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  1. 85355

    2018 4* SDE/DT Malik Langham

    Antonio Langham and all of the Goodes.
  2. 85355

    2018 4* SDE/DT Malik Langham

    Why do people think we have a shot with a Langham, so much of his family played in turdtown.
  3. 85355

    2018 5* QB Emory Jones (Ohio St.)

    Plus accuracy issues.
  4. If Rush goes to UT, 100% JJ goes somewhere else. New NCAA rules forbid signing anyone for 2 years after hiring a coach from a HS. So nobody from Colquit County could sign with UT for the next 2 yrs.
  5. 85355

    Where are E and 23?

    E is posting away on TD.
  6. 85355

    2016 5* LB Ben Davis (Bama signee)

    Come on guys, if we don't get Davis, I doubt it will be some Grand conspiracy it will probably be because his father is the all time leading Tackler for UAT and wears UAT NC rings and openly admits he wants his son to go to UAT. What would you do if you were in his or his father's shoes, would you go or push your Kid to UAT simply because of a lack of depth at his position? (remember, he is the number 1 player in the country at his position, so he probably will play early, or at least thinks he will, regardless of where he goes). I would LOVE to get him, but I don't expect us to and if we don't, I am not going to blame this particular one on the "conspiracy theory" Where did his father get any national champion rings? He didn't win any.
  7. 85355

    2017 4* RB Brian Robinson

    Brian Robinson ?@BrianR_4 I would like to announce that I am now officially committed to the University of Alabama. Roll Tide Roll???? . #205 ??
  8. 85355

    Garrison Brooks

    His father is an assistant coach at Mississippi St. He is thought to be headed there, or follow his father if he moves on.
  9. Will supposedly be committing next week to the turds after camping there this week.
  10. 85355

    Top 10 Most Wanted for 2016

    Completely agree. Moon is listed around 200lbs now. Once he gains some muscle he could be the best to come from there lately. I dont like our chances with Davis or Wilson ao hopefully we will be all over Moon. My rankings of the 3 would be davis,moon,wilson. Why is everyone so confident we land Moon? Hard to turn a turd legacy.
  11. 85355

    2015 4* LB Darrell Williams commits to AU!

    Turd reporters are saying he took a secret visit to turdtown this past weekend, but also say he will not be flipping.
  12. 85355


    I had no idea log standing was an NCAA sport. Go figure. Probably only in Gorgia.
  13. 85355

    Who do we close with?

    " you must not know 23" All the rumors are DJ commits to Ole Miss on Wednesday.
  14. He flips to Ole Miss on Wednesday.
  15. 85355

    2014 Remaining Spots

    Shaw scares me, too many players never return from neck injuries. I know the coaches will have a full medical report before signing him though.