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  1. Legitimately one of the top explosive plays in AU Football History!
  2. It's nice seeing some fellow percussionists on here. I was drummer in the AU Band back in the "Dark Ages' like 1966-1970. I don't remember our supplier back then but it was the old-type snare or tenor drums with a leg rest. The leg rest was great for the way we held our sticks back then, but it would not work today. I went through high school using a brand I think was called Slingerland.
  3. Hoping we can stay ahead of Ole Miss next week and be able to use Okoro only for a few minutes at the time to get his game back a bit. Save him for the last year end push and Tournaments.
  4. Guys..we are at home and still cannot play cohesively. All we can hope for is that UT has expended all their energy and gimmees in the first half. CBP needs to be creative the 2nd half and changeup the lineup in hopes that it helps. It is so disheartening that each of the last several years, we lose our pivotal player down the SEC stretch. Something must change early in 2nd Half or we are done and lose our grip.
  5. Announcers at end of UGA fiasco mentioned that Okoro was dressed and went through warmups. I did not get to see the beginning of the game..hoping it is true. I am glad we did not sacrifice him coming back too early. Maybe this group will have an opportunity to get well when he is back. Here is hoping. BUT, still cannot get over the fact that we had to win 4 overtime games to even have the record we already have. And I believe that all of OT wins were at Home except maybe one.
  6. This team raised our expectations by winning several OT games at Home. We CANNOT play on the road!!
  7. Mr Obvious here...someone has to fill the void.
  8. I did not get to watch today. Is there a replay showtime anywhere? Where was Purifoy today?
  9. Has there been any genuine reason for McLaughlin's or AU's change of heart on his commitment. Maybe I missed it somewhere?
  10. I hope would be nice for a change!!
  11. I suppose we now need to start hearing from some of the 2021 DT QB's.