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  1. Hope they find a strong defender to help our young guys
  2. The kid (Bishop?) we lost to Uga would have been in great shape to lead our safeties for the next few years. Oh well, he chose to be a mutt. I am sure the coaches will focus heavily on safeties in this cycle and load us up. Is safety a position that is a little more forgiving than say Corner from a recruiting standpoint? Seems like you can recruit kids from several positions in high school to play it.
  3. What about our incoming running back/athletes?
  4. Think we are thin this year? What about next year? Losing 4 seniors. I assume losing Boston was a bit of a surprise or we may have signed another Safety in the last class. Perhaps when our injury situation improves we won't be as thin as it looks.
  5. Absolutely hate the "out for personal reasons" reason for missing practice. Ranks up there with the "high ankle sprain"
  6. Oops, sorry I ripped that scab off.
  7. We lucked into a couple of things on offense in my mind. KP at rb and the offensive line.
  8. Yes he does.
  9. I cannot wait for the Tyler Queen goal-line jumbo package, whirly bird, jump pass to Calvin Ashley an eligible tight end in the end zone.
  10. Well, you find out how effective or ineffective they are when they are gone. I would assume over the next 12-24 months we may find this out.
  11. You are on indefinite suspension.
  12. We are going to give him a shot at QB.
  13. Any chance both Heron and Brown are in the lineup? I tend to look at lineups traditionally with a big in the middle. The trend is to put 5 guys on the floor that can score from anywhere. We have some interesting combinations that we could try with that approach. Brown is a deep threat and Heron can do it all but I have read where he is very impressive going to the basket. Just curious if we might see someone in a D. Green role like GSW.
  14. If little bit in Tuscaloosa gets his way, the hunh will be undercut by new rules allowing the defense to substitute. That may be the only thing that slows the hunh in my opinion and it could very well happen.
  15. FWIW Strong is 4th or 5th on the short list right now. Please post that short list. Clearly, if you know Strong's position on said list, you must also know the names and positions of the others as well. Also, the names of which Power Broker favors each candidate will also prove helpful as we can then make all sorts of side bets about who gets their way. Not at Liberty to discuss all that but 2 names definitely ahead that all of you already know are Petrino (likely will not get the job cuz his detractors will understandably not back down) and Jimbo Fisher. Alot has to happen for Auburn to get Coach X who Jay Tate is referring to but he is higher,,,and no I can not divulge his name either. The other guy who is 4th or 5th along with Strong is Gus. I have not asked about it but I just had a thought. If Jay is retained maybe he will be directed to get his head out of his butt and rectified the mistake he made 5 years ago by not giving Gary Patterson serious consideration...or a new AD give him a strong look. If I had to rank who I want from that list it would be 1. Coach X 2. Patterson 3. Jimbo 4. Strong 5. Malzahn. I think having a Coach named X would be awesome!!! I vote for him.