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  1. Another participant in the Malzahn sweepstakes??
  2. Saw it Saturday when we were on offense. I dont believe we should blame 18 year olds continually put in positions to fail.
  3. It is on one: Gus. Buck stops with him.
  4. 2 words Whirly Bird!!!!!! Or is that 1 amazing word? Doesn't matter. We been savin it!
  5. Spelling was poor. Edited accordingly.
  6. 28 27 tigers over maize canines
  7. I thought the Mullen hire was a great hire for Florida. Perfect in fact. I thought the yaw yaw hire was out of desperation. Wonder what yaw yaw is making a year? Probably a steal for LSU right now. That will probably change soon though. Dude hired some great assistants and was man enough to let them do their job. That is a job well done by a guy that knows what he is and what he is not. Just like old Dabo.
  8. Our coach makes $7,000,000 per year. He can handle the discussion. He should be used to it by now. We could hire a wide receivers coach from a major program and go 8-4 every year and pay him $2.5mm per year. I want the switch to flip for Gus. I honestly do. I haaaate the thought of spending over $20mm for a buyout. Such a waste of money. So I am rooting like crazy for Gus to win 10 games or more this year and put this discussion to bed. But when you make $7mm a year it comes with the territory.
  9. Any head coaching material on the current staff? Other than the current head coach of course.
  10. Sonny Dykes is a realistic name.
  11. There is no magic formula. Saban Meyer L Riley Bowl cut Dabo Brian Kelley Yaw Yaw All of these guys are successful right now and all have different pedigrees. Crutin is a must and the rest is the secret sauce we need to figure out for Auburn. I wish Gus could figure out his recipe.
  12. I was referring to the whole game. I hope he gets 10+ but if the game is uncomfortably close we will get large doses of Kam Martin i am afraid. Nothing against Kam but he is a situational back in my eyes but I am sure the coaches know their personnel better than I do.
  13. Just got an offer from the turds Per his Twitter.
  14. I love the build up. Over/under on carries he gets against Arkansas. I will start the line at 3.
  15. Which means he will not see the field.