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  1. Great - college playing experience beats high school playing experience every time.
  2. I think about Lutz coming back and getting hurt and I worry about Derrick Brown. Lord please protect Derrick. 🙏
  3. F+ 😂that is an ugly grade. I almost had a D 😂
  4. I find it laughable when people that know nothing about a subject have an opinion. There are only a couple of people that know anything about recruiting on this board - and no I’m not one of them, and there are about a hundred programs that would trade classes with us this morning. Doesn’t mean anything until they produce , I’ll take Ellitor’s word on Pickens and not worry about someone that probably won’t make the grades just so we can be at a higher ranked position. Yes the PTB once again aired Auburn’s dirty unmentionables in public and it cost us recruits who ever “leaked” info to Moon should be shown the door.
  5. Calm down enjoy the ride with Bo Nix the next four years, SEC championship, Heisman Trophy and playoff bids on the way. It’s gonna be fantastic!
  6. Every SEC Coach was in our recruits’ ears - Gus won’t be coach throughout your college career. And as usual our PTB and fan base aided them in the process. How f****** good did you expect this is an amazing class for what went down.
  7. Exactly, even Auburn players have said it- this was orchestrated by Kirby to make himself look better in the National Media - look at what I did last second BS - and Pickens played the part. Same 💩 different school for Kirby.
  8. We all knew Pickens was gone when failed to sign earlier, he is a scumbag for not telling the coaches but with the grade issue ? I hope he enjoys junior college and no one will remember him by this time next year.
  9. I hope you’re right, seems everyone is aware of some sort of improprieties.
  10. Updykes 🙄, my career let’s me cross paths with a lot of coaches and Saban looked his age plus 10 last week.
  11. What the heck is all the love for Florida? Just don’t see it myself.
  12. Spider-Man super villain Dr Octavius or Doc Ock.
  13. Please I come here to avoid that 😂