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  1. Do we start reeling them in on Portal Day like you do signing day? When does this start? I'm ready!
  2. New OL coach gonna bring anyone with him? Please?
  3. Rumors of thUGA courting him. Is he still with us?
  4. As desperate as we are, I can forgive.
  5. Pulled early from the ACC CG. Tr Fr has taken over.
  6. Since we just fired all but three of our coaches, who is gonna coach up this team in the next 3 weeks? Will the new coaches be in here that quickly? Better get on it!
  7. Does this include all the off the field staff as well?
  8. Ehh. It's the ass whooping we all expected but dreamed it wouldn't. Been making good half time adjustments. Maybe we have another Camback.
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