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  1. Still feeling it?!? 7 days ago I was feeling a lot better about it.
  2. Remember that part about I know squat about FB? Im guessing changing QBs and WR coach are steps to attempt to remedy the problem. Kinda stuck with the OL. Hoping Bobo earns that check this year, or CBH steps in again.
  3. Good luck with that. With receivers who are out of position and can't catch, a QB who is inaccurate, and an OL that can't pass pro, DC's will just load the box to stop the run all day long. I know squat about FB, but that seems pretty obvious to me right now.
  4. I'm sure he did. And there you have it.
  5. Ahhh. The classic Simba - Rafiki conversation.
  6. I did not watch last year. Saw the stats. Tank was all that. Something has changed. Hunter looks quicker and getting the yards. Tank looks like he can't get anywhere. Are the Defenses just keying on him and not Jarquez? If so, seems like you would use that. I think I remember hearing he put on weight in the weight room. Has he slowed down? Is he injured?
  7. I'm not there yet. Though, I see what you are saying Still trying to live out the honeymoon with hope the HC is gonna step in and right the ship on O.
  8. I bent over backwards to give him the benefit of the doubt. But, on his first pass attempt to Kobe, he sailed this uncatchable duck into the GAST sidelines, nowhere near inbounds. For some reason, that was the last straw after 2+ years. I finally had to step off the Bo wagon.
  9. I think the drops would be an interesting stat with the QBs numbers. Kind of like listing errors in Baseball.
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