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  1. 🔺+🔻. couldnt find a hexagon i liked.
  2. gesus. this got weird scrolling thru. and i'm a little drunk.
  3. beaumak

    Joe Brady

    i was interested in Matt coming here. fu%$in panthers... we needed 1 more season
  4. sooo tired of seeing that crap. i guess rodney let it go cause brown and davidson were there. not anymore...
  5. i think he is using the Olympics to train for the NFL. 🙊
  6. no one. and more rain in the forecast from now until today(for now).
  7. it could still be an anomaly. we can still follow up 2021 with 1 to none per usual.
  8. should have moved to LB 2 years ago. we'd have the McClain brothers wreckin crew
  9. dropped another wide open pass after the fumble i believe, but hey its been a week since. whatever.
  10. Hey Saban, did you never see this part of the movie...