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  1. Wow, once you put it like that, the kid has to be a Clemson lock.
  2. Auburn consistently listed CJ Uzomah at 6' 4". At his pro day, he came in at 6'6". Usually, colleges pad player measurements.
  3. This kid is nuisance-level trouble wherever he does end up. Good riddance.
  4. Everybody gets to gripe.
  5. Shannon will be the punter this season. The coaches are just letting him have it a little bit.
  6. Reading the posts in this thread reminded me that the run-up to NSD really brings out the worst in Auburn fans. Or some, at least. Some of the people here have already turned on specific coaches. That really is a sign of class.
  7. You like to whine, don't you. Is that the way you respond to a win against a team that plays everyone tough. Oh wow, if only Jeremy Johnson started against Vanderbilt, everything would have been different. Unfortunately, Gus and Lashlee made the right call and played White in the second half and he led Auburn to a victory. They should have called you up first.
  8. Oh, woe is me. You're falling apart and its only Sunday.
  9. You talk too much. Vandy may surprise the good guys.
  10. Famous last words. Vandy is no pushover and Auburn isn't yet good enough to think it can overlook any SEC team. Hopefully, the players and coaches are not as ignorant as some Auburn fans.
  11. Doubtful. He could never prove any damages from getting kicked off the team. He cannot prove any lost NFL opportunity because he hasn't lost any NFL opportunity. He cannot prove any wrongdoing by anyone at Auburn. Gus, apparently, had a litany of reasons to boot the guy. If he was more trouble than he was worth, then good riddance. If Robinson has a grievance with the girl, he can take it up with her. Good luck with that.
  12. Why does Herb Hand coach from the press box? I've never heard of an O-line coach not down on the field during games.
  13. Ditto. The D was stout and we were throwing into the end zone for a win against one of the best teams in the country. It wasn't a disaster. No kind words for the Chinese fire drill at QB. How in the world did Malzahn think that might out? It was almost astonishing to see a HC with considerable offensive chops stooping to something so seemingly amateurish. I can't decide if Malzahn was too confident in his cleverness as an offensive schemer or completely lacking in confidence in any of his 3 qbs. Anyway, I thought White looked pretty good in the second half- he has live arm.
  14. I agree 100%. I would go further and predict an SEC championship year for the good guys. It's because we have had excellent seasons on a three year cycle, including our two most recent unbeaten seasons. I'll put money on it. And good players. As for JFIII, I think confidence, even swagger, is a good thing in an SEC QB. JJ seemed never to have had it.