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  1. Well you can get ready for the we payed JF accusations to start flowing if all goes as expected. Truth is his mom has UGA all thinking they are leading when he doesn't even live with her and has little to do with his recruitment. She only has attended visits to UGA with him. JF dad is the one that holds the key here and JF himself. Basically we are the school JF wants to go too. However with all the negative recruiting and our play on the field has hurt recruiting also we now have to show a big time talent like JF that we are back and ready to compete for championships again. We all know the qb position holds the key to success in the offense we will be running and we got a stud in Stidham.
  2. Cam has been very helpful in regards to AU and JF. Like I am sure you have heard the dad is the parent we need on our side and Cam has helped calm the negative recruiting tactics from other schools.
  3. This is correct. FSU feels they made up ground but they put a full court press on JF to commit without any success. We still look good. It is gonna depend on the season like everyone has been saying. If he commits to us today it still won't be solid until he sees we have coaching stability and offense is thriving. I feel good about our season very good actually so that is why I am very confident we sign him.
  4. Problem is DC isn't a great coach. He is a great recruiter. DC wanted input with offensive play calling which would have been a joke IMO. He apparently had some input last year at LSU and you see where that got him. I remembe LSU fans before the season saying DC would transform Harris into a good qb lol. DC has not shown one thing to me that he is ready to be anything other than a great recruiter.
  5. I agree DC needs to be put in his place and let his issues with our current coach go. He is doing more than trashing the staff though which pisses me off a good bit. DC is being used by FSU to trash Auburn and he has "credibility" in people's eyes from the fact that he played and coached here under our current coach. It is a classless move by Jimbo who also has a history at Auburn that he is taking straight out of Sabans book.
  6. He did tell him that but it is a load of BS. They have recruited all pro style and have 2 top 5 pro style qb on roster. Like I said JF would flourish anywhere but he would be unstoppable in a system more friendly to dual threat qbs. FSU isn't exactly a system that a qb uses his legs as a weapon either. He will see this year how our system is easily the best fit. We have abviously told him our plans for him but the other teams especially DC and FSU have told him different stories about our offense. DC I was a big fan of until this recruitment of JF. He has used negative recruiting against us before but it is different this time and mainly personnal. I mean he is not even an on field coach atm and he is basically at the forefront of this recruitment why do you think that is. I know he is a great recruiter but What does that tell you what we already know that FSU feels we lead. They do believe they have evened it out now etc.
  7. Offense will be Stidham but that's an obvious answer. Someone that was on the team last year I will say NCM. Defense- PJIII Coe
  8. Tbh I really haven't even watched his tape but a time or two. I do know bama is not pushing for him and that makes me wonder.
  9. Seth over Hill? Bama coaches definitely disagree with you there. Hill is very good and more polished than our top WR target Ross. Bama has tried to get in the mix with Hill but hasn't really goten much luck. You are correct about family member and I have no clue why they would want him at USC East I don't care if they are a fan. Kid is family don send him to a CWM offense and a place he will never have a chance to win a championship. Also with Seth I believe he would never be solid until paper got in being that if bama gave him a committable offer I believe he would jump ship in a second.
  10. This one is far from over ubless we decide to cut ties. I would put Tannor and Quay Walker thread in this forum instead of rivals recruiting.
  11. Loaded I wouldn't say. We are set for this year. If Bubba leaves we have one back Malik that can carry the load of 20 plus times a game. That is unless DB fills the role.
  12. Tre is shorter and runs alot lower to the ground than DB.
  13. He can but needs 30 lbs. Or 20 at least. He is 180 or I have heard he has out a little on so I will say 185. If he adds the weight and shows he can be then our philosophy might change on needing an every down back this cycle. Teague would have been the perfect fit for what we need this year. Now Barrett is one of the guys who if he played at a higher class of football in Florida could have been a 5 star or higher than he was rated if he performed the same IMO. NCM I know was once the top player in the country at one time from the same school but he had size speed and the catching ability to show that he would dominate anywhere he played. I believe they play 3A at Tampa Catholic in Florida somebody correct me of I'm wrong. That's certainly not scrubs would be about like 5A in alabama. Tre and Bubba both have every down back ability I am talking about. Will hit the hole and hit a lb head on of needed to get the extra yard. DB has a great running style fit wise for the offense doesn't dance around makes a cut and hits the hole. We will see if he is willing to take on those SEC lb head on to get the yards needed.
  14. Yeah Gus doesn't let info out in recruiting alot. It can only hurt if other teams feel we have a lead and start the negative aspect of recruiting starts. We knew we had Big Cat after his official but info was kept close to the vest and everyone picked him to go elsewhere.
  15. This. Bama is very confident. Which we are looking for a guy we believe can be a 20 plus carry a game back and Martin isn't that guy. If KP leaves we will only have Malik Miller who could fill that role who I should mention is gone be a good one. We would take Asa and still go after someone like a Pierce or Teague if he was to show interest in flipping.