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  1. To piggyback on my own comment. Next year we can hopefully become good enough that we can overcome such bad days in the referee department.
  2. Just hoping that the 2 guards committed for 2023-2024 can make this team dangerous again.
  3. My thoughts and hopes line up with your comment. All we can do now as fans is try and be patient.
  4. Yes. As much talent some of those type players have, they at times have even less character.
  5. What time does Cobb’s High School hold its Signing Day Celebration?
  6. I genuinely agree. There just seems to be no urgency until the game outcome is hanging critically on being a loss. It really has been that way during a great deal of last year and this year. If we have capable players then I lay this at CBP feet. Without dead-eye shooters, the team needs a floor leader that can keep them in intensity mode from start to finish. Just a frustrated fan here. Hate being critical but am not enjoying seeing AU Basketball sliding right now.
  7. There has been a phenomenal amount of work done by CHF, his coaches and the Staff. Very amazing! It doesn’t mean that we will go undefeated next year; however, it does mean we are heading in the direction and excitement for the future is back.
  8. I agree that sustaining the effort and results are imperative if AU is going to become successful over time. However, this staff has been genuinely productive in short order. It should be encouraging to all who are AU Fans.
  9. I am tickled with excitement.
  10. Why not play the game like everybody else does!!
  11. I approve of this sentiment! WDE!!
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