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  1. Pettway Out for Peach Bowl

    Is he eligible for a medical red shirt?
  2. Wiley and Purifoy

    We'd still claim him of course
  3. 1? 1 coach that will make plays to throw to them? 1 system that's set up for the TE to actually go out for passes? I hear you. I hope as Gus continues to grow he learns to use 1 of these. Right now, I am amazed that any decent TE's will even look at us.
  4. Auburn targeting UNC for game in 2020

    When we started this Clemson series they weren't all that. Now they've worn us out of late. Look for UNC to improve significantly between now and then.
  5. UT Hires Jeremy Pruitt

    I was agreeing with you about the well earned trip. Too lazy to write it.
  6. Ole Miss being raided

    I imagine his trips to the bank will help with the job satisfaction.
  7. Why do we need a TE? What do those do?
  8. First 7-1 Start

    I have hoped and thought this the last two years. How we react playing against a true Big Man without Wiley may bring us back down to earth. I'm hoping this is the year for the breakout. Love the improved Defensive effort and passing. Fun to listen to. Haven't actually seen but one game.
  9. Ole Miss being raided

    Maybe on the FB field, but seems to me he just got a pass for a few years and might have a fair amount of job security until they are off probation and making true inroads to rebuilding.
  10. Muschamp fires OC Kurt Roper

    How in the world Muschamp didn't figure out his lack of offensive prowess the first time is beyond me.
  11. Peach Bowl could be historic

    Hopefully Gus will come through on the "play a lot of guys" thing.
  12. Wiley and Purifoy

    I guess, make that five years then. Sheeeessh.
  13. ok folks

    I wear it in the OR on every Wednesday before the Ironbowl. (i wash it)
  14. So What Now?...

    Did our under class OL get PT to help in the quality depth department? Or did they sit and watch like our RB's did?