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  1. Wiley and Purifoy

    if only we could see and hear the tarholes' (NCAA's) bewilderment for this statement...
  2. Demographic Curiosity

    34 - but my wife always asks me and wonders Pen!s DFW now, but pretty much Charlotte most of life transferred out in '05 to pursue other opportunities, change of career move Still miss it!
  3. Fun 2018 Regular Season Projection

    well we can cross this one of the list for 2018...
  4. Just some harmless fun with a poll for next year's regular season outcome. Please vote. NO you will not die either.
  5. Chip: We really didn't make adjustments

    speaking of, did we ever find out who said the line about losing to LSU will probably cost them their jobs? Was that actually said or was that kind of projected from somewhere out in the media considering the reactions at the time?
  6. Let it SNOW!!!!!!!

    looks like now that some snow should be falling on the plains according to radar estimates, can anyone confirm?
  7. Auburn targeting UNC for game in 2020

    Gosh I hope we beat the "TAR OUT OF THOSE HOLES". Everything that "University" stands for is BS.
  8. Peach Bowl Ticket Prices

    very well could happen. seen it before. E.g. AU vs Stinking Badgers 2006 Citrus Bowl. Got screwed out of a BCS bowl and the team gave 2 shats.
  9. Report: Malzhan staying

    we should have given him a raise but not an extension. he was already locked through 2020 right? lets try to get 2 in a row good season for a change before we amend the contracts. i just hate nowadays when they finally fulfill their promise of winning(their baseline job) they then get an automatic raise. but what about the last 3 years of losing to our rivals, how bout deductions then. feel like there is this underground "unspoken" union of sorts that coaches can use to bounce off one another to leverage these ridiculous contracts. anyway the following years after big contract changes we end up sucking so I guess we will have to revisit this in a year.
  10. Should we extend Malzahn's contract?

    No, no, and no. unless we win the championship, i say no. for several reason but also whenever we do give a big extension and more money the following year we suck. need to get out of that shooting from the hip habit.
  11. Injuries?

    Bump. I feel like we should just pin this thread and update it as we go along similar to the recruiting updates.
  12. Booger says UGA should still rank higher than AU

    I guess now we really know why his name is Booger.
  13. UGA Ticket Curiousity

    its up to each individual. fact of the matter half are buying and half sold. nonetheless its not going to change the outcome. AU does not win >s***
  14. Boom! sorry but not sorry. C. Davis did it Again. it was like this half ass dive attempt not really running with the receiver on the 62 yard TD. just for some reason got no push off his step?...? like you pushing off ice or ya got to drop yourself out of the early rounds of the draft this year.
  15. Time to earn your pay Gus

    we used to have a decent lead... now they are stretching it out. UNACCEPTABLE