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  1. US Treasury SURPLUS, January, 31, 2018

    I wasn't picking two years. Just editing the length of the quote so my response would be shorter. That's all.
  2. US Treasury SURPLUS, January, 31, 2018

    This is a perfect addition to the discussion HVAU. Thanks.
  3. US Treasury SURPLUS, January, 31, 2018

    To go on the record. This is the first month of DJT's tax policy implementation. Will it work ? RIR already has a dour opinion. I'm sure you share RIR's sentiment. I'm very optimistic. Let's see what happens.
  4. MONTHLY TREASURY STATEMENT Total receipts $361 billion Total outlays $312 billion SURPLUS $49 billion https://www.fiscal.treasury.gov/fsreports/rpt/mthTreasStmt/mts0118.pdf
  5. World markets are tanking

    To believe that some blocks of buyers/sellers don't exercise group think when voting (buying/selling) on short-term policies that benefit/hurt their stocks is dangerous. Other blocks of buyers/sellers do have a long-term vision and hold. From the hour on election night that DJT's election proved certain, the market voted that his election would be favorable, 9,000+ points favorable. The market tanked when it thought HRC was to be elected. The market also voted that QE would also be beneficial. Say it with me maxwere, "Stock holders vote in favor of what they perceive benefits their stock value by buying and against what hurts their stock value by selling., both long-term and short-term investors. Perception, right or wrong, moves the markets."
  6. World markets are tanking

    Did Obama's $8+ trillion in debt bother you ? With his non-growth economy ?
  7. World markets are tanking

    All you libs are always saying that the sky is falling. LOL So what are you going to do when the market returns to its all-time high ? Sell ?
  8. World markets are tanking

    Thank you for pointing out my transcription error. In haste I used the close from Election Day when I meant and stated, "The day after the election, the DJIA closed at 18,332." The close on the day after the election was much higher, which only underscores my point and diminishes yours. The Dow closed at 18,589. During the overnight trading, which starts at 5:00 p.m. EST, the market was in freefall. The market was reflecting a possible HRC election. As CNN stated, " At their low point on Tuesday night, Dow futures were down more than 900 points." http://money.cnn.com/2016/11/08/investing/global-markets-stocks-trump-clinton-us-presidential-election/index.html Remember that close of 18,322 ? The market dropped 900 points from that number to the range I stated above, which was 17,450-17,500. Again, at around 9:00 p.m. EST, when election results came in for PA, then MI, then WI the freefall stopped. The market did NOT drop any further, instead, it began climbing DRAMATICALLY, more dramatically than when it fell. So, by the close of the day after the election, when the world knew that DJT's fiscal policies would be implemented instead of HRC's, the market increased by 1,150 points from the low and by the end of the week closed at 18,847. FACT, not "nonsense" RIR. Using your peak of 26,616 and subtracting 17,450 is 9,166 points, NOT 8,284. 9,166/17,450= 52% market value gain in 14 1/2 months. Using the market close of 24,235- 17450=6,785 in market gain since election night. 6,785/17,450= 39%. There's a slight difference in my numbers here because I rounded in the above #'s. It doesn't matter what the market gave up since its high (that was a spike, not a trading range......HUGE difference), the market is still 39% ahead of where it was when it was announced that DJT was about to be elected President. And, NO, using your close of 24,893 translates to a 42% gain to date, not 35%. 24893-17,450= 7,443. 7,443/17,450= 42%. The point I've made is that talking heads, and you, are using ephemeral numbers, ie., market spikes (prices that trade a few minutes or hours in the extreme) to make matters appear worse than they are. They are not. This is an excellent economic recovery underway. "World markets are tanking" was because of the possibility of a HRC election, not DJT. EDIT: When I say "ephemeral", I'm referring to the momentary pricing extremes used to demonstrate your point, not your argument. In the real world they're not realistic.
  9. Military parade

    Expressing public gratitude to our troops is "marshmallow fluff" ? Hmmm. smh Parts of your statement are actually being addressed by DJT, or didn't you know ? At least your comment doesn't compare showing appreciation to our troops with fascism or communism as others on this forum.
  10. Military parade

    So how many conservatives spit on our veterans when they returned from Vietnam ?
  11. Military parade

    You missed a key word that I said aubiefifty, "today", as in "today's liberals". I wasn't referencing libs from then. But, to press your point, just how many of those libs enlisted as you did ? VERY FEW.
  12. Military parade

    Congratulations on dumb post #4,032.
  13. Military parade

    There were military parades also on Armed Forces Day (as a Boy Scout I marched in those). The military also participated in local July 4th parades and if you lived in a military town, as I did, the local base would open to demonstrate maneuvers. Tanks, troops and fireworks were all a part of the celebrations. All designed to show thanks to our military and to create a greater comradery. These parades were wide-spread throughout America. Also, military air shows were far more common. It's interesting how little liberals today care for any association with the military and equate such with fascism or communism....like so many on this forum. smh Libs have accomplished well their goal to diminish our military, not just abroad, but also at home.
  14. World markets are tanking

    Since election day, 40% + as of today's close.
  15. World markets are tanking

    Yes, most likely. No fundamentals have changed, no political change has occurred, no announcement of war and no announcement that Nick Saban has been sainted. EDIT: Possible interest hike could have precipitated a drop, but then a hike in interest rates indicates a healthy economy, one that is growing and there is competition for $$$$.