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  1. True, but it is a whole new system on both sides of the ball, new responsibilities., new techniques and an actual playbook lo learn from scratch.
  2. This is much bigger news than it sounds. Arkansas has never, and said they would never ever play Arkansas State! Razorbacks have repressed ASU refusing to play them at all. (similar to bama refusing to play at Auburn til '89.) They didn't want the in state competition. They wouldn't lower themselves to play little brother Arkansas State. They didn't want to lose in-state recruits to ASU. Arkansas will now have instate competition.
  3. I see your point, but If you published the notebook and made money off of the notebook you could be sued.
  4. Seriously, I have never recruited or been recruited at this level. How hard can recruiting be? You are either a likeable, believable and charismatic guy with integrity or you are not. Otherwise it is just: "we are impressed with your ability to do "x". We think you would fit right in and be able to help with what we are doing at Auburn. Here is what we have to offer..." Just like in sales. You buy from the salesman you like as long as all the perks offered are close to the same. Auburn has a lot to offer. So isn't recruiting 95% how charismatic an
  5. LOL. (obviously not directed at you 3G) In a recent video where the coach is mic'd up you have to listen to coach Nick Eason give a speech to some players and their teammates. A lot of you have complained about having to listen to this speech. During this speech Mr Coach Nick Eason used a bad word. I am sorry you have to listen to that. A coach should never yell at the team. I want you to know that I do not take this lightly. I already talked to my cousin Charles, and he is going to administration with his lawyer to get Coach Eason fired. B
  6. I am struggling with where I stand on this issue. I coached a Babe Ruth baseball tourney team. We made it to the State Tournament. I had an arrogant teen quit the team 8 days before the first game for a "family vacation." He was one of my top players, a good pitcher... and I only had 3 true pitchers left. (not enough for a state tourney!) "His vacation was cut short". His dad called asking for the kid to come back to the team. The kid was 15 yo and I figured it was probably not even the kids decision to leave in the first place, so I let him back on the team.
  7. I understand that. BUT, I do not think "falling up the stairs" type events happen very often at all. If it was your dad or son that "fell up the stairs" or "choked on lettuce" under those circumstances, you wouldn't seek revenge? We are talking murder here. "Take the money, shut your mouth and go to bama or I will kill you or a family member." ? If the implication is murder, why use the money at all? Why not just threaten someone with death if they don't sign with bama. If they are going to murder someone, it is not much of a deterrent to talking if
  8. I agree it is done, but not as much as you think. You are mixing 2 scenarios. One Bribing players to go to the school, and the second is paying players after they are already on the team. One involves 10's of thousands of dollars and cars, the other "$100 handshakes". What is the point of paying a car to an already committed player? It will not make them a better football player. Are they being payed not to leave? That is demotivating. Is a car promised or given to them before they commit? Cash is hard to track unless you are talking 20 grand to a fami
  9. DANG IT Never2Yield. I can't believe you are making me defend bama. This is a rare event. It is fun to talk about bama cheating, but there is not as much cheating as everyone says. Yeah, "everyone does it". but not as often or as seriously. It is too easy to prove. I am not talking about $100 handshakes here, but new cars and thousands of dollars. What do you say? Come to bama and we'll get you a car? How many players can you tell that to until you ask a few players with strong morals that end up not going to uat. How many of those tell the school th
  10. DON"T CHEAT!! I have 2 issues with cheating. 1. Just because you pay some high school recruit doesn't mean they will be good in college. They still have to practice hard, work out, study, stay out of trouble, study the plays, learn technique and get along with the rest of the team. 2. There are no secrets. esp. in today's anonymous information age. Someone is going to talk. A few paid players will get their feeling hurt about something, and dig up the bodies. A different recruit will hear about it and be jealous they did not get paid and narc.
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