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  1. Short of drastic changes, seems like you could just make a rule that says you cannot negotiate (hard to monitor) or get any NIL money until you have been at your school for one full year or played X number of snaps. That won't solve all the problems, but it will at least slow some of the transfer bleeding some of the smaller schools are experiencing with their better players. What is happening now isn't sustainable with the NIL/transfer portal combo.
  2. Agreed. There are outliers, but in today's NFL, RBs aren't drafted super high. By the time Tank is done, he will have proved that he is an NFL RB and won't need to carry 30+ times a game to do it. We just need to show we can run the ball with some proficiency and that should be enough to attract high level RB recruits.
  3. Not trying to be negative, but I kind of had this game as an L before it started. Good team on the road. We have to lose sometime....
  4. Given all that has happened, it is probably best for both sides to part ways. However, there is no good to come from it. BOT and PTB would rather meddle and have influence over the football program than build a true contender. We can hire a new coach, which may have less drama, but it won't get us where we want to be. Wash, rinse, repeat.
  5. Probably not getting a big name so we should come to terms with that. Harsin does need a huge win here so he will have to roll the dice with an up and comer and hope it works. Only way out of this mess for Harsin is to win.
  6. I'm sure they will get a deal done. I feel like Bruce knows he can be the all time great at Auburn and he is pretty much a living legend here already. It looks like he is on the brink of building Auburn into a blue blood and I don't think he gives that up to go to another school. I also don't think Auburn is dumb enough to let a legend leave.
  7. Thanks for posting this. It had been a while since we've had a meltdown thread on here.
  8. I feel like some of the negativity in this thread is misdirected. Auburn went out and hired a coach with a good resume from a smaller conference because we didn't want to pay up for a proven name. Hiring unproven coaches indicates that they are a bit of a project coach. However, some of you seem mad that Harsin - a coach we hired as a project - is, well, a project. Makes no sense. I agree that staff turnover seems to be problematic at present, but give it time. If you want to be mad at the PTB for not hiring a big name, fine, but firing Harsin after two seasons will make us a lot closer to being Tennessee than to where we all want to be.
  9. Yes, saw this and thought it odd as well. Never seen that before.
  10. Auburn is no worse than any other fan base. Yes, UGA and Bama fans melt down after losses too, but we lose more than they do now (so more meltdowns). Obviously, all fans are not negative and recruits and their parents should be able to separate social media and the real world, but that can be a difficult thing to do when you're 17-18 years old. A lot of these kids' social engagement is on social media and it's all negative. You can go to anything Auburn on FB, Twitter, etc. and don't have to look hard to find a bunch of negativity. It's easy for us to just say they should ignore it, but how can you completely ignore something that is everywhere on platforms that are probably more utilized by the age group of recruits? We don't have to like it, but we should at least try to be mindful.
  11. Restaurants usually have tight margins. If it's $20k per month this place is a money laundering operation 😂
  12. Hard to say. Nix improved in one year with Harsin. I agree that Calzada didn't look great, but I would say the same about Mond for all the years he started at A&M. It's possible that Calzada could look better in Auburn's offense. I guess we will find out...
  13. DD is definitely a head scratcher, but he should stay until at least after spring to see where he ends up. There was the article about his Dad wanting him to redshirt, but then we could have seen him in the bowl game and didn't, which is puzzling. I'm going with Harsin promised TJ a chance to compete for QB1 when he transferred in and it seemed like he got that with Bo struggling and then hurt. If the plan for DD all along was to redshirt, well that was accomplished. Now, we need more QB depth and we are in a situation where there is not a QB1 named yet. Auburn should bring in at least one more and let the chips fall where they may after competition in the spring.
  14. It appears that Casey Thompson has us pretty high as well. We may not land Williams, but if we land Thompson, a battle for QB1 between Thompson, Calzada, TJ and DD is a good thing. Welcome to the Plains, Zach Calzada!
  15. True, but I would say Justin Fields is an example of why he shouldn't go to UGA. They can't seem to figure out how to use highly regarded QBs.
  16. Is there any reason to think Williams won't join Riley at USCw?
  17. Michigan's academics are hands down better than Auburn. If that was an important criteria for him, the choice speaks for itself.
  18. Agreed, but that's the issue. Tank shouldn't have to announce he is staying. His maybe leaving became a story for fans, but he never publicly insinuated he was thinking about it.
  19. But those highly rated players barely saw the field because they didn't pan out. They had the same inferior coaching that the 3 star playing ahead of them had. It's still a player development issue. I agree with you that we aren't winning championships with classes ranked in the 20's, but we have to show we can develop players before the 5 stars start lining up. The elite schools put guys in the league regardless of their star ranking out of HS.
  20. There is only because those schools are rare. OSU, Bama, UGA, Clemson (not this year though) have been recruiting AND playing at a high level. Auburn has recruited at a high level in the past without much to show for it. I'd take a step back in recruiting rankings in the short term if it means more development of our talent long term. Most of the 5 stars we've gotten in the past have flamed out with the exception of a few. What good are the high rankings if those guys can't develop? To be elite, Harsin is going to have to recruit and develop. NFL is full of dudes who were overlooked in recruiting. It is possible to win without stockpiling 5 stars. If Harsin can develop the guys he signs, we'll be fine. If he can't, then he will be gone. Let's give it time.
  21. Real question. If Tank does transfer, can Auburn specify that it not be to a school on our schedule or did the rule change take that power away?
  22. Obviously, I want Tank to stay, but I feel like we are ok at RB even without him. Hunter has shown promise and Alston looks like the real deal. Also, no other news outlets are reporting a Tank transfer yet. It seems like it's not completely a done deal yet.
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