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  1. on the OP, who is to the left 👀. looks like a 5 star
  2. Not exactly a flattering picture of Malzahn if you ask me 🌫️🌫️. 🤣
  3. its just so incredulous it really is. the a-holes in the NCAA office are just really that bad. so literally this just happened, remind you folks. after all the months of bashing and saving face and whatever else with ohio state, urban, and the assistant and all that feel good do the right thing with domestic violence. they take a equally bad event and trade it off??!?!?! what. they basically let them off by letting this transfer happen. just weird result and i think its bs. and dont think fields is scared.
  4. i think this sounds great, for the XFL. or better yet maybe we should have the coaches just run out on the field armed with spikes and helmets and beat the crap out of each other. Whoever left standing wins. Wouldn't mind having lil' nicky from that point on 0-for the century in overtime games. But of course there is always the classic clip from Bob Uecker's Wacky World of Sports where the ref asks the player if he would like to win the game or lose the game. He says win the game and so the refs award it to them LOL. Couldnt find the video uploaded on the interwebs, but for those of you who know what i'm talking about i'm sure appreciate the nostalgia! "Pinpoint Accuracy"! Edit: well found one of the videos but dont think its in this one. if you have 30 minutes to spare i highly recommend for a good laugh! wacky world of sports
  5. maybe zion will forgo basketball and transfer sports as well...he obviously cant dunk from the highlights i saw from last game
  6. on a side note, looks like Hand over at Texas signed only 3 OL. but not sure about their current situation as to availability and needs. nonetheless not stellar.
  7. Yeah. Same here. The NFL really does just suck. So disinteresting to me.
  8. seems that there is 1 name blatantly absent..... i kid, i kid.
  9. so beautiful there. i was at long boat key. holy cow. awesome. hopefully those currents and the waters get back to some normalcy.
  10. well... dang. to answer your question. i'm not a local there but it was bad to the point where you couldn't go near the beach without it burning your eyes.
  11. i did a little night snook fishing over the holiday in the sarasota area. am i allowed in the thread now. finally seeing some life after the red tide epidemic they got.
  12. sooooo looks like recruiting is going great. awesome.
  13. Just ask anyone this question going for that scenario. "So you wouldn't want 4 Braden Smith's and a Reese Dismukes?"