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  1. All love from me to to you and your boy Momma. War Eagle.
  2. Of course... God forbid that the idiot from Kansas bring up things like bulletin board material and the dangers of the press when a parent is around. It only applies when we're talking about kids who parents we don't know. Got it. I know my place. Thanks for reminding me @McLoofus
  3. You're totally missing what I'm saying, Momma. I have no doubt that Sean will do great things. I'm already a fan. All I'm saying is that it's better to do them than say them, especially when reporters are around. I'd say the same thing about any other player on the team.
  4. It's not about speaking highly of himself, Momma, and I have no doubt he can back up what he says. It's about not giving big guys with attitudes bulletin board material to feed off of. In the college game, it's best to let your play on the field do the talking for you. It's especially important when sports writers are around as they will go out of their way to use your words against you and your team. Carl Lawson was a great example. He never said much, but everyone knew he was a bad man.
  5. Highlight the whole thing and then click the quote button that appears, just like when you quote a small portion of something someone says.
  6. Momma there goes that man Love the attitude, but he needs to remember to keep that on the practice field and not in front of the sports writers. We don't need the big uglies painting a target on him.
  7. Are we to take it that Momma Worm is friends with Momma Dunmore? I just knew you were gonna be one of our best recruiters.
  8. And they might be one of those teams who get a little "extracurricular" to prove he doesn't belong.
  9. That's the key. We play a few teams who will make it their mission to prove he's not SEC ready. He just needs to avoid any of the cheap crap they try to pull and leave them in the dust wherever he can. The one thing he can be certain of is that every other Tiger on that field has his back.
  10. Depends on how good Georgia is. It might be Georgia, Iron Bowl, SEC Championship and R1 or R2. The good news is that give you 5 games (counting the cupcake between Georgia and the Iron Bowl) to get anyone who's beat up back into shape for the championship game, if you make it.
  11. Actual conversation that probably has or is going to happen... Butch's Agent - "Hey Butch. I'm leveraging the crap out of Mississippi State not locking down their guy to make everyone think you're going to jump ship for their job. I'm going to get you a massive raise to stay at Auburn." Butch - "Cool. Thanks." Butch's Agent - "Hey, that's what you pay me for. By the way, thanks for the percentage."
  12. Yea... don't get me wrong. I don't want to dog on the girl... she seems to have some anger issues, and those, more often than not, stem from being significantly hurt by others. I just can't help but notice that every time there was drama in our softball program, her name always seemed to come up.
  13. The sad thing is that almost all of that would have probably happened under Greene, too. What will hopefully be different is how some of it is handled, especially from a PR standpoint, along with things like not using nefarious means to run off a coach that should have never been hired in the first place (the wrongful termination lawsuit), not handing coaches outrageous buyout clauses at the first sign of a good season, and not facilitating outside interference into how our coaches run their programs.
  14. I can't help but think there's a little karma in play here. Hope she figures life out before it eats her up.
  15. I think you will find that it's just a matter of people being painted in a certain light for so long, whether deserving or not or a little of both, combined with people's inability to let things go. For some people, Jay Jacobs is going to be the embodiment of evil forever because he was bad at certain aspects of his job and because he allowed some people to manipulate him. Some of those people are going to blame him for things that he had nothing to do with and exaggerate his failings, too. It is what it is.
  16. It also sounds like, from Greene's comments, that he'll be handling a lot of the internal kinds of things to free Greene up to be more active outside of the office. Kind of a liaison between the school administration and the AD.
  17. Yea, me either. I can just go by what they put out there. What happens behind the scenes is a mystery... though I wouldn't be surprised at all to find out that any big money happens WAY behind the scenes when it's time for recruiting these kids.
  18. I'm trying to decided if it's a good or a bad thing that he wrote our name correctly.
  19. Yea... that crossed my mind as well.
  20. Didn't think about that with the new rule. Talk about a shot in the arm if they can play the last 4 games and still have another year.
  21. Or at least anyone currently working for an athletic department who used to play ball at Notre Dame with Greene. I don't have anything specific against this move, but I have to say that I'm not overly excited that his first big administrative hire was to give one of his buddies a position on the staff. At least this guy seems to be qualified.
  22. Wasn't Bo a bama fan who was just pissed off by bama's recruiter telling him he'd probably sit for 2 years, so he went to Auburn?
  23. All I know it their own marketing says that they don't have a lot of scholarship money available. Usually schools hype the exact opposite in order to entice top kids who can't afford to go. One would assume that they could carry anyone they wanted, but then why would they advertise that they couldn't? I guarantee you that 4 & 5 stars who can afford to pay, have to pay. They definitely aren't running a charity.
  24. Can't be sure, but every video I've seen of him he has been doing traditional kicks.
  25. I only know because the drainage system was considered the best of the best when I was there (I'm sure it's been surpassed by now), so they bragged about it a bit (It was amazing to see how fast it cleared after a deluge), and because I was looking at building a house there and was told all about the water tables and why houses don't have basements.