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  1. Well what happened to Dilly Dilly's . ha oh yeah. he is the OC but not. weird. i guess we pay him to....tell cadillac to run something. cute wife dont mean s***
  2. i had so many things to say and elaborate. i probably wrote 1000 words and deleted them all. numbers work best! auburn's collective __cks are just for show. thanks gus. thanks BOT. thanks Leath. we are not a football school. Hahahah. __ck me.
  3. nope. always hated that a**hole. but continue sir....
  4. latest version of the 'wild-cat.'
  5. i was literally thinking he would miss the one after we tied it. so we would get to share it. whew!!! but surprised we got passed the red zone to have a chance anyway.
  6. this indifference is why we need him gone. plain and simple. trust me I have it too. or at least i pretend to have it because he is not worth my blood pressure rising anymore than it needs too quite frankly. there sure should be many folks out in our network to scream to the gods of auburn to end this seemingly never ending predicament that is Gus Malzahn. but yes its taxing year in year out. as the inevitable gap continues to widen with our rivals and how we really are not relevant in top college football. We will be 5th, fifth, 1,2,3,4, fif place in the SEC this year btw.
  7. the guy is truly awesome. went to same high school with some of his kids. had a couple conversations with him. he would always stop and acknowledge you giving his signature call. and always laughing and enjoying anyone's company. been thru hell and back and always trying to give positive vibe.
  8. haha. yeah. surprised to see this thread still out. guess my comment wont help either. anyway good ole charlotte. they keep moving around the auburn club there. whats the deal? maybe a separate thread discussion. keep it auburn strong!
  9. they are just being nice because they all know there are plenty of opportunities for us to lose and drop to our rightful place. yes meaningless as stated earlier for true measure of the team vs every other. But secondly and more importantly its ranking inflation to "build up" our remaining big games. Please reference this game...BIGGEST GAME LIKE, E-VER!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. that section in question is mainly for GDI's dipstick. also greeks make up maybe 20% of student population, if that. Perhaps we should sell booze in the stadium. that should warm up folks.
  11. sorry late to the thread. Bird have you sent this to all alumni and the BOD yet??? why hasnt stat tiger or whoever done this. I give this a BOOM!