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  1. Has Freeze ever played football at any level ? High school, college ?
  2. SPEAKING SPECIFICALLY TO YOUR COMMENT ABOUT THE CONSTITUTION: What you recite is a tiring refrain from the left, that the Constitution doesn't change. The Constitution is NOT absolute. The Constitution does and has changed, often. The framers of the Constitution designed our Constitution specifically for the purpose of change and that process is through Amendments, of which we have had 27. What bothers most from the left and right, which Barack Obama harangued, is that the process is SLOW and DELIBERATIVE. This slow process is meant to prevent a sweep of a vocal, brief, but not majority, ideology to overcome the will of the People. Our form of government was designed to protect the minority. This is a major reason why a simple majority vote in the Senate is contrary to the wellbeing of our nation, it is DANGEROUS. One deciding vote (aka simple majority) to change America ? That is not America. Our country is based on persuasion, not dictatorial power. At present, the country is experiencing gridlock in Congress with narrow majorities. This was designed by the framers so that if there is to be a significant change, such must be accomplished with a strong majority of the people, in essence, really convince us that we should make such a serious change and we'll do it. If you want fast change, then a parliamentary form of government allows such, but it tends to be chaotic. A slower, more deliberative form creates greater stability (The UK has had 4 Prime Ministers in just the past 6 years). Because of such, America has become the beacon to the world in governmental success. No other nation in the history of the world has accomplished so much in such little time, simply because of the structure of our government.
  3. My comment was directed to the person who has little knowledge about the term and its meaning, not the community. Sola Scriptura has ZERO to do with the discussion. If one were to begin discussing medical surgery techniques and then try using the theory of relativity to explain them, then you would say to yourself that this person doesn't have one iota of knowledge about the subject without explaining the theory of relativity, would you ?
  4. Recent news shows Ole Miss has even less reason to worry about losing Lane Kiffin Recent news shows Ole Miss has even less reason to worry about losing Lane Kiffin (msn.com) The Grove Collective is the preeminent NIL collective for the Ole Miss Rebels and announced it reached a goal of $10 million for use in attracting athletes to Oxford.
  5. Tuberville says that AU should hire Caddy as hc Tommy Tuberville: Auburn should hire Cadillac Williams as permanent coach - al.com
  6. LOL, sorry about that. Apparently, I didn't scan the right pages before posting.
  7. Lane Kiffin tells Ole Miss players he's likely staying at Ole Miss Lane Kiffin tells Ole Miss players he's likely staying at Ole Miss - On3 It appears it’s not just a foregone conclusion that Auburn’s next head coach will be Lane Kiffin. Kiffin told Ole Miss players Wednesday evening that, unless something significantly changes, he’s planning on staying as the head coach of the Rebels, sources tell On3 and OM Spirit. It comes in the midst of Kiffin being widely viewed as the favorite to be the next head coach for Auburn, which is in search of a replacement for Bryan Harsin, who was fired on Halloween during his second season as the Tigers’ coach. Kiffin and the Rebels face Mississippi State in the Egg Bowl on Thanksgiving. Kiffin, in his third year at Ole Miss, has a 23-10 overall record as the Rebels’ coach, including 8-3 this year. “I mean, I don’t know what else to say,” Kiffin said Monday. “I’m extremely happy here … the difference of where this program is now compared to three years ago, and I feel that we have really good support. I mean, I can get up here and give you whatever it was, the ‘pine box’ speech and ‘I’m not going to be the next head coach at Alabama.’ I can give you those things, and so, I don’t know what those mean. I don’t know what else to say. “Been here three years and been fortunate enough to I guess now have three different contracts, so I don’t know why all of a sudden a fourth contract all of a sudden makes people feel better. Like I said, we’re very appreciative of everything here.”
  8. The term is Sola Scriptura, not Sola Scripture. You clearly don't understand it. Have a knowledgeable person who believes it explain it to you.
  9. That's EXACTLY how I've pictured you. Where's your little clown diploma ? You should post that too.
  10. When Caddy was first mentioned as the potential hc hire I dismissed the thought, not even thinking twice. Today, after a few days of reconsidering, I adamantly support Caddy as the next hc of AU. Caddy IS AU, through and through. We are all probably groomed to think of the coach's resume', at least I am, but I want Caddy representing AU on and off the field. Caddy will bring life to the AU program that no other candidate could. I want him to be the one to lead AU in making men out of high schoolers. Forget LK, HF and whoever else may have been seriously considered. CADDY FOR COACH !!! WDE !!!
  11. Here are the two most recent former Democrat US Senators, prior to JO and RW, from Jawja. Both were stellar men. How does RW even compare with them ? HE DOESN'T. RW is a radical nitwit. Sam Nunn - Wikipedia ; Max Cleland - Wikipedia
  12. I'm not using any terms incorrectly. You're ignoring the fact that there is a non-legal use of the word "claim". I'll put the simple question to you, Did Ms. Ouleye claim that RW drove over her foot ?
  13. Again, you are focusing on the minutia, not the bigger picture, which is, both candidates are mediocre, the essence of this thread. You should actually care, because this is the future of selecting potential lawmakers and their credentials are becoming less noteworthy as shown between RW and HW. My comment wasn't about legal terminology, which is what you're trying to do, by putting words into my mouth. Using the word "claim" as I did, is the simple English vernacular for what Ms. Ouleye did. From Merriam-Webster: "to assert in the face of possible contradiction". She "claimed" (asserted) that RW drove over her foot. You then extrapolated into your legal terminology. To explain it very simply for you, Did Ms. Ouleye "claim" (assert) that RW drove over her foot, or not ? The answer is "yes", Ms. Ouleye did "claim" (assert) that RW drove over her foot. That's the proper use of the English vernacular. You should learn that there is a use of words separate from just legal definitions. Take your head out of the books. Do me a favor, go snake away like lawyers do.
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