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  1. Vs Minnesota Auburn vs Minnesota in the Outback Bowl! Auburn will be the home team wearing navy jerseys. This is the first time we've ever played against them.
  2. I could sure use a link to this for my bama acquaintances
  3. From 12 men on the field to number 12. How fun!!!!
  4. LMAO, I didn't expect you to answer.
  5. I don't even know what that means, Is LSU clapping their own cheeks and stopping uga, or does it mean LSU is going to clap uga's cheeks? if so (and I may be sorry I am asking) how do you clap someone else's cheeks? Either way, I am all for it.
  6. This is what the call probably should have been. Refs screwed it all up.
  7. Well, this was the game to rush the field if people are worried about damaging the field. The grass looked worse last night than any game I can remember at JH. The turf was in rough shape before the game began. To me it was not big enough of a game to rush the field, but my son is a frosh so I am glad he got to experience it.
  8. except according to gus, we were not trying to catch them with 12 men. Waddle was expected to get off the field and we were to suprise (quick) kick with no one back to receive. It just happens that bammers were not smart enough to get waddle off the field in time. Decent strategy if it would have worked as planned. We would have had them pinned deep. Better strategy if you opponent is too stupid to even realize what is going on and leaves the PR on the field. WDE.
  9. Pick 12. represents 2 pick 6s and the 12 man