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  1. Hand's contract expires today

    In my humble opinion, everyone regressed after the positive post LSU run we made including beating Ga and Ala. I do believe that 2 things really happened...First we were walking on a tightrope in the SECCG and all it took was Stidham's fumble and UGA were able to start the landslide they needed to get revenge for their earlier beatdown...Second, No One (and we all must be honest about this-Players and all us Fans) wanted to return to Atlanta for the Peach Bowl and even to a lesser degree, No One cared nor wanted to be paired against the true underdog fairytale team of UCF. I do not believe that even a Saban could have even coached our team "up" to the task. It was a sickening paring with no way out but to win poorly or lose disgracefully. We should have been in either Orlando or Miami with a game of interest, but it didn't happen. At least one AU player today was quoted as saying as much and I appreciate his honesty and candor. It was not for lack of athletic ability, but result of no interest nor excitement. There was no effort except during the first poertion of the 3rd Quarter when the emotional halftime chewing out spurned a little motivation...which soon died. JMHO.
  2. Official Postgame thread

    My thoughts also. Just wondered.
  3. Official Postgame thread

    I agree. I do not know what specific agreements are made that put us in the !%#**@ Peach Bowl and sent LSU and South Carolina to Florida for the Holidays. I am sorry we didn't have the coaching to spur the players ability to overcome the lack of interest. Let's be true to ourselves, as much as I hate to say it too, none of us fans wanted to return to Atlanta again this year to this game.
  4. Official Postgame thread

    I agree on that...there was no prevent defense played by UCF and then all of the sudden our little sideline screens disappeared and we started going vertical---but only after the game was in serious doubt.
  5. Official Postgame thread

    I keep seeing Stidham's name mentioned in articles discussing AU players that might declare for the NFL. I didn't like his performance today by a longshot, but is there any reality in him going to the NFL this year? I just do not see it. Maybe it is just sports writers needing more names to fill up a short article. Anyone have any decent info on this at all?
  6. That would be nice for sure.
  7. Someone needs to challenge the Offensive Line's manhood during halftime and tell Stidham to throw into the stands if he can't find a completion. Only positive that I can hang on for hope is that we did manage to keep the ball 20 minutes but just did not get to the Goal Line. Am praying that we score a TD coming out from the half and find a way to win. A win of any kind after the 1st half now would be a relief. A loss would make for a dismal off season for sure. And I hate that I even have to think that way.
  8. Report: Malzhan staying

    True. That just illustrates how “bad” the SEC East as I completely forget about Tennessee.
  9. Report: Malzhan staying

    It just seems clear to me that our choices were offer the raise/extension @$7m (+or-) and maintain continuity or do what Florida did and go after a “Dan .Mullen” @$6m. Simple choice given his recent achievements. I abhor changing coaches for the sake of changing coaches. JMO
  10. Report: Malzhan staying

    Am hoping that USCe and Florida can start diluting some of Georgia’s SEC East lead and make their lives miserable again.
  11. Report: Malzhan staying

  12. Draft Eligible Players/Depth Chart 2018

    Thinking about his possible mindset and apparent love for Auburn and desire to achieve, I genuinely think KJ comes back. I even believe for some reason that if KP’s lack of playing time was in fact injury-related and not discipline related, he chooses to come back also. No information but just a personal observation.
  13. Daniel Carlson

    I am hoping we do something about blocked kicks before the bowl game. That’s to be fixed.
  14. Lingering Questions...Add Yours.

    Would you mind giving CGM email on here, I also would like to send a Thank You?
  15. Projection: Peach vs. UCF

    If we are healthy and able to play Offense and Defense (and win), we could use I as a springboard for next year. There is always that hope!