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  1. Well, one thing is certain, if we don't recognize it another program will.
  2. I don't think we are any more negative than other boards. You think bammer's board impacts their recruiting? I cannot imagine what that looks like after their one regular season loss they seem to get every year.
  3. A 1st or 2nd round draft choice over the last decade at the position might help.
  4. Must be a personal situation for Marlon. Dude had to know he was going to see the field plenty this year and start next year. Guys don't leave unless they just cannot get along with their coaches or have some real issues back home. We just cannot afford to lose guys in the secondary. Better get to crutin!!
  5. Sometimes I wonder if saban goes to the NFL executives and markets, pushes, and influences them to take his guys. He has a fairly good reputation in the league evidently. Just trying to figure out why our 5 stars are not getting drafted as high as others 5 stars. Frustrated for Carl and Monty.
  6. Hope they find a strong defender to help our young guys
  7. The kid (Bishop?) we lost to Uga would have been in great shape to lead our safeties for the next few years. Oh well, he chose to be a mutt. I am sure the coaches will focus heavily on safeties in this cycle and load us up. Is safety a position that is a little more forgiving than say Corner from a recruiting standpoint? Seems like you can recruit kids from several positions in high school to play it.
  8. What about our incoming running back/athletes?
  9. Think we are thin this year? What about next year? Losing 4 seniors. I assume losing Boston was a bit of a surprise or we may have signed another Safety in the last class. Perhaps when our injury situation improves we won't be as thin as it looks.
  10. Absolutely hate the "out for personal reasons" reason for missing practice. Ranks up there with the "high ankle sprain"
  11. Oops, sorry I ripped that scab off.
  12. We lucked into a couple of things on offense in my mind. KP at rb and the offensive line.
  13. Yes he does.
  14. I cannot wait for the Tyler Queen goal-line jumbo package, whirly bird, jump pass to Calvin Ashley an eligible tight end in the end zone.
  15. Well, you find out how effective or ineffective they are when they are gone. I would assume over the next 12-24 months we may find this out.