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  1. I approve of this message. Hope CBP does also!
  2. I agree with that for sure. Of course it might also make AU a contender again.
  3. I do not like being JSU’s favorite “big brother” target up the road this week. Don’t like the matchup unless CBP can use his history with their coach to have our guys really ready.
  4. Amen for sure. Start every game at the tip-off as if you are behind by 12!!
  5. Not even No....but Heck No! We do not need a 3-point contest with anyone! Hope CBP has the team come into the game playing like they are already down by 10 or 12 points. For some reason we play really hard-nosed and fairly good basketball when the team "feels" an urgency. Hoping that somehow that CBP can get that into their mindset.
  6. I hope you are right. We need a good run. The team is dangerous but they have got to realize the game starts at the first tip-off, not 20 minutes later and 10 points down.
  7. I believe that Kessler’s injury surely has been downplayed. I think more for him as a draft commodity than anything. And I don’t disagree with it. Just hoping that a period of rest can revitalize his playmaking abilities and relevance. His dominance on the floor has been missed.
  8. Surely am hopeful they have a fire lit under them. Time will tell.
  9. I know it may seem implausible, but Auburn needs to play it’s game and put that on their opponents. That is my hope. CBP needs to preach playing like you are down by 12 points from the first tip-off. There needs to be an urgency from the get-go, not waiting until 15 minutes left in the game to play as a team. Period!
  10. Sounds like a poor approach to me. I missed that.
  11. Without a doubt! I am hoping Coach BP makes a commitment to rebounding on Offensive end and getting ball inside with Jabari’s patented jumper and Kessler being relevant again. Walker has disappeared lately.
  12. I hope that Zep gets told to help out with 3’s at the start of our next game just to see if he can break the logjam. This last game was a really overall disaster until the players realized how bad they were getting beat. BP should have found some way to really get their attention before 10 minutes were left. I am sure he tried, but it just didn’t take until it was too late. IF the team can win a game or two, they may get their mojo back.
  13. You are right. That has been our footprint the past month and we have lost 4 games because it was allowed to continue.
  14. You would think that this would serve as a wake-up call. But the team has not responded to any past losses with a sense of urgency. It has become kind of a red flag to their mindset as a team. I am not excusing any of the bad play or effort, but besides shooting an unbelievable 15% from the field in the first half today, we have gone completely dead on the offensive rebound part of the game. I genuinely wonder how much Kessler’s injury has caused him and the others to just give that part of the game to their opposition. Just a thought.
  15. I saw that and thought same thing.
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