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  1. It seems here lately that the University of Auburn is sure getting their share of the talent.
  2. AuJoe


    He was an a-hole to Auburn when we got blown out of the tournament in 2018 with his little smart-a emoji. Here's a link that will give you some good info on it and his record here... Hope this helps.
  3. Guys, this is my first ever new topic post so forgive me if it leaves something to be desired and load me up with some advice on it and what I did wrong. TIA. This is from an article by Paul Lavigne and Mark Schlabach on (link- "According to Blazer's testimony and documents filed with the court this week, Blazer outlined a history of paying college athletes -- many of whom later became his clients -- prior to his involvement with the FBI investigation. The payments, totaling at least $70,000, were made to players at Pittsburgh, Northwestern, Alabama, North Carolina, Michigan, Notre Dame and Penn State, where Blazer stated that he also gave money to a player's father at the behest of a coach." Not to say the coast is clear for Auburn there was a part that mentioned, "Sources previously told ESPN that Arizona, Auburn, Creighton, Louisville and LSU were also under scrutiny by NCAA investigators." Not sure if that is something that's still coming down the road for Auburn but it does appear that Alabama might have some serious problems in their future. Apologies if this is already posted somewhere else and I just missed it.
  4. I agree that the O-line didn't completely suck at pass-blocking. Heck, I recall reading somewhere that they graded out OK on that so there must've been something good there. However, their lack of good run-blocking didn't do the passing game or Bo any favors and in some ways hurt both as I stated in my earlier post. I'm not sure what the SC - Bentley stuff had to do with anything since no one was questioning Bo's leadership or what was expected from him but OK, we'll just have to agree to disagree on the other stuff. Enjoyed the conversation even if it was a bit long and more than I've written in any month I've been on here.
  5. Nice. You guys never cease to amaze me when I get on this forum with the GIFs you post. What, do you guys just keep huge libraries of GIFs filed away and cataloged so you can use them whenever you need them and for whatever subject happens to come up. I'm very impressed if you can't tell.
  6. I didn't just look at the box score. The stats were for your benefit and to back-up my discussion. I watched the game and saw what I'm saying. The Minnesota O-line was pushing our guys all over the place and exactly where they wanted them. They had blockers making it to the second level consistently and closing off run fits. Our O-line was having a hard time just holding ground against their D-line let alone open holes or generate any push. It's interesting you mention Bo and Stidham. Stidham got clobbered early in the season in 2018 and for the remainder of the season he was watching his back and keeping an eye on his line instead of down field. As a result, throughout the year we saw him miss chances to hit open receivers and wound up holding on to the ball too long because of it. He lost trust in the O-line. Same thing with Bo. I agree that several times this year he ran out of the pocket well before he needed to and sometimes right into trouble. I wonder why he did that, loss of trust and confidence in the O-line maybe? Actually, I thought that was the argument, at least my argument. Our bad O-line was a good part of the reason we could not establish a run game and also why Bo didn't have the type of season we all hoped he would have. Those things go somewhat hand-in-hand. My point goes to your argument about outstanding coaches not needing great line talent. You're actually making my point for me. They had great line talent and yet they didn't have the unfettered success you would expect with your outstanding coach argument. Georgia, and especially Fromm, didn't have the numbers he had the previous year. Their O-line play and his protection wasn't where it had been the previous year and so his passing suffered for it. Alabama's O-line, while still very talented and pretty good had some breakdowns at inopportune times which cost them in tight games. One was the Auburn game. They played pretty decent most of the day but at times they weren't up to snuff. Case in point: They managed to get all the way down the field and inside the 10 but a breakdown on the O-line allowed Big Cat to get to Jones unblocked which forced him to throw much sooner than he wanted and was ready to and well before the receiver was ready causing an errant throw and a 100 yd pick six. Was that on Saban or the O-line? The thing is, Auburn dealt with that sort of stuff the whole year besides not being able to run with much success. Hence you had a freshman QB (albeit a very talented freshman QB) looking over his shoulder or getting happy feet when he should be building confidence and getting comfortable in the pocket. He spent a lot of his time getting out of trouble (real or just perceived) or throwing the ball away when he should've been looking for open receivers. His