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  1. Okeke led the Magic in scoring last night. Good win for the team.
  2. Bobo says "we gonna run the ball and we gonna throw the ball." Will Friend in the background somewhere yells out, Hell Yeah! I'm ok with that.
  3. Well, he released a statement concerning needing to work on his mental health. His background as a player makes you wonder if it is CTE related. Wish him the best. Hate to hear this for anyone.
  4. Resigned with no explanation at bammer. Hmmmm.
  5. I'm not sure @Dayne Shor is a good source. I much prefer grandma's uncle's cousins friend that just got out of prison as my sources. Just sayin...
  6. He seems to get picked up by the teams that need him the least.
  7. He is a semester away from getting his degree. Troy was just a for instance example. He can do whatever he wants. Just hope it goes well for him. Wish him lots of luck.
  8. I don't know that he is welcomed back. My point was that he needs to see what his options are other than staying in the draft.
  9. He needs to figure out a way to get back in school. Hopefully he did not take money from an agent and can get another year of college ball. The article on him on tiderinsider oops al.com seemed to already show some bitterness from Tutt about the Pro Day process. He needs to see if he can come back to Auburn or go to UCF or Troy. Not sure how he is going to be able to improve upon his pro day and turn some scouts heads. He can do a lot of things on the field but his pro day did not help him.
  10. He heard we were moving Stretch to the 2.
  11. Makes sense. He drives me crazy. So much potential but so inconsistent.
  12. What is your evaluation of Cambridge and his development?
  13. They will provide him with a nice settlement and this will all go away. This will be around long enough for old Propst to grab some salad and take a walk up some stairs or at least have it recommended that he not make a salad otherwise he might find himself walking up some stairs.
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