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  1. I agree......but Dilly makes me feel really old because he looks like he is about 13
  2. MMW: aublaise will win the 2019 Touchdown Auburn Bowl in spite of predicting Auburn to win every game (Auburn will not win every game) MMW: After the Oregon game, Auburn will be favored to win every game except for UGA and Alabama MMW: Auburn will finish the season with two losses, but will beat either UGA or Alabama MMW: UCF will not win the championship for whatever conference they are in
  3. Interesting that she is the only person in the article without a description of their experience or qualifications
  4. The pic of Beth Burkett caught my eye.. Anyone know what role she has in the department?
  5. Or, he believed the coaches and was defending their position
  6. Bo, Barkley, and the Big Hurt. Great time to be at Auburn.
  7. With Fields granted immediately eligibility, I can't see a reason that any transfer can ever be denied a hardship waiver again
  8. What is so amazing to me is that AU, FSU, and Miami are all is a bad spot for O line and all desperate to sign somebody. Three traditionally very very good teams have let their O lines suffer at the same time. Makes me wonder if these teams are not getting the talent who is......UA, UGA, UTeā€¦.
  9. Correction, I should have stated that it was not unavoidable. If he was a redshirt his first year he would have had the option to stay for his 5th year like Slayton has the option. Davis actually did have the option to leave last year as all players can leave after their third year whether or not they redshirt.
  10. Losing Davis was avoidable. He should have been a redshirt his freshmen year. Coaches played him 8 games for zero catches and 2 rushes. What a waste.
  11. bunch of CB moving from Clemson to FSU (I think). One from KN that I am guessing is not for the good guys
  12. KN just posted a CB and now there is one CB for WP to AU. It is VIP, but looks to me like KN's CB was for WP to AU. WDE!