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  1. Ole Miss

    It's been documented that Gus had visited both of them in the off season.
  2. unfair to criticize Gus for not developing HS QBs

    On top of having an OC who tried to force a square peg into a round hole, you had a DC who was constantly being interfered with by people who had no business even giving their 2 cents, and a head coach who had lost the respect and control of his team. The day he felt he had to institute a curfew to reign in the issues was the day we all should have know the season, and Chizik's tenure as coach, were over.
  3. unfair to criticize Gus for not developing HS QBs

    Could have, but it's not likely. We got lucky last year with Willis and will be beyond lucky this year if we land Fields and Gatewood in the same class. It's pretty rare to land two quality QBs in the same year, since they all want to be "the man". You hope you land one great QB and then a decent QB with potential, in hopes that they become the next Willis. He wasn't a world beater by any stretch of the imagination, but I don't think anyone would deny that Wallace played far above expectations.
  4. unfair to criticize Gus for not developing HS QBs

    I honestly don't remember, if I knew in the first place, but I do remember a lot of people being excited that he coached Tom Brady.
  5. unfair to criticize Gus for not developing HS QBs

    I think he looked at the QB issues in 2011 and decided he needed a QB guru, and Loeffler snowed him with some name dropping in his resume.
  6. unfair to criticize Gus for not developing HS QBs

    Trotter and Mosley were 2011, under Gus. Loeffler was left with Wallace and Mosley (Trotter quit... he likely would have actually done well under Loeffler, since he was a more pro-style QB, and actually looked better than Cam in the 2010 A-Day game) and no, neither of them were great QBs or honestly were recruited to be great QBs. Mosley was signed as the "other QB" to Tyrik Rollison, who would have been something special, were he able to get himself together off the field. Same situation with Wallace who was signed along with Zeke Pike, who also never got it together to the point where no one knew how good he could have been. The point still stands that Loeffler had a QB with the tools available to him and he TOTALLY misused him by forcing the pro-style offense. A good OC works builds a system around the players he has. Of course, Chizik gets some of the blame for hiring an OC that prefers pro-style, when he obviously hasn't recruited for it. You are completely correct that the weak O-Line had a huge effect on everyone.
  7. 2017 Fall Camp - Wed, Aug 16

    On the up side, if you move Pettway to H-Back, defensive coordinators have to seriously wonder who's going to actually get the hand-off.
  8. unfair to criticize Gus for not developing HS QBs

    I have to disagree with this. The problem that he had was not a lack of QB talent, it was that he was trying to install a pro style offense with a dual-threat QB and a weak O-Line. The only statistic you need to see to know that Loeffler set Kiehl up to fail is 42 rushing attempts for -35 yards and 0 rushing touchdowns. Under Gus, he ran for 327 and 3 touchdowns as a true freshman in limited play. Had he been able to start in Gus's system in 2012, I believe he would have fared much better... maybe not been a star, but certainly not the bust he was.
  9. Who all is going to the Missouri game?

    On a side note... if we can get enough Tigers to come to KC, I can probably get the local Auburn Club to host a gathering on Friday. Conveniently, Joe's has an event space and puts together one heck of a BBQ buffet.
  10. Who all is going to the Missouri game?

    KC needs more Tigers to visit. I'll take the financial hit to feed a couple of the cooler ones. Plus, we do have the best ribs in the US at Joe's KC, according to USA Today, The New York Post, etc.
  11. Who all is going to the Missouri game?

    Come on loof... Do it. I'll buy the first round of ribs.
  12. Who all is going to the Missouri game?

    That explains so much...
  13. Ole Miss

    Yea, I think the surprise to Gus was more the blatant cheating in recruiting and not the personal life stuff. You have to admit, if he knew what was going down in Oxford, he probably would have had a less public relationship to protect his own school from talk. I'm sure the Baylor thing was as big of a shock to him as everyone else.
  14. John Franklin III leaving Auburn

    No yellow font. I was just in meetings when the post about his destination made it to this thread, so I had to catch up.
  15. Ole Miss

    And add to that "Who else in my circle may not be who I think they are?"