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  1. Report: Malzhan staying

    What a schedule this year and Gus hasn't complained one iota. The football gods apparently realized how tough our schedule was to have us ranked No. 2 with 2 losses. We played four games against the four playoff teams. I don't believe any of those teams even played one. I'm on the bus ( at least for now) Lol
  2. Auburn Up to #4 in Latest AP Poll!

    We would be ranked No. 1 right now if we hadn't layed the egg in 2nd half of LSU game assuming everything else happened the same. However I think we would probably have lost to one of the No. 1's so really everything has worked out for the best so far.
  3. Fun fact

    You beat me too it tri-tig. I was about to post that fact which I was well aware of because I was at that game. Still hard to believe that this is largest victory margin in 48 years and AL is (was) No.1 team this year. And to think many on this board wanted to fire Gus as he walked off the field at LSU. This victory is worth every penny of CGM's salary. WDE!!!
  4. Gus

    Great Win! Hope Gus stays but sure can't blame him if he leaves. Unlike the other 5 or 6 or more SEC coaches who will be looking for new jobs, Gus will have many good offers. A coaching change right now would set our program back a few notches IMO. Lets all get behind our team and coaches for the next 2 (hopefully 3) weeks. WDE!!!!!
  5. Don't we have two TE's coming in this weekend on OVs? 1st come first served again? We know what happened with that last time.
  6. Wondering the same thing. If we shelve the HB/FB position does our 4* Cox transfer out or just work special teams? I suspect Pettway, Stidham, White, etc. might not be jumping for joy without his blocking.
  7. Not against taking another TE. If we really use a TE then an injury could put us in a bind. That being said, how can you pass up an athlete like CL who can play anywhere with 4.5 speed? And not much smaller than Shenker. I hope CGM has a good apology for leading this kid and his family down the primrose lane. And I sure hope we didn't play a role in his decommit from Michigan.
  8. 2017 4* OL Kai-Leon Herbert (Michigan)

    Do you think he was ever a take?
  9. 2017 3* HB Chase Lasater

    Couldn't agree more Eagle. Funny how we had room on the 13th as CGM apparently tried to get an HB/FB commit from TJ. Now on 23rd we don't have room and we haven't picked up a single commit in that time. I think our people need to tell the truth.
  10. 2017 3* HB Chase Lasater

    Insiders say Gus has nothing to do with Defense and Defense recruiting. Now Lindsay walks in Friday or Saturday and he has total control of Offense and Offense recruiting. Why are we paying CGM millions? What does he do? Shouldn't he have final decision on all recruits?
  11. Hope it's just me but seems a little shaky at RB. OM and DB still visiting and AW would be too (probably) except for academics. I'm sure we have backup plans (JUCOs or Grad. transfers) but it's hard to be real excited about that.
  12. Big Cat OV weekend (Jan 19-22)

    I think he's ours. That would be a huge blow if we missed on this one. When LSU made a move a couple of weeks ago I thought they would be the biggest threat. E said no It was Oklahoma.
  13. 2017 3* HB Chase Lasater

    I bet CL is hard at work on his backup plan. He may eliminate us before we can tell him we don't have room. But I'm sure we have room for a couple of OLs for depth who might never see the field.
  14. 2017 3* HB Chase Lasater

    I suggested last week I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't take TJ or CL even though many of us wanted both. I guess we'll see pretty soon.
  15. 2017 3* HB Thomas Johnston

    Johnston was right that Auburn didn't want him, specifically TWill. I think CKS was pretty high on TJ but allows his guys to recruit pretty much who they want and feel is the right fit, which is pretty much how it should be. I also think CGM knew TJ would not accept the HB offer. Not sure it was even committable. Hope our LBs are as good as they are supposed to be. I was not as impressed by our LB play this year as most of you were.