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  1. You nailed it. Rhule may be the best overall coach and team builder, but lacking in two areas that cost us with the last hire. No one is perfect but the risk is too high IMO with CMR.
  2. I don't know . Do you? As usual I probably didn't word it the best. I tried to use if. Consensus seems to think it is Kiffen. I'm just saying we all (obviously some will not) need to get behind the new staff even if the HC is not our first choice. I am confident Cohen and Roberts will hire the best proven football coach that can get.
  3. I agree 100%. I've been saying that we will never flip high profile recruits from UGA, UAT, OSU, etc. But the 5* and high 4* recruits that are hanging around Auburn a lot (at least 5 that we all know about) just might pull the trigger if LK is hired. Top offensive guys going into the portal know about him. He would need to get the best available DC ASAP. Like him or not, Kiffen would have to be the highest profile HC hire for our football program. We all need to get behind Cohen's decision whether it was our first choice or not. I think Caddy will. We should do the same. WDE
  4. Dye had coached under Bear Bryant for several years at UAT. I've heard the Bear had Dye in mind for his successor since they were a lot alike. That was before Dye coached for the enemy and moved the Iron Bowl game to home and home. WDE!!
  5. Fortunately we play them at home with our fans making a ten point difference. Defense is playing well and offense is running downhill. Good guys win 24-14.
  6. I trust AD Cohen to make the right decision. Just like Caddy was the right man for HC during this interim period, Roberts hired the right man for AD. Cohen knows the state of AL, he knows Auburn, he knows the fan base and the south and the SEC, and I feel sure he will do his research, seek sound advvice and not let emotions get in the way of making the right hire. After this two year debacle, Auburn can't afford another risky, reaching out type hire. I think Lane, Hugh, Dabo and a couple of others meet our needs for making a rapid but smart turnaround and would be step ups for sure. I know most of you argued that the last hire was a step up, but deep down many of you probably weren't really sure and just wanted Gus gone. None of us want another mistake. An emotional, knee jerk hire could be catastrophic. I'll support our guy whoever it is but we all need to support and pray for AD Cohen right now. WDE!!
  7. I can't think of a case where the interim coach was retained by the incoming coach although I would I would think it has happened a few times. Incoming HCs often keep a couple of position coaches, but rarely a coordinator. However Caddy is a special case. I know the popular thing right now is blame every negative thing on Harsin, except things that can be blamed on Malzahn. But I do have a tiny bone to pick with Coach Lac. I think he should have gone crazy to get Judkins in our last recruiting class, no matter what CBH or anybody else said. Of course Harsin had the final say. But If he did not trust position coaches that he hired, that's on him. IMHO QJ is the best RB produced in the state of Alabama in quite a while. He was criminally underrated. I've noticed that word being used a lot recently by some posters.
  8. I heard MMc is PO-ed that he missed a few key votes to go duck hunting with BBQ boys.😉
  9. I agree 100% Tex. I forgot about the rule change for this year increasing the 25 max scholarships. So there's no reason for the new staff to pull commits or offers that they might not honor in a different year. WDE!!
  10. I do not say anything negative about any recruit. Let me just say though it is pretty surprising that we offer a low 3*, 5'-10 160 QB. I'm sure he has great quickness and speed, good vision of the field, with great academics, great character, and just a great kid all around. If Coach Lac says we want him, that's fine with me. I do wonder who the QB recruiting staff member is right now.
  11. Do you have inside info Birdman or is it your personal rankings? Looks pretty good to me. I thought at one time you were very high on Grimes.
  12. I think LK coached a good game until right at the end. He had Saban on the ropes, but took the ball out of the hands of Judkins, the kid who wasn't good enough for Auburn. QJ is arguably the best Freshman RB in the country. Love that kid.
  13. Our guys won at home against the worst team in the SEC. I thought that distinction was reserved for Vanderbilt, but they won a big rivalry game on the road. I'm happy for our team, coaches, and fans. But at some point we need to win with a good game plan, some good execution, and smart decisions. That could happen Saturday but most likely next year. If we do win against WKU, it is likely to be an ugly one again but we'll gladly take the W. My hat's off to Coach Lac and all the extended staff for all the work they've done to hold this team together. Truly an amazing job.
  14. We need 5*s Smith and Russaw to slide right into the open spots being vacated by expected departures of Wooden and Hall. Opportunity and money is there so we just need to bring in the right coaches. Easier said the done.
  15. You are so right Mikey. Anyone (including CBH) can sign 45. What separates the good recruiters from the bad is can they get 25 to 30 SEC quality players or even contributors? I wonder where Keith gets that 45 number. Our current coaching staff may not be involved in the recruiting process at all after the Iron Bowl. New staff may not agree with the current recruiting board. It's going to take some time to put together a staff with most top tier assistant coaches busy preparing for bowl games. We just need to keep the faith. Somehow it will all work out. Auburn is still Auburn.
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