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  1. He also has a stubborn streak as long as a 100 yard football field!
  2. I fully agree and am hoping that some of this bye week's review of our own tendecies, mistakes in certain field situations, etc. has genuinely sunk in with CGM. Again, I am hoping, but not holding my breath. A well conceived and executed short passing game can literally (see Florida against Auburn) take the place of our inadequate running game success. AND, it would be a complete 180-degree turn from our expected tendencies. One can wish anyway.
  3. He is intelligent but I am hoping that the next half of the season indicates that he and his staff have taken their "play-by-play" review of the first 6 games to heart. Having done that, he (as have our remaining opponents) know our tendencies. CGM could really show some growth, if he and the coaches plan and scheme "away" from our tendencies to something not yet on film. I am sure if that were done, our chances of a better season would be far greater than the "same-old-same-old" will produce. CGM did it from the mid-season on in 2017. I can only wish and hope that the coaches time and effort the past 10 days will be put to good use over the next 6 games.
  4. Maybe he will open his impudent mouth with something the entire public can't stand (like his predecessor, McElwain) and be shown the door. Oops..I forgot, Florida is like OhhDamnhio State and Bama where anything is acceptable as long as you win.
  5. Gus just needs to completely flip his philosophy of run first pass second in order to be successful. Florida is doing it, LSU is doing it and even the mighty tide is doing it. QUIT coaching not to lose but coach all out to win! I am hoping we see a revival of the 2017 point production in coming weeks. Just hoping the coaches past week of reviewing all the offensive plays for the season, so far, enlightens someone as to what has really worked so far this season.
  6. I agree 100% that IF we could be consistent in our effort and execution, we could become a very good football team. We just have to wait now and see if we are able to make it happen.
  7. LSU didn't leave many points on the field. We did.
  8. For sure. I am going to try and forget this one and move on too. See y'all soon WDE!
  9. No Problem, I appreciate the feedback. I surely could not find much fault at all with the Defense!
  10. Bird is right. CGM regressed to his old seemingly "playing scared to lose" in the early quarters of the game. Gracious, I hope he gives it up in the next 2 weeks.
  11. Hope that this does not set in motion the old AU standby call to fire CGM and change QB's. Maybe the team will be better for things in the long run. We need to support the Team and expect them to regroup in a positive manner. I hate AU losing more than most AU fans/grads, but we can't throw in the towel just yet. JMO
  12. I do agree for sure that the entire Offense side of the team could have been more productive and prepared. I do believe except for the Defense, it was otherwise a Team loss, not just 1 or 2 players. Due to some untimely and unfortunate play execution--on 3 or 4 plays, near or in the redzone--we were still close until our dead-tired Defense gave up the 88 yarder. We beat ourselves with the help of UF Defense.
  13. Amen..we need to have UF go 3 and out and then have our 11 play drive. It has to happen. I am hoping and praying.