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  1. is reporting that UA C Brandon Kennedy wants to transfer to either Auburn or Tennessee, but UA is trying to prevent him from transferring within the SEC. He has 2 years of eligibility remaining. Is Kennedy someone Auburn would be interested in landing?
  2. Zeke Pike was too immature for high school.
  3. More proof that Auburn has some of the worst "fans" in the country. I'll bet this guy showed up at the airport to call Gene Chizik a loser. Loser.
  4. Depth charts are a piece of paper. Maybe it is just meant to be a motivational ploy? Even a 5 star guy like Ashley could benefit from a good kick in the rear.
  5. You don't have thepedigree to go along with whatever it is you're trying to say. Auburn football has an outstanding pedigree.
  6. Some guys don't thrive in college.
  7. You're nuts. You know shite about Kevin Greene.
  8. That's one way to put a really negative spin on compliments. Keep up the bad work.
  9. You should go to a UGA board to discuss their recruiting class. Wouldn't seem so tiresome.
  10. Going to pieces over hiring a very good O-Line coach. Auburn has some real meathead fans.
  11. Wow, those pics show how bad the locker room was. Dirt on the floor? Bare concrete? How will Auburn ever compete with UGA and Ala.? Fire Gus! Fire everyone!
  12. Just keep it coming, buddy. Don't let up.
  13. Kirby Smart is shutting Georgia down like Hugh Freeze shut Mississippi down