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  1. You say ignorant s*** you get forehead slapped. What kind of petty punk goes back and face slaps a post from a month ago for "vengeance"? LMAO. Such a bammer thing to do. Time to call a bammer poser a bammer poser.
  2. I have to disagree. Auburn fans are no worst than any other fan base, BUT NO OTHER SCHOOL has the plethora of bama posters also thrashing Auburn posing as Auburn fans... and a lot not posing but post as plain bama fans. NO THER SCHOOL has as much negative coverage in the state and national media media which is dominated by their big rival. Add to that the naïve posters and fans that take this negative media and run with it trying to pass it off as football knowledge. We have to put up with more negativity than any other school BY FAR! specific fan comments may not make it to the recruit, but the atmosphere created by the negative comments by fans/press /posers eventually does.
  3. I don't know , man. If she is ,she is getting pretty old. She was in her mid 70's when I was trying to date her my sophomore year.
  4. That girl I tried to date in the early 1980's. She was 36inches.... EACH!
  5. This team... Tony Fair. He had a few positive notes, but when I saw him I thought " WTH? there is no way this guy is in shape to play SEC football, and will probably be 2 years before he could get into good enough shape to be effective in SEC ball." BOY WAS I WRONG! Caught me off guard and was more than pleasantly surprised
  6. HAHAH! It is not just on a message boards. We have more entitled fans than an other school. There are posters on this board that do nothing but post any negative angle they can about Auburn. Some do more damage to Auburn than bama fans. Some are actual bama fans posing as Auburn fans. The bama media runs with the narrative. Some of more Naïve Auburn fans get sucked into the narrative. Some are so butt hurt over Pus Malzhan that they will stop at nothing until they get Harsin fired. As long as we continue to have the large and vocal lunatic fringe , that demands inflated expectations and wanting to fire a coach as soon as something goes wrong, Auburn football will continue to tank.
  7. Figure it out. If you cant see the problem maybe you are part of it!
  8. This is why Auburn needs to get rid of the plethora vocal entitled fans with outrageous expectations.
  9. https://auburntigers.com/watch/?Live=1692&type=Live
  10. I saw it during the game. we really need a second or two more in that gif. Besides the RB, The whole OL got laid on their back. What happened? what is the difference in the that play that enables the DL to just demolish the OL compared to 99% of other plays in the game? Why don't we dominate like that more often? It was like Arkansas' whole OL wasn't ready.
  11. We have players and former players on a dozen teams in dozens of pro sports. An Atlanta win has nothing more to do with Auburn than any other teams with Auburn players on it.
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