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  1. Thank you. She actually died the week of the Tennessee game. We had a plans with my old room mate that weekend. Her funeral was Saturday of the game. I probably cried less at the funeral than I would have a JHS that day. Sorry I missed my bud. But damn glad I missed that game!
  2. OMG!!! We have a Freshman. QB!! 3-9 if we’re LUCKY now!!
  3. Are you seeing a little Muskrat love?
  4. Do you mean as in Captain and Tennille?
  5. It dawned on me how much of last season I missed. I've looked at highlights from last season and wondered how I don;t remember them. Remembered I had a sick and dying MIL last fall. Apologize for my ignorance.
  6. Really could care less about the Duck uni's. But, as i recall the cheerleaders uni's in 2010 really caught my attention. Who wants to start a thread on what the O cheerleaders are wearing?
  7. Shocking. Who knew. Thats so crazy.
  8. "On the field, he ain't got no friends" is my favorite quote about Ziemba.
  9. How well do we develop? The most obvious under developed positions, to me, are QB and RB. Does Gus do any better job with young OL's?