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  1. I'm sure that loss to PC will look really good to the NCAA selection committee. Get 'em Tigers!!
  2. Needs to do some push aways at the Waffle House.
  3. Awesome.
  4. He has had good position plenty this year and even been wide open. But, Our other players have not gotten him the ball as much I would have hoped down low. He also showed some stone hands on receiving passes in traffic. Will be much better next year after a year of working together.
  5. I wouldn't put any cut and dried conditions out there. Just keep getting better.
  6. I think I did see Johnson and Harper on the floor at the same time last night. I liked Harper as the 2. Thought he looked more in his natural element there.
  7. All year long we made every team look like all stars from 3 land.
  8. .....and rebounds
  9. au302 said it best,"God hates Auburn Basketball":
  10. Did you see Dunans get shoved?!? Horrible officiating. SEC Refs SUCK!!
  11. Mizzou hits three on rebound tied with 1.8 sec left
  12. Wow. some horrible officiating. Geist grabs Harper and draws foul
  13. Hit three with 16 second left. 78-75 us.. Got to make FT's