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  1. autan

    2019 5* OG/C Clay Webb

    I'm certainly not disappointed in Horton's recruiting this past year. Asa Martin, Shivers, and Joiner is a pretty good haul. They may not turn out as good as we hope but that's on Horton too I guess. Like Coach Grimes and Coach Brown, CTH will probably never get respect he deserves.
  2. Are Hastings and Stove on the same timetable or is one of them a little ahead of the other for returning?
  3. I don't believe Clark's decommittment affects the strength of 2019 class much at all unless it has some effect on Pappoe's committment. Don't know how close they were but have to admit it does make me a little nervous.
  4. Clark seems to be getting more respect from recruiters but is still underrated IMO. Regardless his rating hasn't improved to the point that he can be playing games with our staff or any other staff for that matter. I'm sure he has several other offers but does he have a committable offer from UT?
  5. autan

    Scholarship Numbers (Updated 8/18/17)

    If this puts us at 85 limit I'm guessing last year walk-on recipients of 1-year schollies are being renewed (Will Hastings, Tucker Brown, etc). Can anyone verify that?
  6. autan

    Scholarship Numbers (Updated 8/18/17)

    Are we at the 85 count now or are two or three slots available for deserving walk-ons? I'm probably wrong but I don't believe we've had as much attrition this year.
  7. autan

    JB Grimes- Thoughts?

    My gut feel is our staff hasn't given up on landing Webb. Until that happens there is always a chance. Also don't think they've given up on Morris and he's committed to UT.
  8. autan

    2018 Fall Camp - 8/13/18

    Looks like they've settled on what I have been expecting all along for our starting OL. I know Driscoll is new to our offense but he probably has more starts (and maybe more meaningful snaps) than the rest of our line combined. Our OL is so thin on experience we really need his maturity. Ashley and Trox are the future but I feel better right now with current first team guys.
  9. autan

    2019 5* OG/C Clay Webb

    My head tells me you are right about Webb, but my heart sure hopes that you are wrong WDE
  10. I can't see Sandberg redshirting. If he is QB3 he might consider working at WR with some special plays. He's very athletic and left handed. Who knws?
  11. I'd like to see us fake that little quick screen and chunk it down field. When we have tiger meat third and long don't overrun the rush and let the QB slip 12 yards up the field for a first down.
  12. No guarantee Kennedy would be the starter. He wasn't at Bama. At least Driscoll had a lot of starting experience. I know that's comparing apples and oranges or bananas. I still think coaches know what they are doing even if there is someone out there who will disagree on every decision.
  13. autan

    2019 4* QB Bo Nix Commits to AU!!!

    Isn't Bo signing in Dec. 2018? I suppose you're referring to 2019 class. I would expect Patrick to coach HS until second son is graduated before testing college waters again.
  14. autan

    Poll: Cord Sandberg, Willis, Gatewood, or Bo Nix?

    Three will probably play. One will either transfer or change positions.
  15. Gut feeling says CS is ours if we put on full court press. If something happens to Stidham (God forbid) with all due respect I don't see MW or JG leading us to 10 or 11 wins. Not this year anyway. Gus knows there will be no excuses this time around. Our base expects contending for a championship at a minimum. So we need the best backup QB we can get at this point.