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  1. Should we extend Malzahn's contract?

    If he wants to go to Arky that bad let him go. Just better not let the distractions interfere with the Iron Bowl.
  2. So who wants to keep him now?

    Texas Tea...........
  3. Contracts released for football assistants

    I should have been a college football coach instead of an engineer. LOL
  4. CBS Auburn-Georgia

    Gary is going to be even worse for the Iron Bowl.
  5. Looking too far ahead (playoffs)

    We will be top 4 if we beat the turds..
  6. Iron Bowl is gonna be so lit

    Somebody say lit............ Don't try this at home!! LOL We use drones or flare guns for voluntary ignition now.
  7. Iron Bowl is gonna be so lit

    This is Gus your Captain, we have liftoff. Sorry about those bumps, we just ran over some dawgs.
  8. Iron Bowl is gonna be so lit

    I need to get a gif maker program so I can add Gus to it.
  9. Chip Kelly breaks down big AUvUGA plays

    Yeah that screen to KJ was a thing of beauty. Shows how well designed and also how well executed the play was. Its a good thing KJ scored because those big guys had to run what.....50 yards?! LOL
  10. Injuries?

    Yes, I think he is fine though because if I recall he made some good plays after getting his ankle taped up.
  11. #5 in ESPN's Football Power Index

    Sagarin rankings make my excel spreadsheet look like a joke. LOL
  12. Butch Jones resigns/fired

    We all knew it was a matter of time.