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  1. Not sure but I suspect this might be the first time our QB signee is the lowest rated signee in the class.. I would have to say Garnett is the most underrated player signed by AU this year. At least I hope so. I have a feeling we are going to need this kid to step up somewhere along the way.
  2. I think Porter was impressed early on. But odds of Frazier giving AU a serious look were pretty slim at that time so no visits..... Until CCM arrived who had Texas ties and a good track record with TE's and a great relationship with this kid. KN is very high on Bigsby, Walker, and Frazier and others I'm sure. Not many question the talents of the first two. Most of us respect Keith's opinions. He's biased toward Auburn sure but I don't think he's known to over-hype in recruiting world. No one wants to lose their credibility.
  3. My wife knew him pretty well at Auburn. I remember going to preseason game at Samford. He recognized my wife during pre-game warmups and came over to say hi. She introduced us. He seemed like a really good guy. John had a nice pro career and broadcasting after that. Did not know he was back in Auburn.
  4. Stats were all for his senior year. Had very little playing time before this past season. A late bloomer I guess you could say. A couple of posters note that Power 5 programs usually target their QBs during their sophomore or junior years at the latest. Lucky for us. Far and away our best walkon QB in my memory.
  5. We saw some big fast (6'-6 250) TE's play huge roles in the Super Bowl game. I'm going to be disappointed if we don't see some of that in the next 3 or 4 years. Of course it wouldn't be my first disappointment.
  6. Position change would have to be good for athlete as well as coaches. If a player is the least bit unhappy it's too easy to hit the Portal button these days. To tinker with someone who seems to have perfect size and skill set for NFL would not be fair. On the other hand Pegues appears to have great potential at maybe 3 positions right now.
  7. I think you nailed it. I believe.there is a chance (but slim) that BV takes another look at everything in the fall. If Bo lights it up with CCM offense and seems likely to leave after junior year, Brock just might rethink his future plans. Could make Mama happy to at least consider that option. I wouldn't expect anything to happen before fall if at all.
  8. So you're saying there's a chance! 😉
  9. Is there any chance we go harder after 5* Vandagriff with the AMc decommittment? I know chances are almost zero that we steal one from UGA but BV does have AU ties.
  10. Kid is a winner. Wish he was there for spring. He will be No. 4 this fall. But watch out for next Spring. Hope we can keep him.
  11. Do PWOs sign something so they can't flip to another program after NSD if they get a better situation? Pate is a 3*. Aren't our PWOs usually 2* or less?
  12. We may have gotten CA because other programs did enough research to know what might happen there. I don't know. We just seem OT snakebit right now.
  13. Kid appears to have NFL frame and skills right now. It would in fact be criminal to change all that
  14. I was under the impression that if we miss on BJones we hold one schollie for a GT OL?
  15. Hastings was not a QB. My point was odds are astronomical for QB. position.