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  1. Didn't Frazier sign at 6'-7 247? Last time I checked 270 would be 23 lbs gain.
  2. I didn't think we seriously recruited Pro-style QBs any more.
  3. Looks like we take one Monday. If we land Trigg he would be the second TE.
  4. Our staff has their work cut out for them trying to hold on to these four OL studs while trying to add at least one more.
  5. No way do we get No. 1 OT and No 1 OC (the twins). That would be too much to ask for. Finishing in third place is not bad though. However after the OVs (if they do happen) we will have expended a lot of time and energy and resources that maybe could have put us in a better position with Fairchild. Who knows? I would so love to steal one from UGA. This guy DF would finish off an outstanding class of OL recruits. Regardless Bicknell and Morris have done an outstanding job in their first year of recruiting at AU. But it's not over until it's over.
  6. Mc had his detractors on our board for sure so it's probably best for both parties that he went in another direction. I for one think he could have made a huge positive difference in our team. We will struggle next year IMO without someone to take the big shot like Samir or take it to the hole like Okoro. Maybe there is still someone else out there who can fill those roles that would be a better fit for our team. AU BB really needs more experience but that usually happens right after you field a very experienced team.
  7. Just being considered in final 4 or 5 for No.1 player has to be good for recruiting and respect for overall program. WDE!!
  8. Sounds like you don't won't him to come. If he plays point only he will get about 5 minutes a game and you know he will not sign with AU for that much pt. We need experience in the backcourt I think you would agree. Maybe there are better fit CG's out there
  9. CB's are 100% (9 I believe) for Fairchild to UGA. You might have a shot with Anna?
  10. Seems to play taller than 6'-2 more like a 6"4 or 6'-5 CG, an Adam Harrington type with better motor if he recovers. A very long shot for AU I would think. I do like the idea of having a guard with some high level experience.
  11. War Eagle Big Guy.!! Happy to have you in the family. I think we need you to contribute this year. Thank you for waiting on us. You won't regret it.
  12. Would be very surprised to see Bailey as a 2022 AU signee. Hope I'm wrong but we've already pulled a commitment from a higher rated Pro style QB in 2021 class.
  13. Certainly disappointing. A few short months ago AU seemed to be leading for around four or five 5* recruits McKinstry, Brooks, Hunter and others I think. We all knew that was too good to be true. We still have Hunter who is demoted to 4* and probably a little shaky now. We seem to have a difficult time keeping legacies and early commits.
  14. I remember a Jake Slaughter at Auburn maybe 20 years ago. I think he was a fullback from TN. Any relation?
  15. Are we higher on 3* Langlo than 4* teammate CJohnson?