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  1. AU def leads. Well I haven’t heard much since Gus was fired but I am assuming and pretty sure we do. If we let go of Caddy we have to get Del McGee. Tank is the best player besides Cam I have ever seen at AU, or the most talent I should say. Tank will be the best player in the SEC next year hands down. Henderson would be nice now that MAR is gone.
  2. Hello I am posting this early but I need two extra UGA tickets. I will start posting more for those who have asked. I have been dealing with life after graduation and in graduate school.
  3. austudnt23


    Thanks! War Damn Eagle btw. Anyone can also text me at 205-504-4823. I am needing 3-4 tickets. I see some online but looking for better seats.
  4. That is what I have been told and Gus demanded it I know.
  5. Gus played them like a fiddle. He never wanted to leave, but he did want us to show a commitment which we stepped up and did. He knows how much talent we have and our future is very bright. He loves AU also.
  6. I think KJ was our most effective option. When I say 40 percent I mean by end of game. He started around 75 which is out best option. UGA took hits on the shoulder which I think need to be sent to SEC. Kam played some though as did DB.
  7. First there would have been no time to make announcement and 2nd I promise players knew.
  8. This deal was agreed to before the game. This is very good for AU football. Gus has a lot of talent and is a very good coach. We had the SEC Offensive player of year playing at about 40% Saturday and I believe the game still turns out different if we don't fumble on that 3rd and 6 when we were about to score already up 7-0. That swung the momentum big time and we never regained it. Very excited for our future and it is very ?.
  9. I can't answer that even if I know. It didn't hurt is all I will say.
  10. Ik and have been saying LSU changed him. People said repeatedly that Gus would have to prove to them he had changed while still criticizing him. LSU game turned Gus into a better coach.
  11. Props for admitting u were wrong.
  12. Yes we were sloppy especially in the 1st half yesterday. I expected this after the big win and Bama looming in the players minds. Man Willis is going to be a stud though.
  13. First off I never said he was switching. I said we would accept his commitment which is a fact. Also in recruiting it is never over until the sign.
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