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  1. we seriously need to add some more LB's regardless if OP stays or goes. whats the deal???
  2. beaumak

    Georgia at Kentucky

    fields just saw action. run for nothing. announcer saying gettin thrown a bone. LOL. but fromm is playing well.
  3. beaumak

    Chances of a new Offensive Game Plan

    After reading this page I am troubled no one has instituted the "Humancentipad"! Would you like the cuttelfish?!?!
  4. beaumak

    Hill accepts Schwartz's race challenge

    speaking of schwartz, is he running in anything for track for us-AU? will he double up? or will he go pro in track?
  5. beaumak

    Unanswered Questions about the Malzahn Era

    why cant this go into the thread below, gus coaching for his job, a&M, blah, blah. sorry i didnt read your post but the title of the subject would most likely already fit into something we have already going on.
  6. beaumak

    Future Opponents

    i think we need to concentrate on as many wins as possible.
  7. beaumak

    Auburn look a likes - Bye Week

    Looking at our remaining SEC schedule... and
  8. beaumak

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    Oh i agree with your sentiment, but we are in a tough situation and really handcuffed as i would say. And thinking about it more now, i think keesler is right on what coach we can get. especially now. if we were to get a mediocre coach, then for pete's sake pay him that. If we somehow land a big name coach then at least throw some merit/demerit clause in there. or just go for only 4 years at high price or something. geez. i just figured it was obvious for Leath and AU officials to not give such a insane contract. i digress. i'm done.
  9. beaumak

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    then i think your points are inadvertently saying he has no business coaching a program like Auburn with its historical success at this time in his career. And certainly not making this amount of money relative to the rest of college coaches at this time. What was saban's salary relative to the rest of college coaches when he was with Mich st. I bet it wasnt near top 5.
  10. beaumak

    What if we Win out

  11. beaumak

    2012 - hoping for the bottom to come out

    well it fell out pretty quickly so, we already had the answer it seemed halfway in the season. 2008 i did want a change though. And yes i do this time. just like last year and 2015-2016. I JUST FIGURE WITH THAT CONTRACT DEBACLE STILL SO FRESH IN MY MIND IT WOULD BE LAST YEAR AS WELL FOR AU AND THE DECISION MAKERS.. APPARENTLY NOT. I cringed when it got signed and yelled for a while. as you can see.
  12. ha is that Jordan in there, what a douche
  13. take it like a man and be a leader. QB's need to be a leader. have passion to want to be and play better. that shows nothing.