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  1. I don't disagree. Gus seems to find more success when he is coaching for his job (2017). If he manages to stay and catch lightning in a bottle next year, he will probably get the chance to show us if he can have consecutive 10 win seasons before finally being shown the door.
  2. He must be the only one that still believes he can win at Auburn. If he truly believes that, that's why he would stay. I want him gone, but I'll be first to admit that if he stays and wins 11+ games next year, I might think differently. Gus knows that winning will fix everything and I guess he still thinks he can.
  3. Who is available next year that we couldn't get this year? Realistically, there are only a handful of coaches that would please the fan base and they would likely have to hired from another school anyway. Might as well go for one now. What would change in a year other than another lackluster season with Gus?
  4. It is taking a while. My theory is we tried for Stoops and missed. Now the PTB can't figure out what to do. Most still want Gus gone, but don't won't to pony up the buyout for someone who is not a "homerun" hire. So now they are offering Gus terms they don't think he will agree to so he can "stay," hoping he will leave on his own so we don't have to pay him $32MM. So not only has this plan appeared to have backfired resulting in Gus staying, I'm not convinced we have anyone lined up should he leave.
  5. Cam Newton suiting up in the orange and blue.
  6. We won't fire Gus because of the buyout, but at the very least he should have to stand at the exit and let every fan that stayed kick him square in the balls on the way out. Such an embarrassment.
  7. I think it may be different if the offense is over achieving and some guys don't see the field. That's probably easy to accept. When the offense has been sub par and guys seem to be underutilized, it is probably hard for some of the players to understand the lack of PT. I'm not saying we should play guys if they're not ready, but Gus doesn't seem to be making any changes to fix the issues. It has to be frustrating to the players, we all know it is frustrating to the fans...
  8. It's a tough spot to be in. I agree that 2 wins over rivals in 5 seasons isn't great, but there isn't really anyone out there that would be a better hire. I want Gus to stay, but he could get a raise simply for performing what he was already paid to do. Crazy year in college football. If we need to pay Gus to stay, so be it, but I would make sure we lower any buyout in his contact. I'm fine to pay him $7 mil or whatever the number is, but his buyout should be next to nothing. Give him crazy incentives for wins, SECC, etc., but raising his buyout (usually happens with a raise/extension) handicaps us if he doesn't perform in the first couple years of his new deal.
  9. Didn't look like Kerryon to me either.
  10. Unfortunately, a similar situation is how he got hired...
  11. I agree with the earlier post about merging philosophies. Gus doesn't need to admit his offense sucks, he just needs to come to terms with his failure in the passing game. Sometimes the jet sweeps can get a little too cute, but Gus's running game is generally successful. He needs a new OC that will take his input in the run game, but that can develop a QB and elevate the passing game. A new OC should also be able to make half time adjustments. I could get behind Hand as co-OC if they can find a QB coach and bring in a passing game coordinator of sorts. I'd prefer a new hire entirely, but if we have to live with Hand I think this is the only way it works.
  12. Does a new HC need SEC experience or just proven that they can win? I would think we could get Chris Klieman from NDSU fairly easily. SEC would be a huge step up for him, but seems like hiring a guy like that would be equal to taking a chance on a coordinator. I'm only throwing this out there for the crowd that thinks we can't get a big name head coach. If that's the case, you need to find a winner somewhere else and this guy is winning like crazy in Noth Dakota.
  13. But that's the point. It's not his private life when it publicly puts Auburn in a negative light.