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  1. Oof! That golf ball left a nasty divot.
  2. I keep seeing people say that if you lose you flip to the other bracket at some point. Yet the format I've gathered from tv and reading on the NCAA site is that it is winner from bracket 1 faces winner from bracket 2 in a best of 3 series. Bracket 1 and 2 acts in the same format as a regional with double elimination. Am I missing something???
  3. I know I don't post here often, but I visit all the time. Here are my thoughts though, I still think we get Wright, but if something happens to Callaway, (unless maybe I've missed something) I look to get Ameer Abdullah. Not sure why... No inside sources. Also look for Buie. I've really liked him all along. Correct me if I'm wrong, from what I've read, these two have wanted concrete Auburn offers all along. I think we possibly sign one of these two anyway tomorrow if we miss on some of the bigger names.
  4. Yeah, The OSU-Michigan scenario crossed my mind as well (I'm glad LSU got a chance to go that year because they are an SEC team, but don't feel they necessarily deserved it. Even though I hated to admit it. I thought OSU and Michigan should have gotten a chance to replay based solely on the records.). And I know that I left out Boise and TCU losing a game in the scenario. But there are alot of people who think that a one loss SEC team should still go to MNC game over an unbeaten Non-AQ team. Wisconsin could make a claim as well. Again, this is obviously just a theory/possible scenario. I just think that the AU-LSU game happened early enough in the season that LSU has a chance to get back into good graces with the voters as opposed to Michigan that year that lost their last regular season game.
  5. I don't normally post, but I am a frequent visitor and reader, but a thought crossed my mind this morning and I was wondering what ya'lls thoughts are. This is only a theory, but also a very likely scenario. 1) If Auburn wins out including the SEC Championship game. 2) If Oregon drops a game, especially that last game against Oregon State. (No, Oregon St. is not that great, but it's a rivalry game, and it's why you play the game.) Any loss this late in the season can be detrimental to any teams chances to make it in to the MNC game, but a loss in the last game of the year really hurts you when you don't play a conference championship game. 3) If LSU wins out. (Looking at their schedule, they should. Arky could pose a problem, but I think they handle them with their defense.) Coupled with high computer ranking (they were 6 in computer polls last and will definetly move up this week), do you think that the human voters rank LSU high enough to see an Auburn-LSU rematch in the championship in spite of LSU not making it into SEC Championship game?
  6. I know at one time his name was being thrown around alot. Any reason we didn't offer him? His stats seem pretty solid. I know we have one spot open, and personally I'd rather save it for an early enrollee next January, but do ya'll think it would be a good idea to try and sign the open slot? Not necessarily Cobb, but I did notice he hasn't signed with anyone and he had been mentioned earlier in the recruiting season.
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