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  1. theweegler

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Arkansas

    This is the perfect time to let Carlson kick IMO. If we have to have a FG to beat this Arky team this season is over anyway.
  2. theweegler

    LSU postgame thread (merged threads)

    It took a long time. But I’m done with Gus. He will always be mediocre. What a waste of talent.
  3. theweegler

    *** Game Thread: Auburn vs. Washington ***

    Just a few adjustments and we blow em out second half.
  4. theweegler

    A-Day thread

    Offensive line seems to have woke up that drive ar least.
  5. theweegler

    A-Day thread

    Only thing I like so far is how they are using Devin Barret.
  6. theweegler

    A-Day thread

    Too many drops and too many overthrows.
  7. theweegler

    Spuat or Thuga

    Being an Auburn fan as long as I have, I have no doubt, that everyone wanting uga to lose and posting it hear has mojo’d it from happening. Thanks guys.
  8. 33 is uncoverable. I been screaming it all year. Why we don’t throw to him more is beyond me.
  9. Second half isn’t gonna be about adjustments, it needs to be about Motivation.
  10. Maybe 2nd half Auburn will be better than 1st half Auburn.
  11. theweegler

    Carlton Davis not playing in Bowl

    CD has done a Great job for us. If this is a business decision I personally have zero problems with it. This game isn’t that important in the big scheme of things. Its not the CFP. We should be able to win with our depth anyways. If he is sick I hope he gets well soon. Either way War Eagle to Mr. Davis and best of luck to him.
  12. theweegler

    TV for game tomorrow (Murray State)?

    Thanks Tiger for the link.