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  1. Thanks!! I couldn't find it on Google Maps before, because I could remember where it was. Its been 35 years since I saw it.
  2. Anyone know if the old outdoor amphitheater on campus is still around? Cant find much info online.
  3. Time to eliminate scholarships altogether. No limit on players. You either can get into a school or you can't If you are so good you need a scholly, work hard for an NIL.
  4. I think it was just across the Opelika border. May have also been a club, tho I do not remember signing up for membership. (but that means squat considering the shape I was in after closing down other bars. )
  5. So, Any students know which bar is the happenin' late night dive bar now days?
  6. My favorite Graffiti from Harry's was the original.... "I slept with your mother" below that in different writing, "go home Dad , you're DRUNK!"
  7. I don't remember. It's been 30 years . I cant seem to find it on google maps.
  8. and the "preacher man". Thumb thumping the Bible ... literally. " THUMP!! YOU are going to hell for wearing that dress. THUMP! THUMP! and YOU are going to hell you fornicator" Tho most of the time he was by the eagle's cage.
  9. LMAO, that is the first thing I thought of when my son texted me. I told him HAS to see PCU now.
  10. NP. I have some video, but this is a family sight, and the pictures are WAY too disturbing.
  11. why wouldn't it? (other than not football related) no one needs to take sides. the humor is in that they are arguing with each other. the pitcture represents the normal student just trying to relax between classes and being accosted with drama. Maybe I should add a warning like they did. LOL
  12. It started yesterday, hence the "Monday. " There are anti abortion activists all over putting up very graphic pictures of mutilated babies. There is also a LGBT group out there I guess protesting " don't say gay" movement, but they are now protesting the gory pictures hung all over the concourse by the anti abortion activists. LMAO. The scene has calmed down now. I think we should call the "Preacher Man" guy in to tell them all they are going to hell for wearing shorts.
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