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  1. I will support Coach Freeze and will continue to support AU. I don't know who the new coaches will be, but I think Zac and LAC (and maybe Hilliard) will be the only current coaches retained. War Eagle!
  2. The Liberty "upset" just goes to show how the media-fueled rumors affect players and the outcomes of games. Liberty quit when they heard their coach was leaving (true or not). It affected the outcome of the Egg Bowl, too.
  3. I am OK with Freeze. We have people in the Athletic Dept to keep him out of trouble (or fire him for cause if he can't stay away from trouble). Hopefully, Cohen is better with contract wording than Greene. I like Kiffin, too, but he isn't worth the difference in money (and I know it's not MY money). Think Freeze for 7 yrs at $8 mil or $56 million versus Kiffin at 10 yrs at $11 mil or $110 million. I would argue they are very similar as coaches but Freeze has been punished for baggage in the past. Freeze is the better buy all things considered. We aren't hiring a pastor or campus evangelist - that's what FCA does. We're trying to hire a good football coach,and very few of them are "saints".
  4. JABA. Unfortunately, we cannot help pulling for people who played for, attended, or previously worked for Auburn University. It is almost incestuous. (I would argue that UAT has/had the same problem but managed to escape it temporarily at least with Saban). I love and respect Caddy, and hope he continues to coach for AU or better yet has an opportunity as a head coach for a smaller U. If he proves himself elsewhere as a head coach (i.e., program building - recruiting, hiring good position coaches, capitalizing on the portal, etc.) then I'd love to see him have the head coaching job at AU. If we don't hire someone with experience in program building at this juncture, then prepare for AU to be the post-Fulmer UTenn for the next 15 years. Might as well make Jordan-Hare an outdoor concert venue.
  5. Check the 1998 records - Tommy Tuberville's Ole Miss team was the only SEC win for AU, and then we hired Tuberville for head coach, which worked out OK except for $aban was at UAT in 2007 and TT pushed Al Borges out after 2007 and hired Tony Franklin and everything imploded.
  6. Is there any chance of signing Taj Williams or James Hearns if they were to qualify between now and graduation day in May?
  7. IN-STATE = Alabama high school football player Don't get me wrong - I want to sign as many good players from Georgia (6-8 per year) as possible, but we need more Alabama players to ensure that the Iron Bowl rivalry is fully appreciated by the players. Quitting like what we saw on November 23 is inexcusable. We signed 6 players from the state of Alabama in February 2012. The most Alabama players signed by Coach Chizik's staff for a single recruiting class was 14 players in 2009, his first class. However, of those 14 signed, 3 never qualified for admission and 3 others (Fairley, Washington, and Freeman) were junior college transfers from out-of-state who played their high school football in Alabama.
  8. I'm feeling fine about AU's recruiting. We are beginning to get resolution on this class (I'm glad Liner finally verbally de-committed - his actions indicated that he was a "silent" decommit since the previous staff was fired - good luck to him at uat except when he plays AU). I believe this recruiting class will still be a top 15 class, and better yet, I believe it will meet our immediate needs more so than the three previous "top 10" classes (2010-2012) that we signed. For a first signing class with a new coaching staff, things could be a lot worse. Yes, we'll have more 3-star players than we would have had, but maybe some of them can be coached up. One thing that I have noticed from this coaching staff is a renewed commitment to recruiting in-state players. In-state recruiting needs to be a primary focus if we are to regain our status as a top tier SEC football power.
  9. I hope I am wrong, but I bet the gnashing of teeth resumes once Coach Fountain is named the TE coach (unless the news is accompanied by a big-splash hire for WR coach such as Dameyune Craig). I think this staff is a very good staff, even without Dameyune Craig or Tracy Rocker, but gnashing of teeth is habitual to many of our fans who aspire to be as toothless as the bammers.
  10. Then why is Foster saying Liner is recruiting Foster back to Auburn? Any why, three days ago, did Liner himself say he's talked to Gus? There is more crap in this thread than in a dozen Christmas hogs. Well that's all Liners words, in the tweet and this video. In the Tweet he says he talked to his "New Coach" and in the video he says he hasn't talked to Gus. His words. He could very well have "talked to his new coach" without talking to Gus. He probably was talking to Lance Thompson or Nick Saban (per his tweet).
  11. I agree. I've seen several posts wishing to hire Eddie Gran back as the RB coach (and for the record, I'd be OK with that because he's a good recruiter in south Florida), but if you were to go by this logic, Eddie Gran should not be hired because Mario Fannin fumbled 3 times in the South Florida game in 2007 (basically gave the game away at home).
  12. I'm at peace with what Gus is doing. We must right the ship (that has been sinking for two years). So far, the assistant hires have been satisfying. I want Rocker (if he is available), but if not, I want a hard-nosed DL coach in the Pat Dye era-mold. I have no doubt that Gus's staff will recruit well. Gus has been (since 2009 when he first came to AU) a magnet for offense recruits, but I also believe (because of Ellis Johnson and early playing time opportunities) that we'll still have a good defensive recruiting class. We've been linebacker-deficient since 2008 (remember when we had to play a true freshman as our third linebacker in the 2009 Iron Bowl - and almost won the game?). To better days on the Plains!
  13. I disagree. I hope the compliance department continues to do its job. It kept us out of trouble with Cam in 2010. Look at tOSU this year, and remember how it was for us in 1993 when we won all our games but were basically ignored by everyone except AU fans because we were ineligible to play in a bowl that year.
  14. I see 4* and 5* 18-year old KIDS volunteer for "boot camp" at uat every year, because uat is winning. When they get tired of "boot camp" or if they fail to live up to their potential, they get processed and end up at UNA or South Alabama. We've proven that we cannot win without discipline, and frankly the off-the-field incidents over the past couple of years have gotten very embarrassing to many alumni (including me). I don't celebrate "recruiting nationals championships" in February. I want to win the games that matter. Gus has no choice but to clean house. Do you expect any of these former offensive coaches, most of whom were making $300,000+ per year while Lashlee was just a lowly-paid student assistant in 2009-2010, to respect and support Lashlee as OC? I thank all of the Chizik staff for the good things (mostly 2009 and 2010) that they accomplished, and I know most of them will find good jobs soon.
  15. He wouldn't have to bring it to AU, it is already here from what I've seen over the last 15 months. He might perpetuate it, though.
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