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  1. Oh man, I am so sorry to hear about this. You must be a wreck. From someone who lives in pain, no meds really help unless it puts you to sleep. I manage pain through distraction. When you are just laying in bed thinking about the pain you feel it sooo much more. He probably doesn't feel like doing ANYTHING, so find something that doesn't take a lot of effort that he truly loves top do. maybe games. Chatting with his buddies online. Something to stop him from thinking about the pain. For me any solid distraction is 4 times as strong as any meds (or at least any meds that don't just knock me out). Wish I knew some magic words that would help.
  2. Another quick google search shows hundreds of these articles. ETC ETC ETC.... None of them say it is less dangerous. Which usually happens in a mutation but not always. .
  3. March was a long time ago. We are learning more about the virus everyday. You are basing your view on old information. CDC will make an updated recommendation on masks "soon," senior agency official says From CNN’s Nick Valencia The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been conducting a scientific review about the public health benefits of masks, and will soon make an updated recommendation, a senior CDC official told CNN. The reviews are happening even though the CDC has already published guidance on its website. A senior official with knowledge of the review said science is being studied as to whether masks are not only “good for source control — and keeping you from giving it to others — but we’re also seeing if masks are going to protect you from getting [Covid-19] yourself.” “We know it’s a good thing to wear a mask to protect others. We are studying if it is also potentially going to keep you safe,” the official added. The CDC website has two separate pages of guidance on face coverings. One recommends people wear masks when they leave their home. The other recommends people wear a mask if they cannot properly social distance. An official at the agency says recommendations from a final scientific review by its incident management “will happen soon.” AGAIN!!! death is not the only negative outcome. Recovery is not always so easy. MANY, MANY cases are having issues with scaring on the lungs, kidney issues, liver issues . Lack of post covid immunity. Kids are getting that immuno syndrome. Heart attacks, diabetes , brain fog, extremely low oxygen level causing people to just collapse often when they are asymptomatic cases. , etc etc. ^^^^This is what I suspect attributed to the HS player that died a few days ago Lack of Oxygen. This is just a quick google search. There are scores of these cases popping up every day.
  4. University will require everyone,and faculty of the change. "....Auburn University will require everyone who enters its buildings to wear face masks, as of Monday. The university issued a statement late Thursday afternoon advising students, staff and faculty of the change. The university is also encouraging people to wear face coverings in outdoor spaces as well “when appropriate social distancing is not possible.” Face coverings will be required at Auburn events not held on campus as well. The statement said the change is meant to help fully reopen the campus for the fall semester......." better link...
  5. No word on the cause yet
  6. LSU report 30+ football players positive.
  7. This is why you have to get a flu shot every year. Viruses mutate. There are plenty of other examples. More importantly, Evidence is growing that milder cases of Covid do not give much immunity to the recovered. Less immunity after mild infections
  8. With three players tested positive already, the whole team needs to get it, SERIOUSLY quarantine, and get over it before the students come back. It is the only way they can keep from giving it to or catching it from the rest of the students in the fall. Stay away from coaches etc. I hope we don't get any serious cases, or positive players not truly quarantining themselves while infected.
  9. They are not all islands. Some are very close in size and population as Alabama. Some of them are land locked or surrounded on 3 sides like Alabama. The majority of the cases in Alabama were caught in Alabama. Not brought in by outsiders.
  10. I've offered the solution that is working for other countries and some states many times in this thread. We are just blowing it. Today, Cyprus, Slovenia, and Croatia have announces beating the virus adding to the dozen or so I posted earlier in this or other thread.
  11. What you are failing to take into account is that COVID cost money also. Opening the country is not going to save the economy. We can lose lives and the economy or we can save lives and lose the economy. . Real numbers here. Not fantasy future numbers. The average cost for COVID hospitalizations $ 35,000. So far we have way more than 300,000+ hospitalizations . 300,000 X $35,000 = $10.5 Trillion dollars . ($10,500,000,0000) That is as of RIGHT NOW and increasing every minute! Who is going to pay for that? Fantasy future numbers here........ by the end of the year cases will most likely triple. $31,500,000,000 per year! Who is going to pay for that? You can't ignore the economic suffering that comes from Corona. It is not going to magically stop or even decrease because the country is open.
  12. So you are saying isolation works, but only for small or island countries. Yeah it is harder to do here, But it is worth the effort or would have been if we actually got our curve flat. NY needs to flatten the curve a lot more before contact tracing can be effective there. tracing apps are crap. They are not the same of true contact tracing. Contact tracing with humans has been done for decades. Humans need to be the main tracers to do it right. A proper app may help the tracers do their job, but it is not necessary. And, like you said, most people will not want a "tracing app" on their phones. Good thing apps are not needed to contact trace. New Zealand will be fine when they open up to travelers. From what I read, they plan to test and isolate incomers as needed. You come in clean, you go on. If you come in infected you go quarantine. If you are infected and get past the screen, more will get infected, but they can be contact traced and quarantined before it gets out of control. . Anyone (and only those) that have been in contact with with said person will be quarantined.... stopping the chain. It is a little more complicated than that, but that is the gist. Islands make it easier. I never said it would be easy in America. Sometime you have to do things that are not easy. Contact tracing apps will not work. T hey may help a bit, but real tracing needs to be done by humans. NY has not flattened the curve, tracing will not work if the virus is running uncontrolled in the wild. They were flattening the curve, but it will be a long time before they can use tracing. and those listed are not all islands, or small countries.
  13. Being on an island just proves isolation and social distance work. Weather it is a an island or or low populated country doesn't matter. Forced isolation or natural from being on an island shows how this works. fewer cases lead to contact tracing and an eradication of active cases. The only difference is that in the USA we have so many that refused to follow the protocols that are known to work. The strategy is the same tho, it just needs to be on a on a much larger scale in the USA. Or be implemented on a state or city level. I have already posted a list of countries on this board.. Among others , and just off the top of my head there was... Trinidad and Tobago, Dominica, Cambodia, Eritrea, Montenegro, st. Kitts, Seychelles, Montserrat. along with New Zealand, S Korea, (Australia on it's way) edit: and Israel austria Switzerland, and Czechia are getting close. China . ...IF you can believe their numbers. they still have flair ups, but they lock down the area ASAP to keep it from getting out of control.
  14. Everyone doesn't need to be tested. It is a very simple concept. It will not be practical if you do not have a flat curve or open up too soon. (which is where we are now). you and I will most likely not ever have to be tested. or quarantine. With a flat curve, we can control if the virus. We have No control right now. we don't know who has it, where they have been or who they have contacted. Mass testing will help. With 300+ new cases a day in Alabama, there is not enough man power to trace contacts. We could possibly push it with manpower with one hundred new cases a day to trace the contacts. Then, only the positives and who they have been in contact with will have to quarantine and monitor (14 days) and retest. Everyone else, including you and me, could live pretty darn normally. No masks, little social distancing. But tracing is man power, and man hour intensive If you have been in contact with a positive, you get a 14 day quarantine, rather than everyone sheltering all the time. Who knows how many people Dye (as an example) may have infected, but It would be closer to zero if he was contacted and told he may have been in contact with someone that has it. Told to quarantine and get tested before he would even show positive. Anyone he may have been in contact with while he was contagious would have to quarantine (14 days) and reduce the risk of spread further. The stopping becomes exponential, just like the growth of the spread. This only works with a flat curve, but it works very well. There are a half dozen countries that have not had new cases in days by using this method. More every couple weeks. A few that still have flair ups, but they contain them quickly before they get out of hand. Some have not had new cases in weeks.