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  1. beaumak

    Harold Joiner sets sights on Heisman

    to answer someone's earlier question Brandon Jacobs was like 6'4" 250+. ginormous. maybe, perhaps, something like Harold equaling a Adrian Peterson, which is around 6'1'' 220. would be sweat. anyway yes his size and weight can be done. he could easily gain 10 lbs by the fall. but all depends on his running style. we will see. but very exciting nonetheless.
  2. beaumak

    The Official Meltdown Thread

    bump for the walk on center commit.
  3. wow! what a great segue for the meltdown thread. i'm going over there. lol.
  4. beaumak

    Brahms out for Spring

    get off the turf! but seriously shut it down.
  5. beaumak

    Baptisms at the Athletics Complex

    wow, this topic escalated quickly since yesterday. geez. I just do not see a huge issue with this at all. fun fact- I learned the Lord’s Prayer in the football locker room. reciting it over and over before every game I quickly was able to memorize it. I remember the first time hearing it, all my teammates saying some prayer which I had no idea what to say and what they were saying, LOL. I just kind of went with the motions per usual as what to expect in a predominant Christian society. no big deal. why do I share this, well I never went to church growing up nor cared to or pushed to go either. But as I was able to memorize and participate in the prayer it started feeling nice as I was part of that brotherhood of football and the culture it brings with it. even if I didn’t believe in god per say, I believed in football and the messages it can bring. And looking back it still brings great memories because to me it symbolizes part of the essence of what football is and came from. after reciting the prayer I knew my friends and I were all about to go out on the field and enjoy what we had worked so hard for together. thinking about it now makes me want to do it all over again. Point is that I was an atheist then, and an atheist now, and would not change any of that in the game. Football and Christianity are quite synonymous with each other, so if some folks have a big deal with a baptism on campus or Lord’s Prayer before games then boohoo. I never felt shunned and I knew what I was getting into. I dont understand people who would make huge deals out of these topics. If i was really offended then i really just would not play, instead of ruining it for the rest. It’s a choice to play, no one is forced. As far as law stuff, the school itself is not establishing one religion only. It's allowing one to be practiced, meaning others can as well. Freedom of religion, not from.
  6. beaumak

    Keeping Dr. Andrews Busy

    what the hell? is this something he came in with? these recoveries can take a while.
  7. beaumak

    2018 Regular Season Projection

    well a few weeks later, 8-4 seems to be the consensus. I am pretty much in agreement. granted sports can be very cyclical, but once you double down like we did on head coach, its just a obvious loser. dont get it. werent we already paying him to do what he finally did this year. hellooooooooooooooooo people. 1 out of 4. not good results. now 2 out of 5 and gets doubled!! I am a pessimist but 40% in any other world, including football, would not guarantee a pump dick up Margot Robbie's whateverthehell, we gave him. Maybe AD Greene has the answers, but I think we shell too much out. Need immediate results and we already play into lower expectations. No more. Grimes work the damn OLine now. Or we will suck.
  8. beaumak

    Daniel Carlson missed PAT

    as long as it wasnt freaking blocked. seriously how many did we have this year. had to been a near record blocked number of fg's for a kicking team. alot being in range of nfl xtra point. And thats our Oline next year!?! We better whip into shape real quick
  9. beaumak

    Wiley and Purifoy

    if only we could see and hear the tarholes' (NCAA's) bewilderment for this statement...
  10. beaumak

    Demographic Curiosity

    34 - but my wife always asks me and wonders Pen!s DFW now, but pretty much Charlotte most of life transferred out in '05 to pursue other opportunities, change of career move Still miss it!
  11. beaumak

    2018 Regular Season Projection

    well we can cross this one of the list for 2018...
  12. Just some harmless fun with a poll for next year's regular season outcome. Please vote. NO you will not die either.
  13. beaumak

    Chip: We really didn't make adjustments

    speaking of, did we ever find out who said the line about losing to LSU will probably cost them their jobs? Was that actually said or was that kind of projected from somewhere out in the media considering the reactions at the time?
  14. beaumak

    Let it SNOW!!!!!!!

    looks like now that some snow should be falling on the plains according to radar estimates, can anyone confirm?
  15. beaumak

    Auburn targeting UNC for game in 2020

    Gosh I hope we beat the "TAR OUT OF THOSE HOLES". Everything that "University" stands for is BS.