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  1. Gonna have played the last 2 min of the half today!!
  2. PTL!!! We got that cleared up early. Now I'll know who to bitch about when we go with the RB up the middle on first down, HUNH.
  3. Do you suppose that anyone has told him that, whatever you do, don't say, "It's been a great week of practice" ? What other things has he been advised to avoid?
  4. That's just crazy talk! These new fangled ideas gonna get people hurt!
  5. Sorry Fred. NO picture of Bert's wife here. Dang Bird!!
  6. Well, quite obviously, the thing to do is bring in new equipment. Basketball helmets. That will end this horrible, ongoing epidemic of basketball brain injuries. Who's with me?
  7. Yikes!! Giving up just like that, huh? Incredibly young team.
  8. Stupid shot choices last two times down the court
  9. Disagree. Refs incredibly inconsistent.
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