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  1. "However, anything less than 3-2 would be a major disappointment." May be a disappointment, but not major. I was hoping for 7 wins and a bowl game last summer. We are still in the SEC west with a NEW head coach. All I have ever asked of this team is to play hard and be competitive. I want ALL the wins, but if we keep showing improvement, and play hard every game I will not be majorly disappointed with less than 3 more wins. Being on top is a lot of fun, but watching the program grow is the exciting part. We are starting to grow up fast. We just need to keep
  2. Harsin's first top 20 win. first top20 win on the road in a long time. I am seeing this team get better every week. They are understanding what they are supposed to do, and reacting by instinct more and more. They are gaining confidence in themselves, their teammates and their coaches. This team has really grown up in the last 3 weeks. As fans, all we can do to help them is support them.
  3. The AU tradition began in the early 1960s when groups of kids would walk up the street to greet the team and get autographs. It grew quickly.
  4. I around 2005. The picture I posted may be the second time it happened at LSU. The original pictures were of where is was parked on their campus . I was too lazy to search further. Seeing it pisses me off. EDIT: https://www.aufamily.com/forums/topic/20432-yall-seen-this/
  5. How about when they refused to let us have Tiger Walk. But now, they have copied another Auburn tradition, and do a pregame walk.
  6. Bunch of hillbilly vandals. Remember when they did this in Fayetteville ?
  7. Until we get the culture and attitude of practicing hard across the whole team, I have no problem with it. We have to get rid of the attitude, " I'm so good that I don't need to work at practice., and I will still play. " If we play those type payers, we will have immediate results, tho they will be minor. BUT, It will hurt the team in the long run. enabling the attitude you can play even if you do not work as hard as you should. We are trying to change the culture back to blue collar and hard work.
  8. https://auburntigers.com/watch/?Live=1689&type=Live
  9. I suspect Bo gets too hyped up and full of adrenaline during games. The guy lives for football. He eats and drinks football. When the lights are on , he is ecstatic!! The "too fast Bo" probably doesn't show up in practice, but when it is time to play, he gets that rush of adrenaline as long as the game is on. I suspected that with is overthrows earlier in the year. I could be the rush causes him to throw the ball about 3 feet further than he does all week at practice.
  10. The difference is that we are not playing up to our potential .... yet.
  11. I understand the hack hyped the title. But that play is not the reason we lost. Bringing it up after a loss makes Auburn look petty and entitled. I live in Arkansas, and as you know, no one has ever beaten the hogs fair and square. They always lose to the refs. They sound so ridiculously petty and entitled I am embarrassed for them. (fun video down below) I like Bo. I think he is an excellent representative for Auburn. He didn't go overboard, and he handled it "okay", but those kinds of calls will be made by refs forever. The refs are human, they make mista
  12. I see your point, but Where does it end? everyone complaining about the refs all the time. Reverse the call and reverse the team complaining. Then what, preemptive complaining to refs about a team to influence game calls? There would always be someone complaining. It is undignified. Both sides being judged equally is all we can ask. Besides, we have so many more important issues to worry about.
  13. I have defended our WR with "there will always be a few drops" up until this game, but It is just way out of hand. It is not just WR's either. We have had balls hit players in the facemask, back, chest, hands etc. in the uga game alone. Some of them uncontested. Those type drops should rarely happen at this level. Bad passes, good defensive play, uncalled PI, in my opinion are acceptable drops along with very, few random "easy catch" drops. 3-4 easy catch drops per game will not work. the problem is compounded by errant throws, and our inability to get open quick
  14. Although I agree with him 100% it is not a good look to complain about officiating for anyone... esp players. Bad calls happen. almost invariably one team thinks the call was correct. In the long run 50% of the bad calls go your way.
  15. I am seeing more drops than uncatchable passes. (By a HUGE margin if you do not count throw aways.) The good news is... we have a plethora of players that can play DB.
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