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  1. I believe if I am reading this correct he is talking about Miller.
  2. Gus mentioned a little about Fulse and Uzomah both tonight in Cullman. I think Uzomah will be utilized more as a receiver than Fulse. Both bring a lot to the field.
  3. Saban to Houston. Thats what Terry was doing in Texas. He wants to coach tate and foster.
  4. Every gameday before i leave for work i go whisper in my little one's ear happy gameday daddy loves you. It me and her against her momma, she is a sinner if you know what i mean. By the time i get home from work she has her shaker shaking it all through the house. She just turned 1 so this has been a fun football season for us together.
  5. To be honest he reminds me a lot of Julio Jones. Size, speed, and the occasional drop on an easy ball. Don't get mad at me but thats who he reminds me of.
  6. I really enjoyed seeing the new gus chewing on some guys. Very refreshing!
  7. I believe marshall was alittle geeked tonight but he definately has a live arm.
  8. All i can say is get grant the ball. He was by far the most impressive player on the field.
  9. Louis, uzomah, and bray with mason-cap-grant as a whole unit
  10. Just enjoy these days my friends they dont last very long. Soak up every minute once you graduate football season is never quite the same.
  11. I hope you are wrong or this is gonna be another long tortureous season.
  12. I wasn't the biggest fan of the malzahn hire but the season is here and i am getting pumped. He cleaned house and started fresh i am pulling for him to do something great. WDE
  13. 38-21 lets roll the wires!
  14. I was anti Gus but this makes me feel a whole lot better. Clean sweep. Maybe jj will be next.