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  1. I get the feeling this is going to be a big surprise of a hire. Very good or very underwhelming. We are building it up quite a bit. But hey, I have not been disappointed with any moves so far other than I wish we knew a status for TWill.
  2. Me too! I think I am heading to the portal with him.
  3. Hope he is 100%. Concussions can linger and make it difficult to process information quickly and react quickly. Both of these traits are fairly important in basketball. I like that they have given him plenty of time to recover and not rushed him into anything. Selfishly though, I cannot wait to see this team with Sharife at the 1 and Powell at the 2.
  4. Any updates on Powell's availability for the Kentucky game?
  5. In a 3-4 is the DT or nose typically a shorter low center of gravity type?
  6. This has been an interesting process. Contrary to our reputation we do not change coaches that often so I do not remember how long it took Gus to put his staff together. It seems this is taking a long time but it is probably about average.
  7. So glad to hear this. I am rooting for TD to have a great final year.
  8. We were missing our leading scorer and rebounder. I feel good about our team going forward. Defense needs to sharpen up a bit. Inside guys need to be more consistent. We gonna be fine.
  9. Relentless will not be sufficient. The playoff has funneled real, game altering talent into 3-5 schools. As long as it is a 4 team playoff 80% of that truly elite talent will be going to bama, clemson, and the OSU. The rest will split between Ok, Ga, LSU, and a school here or there. Those top 3 dont even have to recruit because they can point to the fact that Auburn and schools like Auburn have never been in the playoff. This will eventually hurt ratings and the pocketbooks and that will force a change to 8 teams. It will take 2-3 years for the talent to disperse a little more and then y
  10. Think the TE coach is already on board. The former OL coach from Boise.
  11. Are we sure this is a done deal?
  12. Penn State. They got the white and then the ones with less white. Those are great.
  13. I'm just mad that he did not announce his new position coach at the same time. So selfish!!
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