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  1. 2018 4* OG Trey Hill (UGa)

    All I can say is WOW. He was AU at one point but Kirby just beat our butts on this one. This one hurts for reasons I can't say on here. Things are definitely going to be alot tougher in recruiting going forward.
  2. 2018 4* OG Trey Hill (UGa)

    Well played then
  3. 2018 4* OG Trey Hill (UGa)

    I'm still unsure about UGA because he really likes AU....ALOT and he believes he can come in and have a chance to play immediately. It will certainly surprise me if he chooses UGA but he does have Fromm and Kirby in his ear all the time. Kirby was at his house Wednesday showing the love. AU was there Thursday but I don't think Gus came... not sure why but that could be a big mistake.
  4. 2018 4* OG Trey Hill (UGa)

    Clayton..... is that an opinion?
  5. 2018 4* OG Trey Hill (UGa)

    Kirby visited in home on Wednesday and AU was Thursday.... close call .... I'm saying good guys
  6. 2018 4* QB Joey Gatewood (Auburn 12/5/15)

    Maybe I'm over cautious but this really worries me with JG. The only QB we're bringing in (at this time) is a project IMO. The words "would need a lot of work" doesn't give me a warm fuzzy feeling and MW, again IMO, is in the same boat. So if JS goes down with an injury then we are up the creek but of course we've been in that boat all season. We really need another top QB in this class and preferably one that's further along in their skillset that could contribute if it came to that. And this is no disrespect to JG or MW but this is the SEC. But hey.....maybe I'm overreacting and everything will work out just fine.
  7. halftime adjustments

    Don't understand not using Kam Martin more in this game with KJ hurt. He got the ball 4 times! Give him the ball and let's play...smh
  8. I'm saying it now

    He's good for this season! Lol
  9. Visitors this weekend?

    Any potential visitors this weekend?
  10. what are the keys to beating Georgia?

    I agree... stop the run and put pressure on and hit Fromm the entire game...cannot let him have time. It will be the best D he's seen all season and our secondary will need their best game.
  11. Something UGA did right

    Well imo... unless something above Gus happens the " good job for potential coaches " is questionable.
  12. 2018 4* OG Trey Hill (UGa)

    Well ... Now if the dawgs win the Sec and natty...well he'll probably be a dawg. He and Jake Fromm were teammates last year. However, he really likes AU and opportunity to compete for a starting Position...has visited numerous times , even the ole miss game. We just need to do our part and whip UGA's a$$!
  13. 2018 QB recruiting

    I think it's concerning given that it's October and we're discussing a plan offense to JG....talented but also raw. Just seems in a QB driven offense...we would be attracting some top tier talent. I guess we're attracting them...just not signing and/or keeping them here. Not stirring the pot here but I thought would be doing a lot better in this area under Gus. And I realize JS is a 5 star....transfer.
  14. 2018 4* OG Trey Hill (UGa)

    AU is in very good shape....all AU at the moment.
  15. This is a big game and AU should win this handily. But.... we all know that in big games .. you know who likes to step in and call the shots.