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  1. I think it’s dumb to shut down the remaining phase of Keystone but it won’t have a significant effect on crude prices. There are segments of the pipeline that are already operating. This last phase would have been a direct link to Canada’s reserves. It probably will hurt Canadian operators more than the the US. Will hurt Worley Parsons more than anything.
  2. Sorry to hear this, but I am glad they caught it and hopefully it was early enough.
  3. It is pretty simple, people are inherently lazy (maybe not the correct word.....perhaps it's we have gotten more used to convenience and we want the path that is easiest.) The dems got out and worked the ground and signed up as many people as they could to get them registered to vote by mail. They probably got to as many undecided voters as possible and by virtue of ease of dropping it in the mail and I am sure a good bit of people just voted dem based on that face to face contact as well.....meaning human interaction and feeling important hold value to people. On the other side,
  4. Already did that. Lmao Might as well while it’s legal.
  5. Just learned today that the Farm Bill of 2018 legalized a form of THC at the federal level. However, some states criminalized this form. But just recently Texas legalized hemp.....aligning with the federal law. So, my Texas friends.......you can thank me later.......But, I just bought legal edibles with Delta-8 THC derived from hemp. Should’ve half-ed that gummy, it was stronger than expected!!! Then this article came out today.... https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-features/delta-8-thc-legal-weed-explained-1113859/amp/
  6. Gas will be largely the same as it is now. Once prices rise, operators will tap into a massive inventory of DUC’s and will create a ceiling for prices in the near term. Once that depletes there will then be more drilled by then.
  7. They heard something, maybe voices in their heads? But there was nothing in that 59 sec video clip that said white privilege to me.
  8. I am sure they would try, but my stance would still be the same as with Trump.
  9. It won't make a difference after Biden is in, so go ahead a get more pressure things regarding the pandemic passed first them come back in a few weeks and do it or whatever. Which, I think it is what some are planning on wanting to do.
  10. It’s all they know because their cult tells them so.
  11. Both sides have their nutjobs as well folks with blinders that think their party can do no wrong.
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