talent and athletic (escape) ability kept him from getting more sacks and I think that skewed some protection stats also (JMO). I really thought it was my point: a good O-line a good coach doth make. Just like a bad O-line can make a coach, a QB, a RB a WR, etc. look pretty pedestrian or pretty bad. I think the fact that Auburn was more talented than Minnesota in most positions was a reason they were able to stay close score-wise because it could've easily been a blowout the way the lines were playing. Actually what some of us are saying is that a bad O-line can be responsible for a lot of things. Not just the QB getting sacked but yes that also. If you can't run, then play-action and other motions won't misalign or affect the defense like they would if you could. Safeties don't feel the need to cheat up in run support, linebackers can drop back in coverage and just read, making it that much harder on short passing and slants, CBs can spend more time and effort covering their guy rather splitting time in run support also. All these things make it harder on the QB and they all can stem from poor O-line play. Now, please don't think I'm saying this was the only reason Bo had a less than stellar year because I'm not. It was just a very big part of the reason. It also was a factor in why the defense struggled at times. They had to spend more time on the field because of it. All phases suffered for it. I think we're not that far apart in what we are saying or thinking. I also don't want anyone to think I'm blaming Bo for how the offense went this year. I think he did a stellar job with what he had to deal and work with as well as being a true freshman QB in the SEC. That's why I can't see the new O-line coach and replacement of most of the senior lineman as being anything but a step (hopefully a big step) in the right direction. I only wish we had done the new coach part sooner. Could've probably helped us with O-line recruiting sooner also. Just imagine what Auburn could've been this year with a better O-line and with the D we had.
  7. I'm not sure we were watching the same team. I seem to recall Bo having to run out of the pocket and throw the ball away lots of times this year as well as there were not many (if any) games where he was not sacked. I also don't remember too many games this year (at least against teams with a pulse) where our running backs were able to carve up the defense or run unimpeded because they had huge holes to run through. These things happened because of O-line play or lack there of. So what does that make Saban and Kirby? Their lines are slap full of 5 star talent and yet, neither team made it to the playoffs or went undefeated in the regular season even. By your definition then, neither is an outstanding coach or has the ability to overcome their teams shortcomings or they didn't have their entire teams prepared. Heck, one of them lost to Auburn's coach and his mediocre coaching. Pretty sure you would have a hard time convincing anyone that Saban is not an outstanding coach though. So what happened? Maybe, just maybe, their offensive lines didn't play up to snuff at certain times and their high talent level wasn't enough to get them the win. Their RBs couldn't run at will and their QBs got pressured into bad throws and/or sacked. Bottom line, their offensive lines had lapses and got beat by the defenses they were facing. Now, multiply that by 10 and you have what Auburn was playing with all season. And Auburn did not have the talent on the O-line to beat teams just by showing up like those 2 teams do. This part you can easily blame on Gus. His O-line recruiting has been lousy to say the least and it has bitten us repeatedly the last few years or so. A short passing attack doesn't explain 215 yards rushing with a 4.4 yd average. Not to mention, they didn't throw only short passes since they averaged almost 10 yards per pass and their no#1 and no#2 receivers averaged over 16 yards per catch. No way they could do that if the offensive line wasn't opening holes and closing off the edge for the RB and protecting the QB so he could go 20 of 30 passing for 280 more and no sacks. No question their O-line whipped our D-line. Very evident just from watching the game without even looking at stats. Our D-line guys somewhat admitted to it after the game. Auburn tried quick, short passes also. Averaged 6.5 yards per pass. Problem was Auburn was only able to rush for 56 with a 2.2 yd average and Bo was sacked 2 times and forced to throw it away several more times. All because our O-line got beat especially on run plays. They got absolutely no push. Their O-line gave their QB lots more time than Auburn's did for Bo also. I'm not trying to be argumentative and I think you made some good points but I think you are vastly underestimating the difference line play makes in a game especially for the offense but really on both sides of the ball. Now if you want to blame Gus for something blame him for bad O-line recruiting. I think that's one of his major fallacies. Hopefully this hire and this years recruiting will be the beginning of curing this nagging ailment we've had to deal with for years now. I sure hope so. If not, he's gonna be gone.
