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  1. The fact she was where she was automatically removed totally innocent from the equation as far as I’m concerned.
  2. All I know is there are very vaccinated states are doing no better and in some cases worse than Alabama. States with 75% vaccine rates are having more deaths than Alabama. Funny thing is, those states are making it harder to find the vaccinated versus unvaccinated breakdown. Go figure. But if you want to keep getting boosters, good for you. But considering vaccine manufacturers have come out and said they are trying to alter them to catch up to omnicrom and will have updates in March maybe…I’ll pass. We will be on the next variant.
  3. LMAO, Riiiighhhtttt. Let's just dismiss those cases as outliers. Nevermind the fact that states like CT and NH which have substantially higher vaccination rates also have a higher case and death rate than Alabama. SMDH. But, yeah....typical to just dismiss something when it doesn't align with your thinking.
  4. I am referring to the project that Kay Granger referred to. It has been an ongoing project in Fort Worth since at least 2002. I know because I worked on some of the engineering at the time and also now have property investments in the area that is to be developed since part of the flood control is designed to mimic the waterways in San Antonio. The City of Fort Worth has already spent 100's of millions of dollars acquiring certain property, TXDOT has already opened new bridges, new recreation venues have been added. The USACE has already done a lot to the waterways and in 2016 the project was authorized under the WIIN Act and for funding for the remaining portions of the flood control project. So yeah, this money was already going to be spent on this project anyways. The appropriations committee with the help of local representatives (one that is one of the few decent Democrat reps.) to tap into this money to push the project ahead of schedule. About the Panther Island / Central City Flood Project in Fort Worth, Texas (pantherislandcc.com)
  5. They fail to mention that the funding for the flood control project was already planned years ago and USACE was already scheduled to have funds available this year to continue on with the project which started 10 years ago anyways. The TRWD was going to have this funded even if the infrastructure bill did not get passed.
  6. Babbitt should have never been there to begin with. I hate she got shot, and I hate the officer has to live with his decision to fire. But at the end of the day it is what it is and I doubt he woke up that morning thinking today's the day I get to shoot someone. Bad stuff may happen when you put yourself in bad situations.
  7. Better masks may help, but most people here that do wear masks are wearing the cloth ones. But it is better than nothing I suppose. You do realize that even states that were/are serious about vaccinations are being hit with cases at practically the same rate or even worse? For instance compare Alabama to NH. Since mention Alabama they have a one dose/fully-vaccinated rate of 59%/48% respectively compared to NH which is 95%/67%. Yet over the last month or so NH has had substantially more cases and deaths than Alabama. Keep in mind that Alabama has about 3.5 times the population of NH. Alabama has a 7 day average of deaths over the last month of 10.3 and NH is 8.0 over the exact time frame. So you consider the population difference NH has an average 7 day death rate that is 2.8 times greater than Alabama. Also note it is even worse in Connecticut which has a vaccinated rate of 91%/75%, yet their 7 day average deaths over the last month is 15.25 deaths per day. I chose CT due to it's high vaccination rate and it is closer to the population of Alabama. So if you consider the difference in population CT would have a 7 day average of 20.9 deaths per day compared to Alabama's 10.3. Double!! Note that data is from the Mayo Clinic.
  8. What's the solution? Massive lockdowns? Cram more vaccines on people that can't keep up with the virus? I think some have said this is ultimately something we will continuously have to deal with.
  9. Funny how you don’t have to come out and say who said a**holes are but they just know and get defensive.
  10. Then what’s the problem with requiring an ID to vote? The right to bear arms is a constitutional right and ID is required to own one. Guess that pesky part of the constitution that leaves power to the state gets in the way. Your reasoning for not wanting an ID has no merit. It’s a simple requirement and if it stops just a handful of fraud (which we’ve discussed previously that it does happen, your response to my relative having someone vote in her name was basically “who cares it was only one vote”) then do it. It’s pretty damn easy to have an ID and it’s pretty much a good idea to have at all times any ways.
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