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  1. Of course, now that the University is poised for a top down regime change, all of this could be different before the end of the season. Only time will tell what our new president decides is important to him and what he leaves alone.
  2. If you look at our seasons going back to 2013, you will see that Gus's offense has been flexible in this way, and when the pass was what was needed to get the job done, that's where we focused. Even in 2013, when the pass was not Marshall's strength, we focused on it to win a couple of games. I think you will find that, this year, if we are as balanced as we should be, we should be able to dictate what we do on offense, because if a D tries to focus on one aspect of our O, we'll just hit them in the mouth with the other. We have so much talent that we should be able to destroy them on the ground and through the air. Just imaging Pettway running without 8 men in the box.
  3. I watch every game until the end. That being said, now that I'm married, I sometimes have to take a few plays off to transition from the watch party to the house when she has had enough.
  4. I look at it this way... We have 85 guys on our active roster... a handful have a chance of making a career out of football. I'm extremely happy to have a coach who is just as concerned about helping this young men win at life (not to be confused with Tennessee's version) as he is about winning on the field. Football is at most 4 years for most of these guys. It is just as much the job of the university to prepare them for the other 60+ years of their life as it is to win what is, in effect, just a game.
  5. I'm sure he will improve as well. He just makes me nervous because I've got images of him stone handing the same wheel route twice. After this season is over, I plan to have those images replaced with touchdowns.
  6. If he catches the ball. By my count, he's current less than 50%.
  7. I guess fan posted this about the same time I did which is why my post is now gone, but I will repeat what I said with it which is, THIS is why I defend Malzahn as often as I do.
  8. One thing that is interesting to me is that all the pre-Spring talk was Coe, Coe, and more Coe. Now he's almost an after thought. Any word on that?
  9. At the same time, it's a two way street. These kids are usually told if it's a "committable" or "contingent" offer. When it's contingent, the kid can list it as an offer which often times raises their stock, getting them more and better committable offers. Sure there's the downside that it creates hope that the spot will open up for them at the school of their dreams, but in the end, even if they don't end up where they really want to, the likely end up somewhere better than they would had they not gotten the contingent offer to begin with.
  10. Plus there's no way to stop them from "throwing the ball around with their friends"
  11. The think about Brown and Davidson is that they were playing like sophomores, even juniors, as freshmen. Add to that the fact that the most improvement a player sees is usually between year 1&2, and this could easily be their year. The thing people seem to forget about Lawson is, even without the numbers, the team always played better when he was on the field. He provided a combination of leadership and distraction for the other team. Its yet to be seen if others will fill those shoes.
  12. Definitely NOT saying those numbers can't win us a lot of games... just saying they won't even garner Heisman discussion toward the end of the season. Though, if we win A LOT of games, he'll get talked about (see Hurts last year).
  13. On in interesting note, 247 utilized analytics to estimate Stidham's numbers in 2017 based on his previous performance and what they know of Auburn's offense: 179.1-for-295.4 (60.6%), 2,369.8 pass yards (8.0 yards per pass), 23.8 pass TD, 7.7 INT, 43.4 rush yards (1.5 yards per carry), 1.2 rush TD. Realizing projections are far from accurate, they point out that Auburn being a run first team is likely going to push his numbers down compared to the more pass first offense he ran at Baylor. I hate to say it, but he could be a revelation at Auburn, but with those stats, he wouldn't even sniff the Heisman. This could be a situation where Stidham and Pettway are both so good that they cancel each other out. For those wondering, here are Lamar Jackson's 2016 stats: 230-for-409 (56.2%), 3,543 pass yards (8.7 yards per pass), 30 pass TD, 9 INT, 1571 rush yards (6.0 yards per carry), 21 rush TD. That's 1200 more passing yards, 1500 more rushing yards, and 27 more touchdowns.
  14. I've heard rumblings that Cowart is ready to live up to expectations, this year.
  15. Cool... I was just making sure it wasn't just his wheels that had you so enamored. The one thing I have heard is that, no matter how good Fields is, the kid going to Clemson is hands down better.