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  1. Official Postgame thread

  2. Do we still protect Gus from Arkansas?

    It's a tough spot to be in. I agree that 2 wins over rivals in 5 seasons isn't great, but there isn't really anyone out there that would be a better hire. I want Gus to stay, but he could get a raise simply for performing what he was already paid to do. Crazy year in college football. If we need to pay Gus to stay, so be it, but I would make sure we lower any buyout in his contact. I'm fine to pay him $7 mil or whatever the number is, but his buyout should be next to nothing. Give him crazy incentives for wins, SECC, etc., but raising his buyout (usually happens with a raise/extension) handicaps us if he doesn't perform in the first couple years of his new deal.
  3. FINAL: Auburn 26 Alabama 14

    Didn't look like Kerryon to me either.
  4. Chip admits to calling all plays

    Gus, is that you?
  5. Rhett leaves AU / New OC discussion (Merged)

    Unfortunately, a similar situation is how he got hired...
  6. Offensive Coordinator

    I agree with the earlier post about merging philosophies. Gus doesn't need to admit his offense sucks, he just needs to come to terms with his failure in the passing game. Sometimes the jet sweeps can get a little too cute, but Gus's running game is generally successful. He needs a new OC that will take his input in the run game, but that can develop a QB and elevate the passing game. A new OC should also be able to make half time adjustments. I could get behind Hand as co-OC if they can find a QB coach and bring in a passing game coordinator of sorts. I'd prefer a new hire entirely, but if we have to live with Hand I think this is the only way it works.
  7. If not Gus then whom?

    Does a new HC need SEC experience or just proven that they can win? I would think we could get Chris Klieman from NDSU fairly easily. SEC would be a huge step up for him, but seems like hiring a guy like that would be equal to taking a chance on a coordinator. I'm only throwing this out there for the crowd that thinks we can't get a big name head coach. If that's the case, you need to find a winner somewhere else and this guy is winning like crazy in Noth Dakota.
  8. Time to fire Gus.

    But that's the point. It's not his private life when it publicly puts Auburn in a negative light.
  9. Time to fire Gus.

    I can't even believe people are suggesting we hire Petrino. He can win, but he will also bail mid season as soon as he gets an offer for something he perceives to be a better opportunity. Will you still support him when he shows up to an Auburn presser with a neck brace and road rash on his face after he's caught ******** his assistant? Petrino works for schools with no Football tradition, which is why Louisville hired him twice. There are plenty of good, winning coaches we can get without that baggage. Rant over.
  10. Definitely '09 West Virginia
  11. 3-7 in our last 10 sec games

    JJ not panning out really hurt our offense, no doubt, but this loss is on the defense. Muschamp needs to have free reign to let some assistants go and completely put his own staff in place. He still has some Ellis Johnson holdovers that he may not have hired if he were given the choice. I still believe he can turn it around, just not this year. I've seen improvement from the offense over the season, but to say we have performed below expectations would be an understatement. Gus has to answer for that, but talk of firing him at this point is ridiculous. He'll be gone after 2016 with no improvement so we can complain all we want, but Gus will be here for another year. I just hope he can fix it so we don't have to have meltdown threads continually.
  12. How concerned should we be

    Not sure. Need to see how we play against Miss State tonight to get a better assessment.
  13. Name me one other D1 Coach...

    If White had gotten some time in the first 2 like he should have, that wouldnt be an argument but its water under the bridge now. Im sure we will hear this one from the coaches as well. I see what you're saying, but I don't think you pull a new starter in the first two games of the season. The Ohio State situation was different because Jones won a natty last year. If you pull a guy in the first two games and the backup isn't much better, your season is over. I think after 3 games we have a good idea of where JJ is. He's had enough chances to turn it around, but hasn't, which is why we will see White soon.
  14. Name me one other D1 Coach...

    I thought we would see White as well, but the more I thought about it, I don't think you have a redshirt frosh take his first snaps of the season in Death Valley. Maybe we see him next week or possibly start at San Jose St.? Also, I think they have to go back to the zone read. I think Gus thought we didn't need it anymore because JJ seemed to be the best passing QB we've ever had. However, now that it's been shown that's not the case, we need to reinvent ourselves, and quick.