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  1. we have had problems all year with snaps
  2. they way they were holding i thought we were playing the turds lol
  3. Will be interesting to see if they get away with it in turdtown
  4. The look on the Kansas fans faces THE HORROR< THE HORROR
  5. Well sugar don't look like I'm gonna get 100
  6. The same kind of trash that would steal a 90 something year olds WWII veterans medals while he was in the hospital
  7. Bill is Bill been that away for years,,,, a PAC12 homer to the bone... tends to get that spacey ways when he gets bored and a Deadhead too
  8. Been on this board longer than you just don't run my mouth like you do scooter
  9. Boy, for someone who isn't "going to watch" Auburn till 2020 or Gus is gone you sure do keep up with them alot