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  1. Appreciate your honesty. Surprising for sure especially since I think I read that we're only signing 22 for '19 class. However War Eagle to young Mr. Johnson. Here's hoping you have a great career at Auburn.
  2. autan

    Big Cat Visitor Thread (June 2nd)

    Are Simpson and Deal planning to attend Big Cat? I 'm aware Nix has a major conflict.
  3. War "Boom" Eagle!!!!!!
  4. autan

    2019 5* OG Clay Webb

    Don't have any inside info. Just a hunch that there is a chance (albeit a very slim one). We know Pierce and Webb are friends but Nix is also in Webb's ear in a good way I think. UA QB commit Tyson is HS teammate with Pierce so I would think they are very close. Webb could immediately become a leader of AU OL and I think he would thrive blocking for two potential All-Americans in Bo Nix and Asa Martin. Nix is the Wild Card if AU pulls off the huge upset. Not getting my hopes up though. Heart says Tide but Tigers might be the better business deal??
  5. Several negative posts directed at Draper over course of the season. But she does have highest batting average on team by far. Granted her SEC average was low as was entire lineup. I'll defend Vic by saying she's been a clutch player over her career both offensively and defensively IMO. Not taking a shot at Perry but but almost a sure K under the conditions she faced. I would have takne my chances with Draper who had seen a lot of pitches from Osorio. But Mickey is our coach and I support him, just don't agree with some decisions. One girl in starting lineup has BA well below 0.200. We all agree hitting (especially clutch hitting) is biggest issue.
  6. Ready to roll with face of '19 class on offense (Nix) and face of class on defense (Pappoe). Couldn't be any better. WDE!!!!
  7. autan

    2019 3* TE Tyler Fromm commits!

    Looks like a Lutz clone to me. Physical receiver with great hands and athleticism. About the same size. Then PL packed on about 30 pounds of muscle pretty quickly at Auburn. I think we have a winner.
  8. autan

    2019 3* TE Tyler Fromm commits!

    Great pickup. Much better athlete than his 5* brother. When I first saw the name I thought Uh-oh. If UGA offers late he'll flip. But I don't think so. Tyler and family are all in. Welcome to AU family. WDE!!!!
  9. This year State of AL has 3 elite OL recruits, a rare if ever occurrence in our state. Right now UAT stands to sign all 3. ( Two 5*s and one very high 4*). Huge disappointment. Hopefully Bo Nix and our Staff can find a way to perform some magic with Webb (the best of the three)..
  10. This is huge. A Grad-transfer with two years eligibility. Much prefer over a JUCO or a Power 5 guy who has ridden the bench for 3 or 4 years. This guy has faced SEC and big-league football defenses. Already our most experienced OL. WDE Jack Driscoll!!!
  11. Looks like another diamond in the rough, but had offers from just about everyone. Did anyone see this coming?
  12. autan

    Sotball vs. Missouri - game 1

    Little things make a huge difference. Was the slow roller a close play? I like Veach at third. Quick for her size and has arguably the strongest arm on the team. Doesn't have the best glove but I've seen her make great plays on bunts and slow rollers. I hope our team is not in a state of shock. Coach Dean we need your best "half-time" speech.
  13. autan

    Sotball vs. Missouri - game 1

    Still leading team in RBI's even after missing last 4 or 5 games. I like her swing but she does need a better command of strike zone along with Rivera. We need Perry's bat and I hope this time on the bench will settle her down. She hasn't even been used as a PH which is puzzling. Could be more to the story. Hope not. Need to sweep.
  14. autan

    Sotball vs. Missouri - game 1

    That was part of it but apparently CMD wanted to keep Dowells glove in the lineup so he shifted Veach from third to first and benched Perry. However I believe Dowell has lowest BA on the team. KK is a good fielder too and a much better stick but Istill think we need to give Perry another chance. She may have the most power on the roster.
  15. autan

    Malik Willis starter?

    I haven't noticed any trashing so far. Point is MW was playing with the starters against 2s and 3s mostly. We all have to admit Willis didn't have a great day. But as CGM said Cam didn't look All-world in his one and only A-Day game. This is Malik's second spring. Probably looked a little better last year. Actually thought Appleton looked pretty good with only a handful of snaps. Would be surprised if he takes a snap this fall though.