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  1. Gave up way to many easy baskets on the defensive end and those turnovers. Should settle down this half and feed Wiley the ball. Pull away late.
  2. Gotta figure out a way to run the ball.
  3. I’m afraid every good team we play is gonna put 9 in the box and makes us throw it.
  4. This is starting to look like a team of Destiny. Thats right i said it.
  5. Well we got our terrible game out of the way. Now next game we can shoot the lights out.
  6. We’re a one trick pony. Live and die by the three and we can’t hit threes on the road. We need guys who can and do attack the basket. That will keep defenses honest. But we’re not doing it.
  7. Most frustrating Auburn basketball game I’ve ever watched. Last 1:30 was atrocious basketball.
  8. Completely agree. Samir is great at times but tends to disappear too much.
  9. Got hosed by the refs no doubt, but let ourselves get in a terrible position to do so. Too many turnovers, missed free throws and gave up way too many off rebounds/second shots. Too many stretches of not taking care of the basketball. Had a very good LSU team beat on the road and let it get away Having said that, a couple of huge positives IMO. Shot the ball very well on the road early. DP had some significant contributions. The things costing us are correctable. We need Wiley healthy and DP is coming around I believe. This team is more than capable of putti
  10. Imagine this game without Harper. This is team needs to value the basketball more.
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