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  1. It's this year's "It's a business decision".
  2. These kinds of things happen when you have 1 viable QB and he gets hurt. If you want to dig to the root of it, the person at fault is the one who decided to hang our season on recruiting Franklin. We'll probably never know the full story behind that, but everything that followed was a symptom of that decision.
  3. Hit the nail on the head. If we had a quality back-up QB last year we could be sitting here complaining that #9 is too low.
  4. Whenever a discussion devolves into personal attacks, even one as kid gloves as that, then you need to question whether you really believe your own point. And, yes, my mom always told me I was special, so I'd like to believe it's true Heck yea I did. We went from 4-5 drops in the big games, to 1 or 2 . That alone is worthy of celebration. So that's what this is really about. You are upset that Craig is gone and Kodi took his place, so you are predisposed to want Kodi to fail in order to justify that position. One question you might want to ask yourself... if Craig is so great, why is he unemployed? Protecting the values of the institution (and in some cases, avoiding future legal trouble) The gifted guys needing time to learn the playbook. Realizing that football is a sport and integrity is a way of life.
  5. That's a recipe for breeding mediocrity. In fact the mark of a good leader in any situation is to bring along people who are better at their job that you were. In order to do that, you have to require more from them then you were able to give. Basically you are saying all great leaders are hypocrites. As for not hearing anything negative in bowl practices or the Spring, you can bet McClain heard it, and you can also bet that Kodi felt that going public with it, this time, was a way to make things happen... possibly at the advice of Garner, who's known for such things. No, I didn't miss the "in my opinion", I just don't understand why you were even voicing your opinion on Hastings in this discussion, when, as I explained a second time, he was used as an EXAMPLE because he us a walk-on that is playing ahead of recruited players. There are other threads that discuss whether he belongs on the field or not. ok... There's this... and this... I guess my only response to this is "so?" Show me where the receivers are failing on the field and I'm 100% with you, but I don't see it. What I see is a young coach who the jury is still out on because he's coached our receivers for a total of 1 year, with a squad of receivers who was better last year than 2015 and is expected to be far better this year. I don't see how one 3-star receiver not playing as well as he can and getting called out on it is a negative. I also don't see how anyone can have any real opinion of Kodi as a coach with so little to go on. Think of it this way... Kodi is really just a sophomore. This is where I'm inclined to agree with you. I hate it when the coaches call a player out in the press. But I also don't know the situation, and it may be the thing that is needed to motivate him. If it works, and the kid makes it to the NFL, who am I to say it was wrong.
  6. So a coach isn't allowed to expect more of his players than even he, himself gave as a player? By that logic, only star players should be allowed to become coaches. I think you missed the entire point of referencing Hastings. The fact that a walk-on is in the playing rotation should be motivation to any recruited player who isn't. It doesn't matter if the walk-on is a "world beater" or whether fans believe he should be in rotation or not, he is and that should motivate McClain to put in the work. I find it very bothersome that, if a kid doesn't perform, the go to response for many of our fans is to assume our coaching sucks. It's even more of an issue when we have 1 receiver under-performing, while the rest are not only doing well, but continually improving. It's like the band parent who says "look, my kid is the only one marching in the right direction." The truth, more likely, is that the player isn't processing the coaching they are getting or, as we've seen in several other positions... especially with freshmen, the player isn't putting in the necessary work. A consistency issue seems to speak to the latter.
  7. I don't know E. I realize that the trend is to throw Gus under the bus for that game, but a change in game plan should have that much of an effect on the ability for players to execute the basics of their position. When you have Braden Smith watching his man run past him, multiple times, and nearly every receiver dropping passes that hit them in the hands (or in Kam Martin's case, go right through his hands), that speaks to a lack of focus... not the game plan.
  8. And our overall execution was probably the worst of the entire season. Our best players were missing blocks, dropping passes, etc. It was a giant cluster on all fronts.
  9. You got me totally wrong on what I was saying. I'm not giving Kodi credit for Hastings. What I'm saying is that he can leverage the fact that a walk-on kicker who is consistently doing all of the things he's telling McClain to do is in the rotation, so he can use that as motivation... "if a walk-on can do it, you can do it" or if he's going more the Garner route "why aren't you doing it when that walk-on is?" Basically, what i'm trying to say is that Kodi's message to McClain, or any other receiver who is struggling, is helped a lot by the talent around him.
  10. But in a MUCH classier fashion.
  11. I was also a little surprised that Kodi was calling a player out in the press. The advantage Kodi has, at this point, is that he has a few naturally talented guys who are already excelling, so he can use them to back up his words. It especially helps him that he has a walk-on kicker who cracked the rotation. Talk about a walking example of "if you do what I tell you, you can be great". McClain has a FAR bigger upside than Hastings if he can just do the little things that Hastings does well.
  12. I wouldn't bet money they would, that's for sure, but sometimes a first national championship in forever can go to a teams head. I can't help but think that was part of the problem for us in 2011.
  13. That's got to be an interesting position for the staff... turning down a relative of Bo could cause a bit of a stir. It's not like, as the #10 prospect in the state, he's a scrub or anything.
  14. I know Worm is in on a lot of it, but when it comes down to it, I read Joey's name more than anyone in articles about recruits. Apparently he, Worm, and Irvin make quite the team when it comes being in prospects ears.
  15. But the Elite 11 is June 2-4, which eliminates both of the top QBs on our list from Big Cat... one of whom is our best commit-recruiter.