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  1. casatiger


    Need to keep kicking them. We are not playing for much more than pride anyway.
  2. casatiger

    Data on how predictable we are on Offense...

    Watch out what you ask for. Gus might dust off the Clemson game plan of a couple years ago. Now that was different!!
  3. casatiger

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    Agree with everything you say here. What if our new coach can only run a max speed of 20? Should we expect any better results from the people who hired Malzahn or at least gave him his extension? Will Green be given full authority to hire the next coach? It is clear we are headed in the wrong direction fast. We will take a huge PR hit for firing him and paying the buyout. We better hit a homerun with the next hire and make people forget about it cause we are winning so much. We should have let him go to Arkansas and gone after Mullen.
  4. casatiger

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    I stopped caring today.
  5. casatiger

    Clemson Grad Transfer QB Kelly Bryant

    All of these guys have gurus they work with in the offseason as well.
  6. casatiger

    Lawrence the new starter at Clemson

    This is a new day and age. These kids all dream of going pro. Not sure they dream of graduating and putting their degree in General Studies to use or whatever they call their football degree at Clemson.
  7. casatiger

    Lawrence the new starter at Clemson

    Will he be eligible to play next year?
  8. casatiger

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Arkansas

    I guess we are worried about Kam Martin leaving too so we are running him in all the wrong situations.
  9. All I know is that LSU was doing the same thing throughout the game. I recall a crossing route by Seth Williams in the 1st half, where he was going for the catch that would have been a 1st down. Looked like Seth just missed it until you look at the replay and the DB was holding his right arm down. We wind up having to punt. This was happening the entire game and they decide to finally make the call on the last drive of the game. Wow. We should have not been in this situation. I am equally baffled that we look unstoppable on three drives in the game and then look like a monkey humping a football the rest of the game. Sorry. I know this is a dead horse.
  10. Malzahn meddles in the offense again, we, unfortunately, cannot get a run game going, and Stidham struggles to find open receivers due to their solid defensive backfield. Washington scores 2 offensive TDs on short fields and wins 20-13.
  11. casatiger

    2019 5* CB Andrew Booth (Clemson)

    Not sure if he chooses Auburn, but the bbq is much better down here. Carolina bbq not even close.
  12. casatiger

    Davion Mitchell Transferring

    Is it fit or playing time for him? Just curious cause I assume Baylor has other point guards that will require Davion to compete for minutes.
  13. casatiger

    Top D-Line Targets 2019

    Thanks. I saw a post discussing safety targets for 2019 and thought d-line certainly deserved some individual attention. I had lost sight of the 2019 recruiting thread for some reason.
  14. casatiger

    Top D-Line Targets 2019

    I was looking at the click bait article on regarding the depth chart after the 2nd scrimmage and was reminded of how deep and experienced we are on the D-line this year but also reminded of the fact that we could lose just about everyone on the 2-deep after the season if 2-3 highly thought of underclassmen leave early. So looking down the list of names I see a couple of DE's but no DT's on the first couple of pages on the recruiting forum. What does the upcoming class of D-Linemen look like in our traditional recruiting base/area?
  15. casatiger


    Biggest issue I see is that he is a tweener. 6'5" shooting guard in the NBA is good but he is more of a slasher small forward type. If Bryce had those measurables with his shooting ability then he would be highly thought of. And reciprocally if Heron had Bryces shooting ability he would be highly thought of as well. Heron needs to work on his three or grow 2-3 inches. I would say another year at Auburn with a big time focus on shooting would be helpful.