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  1. You are the one that said it depends on the price of oil…. However you try to slice it, Texas a “red” state sends more money to the federal government than it receives no matter what’s going on with the oil industry.
  2. Price of oil was only $49/bbl at the end of 2016. Not high by any means....... Again, do your research.
  3. Actually Texas sends more to the federal government regardless of the price of oil. In 2016 when the price of oil was roughly $30/bbl the state sent $261 million and only received $39 million. You might want to do a little research. I don't have a party allegiance , but I hope one day you realize yours stinks.
  4. You and homer are the ones saying your feces is best........not me. I have continuously said both parties need an overhaul. The "red" state I live in sends more money to the federal government than it gets back so I can't answer your question there because it does not apply to my state.
  5. We have remedies, problem is without power in numbers whatever I think we should do means nothing. I can only vote for who I feel is the best candidate to make positive change. I as an individual can support people I want in office and try to garner support for that person. Your remedy is to just support the same people that cause the problems in the first place. You are content because the s**t stinks different than the other side. I’m sorry if I’m tired of settling for the same s**t sandwich. One of these days you will realize you waste too much energy in a party that does not care about you one bit.
  6. His whole presidency has been pitiful to watch.
  7. Well s**t from a horse and s**t from a bull is different but it’s still s**t.
  8. They sent them to places that act like they want more immigrants. Sounds like a win win to me….
  9. I see him calling out both sides….then again there is a set group on here that can’t stand it when people say both sides are f-ed up.
  10. Has anyone blamed the 7.5 magnitude earthquake in Mexico on global warming yet? Asking for a friend….
  11. I’m surprised a liberal would treat his employees so bad. I thought it was only republicans that put profits over people.
  12. Were you meaning to quote me? I have not said anything that goes against what you have been saying. My response was a sarcastic response to Coffee's idiotic (and not surprising) statement bringing politics into the conversation. On your points, I agree that this should not be national news. This is totally different than a teacher or administrator casually using it and getting caught.
  13. That is the same argument they have tried using about how hot this summer has been in Texas. Problem is, the summers have not really changed much here temperature wise over the last 100 years and August for the most part here turned out to be pretty mild. BTW, Newsom has and is known to fly around in private jets. Typical do as I say and not as I do liberal......and the lemmings love it!!
  14. Do I believe that everyone should pay back their loans they take out? Yes….but I don’t get the outrage. This amounts to about 4% of yearly federal spending. Our government throws around that kinda dough like it’s nothing all the time. However, I think they should make cuts in spots that we don’t need to be spending. For instance, cut a little off military spending for the next 5-10 years and you can pay it off or scrap some of that junk in the infrastructure bill. One of the only issues I have with this is, is some of the folks that have $100-150K in debt and don’t have a degree that can remotely pay that back. That’s just bad decisions. Also, we’re there cheaper options to get the same education? I personally know someone that has over $120K in student loans and has a degree in radio communication and is working a job only making $40K for Allstate. There needs to be accountability for the schools not to raise tuition just because students have more access to money.
  15. Bright side.....at least it is $300B being spent on US citizens and not some foreign country that hates us.
  16. Since JJ is the one with the claim, I will defer to him. I am technically not a party to his claim so I don't believe I am subject to the discovery process. (How's that for law talk?) 😅 However, I will say that his ties to the forced labor is a stretch at best from what I have seen. But, I can see where people run with it.
  17. So it is the left the fascist ones.........interesting, LMAO
  18. Doesn't seem like it is really going to fix the problem moving forward. I don't see anything that will help costs from going even higher. Don't get me wrong, I see the need for student loans but they are part of the reason costs high gone way up. I hope the short term benefit does not come at a cost.
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