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  1. Just lost one commit but hopefully we get it turned around and headed in the right direction.
  2. New staff not calling kids that previous staff recruited? Doesn't seem professional not to contact the recruits and let them know where they stand, maybe that they are being reevaluated or something.
  3. One thing you can say about Zach is he's determined to find the right fit. Is this his last chance? I would think so unless they decide to allow a 7th year.
  4. UAT probably wouldn't accept his committment unless he was a 5*. 😉 They wouldn't want to lower their rankings for '22 Class.
  5. AU has about 230 known 2022 offers. Obviously they are not all committable. I think 27 have no composite rating at this time. I wonder if our recruiting "expert" is going to evaluate the other 26 no talent recruits. I'm not going to waste my time reading them. Usually the criticism from this forum doesn't start until Auburn accepts a committment from one of these kids.
  6. Didn't Caddy recruit CBrown for a while? A 4* with more size than anyone else. Are there questions about his speed?
  7. I'm pretty sure Jeremy Ingle was a walk-on starter in early 2000's. But I think there was another one that I can't remember. That may have been the year injuries took out most if not all of the scholarship centers.
  8. Good example. I saw our guy in middle get trucked by big backs many times or else whiff on a side tackle attempt. We need a couple of big, strong, fast, and smart ILBs. Hard to find.
  9. I thought he had signed with UAB. We have had walk-on Centers start at AU but it has been a while. Showing my age again I guess. WDE Cort!!
  10. Very surprising to say the least. I don't know if we have an OL on the roster rated as high. I'm sure there are 5* guys that our staff likes better. But a 4* 6'-6 300 Legacy that bleeds O & B. Come on guys!! I had him penciled in. We'll probably end up with some low 3* projects. UAT has offered and will probably get Shor if they really push. Reminds of another OL snubbed by us that Tide signed a few years ago. Became an All-American.
  11. So we agree it's an opinion or a take and not necessarily a fact?
  12. If this kid were to transfer to Auburn I'm sure it would be with understanding that the position is open for competition. No promises but open nonetheless. Interesting.....
  13. Anyone who says 14 of 17 OL are guards & Centers is sharing his/her opinion, but I don't think our coaching staff would have the same opinion.
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