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  1. And a few more comments. These researchers are just that, researchers which I emphasize for two reasons. 1) Although these researchers have no business/financial relationships to disclose, they do have a pecuniary interest in how they are perceived among potential future employers, ie, Big Pharma, et al. The current climate says, HCQ is "bad", anything else is "good". These researchers will be favored more than those who support the use of HCQ and that is a fact. 2) The primary supporting evidence for the use of HCQ comes from practitioners. They are on the front line of treating
  2. Citing a meta-study is tricky and with this study you cite the information is at best nebulous. This meta-study which you quote appears to have been designed more so to drive a conclusion with bias against the use of hydroxchloroquine (HCQ) rather than being designed to search for truth. 1) The size of the results for each hospital averages 28 patients, which is insignificant for a "study". They are essentially saying, Hey, we gave a bunch of pills and see, they didn't work. Very little info is given about that "select" group of patients. Just because they say that there were 11,330
  3. And when I asked you to support your assertion that DJT was, in your words, "a traitor", you went dark. lol υποκριτής
  4. Her self-appointed title, "The Honorable Omarosa Manigault", will be longer than her book.
  5. Soooooooo, Gomer, I make fun of your FAKE screen name and your feelings are hurt ? You guys are killing the comedy clubs because of your overdose of sensitivity training. I guess you were blowing kisses to Shoney'sPonyBoy by calling him an idiot. υποκριτής
  6. Glad to have you on board Shoney. Post more, for Homer's benefit. lol
  7. So, how is that politburo form of gubment working out for you ?
  8. I'm curious. Exactly how did DJT try to "hijack" our democracy ? And please make it something other than challenging the election results. You guys challenge every presidential election won by Republicans. AND, exactly how is DJT a "traitor" ?
  9. The only people who mock American democracy are Democrats such as yourself. How ironic. Millions of people flood our borders, fleeing their "democracies", to be a part of OUR democracy. So far as abolishing the electoral college, once the Dems actually win the presidency by that safety mechanism, then you will be adamant that it remains in place. Again, how ironic. God bless OUR America !
  10. Before responding, I want you to answer two questions: 1) Who should make the decision about what vaccines I receive, the government or my doctor and I ?; 2) Do you regularly vaccinate for the flu ? Given that this is the weekend, my response may not be prompt but I'll do my best.
  11. To rebut your statement, a "long-term" study for vaccines is considered more than 5 years and may range to over 10. The vaccines have been administered for less than one so we don't have any "long-term" information. What study supports your statement for the healthy not being vaccinated vs being vaccinated ? There isn't one.
  12. Biden the Magician Abracadabra, now you see them......last week Now you don't.........this week. POOOF ! Problem gone.
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