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  1. 2018 NR P Arryn Siposs

    Just curious but how could a Pro player in Aussie football be eligible for NCAA football? I know Pro Baseball players are eligible but is this allowed? Could a CFL player who never went to college be eligible for NCAA football?
  2. 2019 4* QB Bo Nix

    Nix is looking awesome tonight. On channel 68 in Bham playing MCADORY.
  3. Rocker out at UGA

    Rocker's son Kumar is the #1 Baseball Recruit in America. He will be a senior next year. Perhaps he just wanted to go see him play. He is committed to Vandy but will never see the field for them. Probably will be top ten pick next year.
  4. 2016 4* TE Landon Rice (AU commit 11/20/13)

    Up to #262 in ESPN rankings. 4 Star
  5. Arik Armstead and his family have arrived**

    I think he is eligible because USCw's probation status. They were not allowed to go to a bowl this year. The NCAA allows juniors and seniors in that situation to transfer and play immediately. USC would not let him play last year but I think rule would still apply to him for the up coming season because of his medical status from last year.
  6. Ga Kicker?

    Thanks for letting me Post!
  7. Ga Kicker?

    I saw the GA 5A Title game between Brookwood and Rush Prost's team to watch my wife's cousin play. After about 7 kickoffs and extra points, the Yang kid was still poundng them into the endzone. Brookwood had 3 players with D1 offers (Including a linebacker committed to Michigan State) but the place kicker was drawing the most attention from the crowd because of his deep kickoffs plus a 47 yard kick that would have gone for 60.
  8. Ga Kicker?

    Not sure. Saw on a previous thread where it said Gavin Rocker and a Georgia kicker may be signed to greyshirt. First I heard of us looking at a kicker. Thought we were set at kicker.
  9. Ga Kicker?

    Sorry meant to say Greyshirt not Redshirt.
  10. Ga Kicker?

    First post but who is the kicker in GA that we are looking at to Redshirt? Is it a kicker named Yang out of 5a Chaamps Brookwood? That kid has a leg.