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  1. Your 2017 Auburn University Marching Band

    I have to say a Thank You to the Mods for featuring the AU Band on here. Back in the dark ages (aka 1966-1970), I was in the Band for 4 great years. We used to show up a week before the first game but these folks are showing up 2 weeks ahead now. Of course, with the larger number of members and increased demands on their time, I am sure every minute available for practice will only make them better. In my day, our practice field was between Petrie Hall and the Old North Endzone Seats. We still had great Bands and always worked hard and enjoyed ourselves. It is great to see the evolution made by our Band and the University over the years. War Damn Eagle!
  2. The Myth of the Lopsided Rivalry

    Yes the 49-26 game was phenomenal. The Auburn Band (which I played in) and I were sitting behind the end zone and it was crazy when the punt was faked.
  3. AU targets at The Opening

    Ditto that!
  4. When does Saban Retire

    I believe that Dabo that has a deep desire to be the next coach at UAT. No info or insight, just personal opinion from assessing the kind of person that he seems to be. My hope is that he is not their next coach because the less I have to look at him the better. I just do not like him at all.
  5. Best AU WR ever (besides Beasely)?

    I fully agree. I remember thinking the same about Freddy.
  6. Late Season Situations

    I second that emotion!
  7. SEC Baseball Tournament

    In Double Elimination Play, when you lose your first game, you are placed in the Loser's Bracket and go home with your next Loss. On the other hand, by winning your first game in Double Elimination Play, you are placed in the Winner's Bracket and then must lose 2 games to be sent home.
  8. I agree. No matter who is recruited as players, if they do not receive proper coaching to make them a "team", then it is on the coaches. These highly regarded players must be coached into becoming a team. If not, then it is of no use to have them nor the coach around. Period!
  9. Reuben Foster Booted From Combine

    Maybe he thought he was standing in line for a new tatoo and was afraid they would run out of ink?!
  10. Yep, the coach could always double back through Lubbock on the way Home.
  11. AU Ranked #5

    I am OK with it if we get by Clemson. But yes, as always I prefer to crash the party lie we did 2010 and 2013. If we can play and consistently live up to the hype, then I may get used to it.
  12. What do you love about this class?

    Amen and WDE!!
  13. NSD 2017 discussion thread

    True...sadly true.
  14. NSD 2017 discussion thread

    Where there's a way there's the REC. Some of these poor kids, and some are literally poor, cannot see beyond the promises. Is anyone here as old as I am that remember the days before scholarship limits? Promises for most of these kids are made for the same reason. Bryant used to recruit and sign enough players to field 2 teams at any other university, just to keep them away from Auburn and other schools. Most never saw any action, except for pacing the sidelines at LegionField.