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  1. And we are afraid to venture out into this new world.
  2. The problem is there is no compliance with the NIL system now in place. It's the wild west and we are still playing by 1990 rules. I understand how we got here. I just think we have been burned enough times trying to play by the Big Players rules and getting slapped down, that we're twice shy about going out on the limb with the rest of The Players.
  3. We are soon going have to decide if we are going to be major NIL players or not. At the moment, it appears we are not wishing to participate and will have to accept what we can get and be happy about it. I can not make a difference in the NIL world. Maybe all of us together could pitch in and make some difference. But, we will never compete with Texas, aTm, Oklohoma, etc. I believe Bama will struggle against them. I can only hope to end up in a tiered system, like British soccer with relegation and promotion. And rise to the top of our tier. Sad day.
  4. I'm so hungry for some big, good recruiting news, I'm checking several times a day. I think I have a problem.
  5. and more NIL to compete against.
  6. What do you mean "anymore"? Did he leave us?
  7. Surely Butch is in the running for Coach of the Year
  8. In our rebuild process, that is all you can hope for. Development and successful on the field is going to bring in the higher rated players at that point. Then, NIL will also be a factor and I don't think we have the horses to compete in the NIL world. I hope to be wrong.
  9. How's Penn State hanging? Are they solid, rebuilding, lost a lot in the the portal?
  10. Do you think we have the NIL dollars to compete in his recruiting? Sad that this is my first thought.
  11. I have not watched much softball this year. I’ve r read a little of what y’all have been saying about CMD. HAVE to say I’m beginning to agree. This team is just sloppy. Even I can see that.
  12. Wow. Dropped ball in THE he OF. Poor communication
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