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  1. Looking more like LK now. I knew Dabo was a question unril deal was signed. We can't go wrong either way really. Lk best offensive mind in football. Dabo is a game changing recruiter and has experience building a program very similar to auburn into a fixture in. JF is also very interested atp i think he would be 3rd or 4th choice and we are not missing on one of two mentioned.
  2. Kirby will come in to resurrect the glory bammer days after Saban leaves or retires. Let's quote obvious Saban still a great recruiter probably second best to Kirby in country but his coaching is on decline along with his work ethic. Lets be honest what else does he have motivation to prove, dude has earned right to go out on his own accord and slack off if he wants too. Kirby will follow his old boss and mentor at bama write that down it is a sure thing.
  3. I consider Kirby more of a bammer than Dabo atp. Ik Dabo grew up bammer fan and all played on title team there but fact is Dabo has loved the college town of Clemson. Also great point who on earth would want to follow Saban at bammer nothing they will do will ever be good enough. I can give you Bama next coach yall have mentioned him several times it would be Kirby Smart, dude loves bammer. Played at uga won a title there as coach but bleeds bammer.
  4. It makes more sense than believe. Dabo wants to come back to Alabama and bammer is not getting rid of Saban rn.
  5. Dabo is by far the best hire we can make.
  6. This won't happen unless we miss on 3 guys including CHF. CW will Def ha e a spot om staff if he accepts.
  7. This is very true. Only thing is a verbal agreement means nothing and this bummer alum will back out with no regret. I didn't read this thread but Dabo would be a splash big time hire will it materialize we will see.
  8. He wants it we have someone ahead of him. That person is in serious negotiations with us rn.
  9. Dabo with Lane very interested should we not get our man. Just FYI keep the Info dl for now
  10. Are you still defending CBH i haven’t read through the thread i dont need too. Good coaches dont have teams regress mid season sorry. Im not taking a shot either im just saying the fans can demand this. Put the administrative powers on notice that a football team of this caliber will not be tolerated. The boosters already did this. Harsin was a bad hire and Greene had the right hire out of Oregon and blew it so he referred back to an old buddy that went swimming with him one time. AU taking a coach from Boise thinking he can come down here and recruit with the big boys was laughable
  11. BH needs to get out of AU asap. This is the best fir both parties now. I never dreamed he could lose last night.
  12. This is wrong. Auburn is very important to alot of people in this state i would say rn the second most important institution in the state. Not that important lol. This isnt about money from boosters why do people just talk when they have no clue what the truth is. So this is about boosters who have been basically outcasts in Auburn made that way by BH and co. Trust me all they ever wanted was to win and people blame them for trying to help win. Basically in the new recruiting era boosters become a oart if recruiting and this helps AU not hurts.
  13. Actually he can if he wanted too. Dont tell me if He wanted to get an AU player in an apple advertisement or commercial or whatever he couldn’t. Problem is he liked Gus and Harsin doesn't even try with big money alum. Maybe last night will help people demand for what they want now. I told you the fans can force the decision. Just seeing empty seats at home games all year long should be enough to get something rolling. As much as i wanted to win last night what happened is probably the best thing for Auburn football. We were a right outside of top ten team after ole miss. This team has regressed and who is to blame for that. I was accused of posting a hit piece last week now when we finish with a blow out loss to bama maybe we can get something done. Mullen just fired btw. There is only one fix to this problem coaching wise we better get a move on. LK will choose AU over UF but will out administration move in time?
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