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  1. WDE!!!!!!!!!!!! Got me pumped for next season
  2. He will not have much competition for playing time. Current recruiting class ranked #150
  3. There was a QB that walked on at Texas Tech, started as a freshman, then left and walked on at Oklahoma. Can’t quite remember his name
  4. Miami is really not a very big school, does not have a large affluent alumni base, and therefore the school does not have resources to build the facilities necessary to recruit the best players and pay for the best coaches, etc. The talent in South Florida is as good as anywhere, but Miami can’t prevent the local talent from leaving the area for better programs
  5. I'd like to see numbers for our peers. My guess is that Bama, UF, TAMU, and UGA have more revenue and spend more than AU.
  6. Dam, Frazier towers over Gus and that is hard to do.
  7. I just watched his video highlights and am very impressed. Sign him up
  8. Ok, so now I am confused. He signed and provided paperwork to AU during early signing period but neither AU or Hardy told anyone? Just so he can announce with his teammates? Or so our rivals waste their time pursuing him?
  9. Chandler Wooton graduated in 2.5 years, that is very impressive. Took me twice as long......
  10. Can anyone name the players in the picture? I recognize Derrick Brown, Marlon Davison, and Sal...but not the rest
  11. What is up the the 00? I thought that was a number for a center.....
  12. This the reason we got the additional JUCO commitment?
  13. Bird, been a while since you have done one of these. Bravo