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  1. Auburn Alabama Georgia Texas A&M LSU Florida Missouri Utah Clemson Boston College Wisconsin 53
  2. Love it. While we have an incredibly difficult schedule this year, UGA has a different challenge. They play 8 SEC games. First game of the season was Vandy. All the rest of their SEC games except one, their opponent has a bye week prior to playing UGA. Sounds right to me.
  3. Georgia Kentucky LSU Missouri Tennessee Alabama Vanderbilt Oklahoma Iowa 53
  4. All the throws across the middle. Been missing from our offense the past few years
  5. Maybe Jay Jay Wilson will be fully integrated into the offense by then. I have been very impressed by what I have seen of him so far. He seems like a guy that should have a role in any package or play and never come off the field.
  6. ToraGirl, you out did yourself on this one. AUsome!
  7. Where is the tackle box? That was one of the best posts ever. Do think it was of Kyle field before the renovation though....
  8. And that leaves the 11:00 AM game for Bama!
  9. I was at the game. Band was really loud with a reach cool echo within the enclosed stadium. I keep looking or the Oregon band, but they did not bring one. Sure made if feel more like a home game even though the attendance was pretty evenly split between the two teams
  10. I agree......but Dilly makes me feel really old because he looks like he is about 13
  11. MMW: aublaise will win the 2019 Touchdown Auburn Bowl in spite of predicting Auburn to win every game (Auburn will not win every game) MMW: After the Oregon game, Auburn will be favored to win every game except for UGA and Alabama MMW: Auburn will finish the season with two losses, but will beat either UGA or Alabama MMW: UCF will not win the championship for whatever conference they are in
  12. Interesting that she is the only person in the article without a description of their experience or qualifications
  13. The pic of Beth Burkett caught my eye.. Anyone know what role she has in the department?
  14. Or, he believed the coaches and was defending their position