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  1. We need Seth bad for the TAMU game. No one else has his skill set unless it's Farrar or Mclain and they seldom see the field.
  2. JJ took a huge risk in hiring CBP. It could have blown up and I'm sure many of PTB opposed that decision. Some may have approved the hire thinking that would be the last nail
  3. CBP was and is a big-time coach but we would not have gotten him him except big-time programs didn't give him a look with the baggage. We were lucky and blessed.
  4. I feel pretty sure Bo is supposed to try to make it look like it is a true read option but defenses have figured that out. They are not stupid. Neither is Bo. There are times I think he knows he could make a first down if he kept it. But he is a freshman and may get chewed on if he disobeys a strict call especially if he doesn't make the first down..Obviously he does has some options on certain plays. Hopefully Gus will loosen the strings more and more as season progresses.
  5. If Gus could realize and accept that we have an average or slightly below average OL and that's not going to change this year then maybe he could design and call plays that would keep the defense guessing wrong or out of sync. Unfortunately if we are fortunate enough on first down to gain 4 or 5 yards CGM is determined to run that play again and again when defense is fully adjusted and prepared prepared. Hence we have a fourth and 3. I think we do have some potentially elite backs and WRs but without elite offensive linemen they will not be elite UNLESS we have elite coaching which seems very unlikely. But miracles do come along occasionally. We need to stay positive through these trying times.
  6. It's a problem and I'm afraid it will continue to be. Also seems like every year we have a couple of WRs who drop easy passes at critical times (momentum killers)
  7. 38-24 good guys as our D gets a little sloppy in 4th Q with freshmen and backups getting most of the snaps.
  8. No one mentions the stupid 15 yard penalty. Right now I don't trust Carlson with a critical long or even medium range field goa But he has a very strong leg and kicks off into end zone. You can't do a Hail Mary from the 25 yard line which is where Ducks should have been.. I agree Gus makes some very questionable calls but some of our players act without thinking sometimes. Case in point Nix probably should have run on a couple of his scrambles instead of forcing a pass. OL made some critical snap count mistakes.
  9. The reason I was concerned about decision to kick instead of going for two was the 15 yard penalty. That almost assured Ducks of good field position especially since our kick coverage had been terrible.
  10. Has Webb indicated a commitment date? 8/23 maybe?
  11. I think we all knew King would become an Aggie. Perfect spot for him to land with Mond moving on I'm sure to the next level. But you're right. He was the best QB to give us a look in the "20 class.
  12. Amusing that almost no one has mentioned QB recruiting this year. Our staff is very happy with our QB commit but Quarterback position has the lowest composite rating by far of our commitments by position. Since all our current QBs are freshmen (True or RS) it's not surprising that we haven't received a lot of attention from big time QB recruits. High profile QBs won't admit it of course but few if any want to redshirt, practice with scout team or sit on the bench for a year. They don't fear fair competition but competing against three experienced sophomore 4 or 5 star QBs would be a little more challenging than I would like.
  13. We were in the top four in April but UK has been added. Strange basketball world we live in to be recruiting the same kids as Kentucky.
  14. Wonder if she has a player looking for a transfer
  15. We're young and we have a long way to go to be ready to play Oregon.