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  1. I am surprised 247 screwed this up. SMU is in the AAC not the ACC.
  2. Roger McCreary. 3 star that we flipped from south Alabama on signing day to All American. I’d call that a pleasant surprise
  3. https://syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/1155393-auburn-football-5-biggest-recruiting-commit-busts-in-tigers-history.amp.html
  4. Greg Smith. 5 star JUCO DT dubbed by tubs as internet king. Never saw the field.
  5. Anyone watch UCF UF game tonight? Gus brought in Gatewood at the goal line to run the Tebow jump pass. Gatewood’s pass to Nate Craig Meyers was………….incomplete. Shocker
  6. Great post right there. Good for Grayson and good for the Chants
  7. It is pretty cool that in the JUCO rankings we are going to get the #1 player from France. Dont think I have seen that before
  8. And three players in their top 100 (kesseler and flanigan)
  9. Fine choice of beverage. My favorite Scotch. 2nd favorite is probably Highland Park 18. I’d rate today as a Highland Park 10. Very good Scotch, but quite a step below the 18 and Lagavulin 16 while still well above the blended stuff.
  10. Dillian Gabriel is transferring out of UCF, I suspect because of Gus and his offense. Gabriel is a really good QB, got hurt this year and UCF season went down the tubes.
  11. Somebody in this picture is either really short or really tall
  12. What Auburn legends did you name your children after?
  13. I would be extremely happy with 25 this year as I believe coaches are only going to accept blue chip players and anything less than 25 will go to transfers
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