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  1. Double play to get out of the inning!!
  2. Bunt single. Runners on first and third, one out.
  3. Gave up ground rule double for MSST. Runner on second with one out. Thought Jonah gonna track that one down
  4. Todd with infield base hit
  5. MSSt base hit. RBI runners 1st and 2nd. 1 out
  6. Come on double play.........
  7. Single up the middle. Runners first and third. 1 out
  8. 2 Run HR Ingram!! 4-0 Tigers!! 0 Outs top 4th
  9. Davis with single. 2 RBI's
  10. Wild pitch Runners on second and third. no outs
  11. Walked. Two on, no outs.
  12. Todd steals second. 0 outs Todd on second