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  1. It served a good life as the slush bus before the shot bus. Taking people home so they wouldn't drive drunk.
  2. Found the post, didn't have the name I was lookng for. THX bigbird This thread can be deleted.
  3. A few weeks before we hear " Gus is playing vanilla" to save the playbook for the SEC.
  4. Thanks for the info. He is soooo ready for college. I went and told him all this, and he already knew. He said not all the dorms have to evec on weekends, and he has Resident Overflow parking anyway. It gives me confidence in him when he knows stuff about being an Auburn student that I do not. I'm not real worried about it being a pain for him to walk. He is LUCKY to have a POS car at all. May be it will keep him from driving as much. LOL His dorm is in the Quad. It looks like about 3/4 mile walk. The good news is, his dorm isn't on the hill.
  5. Is that every week end or just game days? My son is going to be a freshman, and have a car. Basically for driving home (500 miles away) but honestly I didn't have a car my freshman year, and never needed one. Any time I wanted to go off campus I would hoof it, or find a ride. I was under the impression that even on weekdays there is not enough parking and too much traffic.
  6. time to stop letting freshman bring cars. Sounds kind of sh1tty for incoming frosh, but it would take 3-4 thousand + cars off the road, and open some parking.
  7. anyone have a link to the practice schedule yet? Can't seem to find it on my own.
  8. I see your point, but....... I don't want a primadonna kid that chooses his school because they have spiffy uniforms. I want the hard working, blue collar, bust your ass players that get their self worth from their work ethic, not the fashion world. Flashy uniforms are not the only way to have fun.
  9. This popped up on my local news yesterday.... I thought it was relevant. Can CBD make you fail a drug test? https://www.thv11.com/article/news/verify/can-cbd-make-you-fail-a-drug-test-verify/91-685c7c32-d916-4bb1-947a-5220fd240cab
  10. My opinion is that football is not a fashion show. Pull on a T shirt, draw a number on it, go out in the parking lot and play some ball. All these teams with the fancy fashion uniforms are ridiculous. Whats next lipstick and blush?
  11. True, but reasonable doubt will always be a strong strategy for defense of someone who is actually guilty or perceived as guilty, even in the face of the overwhelming evidence of modern sciences. It just takes an inkling on part, or all of the evidence.
  12. I knew what you meant. I wasn't trying to come off as argumentative. I always heard "if you hit someone from behind as your fault." When I was 14 my best friends mother was hit from behind... HARD. It caused her lifelong back issues. I do not remember why, but the lady that hit her was found innocent. It peaked my interest, and pay attention in cases involving rear end collisions.r Basically my point is how the courts do not see things like we do from the outside. Reasonable doubt is much easier to provide than PROVING facts beyond reasonable doubt. " I think a good defense lawyer will make a mess out of this. SIDE NOTE: One of my greatest AU spring break stories involves getting rear ended in panama city, 2 times by 2 different cars. 30 minutes apart and about 5 miles apart. I was in the backseat. One of them never hit the brakes. No one was hurt. Neither went to court.