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  1. What about those that have already "declared" NCAA Division I schools can now provide an additional season of competition to student athletes competing in spring sports in the 2019-20 season. On Monday, the NCAA’s Division I Council voted to extend the period of eligibility for athletes whose seasons were shortened or canceled during the recent COVID-19 outbreak in the U.S. Financial aid rules were also adjusted to allow programs to carry more members on scholarship to account for new recruits and student athletes who opted to stay for one more year.
  2. I was in auburn during the measles epidemic. That s*** spreads like wildfire. My Mom told me that when I was young my doctor thought measles was an extinct virus and did not give me an immunization shot. What she forgot to tell me at the time was that she went to another doctor and I got the shot. It wasn't until I was panicking and going to stand in line and the med clinic when I talked to my dad and he told me I had the immu shot.. For a while there I was so uptight I turned my pants into clam diggers.
  3. "Everything we do before a pandemic will seem alarmist. Everything we do after will seem inadequate." - Michael Leavitt
  4. I cant believe someone is still trying to compare this to the flu. WAKE THE **** UP! IT IS NOT JUST ABOUT DEATH!!! There are lifelong complications for a large portion of people that get Corona. (lung problems, E.D., impotence, heart issues, sterilization etc.) COVID is spreading so fast that it is overwhelming hospitals. The recovery time for those with moderate to severe cases is 2-4 weeks in the hospital. AIDS (770 000 per year) kills more people per year than syphilis (107,000) . That does not mean I want syphilis spreading around like wild fire. . ,
  5. websites I have seen mostly say between 17,000 and 19,000 swine flu deaths in america. swine flu lasted from January 2009 to August 2010. That is 20 months! 10 times longer than the current COVID has been around. as of right now 2,400 people have died in america from COVID-19 in 2 months. IF the COVID cases magically STOP growing and stay were they are right now, we are looking at 20,000 -24,000 deaths in 20 months. BUT corona is still growing exponentially. DEATH is only one of the possible negative outcomes with CORONA. There are many serious lifelong complications from even moderate cases of Corona.
  6. Lee Co. is now the 3rd hardest hit county in Alabama. behind only Jefferson and Shelby counties. 21+ CODVID cases confirmed. #STAYTHE****HOME
  7. Statistic of the day.... as of this morning, Corona (still in it's infant stage) has killed more people globally than ebola did during the entire pandemic.. . Corona deaths 11,365 8 weeks Ebola deaths 11,310 Dec 2013–Jan 2016
  8. I believe one of the mutations was only found in wuan, and supposedly squashed. (I'll look for link.) . But this virus does not copy itself well. It makes up for that by replicating mass quantities making a very good chance of it mutation again soon. It was originally not a human hosted virus. It mutated from there to effect humans. Still looking for the link I saw a few days ago it was more detailed. .
  9. That is what your finances are for. go to the store, wear a mask and gloves, and buy food. If finances ARE an issue, local, state and federal governments can assist you.
  10. Look up R-Nought. It shows how infectious diseases is. Seasonal flu R-nought is 1.3. BIRD flu had an R -nought of 1.5 Ebola was 2 . The R-nought of Corona is 2.5. More contagious than the others by a lot.
  11. 4 weeks in ICU and 4 more weeks recovering will not do your finances any better.