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  1. Don't know much about this kid, but he's got good size. Having the big body receiver isn't something we've had in a couple of years (since Seth left).
  2. Agree. This system worked with Harper and Brown, but the undersized guards we have now don't have the shooting talent of Harper, much less Brown. Bruce needs to focus on finding real shooters at the guard position or transition to bigger guards.
  3. Seems like he could be a good hire. I don't know why so many confuse lack of experience with lack of prowess. I'm glad to see younger guys get a shot rather than hiring some retread because they have experience.
  4. Agreed. We have to show improvement from year to year with Freeze. I think he should be able to be at least .500 in year 1 then if he can get to 8 wins (or more) in year 2, we're in a good spot. If the on field result doesn't trend in the right direction within the first 2 years, recruiting prowess will likely dip.
  5. It always amazes me that the "savior" QB is always some guy in the portal and never anyone on the current roster that just needs some development. If you can get a McCall or a Leary you take them because of their body of work, but missing on both doesn't mean we don't have a competent QB on the roster.
  6. Like it or not, Jimbo's contract is relevant for a couple of reasons 1) it seems to be being used as a benchmark for Kiffin's reported pay at Auburn and 2) Jimbo was a much more accomplished HC than Kiffin at the time his contract was signed. Awarding Kiffin this type of money without the HC resume of the guy who set the bar makes no sense.
  7. All coaches mentioned in this search have risk, but Kiffin is the most expensive risk we could take. Before anyone chimes in with "market rate" or "it's not your money." Yeah, I'm fully aware. The issue is that if we give Kiffin a huge, long guaranteed contract, you can't easily pivot if things go south (i.e. Jimbo at A&M). There are plenty of other risky coaches out there that command far less. Kiffin's history shows he is fully capable of being merely average. I'm just not sure he's worth the money we seemingly have to pay him and I don't think we can be too upset when he settles in and becomes an 8-5 coach. Paying Kiffin a ton of money won't make him elite. There is much better value for money elsewhere, but I'd support him if he is hired.
  8. Need more intermediate routes. Run, run, deep ball is giving me Gus flashbacks 🤦‍♂️
  9. As was said earlier, every candidate has some downsides. For Lane, USC was a long time ago, but I haven't seen enough of him as a HC since to think he'd be a home run. Not sure of the circumstances, but his second season at FAU was a losing one. He rebounded with a 10 win season then bolted for Ole Miss. His record at Ole Miss has been good, but I'm not sure he's had a signature win there. If we're going to roll the dice, I'd much rather land on Deion than pay Kiffin a 9 figure contract. There are coaches out there that justify that price but Kiffin is not one of them.
  10. It's not my money, but I'd rather roll the dice on Caddy as HC than some of the candidates mentioned. He's got 3 more games to audition. If the team shows improvement and we whiff on an established coach, I'd be happy to have Caddy over some other coordinator or Group of 5 coach.
  11. Not even one game in, Caddy is a better in game coach than Harsin
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