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  1. I was actually hopeful CMD could maybe pick up a power lefty arm for the pitching staff. I understand you don't need a lot of pitchers for softball unless you have injuries. But our luck has certainly not been very good with nagging injuries.
  2. The '24 class CB Lane (from Alabaster/Moody) is a 4*. But he played at perennial 7A champs Thompson last year so he had the exposure. He also has blazing speed but I think he is a shorter more compact CB. Lane and Hart may be the future. I like seeing Alabama kids like McCreary back there. They usually don't have the high rankings of Georgia and Florida kids, unless you play for a program like Thompson. Etheridge is making a difference in DB recruiting.
  3. The Kohl kid from Iowa seems like the better option, but he is probably a long shot. Miami took his committment so he must have D1 talent. CMC doesn't waste schollies. Who knows about Posse sticking with AU. 2024 is a long way off. If he does end up 5* top QB in '24 class we'll have our work cut out for us. Reel Williams in CEK and CBH. Could be a ZC diamond in the rough type QB.
  4. My guess is he just pays the fine. But will he be disciplined by CBH?
  5. I'm guessing our staff is ready to accept his commit this weekend to help make up for disappointing news about Bo and Connor. Welcome JC!!
  6. We're all trying to stay positive but fans are impatient beings by nature. No one wants to wait until '24. A year ago some experts were raving about the '23 class being maybe one of the strongest ever in Alabama with many 5*s. That's true but it looks like none of them will be wearing O & B. I'm still hopeful we snag one or two.
  7. It's Now or Never. Thank you very much.😉
  8. I agree on "now" even if it doesn't hold up on NSD. It could give us some momentum. If AU and BH wait, it will be forgotten and probably never happen. Kirby will do something to stop the presses. Come on down BH!
  9. With Thor at the 3 and a penetrator and passer like Cooper, AU would or could or should have been unstoppable.
  10. Smolik finished 8th at Elite 11. Brock Glenn was 9th. If he gets a 4th star the Bigs will snatch him away from Tulane.
  11. Cobb appears to have good speed and moves. Does anyone know his 40 time? Of course he could be pulling away from 5.0 DBs. Level of competition wasn't elite is my understanding.
  12. In spite of the negativity Gus received from AU fan base (much of it probably deserved) the guy could recruit and close deals.
  13. No joy in Kmudville is right. May get me a lifetime ban but you are No. 1 poster Mikey.
  14. You're not alone with that question. I trusted his 3 point shooting over anyone, other than Jabari of course. Lior had an injury at the wrong time and it's very difficult for a walkon to get back in the rotation after missing a lot of practice time.
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