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  1. Caption This

    I like the new helmets...does it come with an orange facemask?
  2. Charles Kelly

    I looked on his bio and he is a Fla St Sports something or the heck knows
  3. Charles Kelly

    Joe Rice ‏@joeyrice5 11m11 minutes ago Charles Kelly expected to sign with Auburn as DC for 950k per year. 3 year deal. #coachingcarousel Not sure who this guy is but this is out there
  4. Will Muschamp (Combined Thread)

    Sounds like he is jumping the gun hoping for a story to me but heck I dunno nothing about nothing
  5. Will Muschamp (Combined Thread)

    david pingalore‏@pingnews6 28m28 minutes ago Sources telling me former Gator head coach will Muschamp now with #auburn has resigned Anyone heard of this dude?
  6. Staff Changes

    Pruitt causes way to many issues from within...he recruits great and all but I think its more problem than its worth.
  7. New Scoreboard - Construction Progress

    EDIT--This didn't quote for some reason..this is in reply to the question about wind speed. Typically in this part of the state structures are required to withstand 90 mph winds or equivalent to a CAT 2 hurricane...although a lot take it up a notch to withstand CAT 3. I agree it would be interesting to see the design specs. I would imagine with this thought it would take an EF 5 tornado or something explosive like a major hurricane to take it down.
  8. 2015 4* DE Prince Tega Wanogho, Jr. commits to AU!

    I have seen this kid in person playing basketball for Edgewood when they killed my kids school lol. He looks like a grown man and looks way older than he is...very huge kid and very athletic. The game I saw he did have an attitude problem but all kids get ticked off sometimes. If his football skills are anything like his basketball skills he is good.
  9. 2015/16 Starter Prediction

    With a new punter Kevin Phillips added I am thinking he may be the new starter there...looks like he could be the next Steven Clark.
  10. Defensive Coordinator Diiscussion

    Nothing was ever determined that I know of especially now since he is the leading candidate for the DC job at another school. Who the heck knows what will happen.
  11. Muschamp Offered DC Job

    I agree especially with nexts years offensive possibilities we will have plus a very favorable schedule. With a good defense we have a great chance of playing for all the marbles.
  12. Muschamp Offered DC Job

    Per Jay G. Tate (https://auburn.rival...asp?CID=1711364) ... The article says it is a lucrative deal and Auburn is prepared to compete with any other University on a deal.
  13. Early Bowl Projections

    Having local Alumni didn't help us with attendance last time (2009 season). The place was empty. I blame that on the weather. It was really nasty that day. I think the business money side plays more a part than attendance really but who knows at this point there is no telling
  14. coaching changes

    thank you I got a bit confused
  15. coaching changes

    I thought he did good at RB's maybe I am blind as a bat or something.