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  1. I may be the minority here or get flamed, but I don't think Ole Miss is that good. Their signature win is Arky and they barely pulled that out (Arky dropped 51 points on them). We just handled Arky at their place. Can we lose to Ole Miss? Sure, but there really isn't a reason we shouldn't win this game.
  2. Nix was put in the situation from Stat's OP today and came away with a W. Still need to find a way to run the ball more effectively, but nice win.
  3. Been thinking the same thing myself. Clemson is a fraction of their former selves and Arky got a bump from beating two teams that aren't very good (Aggies lost at home to Miss State last night). I can't believe I'm about to say this, but Auburn might be the best team UGA has faced come game time next week. UGA looks great, but not sure they've really played a good team yet.
  4. Agreed. Also can't afford a slow start. We can pull it off, but it will take a near flawless effort on both sides of the ball, something we have yet to see. This game is where Bobo can earn his keep. He needs to make the right calls for the opposing personnel. Can't run into a stacked box at all. Need to find ways to keep UGA on their heels all game. It looks like Mason and the D may have started to figure it out last night. Need that type of performance out of the gate against UGA.
  5. Great win for Auburn! Coach O getting fired tomorrow, calling it now. The narrative will be that he lost to a first year MWC coach at home in his 6th year while we played with a benched QB.
  6. If ever there were a time for the D to step up, this is it.
  7. Yep. If we can keep the passing game going LSU will have to back off. Once they do that, the run game is on and we'll be in a good spot.
  8. Auburn just needs to find a way to win this one. I just want to see Coach O get fired tomorrow 😂
  9. Someone should legit ask Mason in the post game presser what he is trying to accomplish with the 10-15 yard cushion on every play. If there's a reason, I'd like to hear it from him 😡
  10. Not too long after "road Bo" makes an appearance.
  11. It shouldn't be rocket science; we have the guys to beat them. We just need to show an adaptive scheme on both sides of the ball. On offense: They will probably stack the box out of the gate. If they do, we shouldn't try to run the ball here. Hit some quick slants, pick up yardage in the passing game. Once they back off that, establish the run. Once you establish the run, hit them with play action. On defense: We know they want to throw. Don't come out in soft zone that will allow their QB to pick us apart. Play press man and dial up some blitz packages. If we try to esta
  12. I can't fathom this game at 11:00 am. Probably indicative of how one sided this game has been as of late. We usually struggle in the early games too. Let's hope for 2:30 🤞
  13. Don't disagree with what was said in theory, but I think it depends on which Auburn team shows up. The one that took Penn State to the wire or the one that crapped the bed against Georgia State? Also, given LSU's lack of a rushing attack we have to stop the pass, which doesn't give me much comfort.
  14. 1) Dominant win 2) More man coverage/ not as much cushion 3) GSU QB complete less than 62% of his passes 4) More Auburn WR on the field 5) Bo completing passes to at least 7 different targets (i.e. use the WR depth) 6) Establish an offensive identity that plays more to our strengths (i.e. Run the damn ball. We can take a couple of shots, but don't put Bo in a situation where we need him to complete passes 20+ yards down field)
  15. Frustrated with the loss, but there is definitely a lot to build on. It's still early, but PSU might be the best team in the B1G with OSU struggling against Toledo for much of the game.
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