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  1. of course, that's assuming the rest of the staff doesn't change with the new OC...
  2. Here's a little excerpt from a piece about Saban's time at MSU written before bama faced MSU in 2015... Some criticisms of Nick Saban are unfair, but they're all rooted in how he treats people. Not very well, by many accounts and observations. He's not a monster. He just acts like a jerk a lot of times. Memories of tense news conferences at MSU — ask him anything specific about football and prepare to be belittled — and stories from players, coaches and staffers of his petulant behavior, told with head shakes and chuckles, come flooding back... I haven't read anything about Meyer prior to his stint at Florida.
  3. Sorry to hear it Doc... Very little in this world that is harder than saying goodbye to a pet.
  4. Rhett hasn't hired a WR coach, yet... just sayin
  5. You never know. If Gus is smart, he'll let his OC build his own staff.
  6. When it comes to significant moves, I think you are correct.
  7. No doubt... Dr Wade Christoper is destined to cure everything from cancer to the common cold
  8. No one knows for sure... Gus keeps these things very close to the sweater vest.
  9. No clue... All I know about the kid is that he loved Rhett. Whether that love translated into loving Auburn or not has never been spoken about, nor have the attributes Rhett brought to the table really been mentioned. I would like to think that any OC could woo him, since he's already been dedicated to Auburn for so long, as long as they run an O that can utilize his strengths. I can't imagine Auburn hiring someone who wouldn't.
  10. No... seriously... he's a second year surgical resident... He's decided to use his powers for good.
  11. While I get what you are saying, and you are right in your analysis, you're missing one key point... recruiting. Players like shiny things and playing in front of LOTS of people. When they visit Auburn and see that they stadium is smaller, older, and less "wow" than others, it hurts us. It's an unfortunate part of the business of college football.
  12. Yea, the problem is, it's not an official stat, so to get it you have to watch the games yourself and count.
  13. I think it's more that he must realize that they actually play tackle football in the SEC, and scheme accordingly... but point taken
  14. All of the above.... It's more like it's starting under the guise of something else, since the whole project isn't approved to move forward, which has caused it to be more expensive than it would be if they would have just gone ahead with the whole project.
  15. I think the case I'm trying to make is that Craig isn't a very good receiver coach, but is revered while Kodi is derided, partially because he hasn't had time to prove himself and partially because of circumstances surrounding why he's on the staff to begin with. I would argue that the gap between the quality of on field coaching between Craig and Kodi, when it comes to receivers, is pretty darn small. Now, let Craig coach QBs and you have a different story. Also Craig destroys Kodi as a recruiter. But people need to lay off of him as an on-field coach if they are going to consider Craig a decent receivers coach.