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  1. aublaise

    Mark My Word 2018

    MMW, by the end of the season AU will be starting 5 freshman players MMW, UGA will allow Fields to play during a critical time in USCe game; he turns the ball over resulting in UGAs only loss other than to AU MMW, AU will have one All SEC offensive linemen MMW, Whitlow will lead the SEC in all purpose yards per game MMW, AU will have the most All SEC Freshmen players in the league this year MMW, Lame Kiffin will leave FAU for another head coaching gig prior to the bowl games
  2. Yeah, we need a "where are they now" article. Kind of wonder what Kiehl is up to now. Sort of....maybe
  3. aublaise

    Raleigh Regional

    So......who is going to be our starting pithe tomorrow? ??
  4. aublaise

    Stidham about to be "turned loose"

    Look at the picture of the author of that article. Think he is in high school, yet?
  5. aublaise

    Trey Neal

    Oh boy, another University of Auburn.....
  6. I live and work next to UCF campus (yes the Peach Bowl was painful). The locals really like Danny White and I believe he has done a great job in his tenure here. Positive sign for us if our new AD is a Danny White protégé.
  7. aublaise

    Demographic Curiosity

    52 Male From Atlanta, reside in Oviedo, FL (East Orlando) near UCF. Tough to be a tiger down here now 1988
  8. aublaise

    2018 3* TE Matt Alaimo

    Kid can run, can catch, and clearly likes to hit (block) people. Sign him up!
  9. aublaise

    Jordan Hare Panorama

    This is cool. Thanks for sharing
  10. aublaise

    Stidham is a damn man

    What is this testicular fortitude of which you speak? Is that like when you wake up in the morning and have to pee?
  11. aublaise

    Name That Coach!!

    Lame Kitten to Ole Miss. They are made for each other
  12. aublaise

    Highlights: Auburn 26 Alabama 14

    Great highlights
  13. aublaise

    Alabama Game Report Card

    Great work Stat!!!
  14. aublaise

    Stephen Roberts

    What was up with Roberts today? He was listed as a starter today. He is one of our leading tacklers, but did not record any stats today.
  15. aublaise

    It's AU Gameday

    In the RV headed to tailgate spot. WDE