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  1. AUGoo

    Men vs UAB

    Any chance they are tired? Are they still doing preseason type running and lifting? Maybe looking to rest more as the conference season starts up?
  2. AUGoo

    UAB game

    I have been surprised that we have not worked the Bigs out down low more in this preseason. Seems we have taken the three instead of throwing it down low for a higher percentage shot. These big guys work for position, then the ball goes undelivered quite often. We are gonna need that part of the O on the cold shooting nights.
  3. AUGoo

    UAB game

    I disagree with the dribble drive O philosophy. I have not understood why we stand around and run the shot clock down to 10 seconds then do a dribble drive, desperation shot. Run the O! Use the clock to work for a good, open shot. Standing around for most of the clock just seems to lead to more standing around. No movement leads to no rebounding or second chance shots. I am hoping there is a method to the madness.
  4. AUGoo

    Men vs UAB

    It seems in FB we have made backup QB's look like Heisman candidates for years now. I'm beginning to get that feeling about playing underhyped teams with "poor" 3 point shooting. Without looking at the stats, it feels like the last three teams 3 pt shooting has come to life against us, making the games a lot closer than expected. Add that to an offense that has consisted of standing around for 25 seconds of the shot clock instead of running the O and working for a good shot, and it appears we are trying to get back to Barbee's, much loathed dribble drive O. I hope that CBP is working on a specific part of the overall gameplan headed into conference play, but i can't figure out what that would be. Glad to have the W. Just ready to hit on all cylinders again.
  5. AUGoo

    UAB Preview/Review

    Two weeks ago went looking for tickets at BJCC website. $80 a piece for rafter seats. $388 for floor seats. Last year paid $35 per seat down low for MTSU game. Hope they are sold out. I'll be pulling for them from the safety of my own couch.
  6. AUGoo


    I don't think the AU/Duke game represented us very well at all. The officiating was so one sided that we weren't given a chance to even be in that game. Duke had 21 FT attempts in the first half, AU had 0! I thought we showed pretty well considering we were playing 5 on 8.
  7. AUGoo

    New OC Hired Kenny Dillingham

    Well, you made a good point about the receivers. I have wondered why any decent TE would come to AU. Maybe they are all playing receiver. Light bulb moment for me.
  8. Bama beat Zona 76-73
  9. AUGoo

    New OC Hired Kenny Dillingham

    Great Points. I don't believe he is capable of any of this- The legit passing game part in particular. He has chosen to abandon any pretext of running a real passing O with the supposed simple routes.( Supposed because I don't know enough to recognize that). Seemed to me there were plenty of open receivers this past season. QB just could not find them.
  10. AUGoo

    New OC Hired Kenny Dillingham

    I'm not sure I agree with this. The HUNH O has disappeared. All the motion and misdirection has also gone by the wayside. He would sub in to his advantage during the HUNH O while the D was trying to figure it all out, thus putting the D at a serious disadvantage. I believe that the whole O was highly coordinated and pre scripted for most of the game and situations. If you look at our O the last couple of years, our first drives of the game were all HUNH, pretty successful and dangerous looking- they were all pre-scripted. It appears to me that he has not adjusted to the Officials holding the snap until the D has had an opportunity to also sub, countering his supposed advantages . His subbing now has slowed the game considerably and allowed the D to catch up. The answer is less substituting, more HUNH O. He'll have to train his players to run the diverse situational offense that he had in the past and sub when he actually is forced to .
  11. AUGoo

    New OC Hired Kenny Dillingham

    Three? How about all six. OC is just a bag holder position here. Good luck Coach Dillingham. I'll just say I'm sorry ahead of time.
  12. AUGoo

    Men vs. Dayton Game thread

    I remember UNC-A getting hot from 3 for a short time too.
  13. AUGoo

    Men vs. Dayton Game thread

    Aaaannndd.....gone to sleep.
  14. AUGoo

    Men vs. Dayton Game thread

    McC got UP!!
  15. AUGoo

    Men vs. Dayton Game thread

    Harper putting on a show!