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  1. At the club we have an ask first rule before "grabbing a lady by the ass." On the flip side the ladies seem to have free reign to grab whatever they want!LOL
  2. Comparing SARS-CoV-2 natural immunity to vaccine-induced immunity: reinfections versus breakthrough infections (medrxiv.org) This will start to gain traction and challenge the federal vaccine mandate for certain entities. Also, if you read the study it touches on the already waning effectiveness of the vaccines, which is something I think @Elephant Tipper made reference to.
  3. Looks like the FDA and the CDC are at odds with the booster shots. Maybe the CDC isn’t getting their kick backs like the FDA?!?! lol
  4. If Trump runs and gets elected again, it will be Biden's and the democrats fault........The bar was set so low for him and if he manages to keep up the trajectory he's on........good grief. LOL
  5. Life’s too short to stay quarantined! lol
  6. Thanks for this write up. Good information!! I have a heart condition, got vaxxed and it complicated it. (Must be my luck, lol.) I have also had the virus before and after the vaccine. So I’ve got that going for me as well.
  7. Really depends on how they came at him to being with. If they were calm and polite about not eating that next to him then he handled it wrong. If they came at him in typical left winger fashion then I can see why he would react the way he did. He should have asked for another seat just to diffuse the situation. Or the ladies could have moved to a seat where they didn't have to be next to anyone. However, there is nothing wrong with taking your mask off on a plane to eat. It is within the rules. I will also add that if those ladies are that terrified of the virus then maybe the close confinemen
  8. Correct, the difference is: A: I do not feel that I need to have everyone conform to whatever makes my life easier as you do. B: I like to know the facts about something before jumping to conclusions. Essentially all we know is this guy was eating a candy bar on the plane and that couple lost their mind. This guy may be vaccinated already, and if so what is the problem? And to you it may just be a candy bar, but what if the guy is diabetic and needed to eat something sweet to get his blood sugar back. Also, it could be a breakfast bar, protein bar, granola bar, etc. Maybe it is the o
  9. How would he expose them? Did he state he was sick with it? He could already be vaccinated. How come it is all his fault? I will ask again: What part was disrespectful? Him eating or the filming part? What about the couple? Should they have been respectful that you are allowed to take your mask off to eat on a plane? Basically what you are telling me by not answering these is that in reality you would one of them in the video because you don't think they are doing anything wrong. Don't be a maskhole.
  10. Thanks. I totally get the statistics, nor am I anti vaccination. I am sure you can see why I feel the vaccine should be a choice. I mentioned yesterday that we are waiting to for some more information to come out before our 13 year old daughter gets the vaccine. The vaccine has shown some adverse effects regarding female reproductive system things and there already are some preexisting issues. According to some, (even on here) think that is the wrong decision. Also, I am happy your wife has responded good to rehab and meds. I had 6 months of rehab and now on many meds and got my EF
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