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  1. I think I threw up in my mouth a little with the first picture
  2. So............ Ah.............. Now what are we gonna talk about?
  3. It's gonna be weird watching them play in front of an empty house- again. It's been a few years.
  4. It's Gus' fault. He has tainted our Offenses in Basketball and Baseball as well.
  5. FUGLY Bball. ive heard people complain about UVA. It can’t be this hard to watch
  6. That continues to be some ugly damn b-ball!
  7. Love my Tigers, but every game is some ugly, damn Bball! No exception tonight. Come guys! Beat these dogs!
  8. Expect to win all of our home games. In this conference, as GwillMac has pointed out, you can't bet on any away games. All that needs to happen is have a home team get hot against a last year final four team like Bama did. We obviously aren't going to blow anyone away offensively, especially on the road.
  9. Hat tip to the SEC officials today. I thought they called the best game all year.