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  1. Your words seem nice and calming. I chilled when reading them. I will do what you say. Even wear a yellow star to point me out. There is an immediate downside to wearing masks. Its actually measurable. Unfortunately why haven't we been wearing them all along then??? Maybe after 30 generations our kids will be born with plastic coverings over their faces(naturally). ?!? Yes maybe we should move this to the political forum then. Saw some earlier comment about not making it that way. ha, its that and everything else. Whatever this sars/mers/covid is... it evolved but not
  2. i dont know, but think about this. what happens when the influenza comes back out next season with, my guess, very little resources have been used on it so far these months? and not many will be in the coming summer months when typically the medical world would be creating the next vaccine against it? everybody has seemed to forgotten that there are other ailments, diseases, conditions, syndromes, infections, viruses, etc.. And to boot you are allowed to have more than one at the same time. who knows if the medical world is properly defining this COVID. what if someone had the flu and COV
  3. sorry these videos were best displayed by AU96tiger, or something like that,. During these years. highlight reels and pump up videos were in there infancy. he started it all for us bloggers and message board corona survivors. once the 1st edition got played after the beating of LSU, we all knew we were not losing to anyone else. It was fun!!!
  4. so this media and most of yall are doing this red line is people. blue line is virus. black line we all DIE!!!! Fig. 1. Trajectory of x1(t) for Example 1. Download : Download high-res image (153KB)
  5. can we agree on this, move this off the football board? see yall tomorrow, maybe...😘 ah damn its 12:30 am central. hope i can last another 23:30
  6. refer to my comment to AUDUB about scaling and analytics. and besides why the necessity to not have the same exact denominations in the side-by-side graph for age range. if its so true than show it. furthermore my point is that the right side of your picture will drop across the board. after all said and done.
  7. its very easy to associate actual exponents to the equation when your baseline is that small. and it already is not doing so. what is the graph like now? seriously curios. at the beginning its naturally going to grow exponentially. but its impossible to sustain that forever. literally and mathematically. its really logarithmic. but continue with the exponents thing. what happens if it gets to 8 billion humans. will it go to 8 billion squared??
  8. well allow me to retort. where do you get your scientific backed numbers on your bounds?
  9. I suppose I can't let myself to take the advice of someone who addresses anyone as "bruh" on a message board. And as far as my head in the sand. Far from it. I'm actually seeking out other viewpoints then drinking CNN's and the rest of them's nonsense as they try to manipulate 20 years olds with 54 years olds for stat manipulation
  10. appreciate the response but i disagree with your first point about its virulence. nonetheless i'm not necessarily surprised by the hysteria, just still can't fathom the magnitude. and why in today's time we always have to come up with these cheesey sayings, "social distancing". MARKETING
  11. insightful rebuttal. you are still allowed to listen to anyone you want. the quote should actually be flip flopped on the timing. 😜imagine when they tell us you are no longer allowed to flush your toilets in fear of transmitting the virus through the sewer lines and the sewage plants are inundated with too much crap. what are you going to do with all that TP? Can't say Toomer's cause sports are not being played.
  12. so let me get this straight. the solution is to buy massive amounts of toilet paper in order to combat this pandemic. sounds like everybody just wants to be butthurt. but back to my original post with true statistics. what i didn't remind and include in my OP to most of you folks, since most seem to disagree, is that the influenza numbers (another reminder that it occurs every single year) managed to reach those high numbers with a vaccine. again reiterate with a vaccine! imagine no vaccine. perfect example would be coronavirus. there is no vaccine, correct? yet numbers are just not
  13. yes lets all freak out!!!!!!!!!!!!! Coronavirus: We'll say what after 2 months time in the U.S. Stats as of today. COVID-19: U.S. at a Glance* Total cases: 10,442 Total deaths: 150 Jurisdictions reporting cases: 54 (50 states, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, and US Virgin Islands) * Data include both confirmed and presumptive positive cases of COVID-19 reported to CDC or tested at CDC since January 21, 2020, with the exception of testing results for persons repatriated to the United States from Wuhan, China and Japan. State and local p
  14. Ummm does Tayh Tosh or Tajh have any idea on the whole uh OL situation we have. have a feeling Chadley, and him for that matter, had a better one at clempsun.
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