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  1. I have to agree with DAG on this one. I live in Arkansas. I would have to say the majority of the state hates Gus. Gus did to Arkansas the same thing he does at every school.... polarizes the fan base. Some fans see him as a savior, the other half see him as a scam artist. The majority in Arkansas lean toward scam artist. With the hope of ANY coach other than Burt, a lot of anti malzahn crowd changed their mind and jumped on the "Gus is great. Arkansas is back!" bandwagon. they jumped off just as quickly when Gus turned them down. Some of the pro malzahn crowd swung then the other way. You have to understand that Arkansas is basically bama without the titles. Any coach they have or think they will get is a God, and Arkansas is unstoppable with that coach.... until he leaves.
  2. Hope I am not coming across as argumentative. Just putting this info out there for those with kids graduating next year. I was floored when I saw the numbers. All the "ivy league is too expensive" myths had gotten to me. When the numbers were crunched I was appalled, and very angry at Auburn. I am still not happy with Auburn's financing, but I am happy my boy choose Auburn. There is NO question FULL cost to attend ivy league schools is a lot more that the FULL cost to go to AU. What is not being discussed is the cost after scholarship money each school offers. ALL else equal ( same grades, same finances , the same exact student. ) Student gets $120,000 year discount at Harvard bringing his cost to $10-15k (90% off) But Auburn only gives the same student $25k per year bringing total cost after AU scholarship aprox $33k (43% off) When you are talking average cost, you have to think that the millionaire parents pay the FULL price at Harvard. The average man gets huge scholarships. But my kid, your kid, and jared52's kids are able to go to Harvard for much less than AU... (assuming you and Jared 52 are also not millionaires.) It is just VERY VERY difficult to get acceptance.
  3. JUST some info: Auburn endowment $738,000,000 Harvard endowment $38,300,000,000 La Tech $99,000,000 Acceptance rate : Auburn 81% $22,000 after aid. huge in state discounts added in this average. Most out of staters will pay much more. Harvard 5% Av cost after aid $15,000. Those in lower income brackets pay less. %10 of your salary up to max tuition in or out of state.
  4. Mostly endowments. State lottery, and government handouts. Here...Arkansas takes care of the instate folks I could have sent my son to any school in Arkansas for free, but he is after HIGHER education, not lower. Of all the schools I would have to say La Tech was the best value for engineers. Edit. La tech offers in state wavers with ACT/SAT scores. Engineers starting salaries are one of the highest we looked at of all the schools. Actively helps on job searching so 90% of gradates have a job lined up before graduating. They offer great schollies. and the campus is growing. New buildings and facilities everywhere. The campus growth reminded me of Auburn's starting in the late 1980's. The campus reminded me of a mini Auburn.
  5. Where is this debunked??.. I just went through all the financial aid stuff comparing the schools. The deciding factor for my kid was : Harvard doesn't have an Aerospace program. Their closest degree was Astrophysics. Harvard is an extreme example (they have the worlds largest endowment ... i believe in the Billions). You can send your kid to Harvard for 10% of your yearly income. $100,000 family sends their kid for $10, 000. Not including other schollys the school offers. Auburn's 2nd highest scholly doesn't even cover half of Auburn's total cost. The Legacy Scholarship is a joke. So whatever you make OoS cost will add up to $30,000 a year to send your kid to Auburn without some kind of outside aid. This is why it is so difficult to get into Harvard. They only take the cream of the crop, but they have a huge pool of the best students because they help those with the work ethic, grades and test scores but without the financial means. Vandy is similar. Vandy does not want ANY of their student graduating with student loan debts. They willingly accept and sincerely help good students from ANY economic background. In turn the alum have no debts, and give to the school's endowment. Usually in LARGE chunks because they are thankful for what the school did for them. I don't remember the numbers, but it was something ridiculous like 90% of the students graduate with ZERO debt at HU and VU .
  6. Now I kinda' wish I would have looked into the NC universities.
  7. This this this^^^^ I live in Arkansas, They market hard toward instate students. I call it the inbreeding of education. A kid goes from preschool to college in state, gets a job as a teacher, and teaches the next generation the exact same thing in the exact same way they learned. This next generation grows up from pre schoool to college, and repeats the process. Generation after generation. It is 100% regurgitated education. Auburn needs to go after the adventurous students that are willing to give up the familiar ( I know how the system works, and how to work the system), and take on the challenge of learning in a new system from teachers that were education from outside their home state. The new culture of living in a new state is an education of it's own. You just do not get that when you grow up in the same state you go to college. Auburn needs to go after the best students from around the country and offer them as big of scholarships as bama, Harvard, Vanderbilt etc. Not just in state students that are taught mostly by bama , Auburn, and other Alabama state school grads. Diversity is the key to a solid education.
