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  1. grain off salt.... I heard Colorado was having a hard time coming up with the money they are contracting out.
  2. Everything has to fall into place for teams as depleted as we are to make a huge jump in wins in a coach's first year. so to me.... First year is as ALWAYS about seeing improvement. (game to game and year by year) I want to see better fundamentals and techniques across the board. Better completion % by the QB. Fewer fumbles/INTs, better blocking fundamentals, better coaching strategies, fewer penalties esp. stupid ones like: illegal procedure, false starts, off sides at important times. I want to see players that know what they are doing. I wanna see A good jump in recruiting rankings by getting players in positions that we are in need. A bunch more wins would be nice, but I would be satisfied with 7-5 as long as I see improvement. Chances are, with the improvements, the Wins will come. BUT, for a fist year, the wins are not as important to me as obvious improvements. Now, in year two I want more wins. By year 3, a coach should have all his style players in his system and we will know what we have for a coach. oh yeah, and be competitive in all games.
  3. $2 mill is a 33% raise. Throw in an Auburn keychain, and we can get him.
  4. ????? Jim Leonhard announces departure from UW-Madison football program https://www.nbc15.com/2022/12/07/jim-leonhard-announces-departure-uw-madison-football-program/
  5. Should we try to get Herschel Walker as coach? Deion was blessed with amazing physical talent. He was ALWAYS the fastest player on the field by far. But physical ablity has nothing to do with being head coach. Not saying being a good athlete excludes you from being a good coach, but I doesn't automatically include you in that group either. More often than not it makes no difference at all. I can not think of one exception athlete head coach that would be considered a top 25 coach. Lots of them were good players, but none exceptional that I can think of off hand. Give me that slower than average, or undersize player that learned all the nuances, intricacies, strategies and fundamentals of the game just to compete at the highest level. Those that had to fight for every single thing they ever got in the game. The ones everyone doubted but they overcame it with exceptional work ethic.
  6. rt click picture > copy reply to post. rt click body of post > paste OR click picture and drag to post.
  7. He is one of my favorite linemen ever. Was an exceptional painter also BTW, but his coaching resume consists of...2 lines? Coaching and playing are two different animals. being a great player is not much of an advantage recruiting against other great players that are also coaches now. He just needs some experience. I would love to keep him here, but understand if Freeze wants a more experienced guy. It's nothing personal, it's just business.
  8. the difference in these "good buddy" hires is.... these have the credentials to back them up. I don't care if he hires his old high school buddies, as long as they can recruit and coach 'em up. Only time will tell.
  9. Nothing against you fifty, I enjoy your posts. I wish we could quite talking about old coaches so often. They just pivot into an opinionated augmentative thread. I am ready for a new chapter in Auburn football. It's a new start. I am excited to see what happens next. Other than history past coaches are not really relevant to this new chapter. I have not been this excited and confident in AU football since the good Tuberville years. I am hungry for good news and information about AUs future.
  10. as long as we seem to be pulling names out of a hat, Matt Weiss as OC? I think he is Co-OC at UMich now, but could continue to learn under Freeze as our OC without the "Co" in the title. I don't really know much about him other than some (co)-impressive offensive numbers against some stiff competition this year. Anyone follow Michigan football on here? ....... Matt Weiss...... Too little experience? clashing strategies and philosophies? Any thing Bad about him? can he recruit?
  11. Gus was star struck. He had a habit of getting as many 4 and 5 starts as he could, but not necessarily for our position of need. Overall star ranking: HIGH Meeting team needs: very LOW
  12. an Offensive coaches thread a Defensive coaches thread. maybe an off- field coach thread.
  13. would someone that follows recruiting more than I do tell me if these names are actual targets or are Jason Caldwell's personal picks/suggestions?
  14. He was pretty fair in that interview, but I remember Kirk H. during the Cam fiasco. The guy doesn't have an opinion, he just takes on any extreme view of the masses to hook viewers. I don't think thy are "out to get us", but I do think they push a negative narrative about Auburn when they can.
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