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  1. If we don't offer and get Bo Nix something is seriously wrong.
  2. Obviously 🙄
  3. Hey question for you you want to play power 5 football and get a free education? No I would rather ride the bench and pay out of pocket for a subpar school like Updyke U, absolutely baffling, this kid needs a mentor, badly.
  4. I don't understand why with offers from Auburn, Florida and FSU he greyshirts with Updyke U? Not very smart in my opinion.
  5. If this is true, you teach people how to treat you, and Mr Parks teaches Saban he's ok with him treating him like a nothing.
  6. This, if we consistently finish behind the Updykes, Lswho and the mutts, it will not be good for Auburn. Something needs to change, and no I don't have an answer.
  7. Yes this aircraft does not have a good history
  8. I have met a few that thought they could make it rain, but more amazing were the people that hired them thinking it was true.
  9. Dabo is such a tool. There was really no way to really win tonight.
  10. May this be the beginning of the end of the Updyke "dynasty ".
  11. Is he declaring for the draft?
  12. Live by the D die by the D I guess
  13. So if the Updykes win tonight I figure little Nicky will want one more to beat the bahr's record and retire.
  14. Bridge burned
  15. I hate being right about this but I said Gus would never take Auburn back to the championship game after 2013 and was attacked, his gimmicks will never work consistently, this isn't ONE game it started In 2014 and continues, we either don't have the talent to compete or it's coaching flaws? Which is it? I would throw Gus out on his ear this morning, well actually I would have left him in New Orleans.