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  1. JB Grimes Returns to Auburn

    This happened way too fast, I think Gus pushed Hand out the door and had been in contact with Grimes prior.
  2. All things rankings

    That would amusing if he went to play baseball
  3. 2019 4* QB Bo Nix Commits to AU!!!

    Can’t really welcome him to the family since he was technically an Auburn man by birthright, but I look forward to Bo continuing the great Nix name in Auburn football history
  4. Spuat or Thuga

    Georgia fans are laughable, they think they’ll just show up next year and win , no team has proven they can do that regularly except the Updykes
  5. Bama vs Georgia

    Need Tennessee and Florida to turn it around
  6. Bama vs Georgia

    Georgia had a favorable schedule as well
  7. Bama vs Georgia

    No pulled at halftime because of inefficiency.
  8. Bama vs Georgia

    No I was just saying it’s overdue considering there luck.
  9. Bama vs Georgia

    About time for an Updyke pick six.
  10. Bama vs Georgia

    Wow this would be the third year in a row the Updykes lost a championship, a melt down will ensue😂
  11. Bama vs Georgia

    If the mutts beat the Updykes how long before they are on probation?
  12. Theoretical worst day in history

    Everyone hates Auburn , I have never really figured out why?
  13. Theoretical worst day in history

    The playoffs have made the bowl games worthless , expand the playoffs to include conference champions only ( that way it’s decided on the field) and cut the regular season back to 11 games with two off weeks. Remove the dead times in recruiting so the teams not in the playoffs could recruit the playoff teams commits 😁
  14. Theoretical worst day in history

    It definitely is the worst and not theoretically for real, God obviously hates us
  15. Georgia vs. Oklahoma

    Yeah but as Auburn fans we always underrate our value, having our two biggest rivals play for the Natty sucks but Georgia is senior laden and I don’t think they will have the same horsepower next year