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  1. Looking good so far. Do you think someone told Harsin he wasn't being fired? 😂
  2. Some people are aggressive drunks. This could work 😂
  3. I don't think Grimes is a lazy JABA hire, but he is definitely not an outside the box choice. I'm with you on Deion 1a and Rhule 1b.
  4. ^^This. Kiffin was also part of the revolving door at Tennessee and did nothing at USCw despite being the premier school in that state & conference. Freeze has a ton of baggage and only recruited well while cheating. We need to do much better than these two if we are going to succeed long term. Agreed that hiring a coach can be a crap shoot, but Kiffin and Freeze are two guys AU should NEVER roll the dice on.
  5. I'm with you. I don't think Lane Kiffin is a great coach. He's the ultimate example of having an influential parent and failing up.
  6. This is a very fair question, but I worry about this counter more for someone who isn't Sanders. He can easily say, "I've played in the NFL and was the best at my position when I played. I know what it takes to get there." I think the fact that UGA and Bama are NFL factories are going to make it really hard for anyone to come in here and win those battles early. If it's not Sanders, whoever we hire is going to have to prove it on the field first before that NFL recruiting counter can be made.
  7. We'll, yeah. I don't think our play could be shockingly worse 🙏
  8. I know it would be a stop gap, but Will Friend should be fired tonight. He inherited a mess, but hasn't done a damn thing recruiting or coaching wise to fix it.
  9. I'm not one for wanting to fire anyone mid season, but our recruiting is already in the tank and this game will make it worse. I would give him more time this year to see how it plays out. Lose to Mizzou though and you have to pull the trigger.
  10. It would, but I fear our administration will believe this person to be Kevin Steele or Will Muschamp.
  11. OL looks Baaaad, but I didn't have any delusions of going undefeated this year. Hopefully we can learn from this ass beating and beat Mizzou and LSU. This game may not be a complete waste of Ashford can emerge as a serviceable QB.
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