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  1. Must of had democrats design their signage. 🤣
  2. My first thought was MSNBC reporter.
  3. Lost!!!! https://abcnews.go.com/amp/Politics/liz-cheney-loses-primary-trump-topples-prominent-gop/story?id=88455634
  4. I might add that we could have really helped address equality if civil rights did not take so long to happen. This expansion in the 40's, 50's and early 60's only widened the gap. Sadly, this was probably by design.
  5. So it's ok for them to think only one or two options solves everything? Got it.
  6. Yes, but it’s being circulated by all the left leaning friends on FB. Getting all excited saying the right is scared that Trump is going to be arrested. Or I see them saying “it’s happening.” Figured Fidy was jumping on that bandwagon. Maybe god is up there saying “Bless his heart”………
  7. It is part of that trickle up effect........
  8. Maybe so, but maybe that is because if they really mean to have more than one or two options to solve this problem they aren't conveying it. You rarely hear them include anything other than wind and solar. Only a passing acknowledgement of other sources when called out on it.
  9. I added the Biden part, but for the other stuff….he sure did say it in regards to this bill. But yes, Biden will claim success if inflation comes down any regardless of the bill has anything to do with it. As Dub said “it’s pretty smart to market it this way.”
  10. Yet, some seem to only push for one or two solutions. Guess those folks on here have no real knowledge.
  11. Oh, I saw where he thinks inflation will come down on it's own and Biden will try to take credit for it. LOL I am glad you were able to understand the bill and benefit from his layman's terms. I read most of the bill and came away with the same thoughts as him, but I seriously doubt this tactic will work. If taxing more does not help reduce inflation maybe the millions spent on coastal habitats will. Just sayin.........
  12. You are being to reasonable for some in this thread. I agree with you on this. Wind and solar are great sources of energy, they are just not the solution like you said. However, some on here seem to think that they are only options we have to solve this problem. That is what happens when you buy into the politicization of this matter. I was at one point against nuclear power based on what I had read of things that have happened previously. After working in the nuclear industry for the last 6 months on some recent projects I have changed my view on it. Nuclear needs to seriously be considered as a source of energy that will help reduce emissions. Our grid is setup to need to have the ability to ramp up and down power as demand changes. Wind and Solar don't really give us that function. The inflation reduction act will make some select people rich and nothing more.
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