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  1. If we would find a method to prevent hiring losing coaches, we might have enough money to finally hire a winner.
  2. Maybe this hire is really what cost Green his job? Don’t know.
  3. Well, we did send Gus away with his retirement pay the very weekend after he won his last game (even though we were 6-4)
  4. Either Harsin and coaches cannot scheme or we have the worst athletes in the country. Or maybe both…which is sad if you think about how we got to this.
  5. Really feel for the players. I do. They deserve better.
  6. At least it was the first sequence of events this year where events went our way in consecutive series. But, I don’t expect our coaching staff to learn anything from it. Hope that the coaches remember that our longest plays on first down came right after getting significant running first downs. Maybe they put that thinking into a game plan.
  7. Seems that he quits looking downfield once starts running
  8. Up by 14 and we just quit competing. I don’t understand. I know it has happened. It just seems unreal.
  9. There just seems to be such bad karma right now.
  10. Yep, I would hate it. But if there are not any adjustments on both Defense and Offense during halftime to get things back in a positive light. There really seems no other rational option.
  11. Does that rumor have any real credit behind it? These players deserve more than we are seeing.
  12. This is an absolutely critical Defensive set right now!! Yep
  13. I would definitely take Bob Stoops. Just a personal choice that seems to fit a lot of needs.
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