carry over

    doesnt really matter until the fungus is gone. we are itching to get a cure.
  7. The Official Meltdown Thread

    Adjustments on the wayyyy!!!
  8. The Official Meltdown Thread

    checking in to see if gus is still here!!!
  9. Arkansas score predictions.

    no, who cares.
  10. "This game will likely cost us our jobs"

    Losers! Pathetic Losers!
  11. realistic expectations

    this fails to equate quantitatively the fact that mostly and only in the 2000's that there were 12 regular season games. even though he adds in a tidbit. so theoretically we should increase that point up one. at least into the "9.somethings". but we are not. even down to 8.2. gus is 8.75 not counting this year. that includes an outlier of course. on pace for below 9 something this year. BUT most importantly our record against our rivals has been amazingly atrocious under him. even we they also flat out suck.
  12. Weekly Presser - Arkansas

    Semantics, semantics. He knows we wont ever get a 20-0 lead again. and then say hey guys we never blew that lead again at the end of the year. told ya. durk-a-der!
  13. Something UGA did right

    We really just need to do it now. Why wait. Have Chip run the offense and Kevin run the defense. This season can't end soon enough if we have to wait for another 2 months. The excitement of AU football is gone.
  14. Anyone talk to Gus

    Wow i totally heard that too from them a few years back! funny is that the same description was used. do we have the same friend?