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  1. OMG this thread started in 2013. LOL
  2. seems that there is 1 name blatantly absent..... i kid, i kid.
  3. beaumak

    2019 O Line Recruiting

    so beautiful there. i was at long boat key. holy cow. awesome. hopefully those currents and the waters get back to some normalcy.
  4. beaumak

    2019 O Line Recruiting

    well... dang. to answer your question. i'm not a local there but it was bad to the point where you couldn't go near the beach without it burning your eyes.
  5. beaumak

    2019 O Line Recruiting

    i did a little night snook fishing over the holiday in the sarasota area. am i allowed in the thread now. finally seeing some life after the red tide epidemic they got.
  6. beaumak

    2019 O Line Recruiting

    sooooo looks like recruiting is going great. awesome.
  7. beaumak

    Next Year’s OL

    Just ask anyone this question going for that scenario. "So you wouldn't want 4 Braden Smith's and a Reese Dismukes?"
  8. beaumak

    Old vs New: A Complaint List

    OMG WHY?!?!?!?
  9. beaumak

    Old vs New: A Complaint List

    Ooo this could be fun...mainly for the league Old: Go out there and do what you are supposed to do i.e. play football and play hard like you are taught, and enjoy it because after all its supposed to be your favorite game. Keeping your personal sideshows to yourself while playing Sunday and going to your 2nd job on Monday. New: Gripe when something doesn't go your way, using football as your medium to install your personal agendas, political views, and sexual orientations and thinking the fans should care. Complain how the world is so oppressing yet make millions of dollars for a job that is seasonal.
  10. beaumak

    Asa Martin (update transferring)

    How bout Joiner as a OLB? Dude's got the frame for it. And at the rate of our recruiting we aren't going to meet our needs anytime soon on the other side of the ball. Wonder if this has ever been considered. This guy needs to see the field though thats for sure.
  11. beaumak

    Deshaun Davis on Joey Gatewood

    we just flat out need more Deshaun Davis' in Auburn. TIA. WDE. Now beast the league!
  12. Perfect Summation of events! As for a gift just throwing this out there...
  13. I don't believe him for one second. He is lying about Martin, he would lie about this!
  14. beaumak

    Mullen opening practice

    haha, yeah it kind of freaked me out a little looking at it.
  15. beaumak

    Mullen opening practice

    "Gustav??? Are you still coming up with practice plays? Can you open the door please? It's Kristi."