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  1. Probably the thing that makes the losses tougher is knowing that his roster is far superior to the teams he is losing to. He knows the losses are on him.
  2. Am I the only one who thinks Dabo gets to polish that thing because Mr Watson chose Clemson instead of Auburn?
  3. According to Scripture, the viscous nature of predatory animals is not how God made them.
  4. nope. wont be another tie.
  5. Sorry, I have to disagree. Salma Hayek gets my vote. different category, she is lebanese-mexican fusion
  6. He said some good things, some bad. He had a good practice before the show. He is taking it, day to day. i see what you did there
  7. war eagle from santa clarita
  8. Thanks. Good to be here. you have a pm
  9. i hope we are rolling wires early and often
  10. how do you have time to read other message boards? by the time i read all the great information you bring us all my free time is gone.
  11. So with top rated talent and a weak schedule he still cant win out. Let us raise our standards.
  12. the talent he fields is on par with the best teams in the nation and he barely even wins the acc. why would we want that?