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  1. With the Jan. official visits filling up, do we expect any new commitments sometime in the next few weeks? It would put my mind at ease if we can nail down a top OT or two ?
  2. If he is the highest rated back in Alabama why is it Auburn nor Bama and now not even LSU are making him a priority. Looks like Ole Miss is now his favorite. There has to be a good reason why. Do any of you know what the story? Is he very overrated?
  3. Looking through 247's prospect rankings, it appears we only have one commitment rated in the top 100. Even though we have a good number of 4 stars and are sitting at the number 10 class, it seems like we are a little light on the top tier recruits. This makes me think we might have some that could be underrated. What are y'alls thoughts? Is there any commit that you think is underrated and should be in the top 100 and why?
  4. My final recruits are: WR Schwartz, DE Tannor, LB Walker, OT Barnes, CB Franklin, and OT Goss/Gouraige
  5. I agree with everthing you said. He is a great recruiter and he is a great fundamentals teacher; however, I somethings question his toughness, or better yet, how he instills toughness in our OL players. Our OL didn't start playing with toughness in 2010 until the USCe game when CGC had to call out on it during half time. Last year, I will give him a pass because of all the injuries and young players were just not physically ready for 300 plus DTs. An OLmen has got to be mean..they have got to have a nasty streak. I just don't see too many on our team that has shown they have that. I maybe
  6. Maybe he is talking about Chad Kelly (Clemson commit) and his swag. If yall have not heard his swag rap song...go google it and check it out!
  7. I don't know who you are...but I bet you have as good a chance of knowing as those who "claim" to know.
  8. ST, thanks for all that you do, and I hope everthing gets better for your mom. So it sounds like from your estimates, AU has the best chance to finish with 1. Watson 2. Young/Diamond 3. Diggs/Pattterson 4. L. Williams 5. Louis 6. K. Alexander 7. 50/50 on Darby 8. 50/50 on Armstead 9. Outside shot at Godman What about Moore? Would you add him to the list if we don't get Darby or Bush? Even if we finish with those six and wiff on the last three, that would be a great finish. I think all Au fans would be happy with that, and that finish would most likely put us in the
  9. Let get this straight...He is coming here this weekend, and his father and bro are leaving on Saturday to go to ND, as he stays behind. With class already started and him wanting to be enrolled early, it sounds like he is being dropped off so he can get things set up to start class. Because if that is not the case then why not leave with his family? Or am I reading and hoping too much into this?
  10. This has been an open secret with The Falcons for about a month. So I dont think he was a " 4th option" per your turdesque opinion. Sorry I missed Mr Winky..I apologize if it was intended not to be a turdesque remark. Yes, I was being sarcastic...its cool. WDE GCG GREAT HIRE!
  11. So I guess we miss out on Stoop, Zook, RS, and had to settle for our 4th option?
  12. How does Bush go from someone you feel most confident to loosing him in just 2 days, and to a school that is about to get major sanctions...did I miss something? What do you know of the situation?
  13. 1. D. Bush 2. K. Alexandar 3. L. Williams 4. A. Young 5. M. Watson 6. T. Mathers 7. A. Armstead 8. Patterson 9. E. Goldman
  14. So it looks like for the last 9 remaining spots we have a good lead to slight lead for the following: 1. Slight lead for A. Young - 4 Star OL 2. Slight lead for Watson - 4 Star OL 3. Lead for Bush - 4 Star DB 4. Lead for L. Williams - 4 Star DL 5. Lead for K. Alexander - 4 Star LB That would be a great finish right there if we just get those guys, but if we could get: 6. Diggs/Patterson 7. Goldman 8. Armstead/Jenkins 9. Top RB That would be an amazing class.
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