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  1. There are. We pay a premium for scotch over here. But the distilleries are literally a dime a dozen. And some very well priced ones, just can’t get them over here because they are so small they really don’t ship much past the region. My boss is from Scotland so I get pointers from him. On a side note we had one of our guys on our team come over from Aberdeen for a couple of months. Naturally since he is Scottish he can drink like a fish and never have a hangover. That is until he got into watching the World Series while he was over here and hit up a cheap bottle of Cuervo because he was under the impression that it was supposed to be a premium kind. He had to take two days of PTO to get rid of his hangover.
  2. Went to the Whiskey Festival up in Speyside when I was working out of our Aberdeen office a couple years ago. Tons of distilleries up there. It’s also very beautiful countryside. Hopefully going back there soon if I can find another work excuse. LOL
  3. Have to be..check out #18.
  4. I'd care more about the subsidy given to Chinese companies to ship smaller items to the US practically for free than Amazon's contract with the USPS. They make it seem as if Amazon is only using USPS to ship things. I'd say more of mine comes UPS or FedEx. I suspect there is a select few USPS people or someone in the oversight committee that has a significant under the table "share" in Amazon. Business as usual in DC. LOL
  5. Little story about tree huggers....... Several years ago I worked on the structural design of a dam in Austin. There was an oak tree that was very old...can't remember how old but it was huge. We ended up having to redesign the dam 3 times as to avoid any "heritage" trees. We made a ton of money, the city wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars. Fast forward, during the very beginning of construction the city arborist came out and was tagging the trees for their condition etc. He flagged the old oak tree for removal because it was dying. LOL He said if they would have consulted him during the design phase he could have told them it was already dying anyways and save the city money.
  6. Have you been able to fully determine if you will come out ahead? I know we've discussed it before. I have crunched numbers and it's looking like either no change or just a little extra refund. Wish it was more so I could get excited about it. LOL
  7. While I am glad the bank workers are being upped to $15/hr, I am curious if they gave equal raises to some of the employees that were at that wage already and possibly in more responsible positions, say lead teller. Lot of the big corporation banks treat their frontline employees like crap and will most likely cut hours to less than 40. Also, lot of the big banks are slowly eliminating tellers anyways.
  8. wdefromtx

    Tax Bill

    I don't see where it has Vaseline for the middle class families. This tax cut bill is a freaking joke. Lets double the standard deduction but get rid of personal exemptions so that essentially you are right back in the same spot. If they really wanted to help the middle class you'd keep the exemptions as well.
  9. wdefromtx

    Tax Bill

    Let's be real here. Large corporations aren't going to invest much in job investment or give employees back a reduction in pay due to industry specific slow downs. Even though the cuts exceed the percentage reduction. All it is going to do is let them cater to their top investors and let their top management guys pad their pockets. I was hoping for a good tax cut. I can't get excited about this bill because from what I have seen it won't really get me anymore money in my pocket. It is yet to be seen if I will end up owing slightly more or less under this plan. Not only that, there is probably so many other items they are burying in the bill that won't be widely known until down the road
  10. wdefromtx

    FCC Announces Plans To Repeal Net Neutrality

    Although I am against the repeal of it, I'm not going to lose any sleep over it. I never noticed the change to Net Nuetral in 2015 anyways, hopefully that remains the case.
  11. wdefromtx

    Moore or Jones?

    The account was created yesterday and already has over 20K followers!! LOL
  12. wdefromtx

    Let it SNOW!!!!!!!

    Got about 2" of snow in Houston overnight. Didn't last long once the sun came up. LOL
  13. wdefromtx

    Question about Jimbo’s salary

    All schools do this.....he is still a state employee technically. His salary just comes the pool of money from all the donors, revenue generated etc. in reality it's all the same, but they can show on paper that they aren't using state money. Because you know how that would go over with the media and their spin. Auburn does something similar with Malzahn I am sure.
  14. wdefromtx

    Gus' first and most important job

    LOL, you aren't going to last long around here if you thought that was basically calling you an idiot.
  15. wdefromtx

    Report: Malzhan staying

    I was referring to the rumors of some issues with gambling. That's what I'd read about.