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  1. I know this board pumps a lot of sunshine, but Kirby is spot on. I heard it out of the mouth of Picken's father that they chose Georgia because they had a true route tree opposed to Auburn's lack thereof... and Picken's father is an Auburn fan.
  2. This is game 7... lack of execution and 14 penalties is a poor reflection of coaching.... no way around it
  3. Gus has wasted a top tier Defense this year Bo Nix has shown very lil promise over the course of the season.... and that’s on Gus as well
  4. I surely hope so. Gus and the O line didn’t do the young man any favors, but I’ve seen him miss a plethora of throws that even serviceable QBs could make... Hopefully he and Gus can correct that.
  5. Here’s the thing.. Bo has had one truly good game all season... He would be getting a lot more scrutiny if it wasn’t for his last name and 5 star rating
  6. Agreed. Now with that being said, that could be a by product of how the offensive coaching staff wants to manage the game... I don’t think he has that liberty or trust to be creative with his arm talent..
  7. And you clearly misread his post, or you’re being purposely obtuse
  8. 54 yarders are “easy” now, or am I missing something?
  9. It’s not crap. Just facts. I want y’all to keep this same energy/logic going forward though. Great win and WDE
  10. Sayjng that Gus did not “outcoach” one of the best football minds in college football is not bashing
  11. Actually he didn't. Defensive line came through at the end
  12. We seeing some real good coaching....... unfortunately its for the other team
  13. Play calling was still the same... there wasn't any consistent ball movement... plays were made in big chunks against an overwhelmed and worn out D...... IF yall like 8 to 9 wins a year then be my guest.... this is a year where. MSU, Ole Miss, and LSU, are having bad years.... so our win total and stats will be inflated.... We'll still lose to Georgia and Alabama in horrible fashion... unless something changes...