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  1. Blow outs are one thing. Looking like a rec league pee wee team almost every game is completely different. I am not a huge CTT fan, and I may be remembering tubs wrong, but I do not ever remember thinking "this doesn't even look like football" or "this is the unorganised football I have ever seen." I almost never thought "we do not stand a chance in an upcoming game" under tubs. Even at our worst under TT I always believed we had a chance. Under gus I go into every game wondering if we can win and /hoping/wishing we can pull it out. Even the cupcake games. TT also had a lot of games where we looked dominant and in control. Even TT's worst games the team at least resembled real football. Gus teams almost never look in control, even when we are up BIG against a cupcake. CTT took over a team that was in shambles. Gus took over a team that won a NC 2 years prior. I have NO confidence in a gus fielded team. Gus has destroyed my love of watching AU football. Something I NEVER thought could happen. I can't wait til Gus is gone. I miss Auburn football being exciting. Crap play, Illegal procedure, crap play, 3rd and long. Pass behind the line for a loss. PUNT.
  2. To me, the wins and losses are not as important as the way we look when we play. I don't mind losing if we at least look competitive in the loss. Yeah, every coach has a game or two every now and then that the team just falls apart, but that is the norm for Gus teams. When we get beat, we get our a$$es handed to us. When we win, we mostly just skate by. Can anyone hear name more than 5 complete games a gus team has played? Not if you are honest with yourself. Name 6, and go back and watch whatever games you pick. It is a freaking chinese fire drill in almost every game. Sometimes the whole game looks like crap. Sometimes we pull it off. Every now and then, we win big, but 80% (ish) of the time, it is a frustrating experience to watch large chunks of the game look so bad. (even if we eventually win the game.) Dye teams looked competitive and organised the majority of the time. . TT's teams, with a few exceptions, looked organised and competitive most of the time. Like I said earlier, EVERY coach has a game or two where the team looks unprepared. Every coach relies on a lucky break to win those games. Even st. nick's teams fall on their face every now and then. Gus's teams seem to rely on a pick six, or kick six, etc way too often. Gus' best plays are his broken plays where an athletic QB runs like he is playing back yard football. We fall on our face for most of the game, and hope we can get lucky at the end and win. Lately we have dug too deep of a hole to catch back up. I just want to see Auburn playing "real" football. Looking like they know what they are doing on the field, and be competitive most of the time. WIN or LOSE. But with gus, it is the opposite. The complete (not perfect, but organised and prepared) game is rare. WIN or LOSE. Been saying this for years. It never changes even with new OCs. A typical gus rundown of plays. Decent play, crap play- 3rd and 14. Run up the middle, punt. Crap play , genius play, crap play, lucky play, crap play , punt. Crap play, decent play, dumb decision, punt. Crap play, good play for a td. Crap play, Illegal procedure, crap play, 3rd and long. Pass behind the line for a loss. PUNT. Crap play , genius play, illegal formation, panic play, punt. Average play, Other team gets a penalty ... 1st down!!!! Crap play, repete crap play, repete crap play, punt. Stupid play, decent play, crap play punt. Crap play lucky play, good play, decent play, bomb for a td!! Crap crap crap crap crap crap crap. Lucky play TD. Win or lose it is almost always the same.
  3. Hmmmm. I guess you are not willing to pay face value and buy your own. Lots of Auburn fans in that boat this year. Nashville is full of Auburn fans. The stadium SHOULD be packed with orange and blue.
  4. That is the crux. Drama follows Gus. It is not everyone elses fault that Gus is a failure.
  5. who the heck put these in order? why is TAMU listed 9th behind ark and the mississippi teams?
  6. That is what got me thinking about this earlier. It doesn't hurt the players, it doesn't hurt the NFL, but it is the school gets "punished". EDIT: How about this.... the NFL has to pay back the scholly money. Since it is spit in the ocean for the NFL, make them pay back all 3 or 4 years worth of scholly $.
  7. In this senario, I would not have any contracts/ obligations /commitments/ scholarships to anyone else to keep playing. Me not playing will not have a big effectanyone else but me and my family. If anything me not playing would help Buffet.
  8. LMAO. I was just trying to make up an extreme scenario to enhance my point. I gotta get back to work. Thanks for the entertainment all. Just for the record I DO NOT think schools should make players pay back scholly for sitting out. I love Davis and wish him the best. I was just using him as an example as I played the devils advocate. WDE
  9. Where do you draw the line between what is OK and what is not for missing games? When does it become "selfish" to not play? You can pull next years scholly, why not have to repay the year you leave the team hanging? Yes, , each young man is responsible for making their decisions, but that doesn't mean there should not be consequences. It should not be a one way street.
  10. LOL. The more I play devils advocate, the more I am talking myself into this hair brained idea. On a higher level, he is there to entertain you. That is why the school gives him a scholly. To play football, to entertain fans, for the school to make MONEY. Without the fans being entertained there would be no football or schollys. We would lose a lot of other (unentertaining) sports that are held up by football revenue. The good news is there would be no one leaving for the NFL.
  11. I agree the decision was Davis' to make. BUT.... what if a player decides not to play because he plans on a career using his hands as a musician or something? What if Cam Newton decided he was NOT going to play in the NCG because he had a date that night? Extreme? Yep, but were do you draw the line? How much does the future fate of a team change when players sit out? Lots of other good points in your post.
  12. It is not just about the scholarship money, it is also about the guy that didn't get the scholly. Although small, loss of revenue from the perception that Auburn is now a 4 loss team, fan unity is down from the loss, coach support would have been much higher with a win. Chances of losing are pretty high when everyone on the team that may get in the NFL sits out. This effects everything to some degree. There are a lot of guys that lay their body on the line for 3 or 4 seasons and still play in bowl games. Some are a lot more valuable than Davis. They risk it all and play in bowl games. He is scared. Scared he will get hurt. Not saying I wouldn't do the same thing, but it is true. It is also not a shot at his manhood. I am sure he is a tough guy, but he left Auburn hanging because he was scared he was going to get hurt, and not be able to play in the NFL. That is a big deal, but the guy has commitments. If he is one of the primary reasons the other players got to the bowl game, could you not say - sitting out was one of the primary reasons we lost the bowl? The loss may not mean anything to some, but it effected Auburn greatly. We have fan unrest. Coaches contracts being nit picked. And no semblance of unity. Winning the bowl game wouldn't have fixed all that, but it would have given us a starting point. Still just trying to stir things up around here. It has been a little boring.
  13. Why not? If he is worth sooooo much money that he is scared to play, then he should be able to afford to pay back his scholly $. Just trying to make this thread more interesting.
  14. This aught'ta stir things up ..... We need a new rule: you don't play you payback your scholarship. These kids get are given scholarships to represent the school on the field. If a player is "all about the NFL money" then what is wrong with the school being about the money also? Some guy that works his ass off and gives his ALL for auburn didn't get a scholly so Davis could sit out. Davis is leaving his dues unpaid. He gets a free education, AND tons of exposure to the NFL from Auburn. The best food and living quarters for years. In return he is supposed to represent Auburn on and off the field. He is not supposed to leave Auburn hanging because he is scared. Obviously this pertains to players that are sitting out for the NFL and not health/family/ etc matters. .