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  1. Thanks Loof. it's not fun news. I just (as in about 2 hours ago) went through my first round of chemo for a very agreesive, incurable cancer that decided to attack my body a couple of weeks ago. Trusting God and good doctors that we can beat it into remission. Hopefully I'll be around more soon.
  2. Good thoughts. In the current, digital world we live in, it would not be hard at all to develop a way for ticket holders to relinquish a seat for a game as a "charity" seat. It also wouldn't be hard to allow the arena to resell seats that weren't going to be used and give the seat holder a credit.
  3. Yup... that's his real claim to fame and the reason the offense always ran better when he was in there. It wasn't because he was making a bunch of plays on 1st and 2nd, or because he was better at handing the ball off... it was almost entirely because, when we got stuffed on first and second, it was more likely than not that he could make up the yards on third. When he hurt his throwing arm, it took away any advantage he brought to the team.
  4. Agreed... he hammers the ball down your throat until you stack the box, and then burns you over the top... lather, rinse, repeat. Our passing game, last year, was mostly designed around making up for 3rd and long.
  5. Couldn't have said it better myself.
  6. I know a fellow Tiger who's starting up his own team that I believe is going to be international. If you want, I can pick his brain and see if he is going to be hiring out of Alabama.
  7. Gurus have the advantage of being able to give their full attention to one guy and also don't have NCAA limitations on the amount of time they can work with said player.
  8. I can only speak to what I saw on TV... KC is a bit far away to catch a game.
  9. Sorry... my brain is somewhere else... it's been a rough couple of weeks. I'm not even sure where that came from, since I've never even been to Tuscaloosa, let alone their arena... I fixed it and will say 40 Hail Aubies.
  10. Yea... I stopped being a student in 97. I still recall being able to get tickets pretty easily... though they were usually up in the corners. Of course Beard Eaves is bigger than the new Arena.
  11. You can say that, but I saw a lot of half empty arena this year. That certainly doesn't hype the team up.
  12. Not disagreeing with you, but also saying that it is a bit of a chicken and an egg scenario. We expect players to get up, game after game and perform at a high level (in this year's case, mostly freshman), but we're not willing to support them at a high level until they've "proven they are worth it". If you want the best, you have to do your part. It's not all on the fans, but the fans can't be part of the problem by making the players feel inadequate. By the way... I was in Auburn in the late 90s. I never had a problem walking up to the Coliseum and buying tickets right before a game, if I wanted to go.
  13. Tommy, by the Who... it's a rock opera about a deaf, dumb and blind kid. In other words... if you're blind, we're deaf, dumb and blind.
  14. While I agree with you, to a point, basketball, above all other sports, seems to feed on the excitement of the fan base. A great example was the game a few years ago where we were struggling and Cam showed up, energized the crowed, and we came back for the win. Auburn's basketball fan base is borderline awful. Sure we have the dedicated fans, but there aren't enough of them to create the kind of buzz that a team feeds off of. Instead, they get the "prove your worth our time" attitude and then when they don't meet expectations, only the hardcore fans stay around. I live 45 minutes from KU. Getting a ticket for most of their games is borderline impossible, unless you want to pay 2-3 times face value. Every year, from the first practice to the final game, the players are constantly energized by a full arena and the support of everyone around them as they go through their day. It's a lot easier to get motivated when you feel like you have so many people to play for. I think Bruce has done a great job of improving the 6th man part of the team, but I have a feeling that it has probably been one of his biggest frustrations as well, because it's his first time coaching at a school where basketball holds so little value to so many.
  15. If you're the blind squirrel when it comes to recruiting, then the rest of us need to start putting together a production of Tommy.