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  1. Recruit, recruit, recruit. Need big time OL so bad. I love everything else that us going on right now and hope the foundation is being laid for those big bodies in the trenches.
  2. One would hope that Harsin would be aware of this possibility. Perhaps he thinks the reward outweighs that risk.
  3. Sadly Saban has moved on from us. We are not much of a threat on or off the field right now. Hope that changes soon.
  4. It just seems like every time I see Smoke he is chasing a receiver into the end zone. I know that's not fair and it very possibly could have been a missed assignment from another player but its not a good look.
  5. For some reason folks think this Stat equates to him being the 5th best qb of all time in the SEC. It just says he does not throw a lot of interceptions. I would not read too much into it. He has a chance to become a very good or great QB. He was last night but lots of games to go. I'm rooting for him to break all the good QB records at Auburn and to look back at him being a top 3 QB for Auburn one day. You know why, cause I love Auburn and that will mean he led Auburn to a lot of wins hopefully.
  6. Was Puckett supposed to step in on that crossing route smoke acted like he was. He was just standing there watching everyone else play.
  7. Are any of the transfers particularly impressive?? They sure don't seem to be.
  8. I think both qb's play Saturday unless one of them has an extremely hot hand. Honestly I do not expect that cause neither are very accurate and both are pretty average. We could potentially see this thing go back and forth over the next few games until one of them takes control. If neither take control and we go on a losing streak then all bets are off.
  9. Boise vs SEC leads to firing the sun belt guy. Ok.
  10. Does Auburn have the best running back tandem in the country? YES
  11. Our defense appears to be all about not giving up the big play by making sure the play stays in front of us. It appears most of the big plays we gave up were due to assignment issues specifically on the tight ends. The guys were uncovered. To me that is very fixable. I hope it is at least.
  12. I hope they learn that 2 plays can be the difference in winning and losing. Fumble to open 2nd half and the 4th and goal fade route.
  13. All I know is that on two of those plays Smoke and McCreary were covering the same guy. Probably not ideal, but we are definitely not making their qb uncomfortable. This combination led to that TD imo. All fixable though.
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