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  1. Yep, It’s definitely turned into a “me me” society and rampant in both parties.
  2. Kinda ironic that some folks on this board that in other threads are complaining about Republicans wanting to change rules to get their way but now are completely fine when democrats want to change rules to get their way. Let’s just change the rules because the parties can’t get along so one party can F everything up only to have the other party f everything up in a different direction once they seize control.
  3. He’s thinking: “Who invited Jimbo Fisher?”😂😂 (Far right end front row.......)
  4. There’s a lot of people that still don’t even want to wear a mask on a plane, much less a vaccine people are skeptical of the long term effects of. Looks like the White House is rejecting the idea of a vaccine passport for now. With most things Biden says I’m sure he’ll change his mind and do the opposite of what he says. 😂
  5. I don’t see airlines really being able to enforce a vaccine requirement and not lose substantial revenue, speaking domestically anyways. Also don’t know how it would even work here in the states with HIPPA laws. I could see it ending up in court.
  6. Yeah a pilot is someone I don't want companies passing up on more qualified candidates just to meet some quota they established. It is one thing to go out a promote and try to get more females or POC by making them aware of the opportunities that exist in aviation and United, but this isn't the profession to be setting a quota and potentially passing up more qualified candidates. Personally I don't care if the pilot is a purple transgender person....as long as they are 100% qualified, capable and fit for duty for whatever flight I am on. Up and coming pilots have to be committed f
  7. Folks blasting airlines that made statements on requiring ID’s to vote for requiring ID for adults to fly calling it “flier suppression” is pretty damn funny.
  8. First the governments need to get state and federal agencies to communicate in one system to get them all on the same page. Secondly, need to start enforcing the laws we currently have in place. Australia went pretty extreme with their laws. You have to obtain a license and show the government you have an actual need for the gun.
  9. I’m just calling it like I see it. But I’ll save the “I’m runner and you’re glue” for the important discussions!!😉
  10. Agreed, if the states and feds would properly enforce the laws on the books it would greatly help. But, don’t forget it’s the liberal way to just throw more laws at something even if you know it won’t work because we don’t even enforce the ones we have. But, it gets votes and their followers eat it up so.....
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