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  1. Mr Bad Example

    Jalen Hurts draws line in sand

    And it could be an "Obama" line in the
  2. Mr Bad Example

    Donte Divincenzo

    "If Auburn could get one player....." yep, I wish it could be him, his block was insane
  3. Mr Bad Example

    Pearl named National Coach of the Year

    Good on him
  4. Mr Bad Example

    Hurts wears auburn jersey

    What was he doing with Tua's Trophy?
  5. Mr Bad Example

    2017 Foy ODK Trophy Presentation

    Perhaps a Fergie version of the turd fight song would be nice
  6. Mr Bad Example

    Men vs. uat

    Back the Brinks truck up to Bruce's house
  7. Mr Bad Example

    2018 5* QB Justin Fields

  8. Mr Bad Example

    Guess who is coming to Cal-Berkely this weekend...

    Can you just see the heads exploding if the band played Dixie lol
  9. Mr Bad Example

    My basketball thoughts

    Seems I've seen this statement used for other Auburn teams. Football comes to mind.
  10. Mr Bad Example

    2017 4* LB Tyler Taylor

    Letterman went to Ball State
  11. Mr Bad Example

    I just want to see adjustments

    Well we all can't be as perfect as you cole
  12. Mr Bad Example

    I just want to see adjustments

    Ask CDC if I'm not mistaken he's the one who had the hots for JF3 and the reason we didn't try for JE
  13. Mr Bad Example

    LSU v Bama

    Should have been 2 targeting calls in 2nd quarter on bama (gasp) wondering why a no call lol
  14. Mr Bad Example

    bill simmons take shot at auburn and our state

    yankee.... enough said