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  1. Seems I've seen this statement used for other Auburn teams. Football comes to mind.
  2. Letterman went to Ball State
  3. Well we all can't be as perfect as you cole
  4. Ask CDC if I'm not mistaken he's the one who had the hots for JF3 and the reason we didn't try for JE
  5. Should have been 2 targeting calls in 2nd quarter on bama (gasp) wondering why a no call lol
  6. yankee.... enough said
  7. Playing a 3 QB system? Sounds like a perfect fit
  8. yes indeed
  9. Watched the Texas game with Swoopes out truckin' people all over the place, same size as JJ smh
  10. This is the offense Gus was excited about? Put White in and leave him alone
  11. Depends on which medications you are on......
  12. So is it CL or is our O line that bad ?
  13. saban knows daddy has his back
  14. Isn't he going to jc in MS