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  1. South Carolina LSU Florida UCF BYU Air Force Mississippi State Georgia Washington Oklahoma Kansas State Michigan Ole Miss Alabama Baylor Florida State Clemson 53
  2. Auburn South Carolina LSU Mississippi State Georgia Ole Miss Kentucky Iowa State Oregon USC Texas Oklahoma Ohio State Alabama Tennessee Texas A&M Wake Forest 48
  3. MMW, UCF has trouble recruiting OL, QB, WRs and returning players fail to improve MMW, PSU fans report AU to be the best away game atmosphere they have ever experienced MMW, AU finishes the season with 2 underclassman starting on the OL MMW, Oregon and Bo Nix go undefeated in the PAC-12 but lose to the 3rd ranked of 3 SEC teams in the playoffs MMW, 2 SEC coaches quit or get fired this season, but CBH gets a contract extension
  4. I also went to the Penn State. I was really really impressed and had a great time. Now we were their first big home game of the year and they have very reduced attendance due to COVID in 2020, so the Penn State fans were really pumped and showed out for the game. I am disappointed that we are not able to show the Penn State fans a night game in Auburn.
  5. amazing how many former AU coaches are on that staff
  6. I subscribed back in the 1990s and early 2000s. Great magazine, but I am really surprised it lasted this long in print.
  7. Thanks Stat, really like what you do. When are going to do a video of AU 3, MSU 2?
  8. AU coaches and just about everyone but Gus knew to stay away from this guy. After an injury and riding the pine at Maryland, Terrence Lewis transferred to UCF. Arrested last night in south florida for domestic violence.
  9. Good timing. BB signing day is in April. LSU has two 5 star commitments that should be reopening their recruitment any day. Go get them Bruce!
  10. my takeaway from this article/pictures is that we have some O lineman that block with their eyes closed
  11. Did not see this happening, but really happy for Kodi
  12. Any know if Nix lost his Milo Tea deal when he left for the Ducks?
  13. I also purchased tickets for AU @ UF several weeks ago for $75 each when UF still had a few of there best seats available. I could not believe it, but a first row behind the basket was available. But just one tickets. Nothing but marked up resale tickets now
  14. Sounds very plausible to me, but I am curious. Is this your assessment as an outsider or do you have inside observation of this chain of events
  15. Other than a place to land. Doesn't every other school have the exact opposite problem that we do, i.e., struggle to get down to 85 players?
  16. The walk on kicker that finished last season for us needs to enter the portal. He proved last year that he can kick and doubtful he will see the field again with the talent he will be competing against next year.
  17. With all of this talk about being over of near the 85 player limit.....Does this mean that for every additional transfer we bring in after spring ball we need to kick a current player to the curb?
  18. I am surprised 247 screwed this up. SMU is in the AAC not the ACC.
  19. Roger McCreary. 3 star that we flipped from south Alabama on signing day to All American. I’d call that a pleasant surprise
  20. https://syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/1155393-auburn-football-5-biggest-recruiting-commit-busts-in-tigers-history.amp.html
  21. Greg Smith. 5 star JUCO DT dubbed by tubs as internet king. Never saw the field.
  22. Anyone watch UCF UF game tonight? Gus brought in Gatewood at the goal line to run the Tebow jump pass. Gatewood’s pass to Nate Craig Meyers was………….incomplete. Shocker
  23. Great post right there. Good for Grayson and good for the Chants
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