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  1. I agree with this season being a wrap. The only chance we have of winning games is with a less erratic Bo at QB. The question is how do we go about making that happen. Thoughts?
  2. I just don't understand how we don't bring in Loy for a series or 2 per game when Bo is out of sorts which seems to be often. I worry about Bo getting an injury as much as he runs around and as tense as he seems to play.
  3. In typical gus fashion: Auburn wins a game the fans think he has no chance of winning. 35-24.
  4. Bo going through his progressions and hitting the open receiver vs throwing it to a triple covered Seth.
  5. We got leadership. Our leadership saw our coach win two games and gave him $50mm. Visionary.
  6. The wheels officially come off this week. SC 27 AU 10
  7. No bubble burst here. 2011 was definitely a harbinger of the utter disaster that followed.
  8. It was us for a few months. Coming off 2010 we were set to make it happen and for some reason Gene Chizik decided he was gonna go pro style and made the worst coordinator hire in the history of mankind and the rest is history. 3 of our last 4 coaches felt and feel they were or are smarter than everyone else and they were and are badly misguided.
  9. I'm aware. Just thinking we limit the scope of a potential search based on what we did in the past.
  10. I do wonder if our AD might have different connections outside of our realm of thinking. I sometimes think we look through Jay Jacobs colored glasses.
  11. We had a running back a few years ago and cannot remember his name. All I remember was he eventually got kicked off the team but his excuse for not playing was he did not understand his blocking assignments. Then the starter got hurt, he came in and killed it and started for the rest of the year I think. So evidently when #1 gets hurt you automatically become a better blocker. The reasons will be many and none will add up. He will play if someone gets hurt or MAR will transfer. Hope neither happens cause I too would love to see him get a few carries.
  12. I was 12 before I witnessed an Auburn win over bama.
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