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  1. Moon's info about "escape hatch" for AU re: GM's contract. Reduce/void the contract. http://www.alreporter.com/2018/11/27/analysis-could-auburn-actually-fire-gus-malzahn/
  2. Analysis: Could Auburn actually fire Gus Malzahn ?, Josh Moon http://www.alreporter.com/2018/11/27/analysis-could-auburn-actually-fire-gus-malzahn/ JM's info on how AU voids/reduces GM's contract.
  3. And the FBI would be receiving 100 times more fake information from those individuals who can/should perform due diligence and JM was more than capable. McCain pursued a fake agenda against DJT. He promoted fake intelligence.
  4. And again, McCain chose to not perform due diligence. Only an idiot would not do so.
  5. You're full of nonsense, complete nonsense. There is no expansion to include "all", but only in your imagination there is. Again, you keep stating that I said "all", I didn't, YOU did. It doesn't matter the number, McCain's denigration was of fellow Arizonan Trump supporters, McCain's own voting base. And Arizonans remember JM's colorful description of them. Again, you're the idiot who keeps trying to put words in my mouth.
  6. Who said it was the committee's primary role ? I certainly didn't, but responsible intelligence means performing due diligence. McCain did not do so. Again, no one, I repeat NO ONE (of JM's standing) just picks up "intelligence" and says to the FBI, "Lookey here what I found when I was overseas. Hey Mr. Comey how about checking this out ?" McCain was either complicit or turned a blind eye. Due diligence is mandatory of person in his position. HE FAILED ! Miserably so, on purpose.
  7. See, you write fiction, again. I didn't say "all" as you claim I did. Trump voters are American voters, or does that simple fact escape you ? Apparently it does. McCain was referring to the Trump voters in Phoenix (pay attention), McCain's own voters........“This performance with our friend out in Phoenix is very hurtful to me”. McCain was very specific, direct and made no bones about it. JM didn't like the attitude of the Trump supporters because it directly harmed his campaign. You should stop while you are losing this argument. You can't follow a 1 with a 2 in common sequential logic. You should stop typing now.
  8. John McCain had the proper authority to investigate this before presenting it to the FBI. As a US Senator on the AS and Homeland Security Committees he had the necessary resources to give this fake dossier a more than thorough examination. He chose to introduce this document in order to legitimize a prosecution of DJT, and that he accomplished. Then, with the extreme, you get the point. Imagine, a duly-elected president being called Hitler, fascist, or even "batshit crazy teenager" every day by enemies such as yourself, everyday. Only a fool welcomes a fake investigation. I'm sure you're open arms to being investigated.
  9. Yes, the second paragraph directly supports my assertion: " He was particularly rankled by Trump’s rally. “This performance with our friend out in Phoenix is very hurtful to me,” McCain said. “Because what he did was he fired up the crazies.” McCain was directly referring to Trump supporters. I suggest you repeat third grade reading class.
  10. JM served on the following committees: Armed Services, Homeland Security, and Intelligence. His was a Navy pilot. Each of these require an excellent knowledge of intelligence and the need to identify bs from truth. His bs meter apparently had the battery removed, on purpose, the day he received the Trump dossier. McCain either failed that requirement of due diligence or he chose to promote the fake intelligence by passing it on to the FBI. A person doesn't just hand a document to an intelligence dept., saying "look what I found on the street", without being thoroughly familiar with its contents yet the simple presentation of this fake document to the FBI was accepted....because it came from a patriot. That patriot, John McCain, either failed to perform his own due diligence or was complicit in its promotion. Take your pick. Either way JM sought to undermine a duly-elected president. As the investigation into the fake Trump dossier continues you will hear McCain's name mentioned more, along with Brennan. They were the two of the funnels to give the fake document legitimacy. McCain knew exactly what he was doing when he promoted fake intelligence or was turning a blind eye. I'm sure we'll hear that JM was somehow duped. Yeah, right. And this is the stupidest comment you've made so far: "If Trump truly did nothing wrong and has nothing to hide, he should welcome the investigation." Would you welcome a fake investigation from the local DA if a neighbor accused you of a fake case of pedophilia ? "I think you and me both know that's likely not the case."
  11. As usual, you continue to write fiction and attempt to spin what McCain was actually doing. JM's comments were aimed squarely at Trump voters and were in direct reference to the Phoenix Trump rally and the Trump supporters, not some ethereal "subset of Americans", the euphemism you've chosen to cover for McCain's denigration of Trump supporters. McCain chose to directly demean fellow Republican voters. JM didn't like the fact that Trump was taking a tough stance on immigration issues as the forefront of his campaign, which JM continued to undermine in the conservative movement and the DJT campaign. This stance was a direct threat to JM's 2016 campaign, as he, himself, stated: “This performance with our friend out in Phoenix is very hurtful to me”. And so McCain chose to denigrate American voters, calling them "crazies" in order to protect his own candidacy. McCain chose to attack fellow American voters in order to protect his own candidacy as he himself stated. I suggest that next time you do a little more clear-minded reading instead of maintaining the "anti-Trump at-all-costs bs " you fill this forum. https://www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/john-mccain-has-a-few-things-to-say-about-donald-trump
  12. Apparently you never kept up with the news. McCain chose to attack American voters, calling them "crazies", in reference to Trump voters. Trump responded by saying: “He’s not a war hero”. “He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.” McCain, and apparently you, don't like being hit back when justly deserved. McCain was the jerk who started this tete-a-tete.
  13. And you have to be an idiot to not understand the turmoil that McCain brought upon this nation by introducing fake intelligence to the FBI in order to undermine the duly-elected president of the USA. He should have been held accountable for that but escaped it only because of his cancer. Honor required a senator who died while in office was dutifully fulfilled within the parameters established by President Eisenhower. Get over it. Trump wasn't boorish and he certainly didn't piss on JM's grave. The only one who pissed on JM's grave was himself. McCain's pettiness is what started this tete-a-tete between DJT and himself, which consistently he maintained through his remaining days. He chose to be a jerk. JM did serve America with distinction but minimized himself by being less than he promised. Bring on Jon Kyl.
  14. JM chose to politicize his own death in his last words that were read today.