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  1. My basketball thoughts

    Seems I've seen this statement used for other Auburn teams. Football comes to mind.
  2. 2017 4* LB Tyler Taylor

    Letterman went to Ball State
  3. I just want to see adjustments

    Well we all can't be as perfect as you cole
  4. I just want to see adjustments

    Ask CDC if I'm not mistaken he's the one who had the hots for JF3 and the reason we didn't try for JE
  5. LSU v Bama

    Should have been 2 targeting calls in 2nd quarter on bama (gasp) wondering why a no call lol
  6. bill simmons take shot at auburn and our state

    yankee.... enough said
  7. 2019 4* QB Bo Nix

    Playing a 3 QB system? Sounds like a perfect fit
  8. QBs in a class

    yes indeed
  9. QBs in a class

    Watched the Texas game with Swoopes out truckin' people all over the place, same size as JJ smh
  10. ***Auburn vs. Clemson - Game Thread***

    This is the offense Gus was excited about? Put White in and leave him alone
  11. Serious question

    Depends on which medications you are on......
  12. Oh boy. I hate this term & AU D-Linemen.

    So is it CL or is our O line that bad ?
  13. 2016 5* LB Ben Davis (Bama signee)

    saban knows daddy has his back
  14. Jordan Colbert is Transferring

    Isn't he going to jc in MS