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  1. 2018 4* LB Quay Walker (Bama)

    FYI.... Don't know if this will affect his and Jamie Oliver recruitment yet but Crisp County (GA) head coach Shelton Felton announced he's leaving for Tenn Chattanooga.....This is Big Cat Bryant's coach and team mates. There was talk at one time that he was on AU's radar.
  2. AU expected to hire Felton

    All part of it...
  3. This bodes well for AU with 2018 4* OLB Quay Walker from Crisp County. They really want to play together.
  4. Well...I guess the cbs were cloudy at LSU...Clear here in Cordele
  5. Don't count AU out....I'm still hearing AU. If it's LSU...Then several people here in Cordele were fooled.
  6. I hope it's good too...Will be good for next year as well.
  7. I'm hearing some interesting but good news on MB...
  8. I was not being negative and never said we didn't have a great class or great kids already committed. Just stating that with seven spots left that we're bringing in lower ranked kids in for visits which usually means that we will possibly miss on some higher ranked targets. Nothing more ...nothing less. No need to attack. WDE.
  9. And with 7 open slots.....we have five 3 star visitors this weekend along with MB. Don't know what you guys think but to me ....if you're scrambling to try and fill out the class with 3 star players and 7 open slots, then we've definitely whiffed on several top targets or as some say "we are just being very selective...picking who we want". Ummm...yeah right. As Mikey said above...this could end up on a real sour note especially if someone flips.
  10. Saban was here in town on Wednesday for an in home with MB. Conveniently right before he visits AU.
  11. Rhett leaves AU / New OC discussion (Merged)

    Well if it's not announced by this weekend....what does that say about the OC issue? On the outside it will appear to not look good, can't find anyone and the questions/concerns will really escalate then. Maybe Gus has a plan like we always think coaches do when asst coaches leave.