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  1. The Official Meltdown Thread

    This thread would be funny if it wasn't so sad.
  2. Worth Replacing Gus?

    Malzahn has been a placeholder for the last 4 years. It is sad that Gus has reduced us to accepting him as a placeholder. Time to get rid of him before he puts us further behind. We are Auburn, and we deserve better.
  3. Who is holding Gus to the fire?

    Selective memory is a strange thing. There is no enigma! Malzahns offense has always sucked. It is boring, unorganized, and more stressful than fun. Yes, even in our championship year. Go back and watch the games. Our best plays were mostly broken plays during the season. We skidded by, by the skin of our teeth. Often looking like a Chinese fire drill (just like last week). If it wasn't for a QB that turns broken plays into 20 yard gains, we would have been 8-4 at best. That is also the reason we went so far with Marshal. There were maybe 4 games were we played like a championship team in both those runs. The rest we looked like last week, but won anyway. Anyone who thought Gus' O was genius had the wool pulled over their eyes. Nothing has changes except the people that believed Gus was a genius debated so hard to prove he was a genius that pride keeps them from admitting to themselves that Gus is a failure. Keeping Malzahn around will put us further behind. The emperor has no cloths. p.s. Gus didn't win us a NC, Chizik did. As much as people like to cut on Chizik around here, it is the truth. You can say it was Gus all you want, but the fact of the matter is Chizik was head coach. Gus didn't win a NC. All these fans that hung their hat on Gus are deperate to place blame somewhere else. First it was Chizik meddling, then Pat dye, then JJ, who know who will get the blame for meddling, but no matter who gets the blame, the offense still looks the same. This goes back to when he coached under Nutt. The same gimmicks, the same plays, just different proportions. The only thing that makes the offense run is an exceptional QB (that someone else coached) that can turn broken plays into 20 yard gains. Without it he is dead in the water.
  4. Pettway, K Davis, and White out

  5. Opining all things Gus (Merged)

    Whats up with the Mod calling people names? Kind of bush league for a forum as large as this one. It makes the forum look very amateur.
  6. Scarb's article

    No need to talk down to me with sarcastic comments. Deep down you know I am right so you attack my intelligence. People think because Gus took us to a national champion ship game that he must be a genius. Go back and watch the games from Gus' "good years". Most games we looked like unprepared. Even in 2010. Every year with Gus there are so many series that we would play behind the yard markers. The only difference in the good and bad years is a QB that can turn 3rd and 15 into a 30 yard gain. Without an exceptional athlete at QB, we are just a team that plays from behind the sticks. I wish I would have kept track. There were heaps of plays that were busted plays that had nothing to do with the play being called but turned into some of our best plays of the game. Often winning the game for us. Way more than any other team I can remember. Auburn or otherwise. This is Gus 4th year, and we are seeing the result of what he is building.
  7. Scarb's article

    The play calling was not much better. The whole system is the problem. Just like Gus, Rhett called running plays that were handed off 5 yards behind the line when we need 15+ yards for a first down. Rhett called pass plays that would go for 6 yards when we needed 15+ for a first down. Some people want to believe Rhett and Gus are great so badly they can not see how inept we look. EVEN IN GAMES WE WIN. Nothing is going to change as long as Gus is here. It doesn't matter who calls the plays in this high school offense.
  8. Scarb's article

    Gus is obviously trying to save his job. I am worried AU will fall for it. There are still a lot of people that believe he is a genius.
  9. Scarb's article

    Chances of a coach coming in and taking us to the top in his first year are very slim. Yeah, we've had 2 times were a coach came in and did well in his first year. The chances of that happening 3 times in a row are almost nil. In general it takes a coach 2-3 year to get his system and type players flowing. At the three year mark, You get to see what the coach is building. Assuming any coach will come in and take anyone to the top is a stretch at best. Top coaches get better every year. They do not start off with a bang, and fade from there. They are not flash in the pan coaches. They do not need fans making excuses for them because their love for the school causes bias into thinking their coach is a genius when he is not. The emperor has NO CLOTHS. We look like warmed over crap even in our rare wins. It seems a lot of AU fans got suckered into thinking Gus is a genius. They took this info and ran with it to the point they can not admit they were wrong. They used this as evidence that we had a great coach. Even with the obvious slapping them in the face. It is past time for Gus to go. We are just delaying the inevitable. I would rather have a team that looks organised and competitive every game and go 8-4, than watch us look like a Chinese fire drill, and rely on luck even when we win. To top it off, we look like a Chinese fire drill, and NOT winning many. We are getting worse not better. Just because you love Auburn doesn't mean we have a genius coach. The sooner the powers that be in Auburn realizes this the sooner we can have a competitive team.
  10. Scarb's article

    Crowe's tweet added this cryptic explanation: "Desperation. Assistant coaches not pawns. Scapegoating is failure of leadership." If Briles (or any OC) comes to AU,we will have 2 more years of Gus. Gus will not relinquish his authority. 2 more years of struggling, and then 2 more years as a new coach brings in his system. We are looking at 2021 before we are competitive again. If Gus relinquishes his play calling, and we make a big improvement, Briles will be gone in 2 years. We will be stuck with Gus for 2 years after that with a small chance of bringing in another OC that can make up for Gus. We are looking at 2023 before we are a top SEC caliber team. There are sophomores in high school today that will graduate from Auburn by then. HC change should have been made last year. A new head coach would have his system in place and flowing by next year. Make the HC change after this season, and we could be a top SEC again by 2019. I am tired of watching Malzahn's offense struggle. Grow some balls and make the change after this year or we will have more of the same for the next 4 years..
  11. The main thing I'm hoping to see tonight

    I will be happy if we just look organized an prepared.
  12. 4th and 3

    I understand that part, what I do not understand is how no one thought to practice this, or at least mention it , "just in case". Were we that surprised by the mesh point attack. Seems like a very obvious call for a DC. Why didn't Steele try crashing DEs on D at some point during practice, or at least mention it to Gus, Hand or the OL. It's like the play that was drawn up on the chalkboard, but never run through on the field.
  13. 4th and 3

    They wouldn't have practiced it because they didn't think A&M would crash their ends. I'm confused. We are running plays our team has not practiced AT ALL? If they practiced the play, bit did not practice it with the D ends crashing. WTH were OUR ends doing during practice, trying to get blocked. Our coaches never mentioned what to do in case the ends crash? I would think someone would have said, " Hey, if an end crashes on this play you MUST block him, or at least get a piece of him". It just seems to me they should have considered how the D would defend the play.
  14. 4th and 3

    What gets me about this play is why didn't they catch this issue at practice? did they not practice it?
  15. Malzahn on the two losses

    Gus said the same thing last year. Nothing changed.