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  1. Well, I don't have any feel for whether we are doing the right thing relative to imposing the 1 year post season ban. May be a smart thing, but just too early to tell. There is a lot of information we don't have. Relative to Cooper, if say Colin Sexton's Dad ran an AAU team and sent 5 players to bama and then became an agent with Lil Wayne we would want the NCAA to camp out on their campus. Hard to believe we did not see this coming. I hope we did and therefore had all of our ducks in a row when it became a thing at the NCAA.
  2. Having been around a few years i have heard some doozies about the "next" Auburn coach. Remember when we were gonna hire Dan Reaves cause his son was at Auburn?
  3. Amazing how a couple of years changes things. I give you 3 names that would be considered rock solid safe in their jobs a couple of years ago and are now racing to be the worst in the Big 10: Jim Harbaugh, James Franklin, and PJ Fleck. Their teams are just awful.
  4. I just read an article where Elon Musk got tested recently with the rapid test. He was issued 4 tests and 2 were positive and 2 were negative. He is also waiting on a PCR result.
  5. My biggest concern out of all of that is testing accuracy. I believe if we have a problem it is within the rapid testing modules. I always thought that the most contagious time for a novel virus is at the beginning which is why this spike confuses me even more. I do believe that seasonal allergies/cold/flu is on the rise causing a lot more people to get tested. Deaths are on the rise, but praying they don't rise at the same rates as positive cases or we are gonna be in trouble.
  6. Does this make sense? We go from 40k-50k positives per day to 160k positives per day in a 2 week period. We navigated Labor Day that everyone was scared to death would generate all of these positives. We navigate the start of school that everyone was scared to death would generate all of these positives. Then we have Halloween and an election and positives increase 3 fold I live in the South so the weather is still pretty warm overall and I realize that is not the case nationally but I just do not understand why we are all of a sudden having all of these positives. Something just does no
  7. Well, he is questioning rhe science of the 14 day quarantine for close contacts.
  8. Almost like it was created for America. Oops, did I say that?
  9. Cristobal Brady Freeze In that order for me.
  10. I get it. But, Orgeron wins a championship after failing at Ole Miss. Dabo comes out of nowhere as a wide receivers coach that was a joke at first. Saban had good success at LSU but failed at Miami but did we see him becoming the best coach in the history of the game? I just cannot determine the formula for who will be successful and who will not. Thankfully they do not ask my opinion.
  11. I honestly have no idea why he is 0-3. Just have not followed it that closely. Not sure if he had a bunch of opt outs or if he lost a bunch of seniors or they are just underperforming. At one time he was a darling at Vandy. Like Harbaugh, I would assume he is feeling some heat.
  12. Are you making a case against him because of his record or for him being interested in leaving?
  13. James Franklin might be interested in a change of scenery. Rough start for PSU.
  14. Gus is Gus. Next year will be the year he will get his walking papers assuming we are back to a normal society (I will leave that up for interpretation) and normal season. Just cheer on the young men and look forward to basketball.
  15. I agree. I do worry that he is a bit idealistic and would not fit in the murky waters of some programs.
  16. Can he win 8 games?
  17. I am pumped about basketball this season. Gonna be a young team but I think they will be fun to watch most of the time but maddening some too. Thats what you get with a young but talented team.
  18. Someone that knows the nastiness of recruiting in the SEC.
  19. All you have to do is look to the offensive players in the NFL developed by Gus to determine if he is adequately developing offensive talent. The numbers do not lie.
  20. I agree with this season being a wrap. The only chance we have of winning games is with a less erratic Bo at QB. The question is how do we go about making that happen. Thoughts?
  21. I just don't understand how we don't bring in Loy for a series or 2 per game when Bo is out of sorts which seems to be often. I worry about Bo getting an injury as much as he runs around and as tense as he seems to play.
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