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  1. So the question is..... Will Arkansas be this years Tennessee game? The short and stubby: on O: OL and RB's better be ready to block. on D CB 's better be ready for some tall WR's HOLD THE F"N BALL!!!!!!!!
  2. I didn't now that. The likable facts about Bo just keep coming.
  3. Of course he was. He was raised by an Auburn Man.
  4. I must be getting faster in my old age.. Lately I find myself in bed and asleep before I even make a move toward the light switch.
  5. Someone ran her off? That sucks. The icing on the cake is to me is the only over hyped part. I think he is as good as advertised, but I was EXTRA hopeful because Momma was brave enough to post on a football forum. Since I also post on that forum I get imaginary bragging rights as if I am an old family friend. LOL Not sure I would have the guts to post here if my son was on the team. Even if he had great talent. I don't want to know who ran her off, or why. There is always someone that makes it personal. A personal attack on someones kid is crossing the line. Hence why we don't /shouldn't attack the players.. It is an instant trigger point to a parent. I've seen too many parents get run off of forums basically for standing up for their child.
  6. I agree they would, and it is a stupid rule. Top guys may skip if they were not made to play, but marketing your skills is not enough to draw attention anymore they will still need th enational spotlight and endorsement of a respectable association like a college, or the odds are stacked against them.
  7. top guys without a college attached to their name at some point? IF they are making 6 figures why would they need a scholarship to begin with? Why don't all the top players do this skip school and go straight to the NBA? Seems like an easy way to get rich while waiting to get rich. Emotion has nothing to do with it. There is a problem with student debt in this country. The rising cost of tuition isn't helping.. I am all for Athletes getting the free food, housing books, tuition, but that is WAY more than a lot of more deserving students get. Let them work, make them compete for the same scholarships. Or ...they can just take their scholarships and have almost everything they need paid for and their "job" is their sport.
  8. I am paying. I am paying for dorms, food, tutors and health insurance for athletics in tuition. I'm jumping to conclusions here, but you must not have kids that are college age today. If so I can see how it would be difficult to see it from that perspective. I went from middle class to a situation as bad as a lot of athletes overnight because I have to pay so much for tuition. I've down sized everything. My son and I still have to take on debt. My son had to work through high school (still has to work while at school), and retirement for me has been pushed back at least a decade. It will be 10 years before I get back to my normal lifestyle. and 10 years before my son is debt free. He is a kid hat did it right. Top grades, top test scores, Played football, baseball and band. volunteered, had a job, was a leader among his peers, and stayed out of trouble. Please explain to me why all my son's working wages go to tuition that is so high because they are paying for athletes food etc. IF the athlete can make money on the side, then they should pay for their own high quality food. Not my son. Let the athlete work and make money, but make them compete for the same scholarship and loans based on the same criteria as everyone else. Let them pay the same fees and meal ticket thing. When that happens they should be allowed to make as much as they want.
  9. I'd like to hear more about all these top guys that made it to the NFL without a college platform to showcase their skills.
  10. Actually it is too "top dollar" for me to attend games now. Seeing as how I am on the hook for 1/2 of out-of-state tuition the next four years. don't want to make a decision based on something I have to imagine. BUT The best players go to this new league. WHY? for money? . A minor league football at best will pay very little. at worst will fail miserably. They all pretty much have in the past. cares enough to fork out big bucks compared to the 1/4 of a million dollar 4 year scholarships offered now. Not all the players JUST want to go pro. A large portion would like a degree and secure future a well. Besides, lots of great players go somewhere other than Auburn now, and we get along just fine.
  11. Goes down? I don't see how keeping the rules as they are will make quality go down. and why wouldn't there be players?