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  1. If Cohen is 50-50 he's uncommitted to AU which means decommitted to me. We've had a few recruits over the years that stay "committed" in case they can't get a better deal. I don't think our coaches like those games. That being said I hope this kid sees the light before it's too late.
  2. We certainly have the defense to do the job if they play up to their capabilities. Offensively we have the talent too if Gus calls a perfect game and Bo executes his best game. Everything else would fall into place even special teams.
  3. We have commitments from No. 1 , 2, and 7 JUCO OTs. But they are only 3* guys. Do any Junior College players get 4* or 5* rankings now? Seems like I remember E addressing that at one time but don't remember the answer. Pretty sure Stidham was a 4* though.
  4. UAT lost to LSU by 5 pts at home. We only lost by three at Tiger Stadium. Bammer should fire their coach.
  5. Yeah, I thought E or someone else said we wouldn't be taking another OL unless something happened to change our numbers for 2020 such as a flip or maybe someone not being eligible or could there be an underclassman transferring or not returning. A lot of unknowns I guess, but welcome to Auburn Brendan Coffey. He seems pretty athletic with potential to be a starter next fall especially if he is an EE so I think this a good pickup. Reminds me of a JUCO TE (whose name escapes me) that came to Auburn a few years ago as an OT and started for two years .
  6. Need +2 turnovers and a successful fake punt.
  7. I was sure hoping we could get him early. You're right the pressure might be too much. Not feeling as good as I did a few hours ago.
  8. Starting to feel a little better about next years DL especially if Hardy is an EE and maybe Coe will stay another year to improve his stock. Coe may get overlooked in draft with Brown and Davidson have monster seasons.
  9. I'm concerned about UGA and UAT going after Britt if he's in coverage. But he's the best LB we've had in a while against the run. Have to trust CKS who is aware of all of this and is a lot smarter than most Offensive Coordinators.
  10. This forum is pretty consistent. Anything negative about the team is Gus's fault. Position coaches get credit for anything positive. That's probably the way it should be. I'm pretty sure CGM is OK with that too.
  11. Seems like Carlson has lost some of his confidence. Maybe missing the PAT got in his head a little. Why did we change holders? I actually felt we had a better shot at making 3 yards on the 4th down than making the field goal. Right now I don't like our chances with anything over 40 yards. Special teams may be our Achilles heel right now. If we win against UGA and UAT we will have to make critical field goals and not allow long kick returns. Gotta fix it.
  12. I think everyone has a few scholarships for walkons in the fall due to attrition. The issue is always the annual limit of 25 recruited signees which is max no matter how much attrition we have.
  13. I'm certainly not apologizing for Gus and his boneheaded decisions. But almost no one except our most ardent pumpers really thought we could win that game in Tiger Stadium against the No. 1 team and Heisman Trophy favorite no matter who was our coach. We all knew calls and non calls would go against us but we almost pulled it out. However our guys played their hearts out and if Gus had called a decent game and Bo had made a few more plays we win the game going away. But that's hind sight. I would rather focus on the positives and get behind this team. We have two big ones coming up down the road that are even bigger than the two we blew. WDE!!!!
  14. I think we all knew DJ stepping out of bounds cost us 4 points. In spite of Gus's dumb calls if Bo would just tuck it and run for 10 or 15 yards when they're covered (instead of throwing it away or into the ground) we win. If we would throw it in the wide open middle of field about 5 times we win. If we throw to Hastings about 5 times we win. If we run jet sweep 3 or 4 times with Schwartz we win. If Bo keeps the ball about 5 times on read option instead of handing it off for 1 yard loss we win. We lost to a 5th year senior Heisman trophy winner who ate our lunch but our defense still played good enough to win. Go figure.
  15. I would think Boobee is with the team for morale and support. Gus doesn't usually put someone in a game without a few days of practice