  8. This is deceptive. I have been crunching school tuition costs for months. My son is going to be a (3rd gen legacy ) freshman this year at Auburn. (aerospace eng honors program). After School offered scholly's it will cost me 4-5 times MORE to send him to Auburn than his other choices of schools. His other choices of schools were Vanderbilt, Harvard, La tech, Arizona U. And Although Vanderbilt, Harvard and Arizona's total tuition was higher, Auburn gave out the lowest amount for scholarships BY FAR!!!. After school offered scholarships, I could send my song to Harvard or Vanderbilt for less than 1/5 the price of going to Auburn. La tech and Arizona were even cheaper. What does Auburn offer that makes it worth 5 times more than Harvard or vandy? How can schools like bama, Harvard, Vandy, Arizona offer such large scholly packages while Auburn cant? I know many AU Alumni that could not afford to send their kids to Auburn because of Auburn's impotent scholarship program. some of these have had sent their kids to Alabama which gives out huge schollys for the same student! IT MAKES ME SICK. Auburn is missing out on a lot of very well qualified students because of PRICE and VERY weak scholarship offers!
  9. Blow outs are one thing. Looking like a rec league pee wee team almost every game is completely different. I am not a huge CTT fan, and I may be remembering tubs wrong, but I do not ever remember thinking "this doesn't even look like football" or "this is the unorganised football I have ever seen." I almost never thought "we do not stand a chance in an upcoming game" under tubs. Even at our worst under TT I always believed we had a chance. Under gus I go into every game wondering if we can win and /hoping/wishing we can pull it out. Even the cupcake games. TT also had a lot of games where we looked dominant and in control. Even TT's worst games the team at least resembled real football. Gus teams almost never look in control, even when we are up BIG against a cupcake. CTT took over a team that was in shambles. Gus took over a team that won a NC 2 years prior. I have NO confidence in a gus fielded team. Gus has destroyed my love of watching AU football. Something I NEVER thought could happen. I can't wait til Gus is gone. I miss Auburn football being exciting. Crap play, Illegal procedure, crap play, 3rd and long. Pass behind the line for a loss. PUNT.
  10. To me, the wins and losses are not as important as the way we look when we play. I don't mind losing if we at least look competitive in the loss. Yeah, every coach has a game or two every now and then that the team just falls apart, but that is the norm for Gus teams. When we get beat, we get our a$$es handed to us. When we win, we mostly just skate by. Can anyone hear name more than 5 complete games a gus team has played? Not if you are honest with yourself. Name 6, and go back and watch whatever games you pick. It is a freaking chinese fire drill in almost every game. Sometimes the whole game looks like crap. Sometimes we pull it off. Every now and then, we win big, but 80% (ish) of the time, it is a frustrating experience to watch large chunks of the game look so bad. (even if we eventually win the game.) Dye teams looked competitive and organised the majority of the time. . TT's teams, with a few exceptions, looked organised and competitive most of the time. Like I said earlier, EVERY coach has a game or two where the team looks unprepared. Every coach relies on a lucky break to win those games. Even st. nick's teams fall on their face every now and then. Gus's teams seem to rely on a pick six, or kick six, etc way too often. Gus' best plays are his broken plays where an athletic QB runs like he is playing back yard football. We fall on our face for most of the game, and hope we can get lucky at the end and win. Lately we have dug too deep of a hole to catch back up. I just want to see Auburn playing "real" football. Looking like they know what they are doing on the field, and be competitive most of the time. WIN or LOSE. But with gus, it is the opposite. The complete (not perfect, but organised and prepared) game is rare. WIN or LOSE. Been saying this for years. It never changes even with new OCs. A typical gus rundown of plays. Decent play, crap play- 3rd and 14. Run up the middle, punt. Crap play , genius play, crap play, lucky play, crap play , punt. Crap play, decent play, dumb decision, punt. Crap play, good play for a td. Crap play, Illegal procedure, crap play, 3rd and long. Pass behind the line for a loss. PUNT. Crap play , genius play, illegal formation, panic play, punt. Average play, Other team gets a penalty ... 1st down!!!! Crap play, repete crap play, repete crap play, punt. Stupid play, decent play, crap play punt. Crap play lucky play, good play, decent play, bomb for a td!! Crap crap crap crap crap crap crap. Lucky play TD. Win or lose it is almost always the same.
  11. Hmmmm. I guess you are not willing to pay face value and buy your own. Lots of Auburn fans in that boat this year. Nashville is full of Auburn fans. The stadium SHOULD be packed with orange and blue.
  12. That is the crux. Drama follows Gus. It is not everyone elses fault that Gus is a failure.
  13. who the heck put these in order? why is TAMU listed 9th behind ark and the mississippi teams?
  14. That is what got me thinking about this earlier. It doesn't hurt the players, it doesn't hurt the NFL, but it is the school gets "punished". EDIT: How about this.... the NFL has to pay back the scholly money. Since it is spit in the ocean for the NFL, make them pay back all 3 or 4 years worth of scholly $.
  15. In this senario, I would not have any contracts/ obligations /commitments/ scholarships to anyone else to keep playing. Me not playing will not have a big effectanyone else but me and my family. If anything me not playing would help Buffet.