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  1. Sounds like the district my wife works for. Or one of the neighboring ones.
  2. I’m in oil and gas and we use both almost equally. Hell some of the subsea stuff has both metric and imperial on the same drawings. Who wouldn’t want to deal with units like
  3. If I have built immunity then I consider it a good thing. I think that they are still trying to figure out if we will be able to get herd immunity. I have already gone back to normal activities.
  4. They didn’t say to. I’ll probably go and get tested just to be sure. By now I’m already out of what would be required for quarantine.
  5. Been going to the nudist beach?!?......😂
  6. I know right. I know several people in the hospital with it right now. Was never around any of them though. One of them is older with other conditions and another is my age, a healthy firefighter and he’s been in the hospital for over a week already. I am lucky for sure.
  7. Nevermind the fact it’s a great way to spread the virus between all the people that try them on.
  8. It’s dumb as hell. I’m not boycotting it. Besides boycotting would just hurt the employees that work there that had nothing to do with what he said about Trump.
  9. Thanks and Sorry to hear that about your cousin. I wouldn't be surprised if it is the virus. I honestly never felt bad enough to expect it to be Covid. This virus is the weirdest seems to vary widely from person to person. Thanks. It is crazy how I felt. I was mainly just a little tired and had a "fog" that made it hard to concentrate. I ran a slight fever of only 99.3 at the highest. Which I have always had horrible allergies and asthma so a low grade fever isn't uncommon for me. And I sometimes feel tired because of my heart. The very next day after my test I felt pretty much normal again and have since. Hell I am only 40 but probably one of the most vulnerable so I figured if I were to get it, it would be pretty bad. They said if I am still feeling fine I should be clear of it. So far my family hasn't showed any symptoms.
  10. I just got my test results from my Covid test on June 26th. I went to the doctor for a follow up appointment for my heart. I wasn’t feeling too bad at the time but was kinda in a fog. I really thought it was just my allergies because of the Saharan dust. They went ahead a swabbed me. The day after I tested I felt way better. I have no clue where I picked it up and I had already been wearing a mask. It took two weeks for my results. That’s too long for people to be waiting.
  11. He was too nice.....the only one I wanted in the sea of nutjobs. He just got lost in the noise.