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  1. Caption This

    Get ready, Gus gonna eat here a lot this year.
  2. Mark My Word 2017

    You have lost your mind!!
  3. Back to the Future: Borges & Lindsey

    I think that is the big X factor in the coming season. I've believed in the hype the last two years only to see a no imagination, highly predictable offense betray its players. Struggling hard to not buy into the hype this year. Not confident Gus can let it go.
  4. Great News - OT

  5. Clemson game- wear Navy?

    They will all be in Orange and some in white. That's why I was surprised that the rocket surgeons who make such decisions told all to wear orange last year.
  6. New Kicks for Fall Camp

    Me too! Just don't start up on the orange face masks!
  7. We have TE's? Who knew? Surprised to see Gus comment on them. Didn't think he knew.
  8. The Myth of the Lopsided Rivalry

    BFD. i don't blame him. we haven't earned respect. hoping this year is different, but one season in a row can be an anomaly. Two seasons a trend, three a reliable pattern. Then you get respect.
  9. What's the "must win" game this year?

    First must win: Ga Southern
  10. Sean White not quitting just yet

    I do remember JJ coming in with Heisman hype. Surely this will play out better...........
  11. Fulmer Standings Updated

    Toe nail clippers?
  12. Then why don't the PTB change out the skipper at the AD?
  13. Missouri renting out dorms for games

    I'm glad to hear that their choice to willingly participate in the Political Correctness game is coming back to haunt them. Karma's a bitch.