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  1. They were probably just playing their base, vanilla O saving up for the big games. I hope we're ready.
  2. Work mate, UT fan, said exactly the same thing.
  3. Finally found one: # 63 Nance Peyton: Soph. Engineering Major 5'11" 302 Saw him holding up the middle last night against MSST in the 4th quarter. The Man was a rock! The immovable object! Loved it!!
  4. To quote the announcer: " It was the only Bulldog that touched him on that run!"
  5. What does this say about our route trees? Are they now more complex or is this still simple, basic stuff? Love this video. Is this guy pure AU? If so might need to go follow on youtube.
  6. Yeah, it looks like we're at a Clemson game.
  7. Heard a lot of griping about the OL coaching. Who’s ready to give Coach Grimes some credit?!?
  8. In other news: Sky is blue Water is wet Pope is Catholic