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  1. Steve Shaw no longer head of officials in SEC.
  2. I think we have 3 linemen in the nfl now. Robinson, B Smith, and I think i heard Chad Slade is still hanging around. Casey Dunn is on a roster from time to time as well. I may be leaving someone out. You think other coaches might be pointing this out in the recruiting process??
  3. On the road specifically. Does not include a home team coming back from that deficit.
  4. You think we could use some consistent guard play on this team??
  5. Is the Abrams-Draine kid in Alabama a possibility? Saw where he de-committed from Ole Miss. We were not listed so assume one of the parties is not interested.
  6. If bama hires roach as their D line coach does that help them with Jackson?
  7. Phenix CIty accomplished and now we perhaps we can get some help at Thompson. I think Saban has diverted some wall funds from the government and built one around Alabaster.
  8. Reports are that Patrick Nix will be taking over that job. Is this good for us? I kind of liked him where he was. I am not sure anyone can help us get kids out of Phenix City. Could be wrong though.
  9. Another participant in the Malzahn sweepstakes??
  10. Saw it Saturday when we were on offense. I dont believe we should blame 18 year olds continually put in positions to fail.
  11. It is on one: Gus. Buck stops with him.
  12. 2 words Whirly Bird!!!!!! Or is that 1 amazing word? Doesn't matter. We been savin it!
  13. Spelling was poor. Edited accordingly.