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  1. 6 wins in a 10 game season with no out of conference games is not much difference from a 9 win season. Sorry Buddy. I agree with you. I'm done too. They can call me 3.0. I have no problem with wearing the badge of shame. Adios.
  2. Would someone please stop this madness?
  3. Lol is right. I was confused about the two M Pollards with AU and Michigan being finalists for both of them. I don't believe they are related. Is that correct?
  4. Vandy is almost dominant in baseball and have been very competitive in basketball until recently. But football, not so much. It takes more than just money.
  5. Doesn't CBH also have a son on AHS football team? Seems like I heard he was only a sophomore but has a lot of talent. That could be interesting since the Harsin kid is a QB. Seems that I recall Ensminger, Jr being a scholarship QB at AU while his dad was OC/QB coach. I remember that Sully Jr. was a QB at Auburn but I think that was after Dad had moved on. Not sure but Pat's younger brother Joe may have been an AU QB during Pat's tenure. Some of you history buffs can probably correct me. Of course this was all back in the day before fans were stirring up stuff for controversy. I just don't see
  6. Fair definitely has the experience. Might be wrong but I thought I saw that TF was a '14 HS graduate. If so that would probably make him the oldest Tiger. We could use another father figure after the departure of Sandberg.
  7. Where are all of these SEC Portal kids going? If most programs already have 20+ signees, are there enough slots for those kids to land somewhere with a schollie? The top 20% of the transfers will always have several options but the bottom tier may be SOL. I think a large portion of our guys (good for them) probably fall in that top group.
  8. The right move for his career. I think Garnett was behind walkons on depth chart. It's unusual that the QB has the lowest composite rating in a class. Wish him well. Seemed like a really good kid with a great attitude.
  9. Lost a lot of 4* in that list and several left early for Pros. Not likely to replace them with 4*s if that really means anything.
  10. I detected sarcasm but a lot of frustration and some truth there also. I try to be positive and optimistic but it sure looks to me that Story and Quick are just waiting for the UAT offers. Hope for wins but prepared for losses.
  11. If he did say Auburn lied to him, then Alexander needed to try walking that back some for his sake and AU's. Hopefully everyone can move on now.
  12. You don't take a transfer like Desi unless he gets a lot of minutes which obviously would take away from Trey's time on the court. High profile recruits like Trey want to be the guy. It's like the chicken or the egg. Which came first for Bruce? Trey wavering or strong interest in Desi?
  13. I agree that it's highly unlikely to pick up an OL at this point that would be an upgrade from what we have. I can certainly see why our staff would prefer to continue working with an OL roster that they have already coached.
  14. I have a question that probably has already been discussed and answered. After all of this transferring and reclassifying settles down and ends when do these kids sign on the dotted line?
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