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  1. I fear the NCAA is going to look the other way on the blue bloods and pound rhe NC States of the world.
  2. I think Gus would have been a different coach had he won that game. He had it won and gave it away in that 3rd quarter. I think he is still haunted by it.
  3. Based on what it appears she is selling the shirt for it does not appear to be a tremendous amount of money at all. The shirt has a cost as well as the screen printing. If there is profit it's not much.
  4. I have seen the post lottery projections. Chuma is better than 2 or 3 of the top 10 guys in my opinion.
  5. I thought Mike Dubose did.
  6. Auburn was in position to be that school after 2010 and Chiz somehow drove it into the ditch. Unreal how that happened. Chiz took himself too seriously. Dabo does not.
  7. I think that double dribble was a hard call because we were intentionally fouling and that had the refs attention. He may have thought bryce poked it away. It did not go very far away which was a bit unusual.
  8. Did I not just read an article somewhere talking about Auburn being in better shape than they have been all year?
  9. Acre. Make a reservation though.
  10. Where's Aaron Swinson????
  11. St. John's is the same team as Auburn and he is the same player there that he was here. If he stayed here though Auburn would be in the top 10 IMO.
  12. So who will start that investigation? Crawford?
  13. If they go to UGA then they have to go to Knoxville and Tuscaloosa. NCAA does not want to open that can of worms. Whistling while looking the other way emoji would be appropriate but I dont do emojis