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  1. Expect to win all of our home games. In this conference, as GwillMac has pointed out, you can't bet on any away games. All that needs to happen is have a home team get hot against a last year final four team like Bama did. We obviously aren't going to blow anyone away offensively, especially on the road.
  2. Hat tip to the SEC officials today. I thought they called the best game all year.
  3. I pull my hair out watching these games. It is the lack of consistency that forces me to use my TV brick. If they are going to call it tight, OK. If they're gonna call it loose, equally alright. But, be consistent for the 40 minutes of the game. It is the in game changes in how the game is called that drives me crazy! I don't know how the players and coaches stand it.
  4. Meaningless. As long as Will Wade is still coaching, then this all a show.
  5. Key word there is "program". Recruiting continuously.
  6. The way we have been playing recently, I'd agree with them. I think it will be a blow out. Getting my grill ready to eat crow this afternoon, i hope.
  7. Do you really think their's is a lineup issue? It seems to me it is an offensive mindset problem. What happened to the flow of our O from the preseason? We've quit passing and moving. Our O has become a stand-around and watch the guard dribble down to 5 seconds and throw up a prayer.Not sure I would even call that a dribble drive O. No movement makes for no passing and no open shots. I can guard Okoro when he is a statue. Right now it is too easy for D's to sag back in to the middle and have 3 defenders there to greet our driving, desperate PG when our 3 point shot is not respected. I remember seeing the headline about J'von needing to be more selfish. Can we go back to WISHING he would shoot more? and Samir for that matter.
  8. Who was asking what Gus has taught Bruce?!?