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  1. The Eagles drafted King Dunlap in the 7th round back in the day. I hope they can have a career like him.
  2. Powell played PG in high school. He could also be an emergency option if they were unable to sign a transfer.
  3. Lexington is a lot closer to Detroit than Auburn. It is a pretty easy drive. Ky is probably selling that hard.
  4. My mother in law got to meet Coach Pearl today in Dayton TN. She is a resent widow and he made her day. Here is the text she sent me. Monkey is her friend and both are in their mid eighties. Proud to have Coach represent my school. Monkee called today to see if I would meet her in Dayton for lunch as she was going to funeral home in Dayton. She wanted meat and 3 so we met at Dayton Cafe. We were searching the menu when I saw 3 or 4 people come and I told Monkee "I know that guy from somewhere. I thought for a minute and said "That's Bruce Pearl. Monkee said "Who is tha
  5. Gus should have recruited a JC QB or another grad transfer. The fact that he didn't have any options after Kelly Bryant picked Mizzou is all on him. There is no excuse for having only three freshmen QB's on the roster with no upperclassmen in your 7th season as head coach. It takes an elite QB to start as a true freshmen in the SEC. Bo can be a good QB in a few season but to expect anything else is not realistic.
  6. Why not get an additional o-line coach for Tackles and let Woodson keep the secondary for himself? I believe other programs have had two oline coaches. Maybe Gus is looking for the o-line recruiting coach and also keeping JBG?
  7. Probably https://247sports.com/player/quandarrius-robinson-46047696. Auburn Commit.
  8. How is this different from the Limo visits that were banned by the NCAA?
  9. Gran is the present OC at Kentucky and rumored future OC at Georgia. So not likely to come for a regular assistant job.
  10. 32. PHX Chuma Okeke PF Auburn So. 6-7 20. Chuma Okeke is now listed as #32 on the ESPN NBA Draft Board. Nice write up on him in their insider section. .
  11. Clemson runs basically the same offense as Auburn. Chad Morris installed the offense at Clemson and they have continued the same offense (with a few tweeks but the concepts are the same) since he left. They have WR's drafted every year into the league. You can get to the NFL in this offense.
  12. I went to school with Dabo from Valley elementary through Pelham high school. He has always HATED Auburn. Just look at the video of him after the first time he beat Auburn if you don't believe me. I would be beyond shocked if he ever said that to anyone associated with Auburn.
  13. Are there any JUCO offensive linemen that are worth recruiting this year? Just curious
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