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  1. au701948

    Our Head Coach

    Night guys. I need to sleep this one off.
  2. au701948

    Our Head Coach

    After his postgame show, he has to hurry home and deposit the $134,000 check for this week's work.
  3. au701948

    Our Head Coach

    Amen..of course. But is becoming his legacy and he is not even aware that it is happening.
  4. au701948

    Our Head Coach

    Well, I for one am know that I have never had nor will I ever have any say so in such matters as our football coaches being hired or fired. I am afraid that most of us that frequent this forum are pretty much in that boat. However, it does not sit well with me as an alum to realize that he seems not only clueless to his ineffectiveness as a coach, but thinks he belongs in the job he has been so fortuitously given by AU. It will not get better, he is not capable of growing...and it is a shame because he could do a great deal better.
  5. au701948

    Our Head Coach

    I agree wholeheartedly...all the things you stated above did happen tonight. However, you look at other programs with a lot less overall talent (Mississippi State included), and invariably the team coached by CGM cannot execute and simply be productive. His inability to coach those players to execute at a high enough level to fully appreciate that they have to show up ready to play each and every Saturday is evident almost every week.
  6. au701948

    Our Head Coach

    He conned Auburn and probably himself just as well. He was able to motivate Auburn against Georgia and Alabama because he had an agenda to get a contract "equal" to other top coaches in the league. Since then he has done nothing but lay one rotten egg after another. AND, he still thinks he is a good coach and deserves it. I am choking on the thought of how bad Auburn caved to the charade.
  7. au701948

    Our Head Coach

    He would not accept any help. He does not have to now as he has 6 years under contract just to keep his nose clean. He never has wanted any help.
  8. au701948

    Our Head Coach

    I agree with this also. I do not think that he will be allowed to keep sleeping at the wheel when everyone around him is moving forward. Last year the LSU lit a fire under the team and coaching staff, this year it set them back 10 years. There is no motivation or urgency, really on either side of the line of scrimmage.
  9. au701948

    Our Head Coach

    I agree. His stubborness is intolerable and refuses to make changes of any kind. It is sad that the Auburn players have to suffer through this and it is a wonder more players did not walk away before their 5th game was played. It is also sad that at my age and the length of his contract, I personally may never live to see another Football Coach at Auburn. I do appreciate the fact that he works hard to maintain a clean program, but after that he completely loses my support. I am sorry to have to admit it.
  10. au701948

    AU Marching Band - The Drumline

    I was in the AU Drumline and Band from 1966 through 1970. It was hard work but way way more enjoyable than it was hard. By no means however, did we have the number of percussionists in today's lineup. We only had 11 members back in the dark ages of 1969. It is amazing that I still remember the names of most of our group.
  11. au701948

    Any news on Boobie?

    Malik was in the game for I think one series and seemed to do really well. He was especially effective on the swing pass, executed well, ran with effort and protected the ball. We need a larger back so desperately. My most disliked characteristic of Gus is his unfailing and sometimes disgusting stubborness. Let Malik play, we need his size and attributes and could very well be a great changeup on a regular basis. JMO.
  12. That score would hel;p show a little promise and maybe help us put LSU behind us one more we have to do almost annually!?
  13. au701948


    Hope that we really put them out there for decoys and get success from the ones that are fully healthy..unless they are genuinely well.
  14. au701948


    I agree that seeing them play was a surprise but may be as advertised..just getting them on the field for the feel of the game before next weekend.
  15. au701948

    I know it's only been two games but...

    I am ok with return of speed sweeps to a lesser degree than more. I don’t want to see it every 1st or 3rd Down.