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  1. Defense may win games, but boy was that a boring game.
  2. I see what you did there. Yes, it also flows down hill, LOL
  3. MMW: SEC will be the only major conference to finish the season MMW: No SEC team will go undefeated MMW: SEC East winner will have three losses MMW: AU will be top three in SEC total offense while defense will barely be in top 50% MMW: AU recruiting will pick up midseason resulting in another top 10 finish MMW: E will remain away from the site for three weeks and then return in a burst of glory after game 1
  4. E, I have enjoyed my time on this board for many years and these years would not have been possible without your tireless work to keep everyone in line. Thanks for everything and WDE forever
  5. Based on my personal experience, “up your nose” does not do this procedure justice. A more accurate description would be “in your nose and down your throat.” A most unpleasant experience
  6. AUsome letter released by Isaac Okoro https://247sports.com/college/auburn/Article/Isaac-Okoro-to-keep-name-in-NBA-Draft-thanks-Auburn-basketball-coaches-fans-for-their-support-149839505/ AUBURN, Alabama--Isaac Okoro, who made a major splash with the Auburn basketball team as a freshman, posted a letter on Wednesday evening to thank Auburn Coach Bruce Pearl, his staff and Auburn fans for their support. The 6-feet-5 forward, who earned second-team All-SEC honors for the 2019-20 season, has declared for the NBA Draft, which has been postponed until Oct. 16th. Okoro is projected to
  7. Great video, Stat, thanks putting this together. Few things stuck out to me 1. The announcers could not pronounce Aromashadu and Obamanu their freshman year 2. Lots of great passes across the middle, hope that will be a bigger part of our offense next year with the TEs and new OC 3. Receivers were really exposed over the middle back then before the targeting rule was implemented; all 4 of those guys were tough! 4. Man those were some great teams
  8. Do horse racing and SEC football go together?
  9. I was also at that game. Was actually surprised as I had a great time at the basketball school. Highly recommend it as an away game if played in the evening combined with bourbon trail in the AM. Can’t believe it was almost 10 years ago. WDE.
  10. I believe one objective of the quick play is to keep the D from substituting. Most times a big play results in different field position and the D will want to sub, but Gus goes for quick play to keep them on the field which should help for the rest of that entire series. Now he just needs to call something other than the run up the middle. Hopefully we won’t see that this year because Gus won’t be calling the plays!!!!
  11. is that Bruce? It looks staged. Looks like he has a square pad under his shirt cushion the impact.
  12. WDE!!!!!!!!!!!! Got me pumped for next season
  13. He will not have much competition for playing time. Current recruiting class ranked #150
  14. There was a QB that walked on at Texas Tech, started as a freshman, then left and walked on at Oklahoma. Can’t quite remember his name
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