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  1. It is an inbred thing It's The Harvey Updyke lineage.
  2. Hopefully Dan Mullen will have as much success with Florida as he did with MSU.
  3. Very good young men with lots of heart and love for one another and Auburn. Now I just have to pull for whichever team plays Virginia Monday so they don't get to be Champions.
  4. I agree 100%, but they just flat out blew it. Period end of story and our guys have to pack and go home.
  5. Or at least call the foul if you do not get the double dribble. We were robbed with 2 NO CALLS on the same darn play. Unbelievable. However, and I know he hurts more than anyone else, if Harper makes the both free points, we would have maintained control, but it didn't happen. Just looking for a silver lining and am so glad we didn't get robbed earlier in the tournament.
  6. So glad to see CGM in the stands. I genuinely believe that he and CBP are close. My comment has nothing to do with the game outcome, but I personally appreciate the 2 of them supporting one another.
  7. CBP will use this seeding to our advantage...only if he can keep them awake after the trip. What a crappy draw.
  8. As I always tell my wife, I would rather be lucky than good any day! Today we had one call go our way at the end ESPN..TAKE THAT. They (FLA) got the benefit of a 3-point shot foul that was called wrongly just before end of 1st Half. War Eagle!!
  9. Brown has to have "his" half right now..Harper can't do it it alone. And for sure, we have to quit giving them such easy looks. Hoping CBP comes up with some way to shake things up quick at the start of the 2nd half. I do not want to lose to Florida today!
  10. Yep..we need to start fast and be productive early in the half instead of starting slow again. I want the chance to PLay Florida and maybe make it to the Finals this year.
  11. We need to have fast start to the 2nd half. These guys are scary tough and they are obviously better than Mizzou.
  12. Is Wiley close to genuinely being recovered? Would CBP just decide not to play him until the NCAA's?
  13. I do like to see that. It seems to be a genuine friendship and I am sure can be special when you are coaching at that level.
  14. We could consider a "closer" or "enforcer" type that might take things to the "take off the gloves" level. However, there may be other costs and downsides. Look at one of our favorite rivals, Thuga, and their losing 2 legit "starters anywhere else" in Jacob Eason and Justin Fields. We all know it is a ball-faced lie to tell most high school players that they are going to be a major player as a Freshmen. You have to know that happens with Kirby "Curb Appeal" Smart. It almost seems to be a worse scenario than the standard "processing" that has been institutionalized at Bama. JMHO
  15. Maybe Kirby will eventually get "his" due. He is right up there with Muschamp as far as being and jerk and a hothead.