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  1. We only had 3 in-state signees in the 2019 class and one was a legacy. We might be leading nation with fewest in-state signees.
  2. I agree that we will have a top 10 class but I predict that there will be a couple of high 4* that either flip or come from out of nowhere to finish out this class. They may not be on our board right now but they know who they are and I bet our coaches do too. WDE
  3. Does this mean you think both of them may be trying to get AU to accept their commitment?
  4. Welcome to the family Zack!!. Wish I could be more excited about your commitment. I'm not sure there are enough pass play snaps in our 2019 arsenal to keep our current WRs happy. Like many of our fans I was hoping to pick up a 6'-6" 320 lb 4* grad transfer OT with two years left to play. Too much to ask for I reckon. Now the question is will we go after a DT or DB or maybe even a QB next.
  5. I understand most on this forum are pulling for Joey to win the job. And he may very well be the candidate that gives us the best chance to be successful in 2019. None of us fans really know. It could be any one of the four. It will be a Gus/Dilly decision. I hope the fan base will support that decision. We have to trust Gus to make the right decision. It is critical for AU in 2019 season and for the next three or four years and also for the careers of our coaches. I'm afraid the backup QB could possibly end up in transfer portal after fourth or fifth game. If we've learned anything in the last couple of years it's that 5* quarterbacks do not come to a school to be backup QBs. If Willis transfers he would likely have to step down a notch if he still wants to fulfill his QB dream. So he might decide to stay on as a backup. And starting QBs still do get injured or sick and have bad games. But most importantly we're going to have to support these players and coaches if we have the kind of year we all want to have. The talent is there in place.
  6. I think we would all can agree Joey is the best athlete of the QBs from what we have seen. But Gus has to start the one who gives Auburn the best chance to win. I haven't seen anything yet (HS or College) that convinces me that JG is our best passer. He may be but we haven't seen the evidence. But I have seen enough from Bo to convince me he is the most mentally and physically prepared freshman QB ever at Auburn. That being said it's still possible things don't work out for BN at Auburn. Some of you even suggest Bo should redshirt. I think we all know 5* QBs don't go to college to redshirt. No matter how this unfolds one thing is for sure. It will be exciting at Auburn this spring and fall. WDE
  7. No big surprises so far except for Jackson but I thought maybe Davidson or Coe would move inside with Big Cat starting at Buck. But Truesdell was coming on for sure at end of last season. That definitely gives us a huge DL Also Nigh was backup FB/HB all last year but not on depth chart now. Another surprise but not a big deal are you sure Eschenbach was 3rd team DT at 220 lbs?
  8. We may not have signed those two speedsters if we didn't support them in track. Iggy and the others probably didn't have that understanding so they may only run track during indoor season or when there is no conflict.
  9. Bynes didn't have the speed but he was a smart guy. Always seemed to be in the right spot in run or pass plays. I believe all three of our guys possess some of these intangibles so they may have a chance. Losing some weight by itself just doesn't seem to help all that much with speed. Hope DD, DW, and MA live their dream.
  10. If Vandy or Troy or Duke were to offer a schollie could we still lose him?
  11. Our starting Lbs were pretty good tacklers but were a step slow as compared to SEC standards. I did think Darrell looked a little faster than Deshaun.
  12. We've all heard that one before. Set myself up and knew the 50/50 would be coming full speed from somebody. We know E often says he doesn't do percentages. Just trying to have a little fun with him but got slam dunked. Gotta admit the bird impression was a good one. 😀
  13. Doesn't Auburn lead for this kid? Are you saying AU 50% and sum of Duke GT, UNC, etc = 50% ?
  14. This would be our best shot at an OL upgrade for the short term. Hope Dilly Dilly can seal the deal.
  15. Hope Doc is right but I haven't seen anything in College or High School that tells me Joey has a more accurate arm than Fitzgerald. I don't pull for any player over another just hope player or players that give AU the best chance at winning become the starters. Our coaches have far more knowledge about this than any of us. Based on what I know or see I sometimes disagree but I trust our staff who see the whole picture.