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  1. Buffalo Utah State San Diego State Florida Atlantic Arkansas State Boise State Appalachian State Georgia Southern Central Florida Hawaii Pittsburgh Miami Michigan State Texas A&M Iowa Air Force North Carolina Penn State LSU Ohio State Notre Dame Western Kentucky Mississippi State California Florida Kentucky Arizona State Navy Wyoming Texas Alabama Auburn Wisconsin Baylor Cincinnati Tennessee Ohio Tulane Louisiana LSU
  2. What is up the the 00? I thought that was a number for a center.....
  3. Oregon Central Michigan LSU Clemson Florida Atlantic Ohio State Memphis Boise State Oklahoma Appalachian State 53
  4. This the reason we got the additional JUCO commitment?
  5. Bird, been a while since you have done one of these. Bravo
  6. Not tipsy, outright drunk
  7. Agree, might have to deploy the 4-1-7 (or whatever it was we showed LSU) again
  8. Interesting, i did not know that. Still, I don't see a CB from KN or anyone else i would call an AU insider. Someone should be posting a CB for AU now that he committed, right?
  9. Don’t like that all of the CBs are still for UTe
  10. After our last university president, I get why AU tends to hire Auburn men.
  11. Love it. While we have an incredibly difficult schedule this year, UGA has a different challenge. They play 8 SEC games. First game of the season was Vandy. All the rest of their SEC games except one, their opponent has a bye week prior to playing UGA. Sounds right to me.
  12. All the throws across the middle. Been missing from our offense the past few years
  13. Maybe Jay Jay Wilson will be fully integrated into the offense by then. I have been very impressed by what I have seen of him so far. He seems like a guy that should have a role in any package or play and never come off the field.
  14. ToraGirl, you out did yourself on this one. AUsome!