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  1. Damn Bird. Whats gotten into you? Whats the scenario?
  2. Sooo... you are saying we are gonna wait and see???
  3. well your sig poster is spot on for your comment if that is what you are trying to display..
  4. Didn't they already do the cuts? We had 42.22 last season right?
  5. i wonder if these 10% cuts are going to have anything to do with a certain coach's exit in 7 months and then the impending buyout owed to this person... time will tell. basically a reallocation of departmental funds in the end is my guess. or at least a contingency plan in place, thats how i see it.
  6. Naw, Clemson already took care of that themselves with one of their own! Eventually found guilty of malicious damage to property. Clempsun
  7. No charges of sort have been filed, correct? Not saying there should either way but I figure the family of the teen probably has a lawyer to help consult, right? And if there is a lawyer would it be Joe Dean? Just asking?
  8. Freedom of Information Act???! Possibly?
  9. Ahh yes a classic indeed. Been a long time since ive been back to durham. looks a little different than the movie for sure. but not to derail the thread, looks like we got the list now!! Go get em Gus. War Eagle!
  11. You forgot worrying and prepping for a new HC contract. Rather than worrying and prepping for UGA 2.0. I think we saw the results of that game plan. He could have told everyone to lay off and be busy actually earning the money he was already given to accomplish what he did. Shouldn't get a bonus on top of something you are already supposed to do. The priorities is what pisses me off. And now here we are...Yippee
  12. Great use of Gif's if I dont say so myself!
  13. Mikey 👇. I do admire your tenacity though for the record.