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  1. QB Stidham Willis Gatewood (Bo Nix hopefully and redshirt) Running Back KJ KP DBarrett MMiller KMartin AMartin Worm (redshirt?) WR Bunch of good ones Redshirts some TE JH/SC/CC/MS OL TEGA/ASHLEY OTs Bunch of Gs to choose from Brahm at C redshirt some new guys if possible DL - Loaded again/good depth too Lbs - Great leaders and serious young talent/maybe 1 or 2 more needed Dbs - Time and roster moves will tell Got some good young pickups though I may have missed a few things, but I am like Mikey. It could be a great group to watch play...
  2. 2018 4* QB Joey Gatewood (Auburn 12/5/15)

    I have seen it first hand. Starting QB plays most of the game, down a touchdown in the 4th quarter with the game on the line, starter tells coach to put back up in and throw him a vert route to the back corner of the endzone...Touchdown...Flag..."Run it again coach"...Touchdown and the toes were in. But, who is to say the team would have been in that position if the 2nd QB had played most of the snaps...
  3. 2017 3* HB Chase Lasater

    Agreed...when I was doing the research on FB's (I played the position and loved it) I was actually surprised at the number of them in the league. It can be a very valuable position on the field with the right scheme though. Many times the blocks are one on one and very crucial to the play having success (ISO plays on ILB's and Kick out blocks on big DE's for example) Something as simple as having your head in the wrong position or using the wrong shoulder can lead to a busted assignment. These usually go for TFL being the impact is normally at the LOS. Depending on the offense being used, a FB can be a very important position to get the "right guy" Not upset we may lose out on one, but if we have a need for one we should go for the best right?
  4. 2017 3* HB Chase Lasater

    11 out of 12 Playoff teams use a FB 1 ATL - DiMarco / 2 Pats - Devlin / 3 Pitt - Nix / 4 GB - Ripkowski, Kerridge / 5 Cowboys - Smith / 6 Giants - Johnson / 7 Lions - Burton / 8 Texans - PROSCH(AU) 9 Seahawks - Reece, Tukuafu / 10 Oakland - Olawale / 11 Chiefs - Sherman, Ware / Miami was the 12thplayoff team with 5 TE's and 3 RB's but NO FB 22 out of 32 NFL teams use a FB in their offense Panthers - Tolbert, Johnson / Buffalo - Felton / Ravens - Juszczyk / Browns - Vitale / Bears - Lasike / Vikings - Line / Titans - Fowler(UA) / Saints - Kuhn Bucs - Cross / Chargers - Watt / Broncos - Janovich Jets, Eagles, Skins, Bengals, Colts, Jags, Cards, Rams, and 49ers don't have FB listed on their team rosters. Did some research for you...I like the I backfield and down, down, kick out schemes
  5. Chip Lindsey new OC

    I like the hire. Known for developing QB's so Stidham White Barrett lead the way for Gatewood to make a proper decision. Doesn't have to change terminology for the players, and could be familiar with it himself. Alabama High School coaches will appreciate seeing him...recruiting boost? AU should return a strong run game and, this seems like it will add some balance with hopefully a dangerous passing game. Maybe even surprise with play action deep passes, or maybe just different play calls on 1st and 10 lol. Most of the Defense returning should support the Offense with time management and turnover margins. Work hard in the off-season. Always recruit. Give the guy a shot. Good luck CCL and WDE.
  6. IMG discussion thread

    How did the IMG group visit go?
  7. JJ with first team O

    There is nothing wrong with giving a senior a fair shot. You don't want to dwell on the past, live in the past, but you can learn from it. That goes for both Coach and player. I am a JJ fan for sure, but I am a fan of the next man up too. If JJ can get the job done then IMO he deserves the nod. If JF3 can take the spot from him...then so be it. I don't consider TQ or WB in the running quite yet. As for SW, I think he is a good player that has to find his niche in this style of offense. As a LSU or Bama type offense QB (I form, Ace back w TE's, etc...) I think he would be excellent with PA fakes and floods in the flats. Competition is good for everyone though
  8. E, I normally agree with most of your posts, but I have to disagree with this one. I would have to say that arm accuracy is def an athletic trait. It is a skill that can be taught and trained, but the Elite11 Athlete usually has this as a natural athletic ability. Arm strength is another major athletic ability that can be increased, but in most cases it is natural too. You don't have to be fast and jump high to be considered an athlete. They are def part of the criteria as well, but not the end all be all traits needed. Tate is an all around athlete.
  9. The two plays your talking about don't have to be that complex can be something as simple as: 33 SafE right (33 SafE right ghost FLIP) of course you tag a coverage call on it. SafE = S(aftey)-A-F-E(nd) Combo. It can def be more complex tho. Or even Zone blitz right...Zone right OVER(flips to oppo side.
  10. Congrats to Dana Marquez, Equipment Manager

    Most likely...this is the type of story that should have huge headlines. Great job by Dana, and I liked how he said "we" and "our staff" and tried to share credit for this individual award.
  11. 2016 3* DE David Marshall (UGA flip 2/3/16)

    Not exactly the way I read it Mikey. I think it means that if he goes to UGA visit then we are no longer holding a spot for him. He will be welcome to sign with AU after the visit, but AU isn't going to wait on him. If Nigel Warrior (just an example) had a change of heart then Marshalls spot might be all his now
  12. I think SW has to prove himself in the offseason. I think JF3 has a better knowledge of the offense than Cole is giving him credit for, and I think he does have a legit shot to play QB when he arrives. I think the defense will be improved with any new DC. I think Gus will change to a new flavor of gum. I think the mustache guy will lose ground to the beard and glasses guy with a AU sticker on his cheek. I think auburn4ever asked weird questions...over and over. I think Landon Rice will be a great recruit. I think the sweet tea and lemonade mix is a great idea. I think I am done for now
  13. You guys argue the same points way too often. Just agree to disagree sometimes. That's what makes a good forum in my opinion (it is called a conversation not an argument). I personally think JJ will get his shot again, but I also think that JMF3 was recruited for a reason besides his sub 4.3 and is going to present his case to be the starter. He should have a basic understanding of the offense coming in if I read about him correctly. He was a scout O Nick Marshall a few years ago and I assume he is a better player after a few years of training and playing. If it doesn't work at QB then a little speed on the edge can't hurt can it?
  14. TJ Yeldon

    4.5 + 4.5 + 4.5 = 13.5 and move the chains As a Coach...I will take that every time
  15. 2013

    JSU here as well...think I will still be pulling for the Tigers. Kind of a win/win situation I guess.