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  1. I wonder what Gus' spin is on the OL recruiting results during his tenure. Honestly, what is his explanation?
  2. I agree somewhat with Dyehard. Not any attention from Power 5 schools but hey ….maybe he's a diamond in the rough. It just appears to me that he's another M. Willis. It also reminds me that Gus is putting all his eggs in the basket with Bo with no emphasis on continuing to recruit a high level QB for the next class. Am I missing something?
  3. Seems like no plan on offense. You would some short quick throws to get things going but I guess it's all or nothing.
  4. The only comment I have is the that Bo has not improved at this point. You would think that he would be getting better but it appears he isn't. By comparison, when Jake Fromm stepped in as a freshman, UGA never looked back.
  5. Next year it appears to be a new O line AND D Line. As they man up.
  6. I just hope Gus doesn't gift wrap Tank to USCe by waiting on Taofili to make a decision. IMO....don't slow play …..take Tank as soon as we can to not put AU in that position. But what do I know!!
  7. So you're saying Williams was our #1 target at RB all along?
  8. I can't remember the guy's name but he was from some recruiting service, It wasn't an in depth AU report. They were just reviewing next week and what teams were after the remaining prospects.
  9. Was listening to college sports channel on Sirius XM radio yesterday. They were talking recruiting and the subject of AU offensive line recruiting came up. The discussion was the sad state of our OL recruiting and that we were battling it out with FSU for 2&3 star recruits. After a few comments on how we had not done well the last couple of years in that dept, they ended with FSU would most likely win the current battle. Such is the state of our OL recruiting.
  10. With all due respect E, I am aware that most are not committed and that it is a year away. And that the crystal ball picks are based on the current opinions of reporters for recruiting services. However, given that I did not see AU "leading" for anyone, my opinion was that it would be interesting to see what Caddy could do in recruiting in his first year with AU. And no offense taken.
  11. So looking at the 247 sports 2020 running backs...Caddy has his work cut out for him. A lot of good backs and if I counted correctly, there are 11 4 star or better located in the "south". But it appears most of them are currently 100% to our rivals. It will be interesting to see what he can do.
  12. I think it's safe to say AU is no longer "running back U".
  13. Robinson played for 3 years for Crisp Co. until he transferred his senior year to Leesburg, Ga.. So he and Big Cat Bryant were team mates for 3 years. Just thought I'd add that to this thread in case y'all didn't know. At one time, AU was after Jammie, Big Cat and Quay Walker who went to the dawgs.
  14. Wasn’t that what all world Calvin Ashley was supposed to do?