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  1. AUallday

    2020 4* RB Tank Bigsby

    It is a random picture of two coaches talking. Mid sentence even...smh I wish there was a Waffle House near me too tho...
  2. AUallday

    LSU Visitor List & Thread

    I think if the offense can keep LSU DL running east and west(jet sweeps, rb flares, all screens) then the OL can double team the point of attack on inside runs. Use the same influence blocking scheme for play action pass, and connect on the deep balls. Use the Freshmen...decoys or lightn' in a bottle. Defense. DL & LBs are Tops Coverage has been good, but i would like to see a play on the ball with this QBs touch pass. He floats it. I know this has been discussed. I would like to see more in phase position played and more "ballhawk" risks taken... Special teams kicking is Tops w some breaking in of the P. Return game looks good. War Eagle
  3. AUallday

    Devan Barrett

    I like coles opinions...dont always agree lol, but thats ok... The last part was refering to comparing players to each other. Its not that hard to see what players fit into what role needs to be played. Imo Shivers plays over DB allday. Not a knock on DB at all tho. I liked what i saw out of all the fresh wrs actually. Haha take his avi...i wouldnt draft the kid, but he wouldnt sit on the bench for me either lol
  4. AUallday

    Devan Barrett

    Question for Cole...what players do you think do you think were played out of position in the past against there will? (Not saying you used those terms) Imo most athletes would change positions if it meant a better chance at pt. Also, DB signed with AU. He wasnt forced to do that, seems reasonable to think he would be a team player and embrace the move as well. And if it helps the team and player = win/win An elementary eval of any players agility, speed, hands, ball awareness, and possibly even running vison can be compared to a sample size from Week 1. The Coaching staff has the opp to see this 1st hand everyday too.
  5. AUallday

    When and when not to look for the ball.

    Thanks for the reply Bird. And that was a great article. I liked the under call concept and the matchs that relate after the call, or no call. A savy ILB duo could really take advantage of the RB matchup scheme and create a heavy delay blitz. Only 1 has man match and the other is a spy or mid drop. Both can go with RB inside pass pro if they are good enough. Bird do you run both 34 odd front and 43 even front to show the 2 high look, or just stick to one?
  6. AUallday

    When and when not to look for the ball.

    Agree w Bird and seemed like we were out of phase a bunch, but a few times we recovered w time to spare. It would be great to see the natural ability of a DB in this situation turn and make an agressive play on the ball. Tip drills are practiced for a reason lol. Again, Great Post by Bird, but i do love a Playmaker. ? Question for Bird? In your cov3 do you shuffle or backpedal your CBs?
  7. AUallday

    My nitpick worries from game 1

    Good nitpicks 1-Agree. Think the new OL/RBs just need to gel, and get timing down. ? 2-Agree. The face guard style, to me, is a great last ditch effort to use. If you are in good position why not find the ball... 3-Agree. 1st game w young WRs could be wrong routes or bad choices on a choice route. I didnt like all the rolls left, throwing against the body. I would like to see the boot left, set feet, Te/slot drag. 4-No comment other than he looked like he was hurtn a little, but battled. *Agree w more jet sweeps... *Excited about Shivers and thought we should have jet sweeped AS right after a run by SS. It was there and would have been a track meet...
  8. AUallday

    Maryland Football Culture: Toxic

    I disagree, if a DE can use speed and bull rush then yelling at him to improve his hand placement is an example. It makes his rush a little better. Thats why i said the first thing. He is speaking in general terms of yelling at a players performance. If he is doing something way wrong then the yelling amps up a little...nothing wrong with loud coaching. The other part he stated was personal to him.
  9. AUallday

    Maryland Football Culture: Toxic

    Nothing wrong w CWM saying anything. The reporter asked the question. CWM made his statement. Next question. I am a fan of CWM on and off the field though... He's kinda right too. The first thing he said was about critizing in general. I like the approach, "critize the performance, not the performer"
  10. AUallday

    Corch’s too early class prediction

    Thanks E. For some reason i really like Rayburn (no film watched) just looks like he has a mean streak and a motor. Assumed Medley would coeme along
  11. AUallday

    Corch’s too early class prediction

    1 ###Qb Bo Nix 5* Rb N CAIN 5* 2 ###Wr George Pickens 4* 3 ###Wr Javarris Johnson 3* (speed) Wr J HASELWOOD (flip from GA) 4 ###Te Tyler Fromm 3* (PON) 5 ###Te Luke Deal 3* (PON) OT D DOBBS 5* OG K JONES 4* 6 ###C Jakai Clark 3* OL W PUTNAM 4* OT A MEDLEY 3*(possible 4*) OL H RAYBURN 3*(possible 4*) SDE J HANDY 4* DT J EBOIGBE 4* or J GORDON 3* DT C MOORE 4* WDE D HALL 4* 7 ###LB Owen Pappoe 5* LB C HARRIS 4* LB T MARSHALL 4* CB A BOOTH 5* CB Z PUCKETT 4* 8 ###DB C Flott 3* 9 ###FS Jaylin Simpson**** FS J SHEFFIELD**** I know it 25, but they are good... I would like to have C/G - Clay Webb but dont see it happening. Maybe see less OL and more DL? Flott may see some pressure depending on what other recruits pop up. What do you guys think? Anywhere close?
  12. AUallday

    2019 5* OG/C Clay Webb

    Nah, i live a fun filled life G I just think anything not about Clay Webb in this specific thread should at least be more like this Thats why i think Clay and Bo are 2 important players
  13. AUallday

    2019 5* OG/C Clay Webb

    Great comeback to a long time member...most of the things y’all whine about on here give me an idea how little some of you keyboard warriors actually know about football, or people in general. Clay Webb 5 star C great prospect
  14. AUallday

    2019 5* OG/C Clay Webb

    I rarely post, but I don’t think the Clay Webb thread should be filled with all these pointless debates and arguments... If it is a thread about a specific player, then it should have info/opinion on the player. If there is nothing new out there then don’t post. Just bump to keep the thread up top. Why don’t you guys just start a thread about what to argue about and you guys can discuss any topic? I think getting Clay and Bo would be huge for stability on O. Redshirt both and watch the development of both increase w college practice
  15. AUallday

    2019 5* OG/C Clay Webb

    2019 C/G Clay Webb 5⭐