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  1. 1 less QB Gus can rotate in for Oregon. Happy with that. And definitely best for Malik. Hope he finds a good home to play for.
  2. Great use of Gif's if I dont say so myself!
  3. Mikey 👇. I do admire your tenacity though for the record.
  4. Yeah, +2 on the wknd. Tie for 4th. Not too shabby. PGA up in less than 2 short weeks!
  5. Surprised there is no love. This would be a great win for him and anybody on the tour. Get yalls sh!!t together. War eagle.
  6. CD= 'Combo Duel'? If this is a new position on the OL, well all in! Lock him up!
  7. Oh gosh, just google Gus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL! so bad!! Its the first picture on the front page spread.
  8. thats kind of weird though. not sure how i would feel about that if i was a teammate.
  9. dont worry, hooked you up for this one. Besides why didnt he choose State, or Duke? Had to go with the UNCheats. Instead of going to class he will be able to travel back home to help. And sell some of his apparel to the highest bidder. Makes total sense now. Boom! well played Cam'ron.
  10. how ironic. that was the time of their 2 decades worth of UNCheat burgeoned. Im from that state and of course attended War damn eagle. SO i have witnessed both sides of hell from the opposition. Probably one of the weirdest days in my life was during the maui tourney this season. mind blown!!
  11. on the OP, who is to the left 👀. looks like a 5 star
  12. Not exactly a flattering picture of Malzahn if you ask me 🌫️🌫️. 🤣