  8. I don't disagree with what you are saying, however, a good offensive line can make up for a lot of offensive mediocrity though. Good example: Even though they had some good to very good players, Minnesota did not have 1st round talent in their wide outs, QB and/or RB positions but because our defense never got to the QB he was able to pick us apart, the receivers were consistently able to get open and make catches and the RBs were able to run all over us and have a record day. A major reason for this was that their O-line beat our D-line for most of the game. They kept the QB upright (0 sacks and few pressures) and gave him time to find the open receivers as well as allowing the receivers to get open, they opened holes for the RBs and also allowed them to get to the outside. They pretty much made our first and second round talented D-line look as bad as they have all year. Auburn has been an example all year of what a mediocre offensive line can do to 4 and 5 star talent at the QB, RB and WR positions. The QB can't pick apart the defense or throw to deep routes if he's running for his life or stay in the pocket if he doesn't have trust in his protection. The RBs can't break long runs if they can't get past or around the line of scrimmage and the wideouts have a hard time getting open if the CBs and safeties don't have to worry too much about the run game. If anything (but not the only thing), Auburn's offensive line woes were very apparent in the bowl game but showed up throughout the year and even including some the previous year with an NFL caliber QB in place. While O-line might not have been our only problem offensively, it was a major part of it. Everything goes through the offensive line. It can make up for a lot of weaknesses and it can sure amplify and create some also. I'm definitely not saying our problems are solved (nowhere near that) but I'm also not sorry to see our previous line coach gone as well as our senior O-line guys if anything only because I'm not sure either would ever get the job done. Pass blocking wasn't bad but the lack of a consistent run threat didn't help our receivers get open or give the QB time to find them. While I definitely appreciate their effort and what they did for us, I don't see us getting better offensively if we didn't have a change in either or both. Are we going to be better this year with the new line coach and the new O-line? Don't know, but I'm sure I was ready for a change there and I'm probably not the only one.
  9. I want to complain about the people who aren't complaining about the people complaining over the complainers of the people complaining but I think people would just think I was a complainer. I will apologize for this entry before people complain about it though. I couldn't resist.
  10. Tough question for you Bird (and anyone else who might want to reasonably opine), how would you rate this guy (recruiting, experience NFL and college, X's and O's, intangibles, anything else) compared to your preferred pick of Josh Henson? Better, even, close second, far below, not easy to decipher, gonna have to wait and see, none of the above?
  11. Now why did you post something like this? Don't you know some folks on here are looking for anything negative they can find. When they read this and see that his recruiting areas included Arkansas...Arkansas = Gus Area = Gus = Doom & Gloom = It's over. We're doomed! The end is coming. Might as well cancel the upcoming football season, forfeit all our games and spare us the disappointment of having to endure another season of misery. ***Don't know how to do the SARCASM markers*** Now on a serious note: Looks like he might be a good recruiter to boot. Good coach, good recruiter, NFL coaching experience...can't think anything other than this has to be an upgrade and a move in the right direction for a position that has been crippling us for years now. Thanks Bird.
  12. Looks like he's a pretty good recruiter to boot. That would be something we have not seen with Grimes and could help us land some 4 and 5 star guys on the line and who knows, maybe with some good evaluations the high star guys might actually stay and pay off. ****bonus**** Bird, I know this is probably almost impossible to answer but do you think this guy is on Gus' list of candidates?
  13. Very interested in seeing or hearing from Bird and/or JMR on who they think would be a good, viable and realistic candidate for this job knowing everything they know about Gus and who is available out there. Also, if PTB has any inside info on who Auburn might be looking at or have on a list. TIA