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  1. Yes, the FDA banned its use for COVID-19, period, regardless of the national stockpile, mainly because of unwarranted pressure to do so because of the constant onslaught of ignorant threads like these: Comments like these imposed a wide-spread fear among the population of those who considered using the drug. Fear mongering like yours did more damage than help.
  2. Bbbbbbuuuuutttt, when you thought that quoting the AMA's tweet proved your point you were quick to do so. Don't let irony stand in your way of your quackery, gomer. Hydroxychloroquine is safer than aspirin and most effective when used appropriately in healing COVID-19-infected people IN EARLY STAGES OF THE DISEASE. But don't let science deter you there either. As an aside, you are always quick to cast aspersions without offering support.......sooooooo, how is it that the AMA is making rich its medical community by approving the off-label use of a drug that has no patent and cheap to ma
  3. This quote is directly from the AMA Handbook, 11/20, and permits physicians to use hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine for off-label use: 1 Whereas, The COVID-19 pandemic is a serious medical issue, people are dying, and 2 physicians must be able to perform as sagacious prescribers; therefore be it 3 4 RESOLVED, That our American Medical Association rescind its statement calling for physicians 5 to stop prescribing hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine until sufficient evidence becomes 6 available to conclusively illustrate that the harm associated with use outweighs benefit early in 7 the di
  4. Maybe the AMA is a big dose of dumb then ? This is the problem when you politicize science because you hate the President rather than examining the studies. And WAPO has been on this mission from day 1 of DJT's presidency. AMA approves the use of hydroxychloroquine: Nov 2020 Special Meeting of the AMA House of Delegates - Handbook Addendum (ama-assn.org)
  5. AMA Resolution 509 (November, 2020) approves the use of hydroxychloroquine as a therapy for treating COVID-19. The resolution is 2/3's down the page: Nov 2020 Special Meeting of the AMA House of Delegates - Handbook Addendum (ama-assn.org)
  6. Coordinators are the exception. Some translate, most don't. I look at this from the perspective of "show me what you've done at the position that I want to hire you", not, "I'm going to be your stepping stone". Chizik, flameout #1, Malzahn, flameout #2. The role models, that AU show follow in search for a hc with experience: Bear Bryant, Nick Saban, Urban Meyers, Bobby Bowden, Mack Brown, etc., etc. The likelihood of becoming a "flameout" is reduced if you already have the skillset at that position. I don't see how you can say seeking a hc with hc experience is a "bad reason t
  7. Using your argument, then what would have made anyone think that Pat Dye or Terry Bowden would have succeeded at AU ? They came from very small programs, far smaller than OSU and then launched AU onto another level. Their success was modest before AU. What made them different from Chizik and Malzahn was that they had hc experience at multiple schools. Dye had 7 seasons at two schools, Bowden had 9 seasons at two schools. Neither Chizik nor Malzahn had hc experience (no, 1 year at Arky St. isn't "experience") and that lack of experience was their downfall. If AU is to go forward succ
  8. Why do you say CP can't physically coach ? And why would Gundy be terrible ?
  9. Look's like I'm 118 pages late to this thread. My two cents are Chris Petersen and Mike Gundy.
  10. My comments are hopeful, wistful and facetious. No, DS isn't coming to AU. His gig is one that most coaches dream of having. What is important about my DS comments is that he is the type of candidate that AU should be considering and will hire, not the names of wannabees that have been mentioned. His program has consistent success on/off the field. AU football is one of the top programs in America and deserves a comparable coach, who has the bona fides of consistent success as a hc, not one who has had limited success. AU should NEVER be considering coordinators at all They don't have t
  11. At the top of the list should be David Shaw.
  12. David Shaw is my choice. He's a stellar candidate with excellent character and has a good long-term W/L record. His record has dipped over the last two seasons which makes me think that he might be open for something challenging, which would be the SEC. ( Shaw is in his 10th season at Stanford) He would be in the best conference and have the best rivalries to contend. Auburn Football needs a man of David Shaw's stature. He brings instant recognition. As an aside, AU should NEVER hire another coordinator for a hc. NEVER. We've swung at that ball twice and struck out monstrously
  13. Of everyone on this forum you are the one to know crass and everything else too. Btw, you still write too much.
  14. It seems to me that your anger should be directed at the woman who thought she was a cat with 9 lives. Thank you RBG !
  15. Here's a little history lesson for you gomer, the Justices don't want packing of the court.
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