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  1. For some reason, I don’t see our players choosing to “sit out” this game. They may fool me but that kind of seems out of character for this group of players. JMO
  2. We (AU) better get excited because they will be ready!!
  3. Amen.. I am tickled to be playing a Minnesota and not Wisconsin. WDE!
  4. May have already been offered but I like “12-Pack To Go/Only 2 Returns Allowed”
  5. What can we do to keep from playing Wisconsin again. It would really be less satisfying than the UCF pairing 2 years ago. I have no love for that match..and it keeps getting press.
  6. Amen to that. We just have any luck with those guys from the world of Ice and Cheese.
  7. I wish someone could post that look. I don't have the replay.
  8. Thanks for the info. In the video of the line of scrimmage, the Umpire marks the ball ready for play and steps back. After Bo "starts" the play, Carlson begins to motion to the punter's correct location and all you see on TV is the Umpire stepping forward again and Bo starting to pump his fist. I am just guessing here, but when the Judge near Waddle dropped the flag, he must have also blown his whistle that set the Umpire in motion toward the line of scrimmage. It would seem that the referees had already determined that if AU started it's play, Ala was immediately in violation. Now it makes a little more sense.
  9. I may be overstating, but I think the image above may eventually get equal billing to "Bo Over The Top." It is surreal AND it was the game winner.
  10. Hopefully, CGM will see the light due to the changes in players he had to use Saturday due to the injuries. Another example of having to "use" another player was the 2-point conversion to Shedrick Jackson. Play was executed and Bo and Jackson made it happen.
  11. Yep..the guys need to work on that. Or use the play, but change the receiver, just so it isn't "broadcast" to the Defense. I personally am appreciative, for the most part, for everything CGM does for Auburn and Auburn Football. However, regardless of all those positive things, if someone could get him to quit his "tendencies" to broadcast his offensive plays with specific personnel, we would probably all be better for it.
  12. I agree 100%. You can see him setting it up for the first down marker when he makes his cut. But that hit was phenomenal. He, along with others have to get more touches in Bowl Game and all next year. Worm's play, Herring's and Canella's clutch catches & of course, the pass broken up by D. Brown are the type of plays that we never seemed to make in other big games this year.
  13. One good thing that can be said about it this least that call did not cost us the game. Thank goodness for some wide open football finally against a tough opponent.
  14. I was a Sophomore that year and in the AU Band. I listened on radio to him in the freshman game and knew we had something special. He will always be a special Auburn Man!!