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  1. You don't. It has to be hosted online, somewhere. Upload it to some form of social media and then link it.
  2. Admittedly a huge character flaw on my part. I have serious trouble putting myself in the shoes of others when it comes to understanding, coping, etc. If it makes sense to me, it's hard for me to imagine it not making sense to others. I will say, I never got the impression that Mayfield was a knucklehead... an a**, definitely, but he came across as smart to me... just totally full of himself. It does seem to be a trend when it comes to the best QBs. It also speaks to the way Stoops runs his team. There's no way he doesn't know the personalities of his players, and not keeping a reign on the key to your team's success is just stupid... but we already knew that character isn't a priority for Stoops.
  3. Yup... and Chandler was a mess for a while, until he figured it out and started nailing his blocks. I honestly haven't analyzed Stove's downfield blocking to see how he is with that. Smith hasn't played enough to know how versatile he is. As for Kam Martin... well, the "catch" in the Georgia game tells me what I need to know about how ready he was last year. I think we have a lot of guys who have the physical ability and are getting there mentally. Hopefully this year we'll be able to mix it up a lot, without substitutions, and see some things like downfield blocking, that haven't been a strong suit for us since 2010. If not, that will be our Achilles heel.
  4. I guess I just don't get the mentality that someone with a huge future ahead of him would even put himself in that position. I've said it before and I'll say it again. It's not hard to not break the rules, especially when you have so much to gain. Of all of my friends in college at Auburn, I think I can name 2 who actually did anything that the police could even consider arresting someone over, and even then there was no violence and no ones health or life was in danger. We went out, had a good time, etc, but there was always a driver, there were always a guy or two to help you steer clear of danger, and whenever we did something that was harmless but stupid, there were always quality lookouts. Oh... and for the record, when I was in school in the 90s, there were quite a few public intoxication arrests. That was when a bar couldn't stay open in Auburn for more than 6 months before the city found a reason to shut it down. The Supper Club only survived because it was outside the city limits.
  5. No... you gave three reasons, against each of which I provided valid, logical arguments and your response to those arguments was "no". Is your "no" a "I reject your reality and substitute my own", or are you prepared to lay out some logic as to why my arguments are inaccurate?
  6. Well... the laws haven't changed, so what does that tell you about the kids?
  7. Cannot believe how stupid some of these kids are. It is ridiculously easy to get through college without getting arrested.
  8. No what? Please explain how anything I said was incorrect without invoking personal opinion.
  9. You're underestimating our current QB. Had he not have been hurt, and had Gus started him from game 1, we could have easily been 10-1 before the Iron Bowl and played our way into the playoffs.
  10. Looking at his picture, I'm not sure he's capable of warm fuzzies.
  11. What makes you think we're having trouble with Nix?
  12. excellent question.
  13. You have to keep in mind that very few beat writers actually do any real research into the team they are writing about. They just take whatever is available on the surface and run with it. That's why you can't trust anything you read from sports media until it's confirmed.
  14. Don't get me wrong... the only area in which I was comparing Sean to Carl was the ability to stay healthy. Even if Sean improves his game enough to get drafted,he'll never been in first round talks, if for no other reason than he doesn't have the measurables.
  15. The rumblings are that Coe is the man and with Davidson causing havoc on the other end and Brown/Cowart in the middle, I don't think we have anything to worry about.