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  1. There's a little appetite suppression for ya'!
  2. Middle half. Socks and a wife beater.
  3. Are you calling me an old, half naked woman?!?
  4. I think you're putting the cart before the horse! You never know, CBH may turn off all the Offensive plans the night before the game too. Apparently that's a thing when you make the big time.
  5. I don't think he has a future after college in Bball. He'd be crazy to leave.
  6. I'm kind of struggling with this mindset. We can't throw a kid away because he doesn't fit any more. He actually made a commitment to AU and has worked his ass off. If he wishes to stay, we should honor his scholarship to the very end. I don't wish to be that kind of school.
  7. I like the UA stuff. I like being different from the nike crowd, In particular, Bama. I'm sorry that UA affects recruiting, though Bruce is bringing in a bunch of studs. We've historically been in the top ten in recruiting despite this "albatross" on the gridiron. Maybe we can use this as a motivation to ask UA to improve their shoes. This is the only place I've heard complaints about the equipment. Surely ADAG can work in some freebies for the next contract if that is an issue. I'd be interested in the groups opinion. How about a poll? nike vs UA
  8. Five? I think you've over estimated the competence of the previous leadership!
  9. I just wanted to see him mash some DB on the way to the EZ!
  10. UTk uses McDonalds for recruiting. Who do they use in Ttown?
  11. How does he have 4 years left? Love his energy and ball control!
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