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  1. My bad. I just saw where he metioned playing baseball again and eligible for multiple years...maybe. It has been a long work week...
  2. I agree w Cole in a way, but i took a baseball view. Did he even say NFL was his goal? Maybe he just wants to enjoy being a WR in college football as he is trying to up his MLB draft status. I actually hope that is his plan...that would be an amazing college experience.⚾️
  3. I think Dilly will fit well with Gus running the Offense. Dilly will be up top playing his version 2019 NCAA Football...πŸ‘Gus's playsheet becomes an Ipad with play designs. I also think people downplay the real experience a guy like C. Williams has in the Coaching World. A player learns from his coaches, and he had a great career (HS - NFL) learning from them. If CTH was ready to leave, Caddy was a huge upgrade IMO.
  4. OL Braun Boyd Trainer Eletise WR Pettway Campbell LB Mends Macon Any intrest in these guys anyone? Sorry if you already answered somewhere else...
  5. There is a good article out about Davis, sorry i dont know how to add a link. It also shows the class of Coach Steele showing up with Davis at an award ceremony too. He will be hard to replace on and off the field. War Eagle D
  6. This is a great hire in many ways. Anyone who disagrees has their own agenda to push. Caddy is a good guy, and was a great High School RB and leader. He played SEC RB at the top level, while sharing the payload with RB and had a team mentality. He was a Top 5 NFL draft pick (i think...def 1st round). And played for several years past the 3-4 RB also builds his coaching resume, which is impressive for a young coach anywhere. I am sure he has learned from each experience, and will be able to teach it too. πŸ‘
  7. Haha...yes. Ya caught the tater...
  8. Joey G vs O Willis vs Tulane Cord vs Kent St Bo vs aTm Joey G vs Miss St Willis vs Florida Cord vs Ark Bo vs LSU Joey G vs Ole Miss Bo vs GA Willis vs Samford Bo vs Bama Bo 's Redshirt still in play depending on the sec champ game and playoffs needs πŸ˜‰
  9. Contact all OL (NE, DL, JM, RP, and Ill guys) Contact run stopping DL (ND guy) Maybe contact Miami and Iowa LB
  10. I like the navy border on scoreboard. Really like alt ADay uniform idea Like Navy on Navy look w Navy helmet
  11. To be fair, he was all over the place in his recruitment if i remember correctly...but he could still be a weapon w the guys around him. He fits RB/HB/TE/Slot...HUNH πŸ‘
  12. One recent is the Ohio State QB. Video of him as a kid saying he will be the Buckeye QB...but, i agree it is rare Not sure if he is a coaches son*
  13. Agreed. Think about having a HUNH with these guys...2x2. Trips. Empty. Quads. 2x1...etc... S Williams / GP WRs Flash / JJ slot WRs Shivers RB/slot 😎Bo Nix (I like M Willis too with improvement during offseason)
  14. True. My statement was in general. As for specific, one could also say that Bo, with better High School experiences, could come in Day 1 and turn up
  15. Playing at a big program def has its advantages in high school. Coaching and facilities are usually better, opponents are better trained and coached, and more chances at playing in pressure situations on TV. Just to name some advantages. Small school athletes have a harder road with less good players around them, opponents have less everything, and the athlete often gets spoiled as the Big Man on Campus. Point: Bo has had to read coverage and avoid good blitz schemes. KF could just scramble out and throw it to the deep guy