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  1. Explains it all! Playing with a broken thumb would definitely make it hard to catch that low post pass.
  2. Mullet Nation Sees Coaching Turnover as Lord Saban's way to spread Bummer Love to the Entire Nation Barner's Not Happy that Avery Left: "Hey we kept Gus?!?"
  3. Like this part! Bwahahahahahahahaha! That horse done left the barn long ago!
  4. Kind of insulting. We did beat the National Champs, and everybody knows it! Ultimately, it doesn't really matter where in the top 10 we land. It still was not first and could/should have been.
  5. I don't think I want anyone being compared to JJ. High expectations promoted by the Head FB coach only lead to me increasing my antidepressant dose after reality set in.
  6. Do you think it would matter? Isn't anyone gonna have film on any of them. The rest is Gus O. GOK's which Gus shows up this year.
  7. I was pretty underwhelmed with him down the stretch. Didn;t think he showed up from AU's defeat on The Plains through the NCAA tourney. Best of luck to him. Hope he makes big $$$.
  8. Question: How you know God is an Auburn Tiger?
  9. Easy to predict the higher seed. That's why they play the games.
  10. It worked for bama with Avery right? Why not?