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  1. lionheartkc

    Reuben Foster...Again

    The video is circumstantial, unless it's date coded and a medical expert can definitively state that it portrays actions that would cause the injuries she was treated for. They give her money to make the whole thing go away as quickly as possible. Going through all of the court stuff is time consuming and expensive, and the negative publicity does not make NFL teams happy. To me, that makes more sense than her just deciding to admit to a criminal act... unless, of course, they had something on her that was a worse offense, or they got the court to agree not to prosecute if she admitted to lying with the threat of throwing the book at her if she didn't.
  2. lionheartkc

    Auburn over the last 25 years, FWIW

    I'm more inclined to cling to the hope that Greene is the AD who won't allow external influences to interfere with our coach running his program.
  3. lionheartkc

    Reuben Foster...Again

    Seems more money driven than anything else. If it was an illness thing, she'd have lawyers playing that front and center to keep her out of trouble. I mean, there's certainly a chance that she's telling the truth now, but whether they are guilty or not, people in Foster's circumstances quite commonly throw around money to make things go away as quickly as possible.
  4. lionheartkc

    2019 5* OG Clay Webb

    Everyone knows saying it's a long shot is like calling the ocean "damp", but I also have to believe that if we are making any headway, no one is going to publicize it for the sake of the kid. Announcing a high profile bama lean from a bama family is considering Auburn is like throwing the kid to the wolves.
  5. lionheartkc

    Zing! Ucf vs bama

    It would have been better had Frost mentioned that bama didn't beat us, win their conference or their division, since Saban invoked the "system".
  6. lionheartkc

    National Championships

    You are luck. I live in Kansas and see bama crap multiple times a week. Heck, the local bama club took over the Auburn Club's original game watch spot (which we had been at for years) and paid the owners to push us out. I do get a bit of joy when I pass a car and see the A with a mullet on the back... I make a point of glancing back quickly to see their reaction to my license plate that says War Eagle.
  7. lionheartkc

    Reuben Foster...Again

    You just know one of the cop/lawyer shows is going to snag this one for one of their plotlines. You can't make this crap up.
  8. lionheartkc

    Michigan State in deep trouble

    There is no such thing as overly judgmental when dealing with someone who has been proven to be this kind of sicko. Judge all you want. Heck, here's a robe and a gavel... make it official That is sadly the point I've been making which is the PR spin machines at major universities find someone to focus everyone's attention on (this time, someone who deserves the focus, often times not so much) so that their executive level people can walk away without a scratch. Once one person is punished, the media blood lust subsides, and all other involved parties tend to get a free pass. Here's hoping this is the exception and not the norm. Schools need to learn that they can't just look the other way in hopes of avoiding negative publicity.
  9. lionheartkc

    Anybody else being reminded of 2014?

    Dang. If you moved to Wisconsin both you and your wife would have to wear 2 pair of pants for half of the year just to keep from freezing to death.
  10. lionheartkc

    Anybody else being reminded of 2014?

    I'm dropping it, because when someone presents something so personal, no matter what you do, you can't help but come across as a d**k by trying to make any points around it.
  11. lionheartkc

    Anybody else being reminded of 2014?

    While I appreciate that Auburn Football played an important part in your life and plays an important part in a lot of other's lives because it is something they and people they are connected with have chosen to care about, and I even more appreciate you sharing a very personal story, nothing about your story speaks to anyone sacrificing for the team. In fact, it speaks to the fact that the team even exists being a benefit to you because it connected you to your family.
  12. lionheartkc

    Could ua have a down year? I can dream!

    Yup... the only true hole in his armor is if Hurts transfers and Tua becomes a liability, because there is no one else.
  13. lionheartkc

    Michigan State in deep trouble

    Worse... People did raise their hand and authorities were called and people did try to put a stop to it and somehow he talked his way out of it... this is not the first time he was investigated, just the first time there was someone smart enough to stop him doing the investigating.
  14. lionheartkc

    Anybody else being reminded of 2014?

    I just feel like people occasionally need a reminder that letting something like this be a negative force in your life isn't necessary. I believe that there are a lot of people in this forum who do have real stress over something that, in the big picture, isn't worth stressing over. And I don't believe everyone knows the difference. Just seeing the overreactions over the years makes that pretty clear.
  15. lionheartkc

    Anybody else being reminded of 2014?

    Do you pour one out for every loss?