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  1. Well I think we can rule out orange jerseys
  2. It was a great play and I think the Rams ran that a while back…a slot sweep option with Ashford as the slot and tank as the back is a heck of a combo.
  3. Apparently this is stemming from him not wearing a helmet while riding a moped...This is ridiculous...just write a ticket and be done but to issue an arrest warrant for a dang helmet?
  4. https://www.wrbl.com/news/auburn-football-player-who-inked-historic-nil-deal-arrested-by-police/?utm_source=t.co&utm_campaign=socialflow&utm_medium=referral AUBURN, Ala. (WRBL) – Auburn University football player T.J. Finley is in custody at the Lee County Detention Facility on a charge of Attempt to Elude with the Auburn Police Department. According to Detention records Finley was in custody as of Thursday, August 4. WRBLhas reached out to Auburn Police for a comment on the case and the circumstances surrounding the arrest. WRBL has reached out to an Auburn University Athletics spokesperson who says they are aware of the arrest. We will share a statement from AU when one is released. Lee County Detention Records Finely’s arrest comes just days after the Auburn Tiger made history as the first college football player to ink a NIL deal with Amazon selling shirts, sweatshirts, phone cases, and other merchandise from his product line.
  5. I think he did a great job at the Manning Passing Academy. I got to watch him coach and teach while my son was there. My son even got to learn some things from him. He did really well with the guys he was with and had alot of energy to go with it. He seemed like he was having a blast.
  6. https://yellowhammernews.com/cutting-edge-change-coming-to-jordan-hare-it-really-has-been-an-amazing-piece-of-engineering/?fbclid=IwAR0251e9kIAKwiLkxkjVI_QpPHx3rIqZkraSsS5Y1Dde_2qrZq6ybNYr1zU
  7. Well yes of course but it sounds like something that Auburn would do at this point lol
  8. I am sitting here wondering if Greene is trying to pull the coach from his old school at Buffalo...Lance Leipold
  9. Serious question...why not Luke Fickell? Do you think he could do well here?
  10. I like the new helmets...does it come with an orange facemask?
  11. I looked on his bio and he is a Fla St Sports something or another...so...who the heck knows
  12. Joe Rice ‏@joeyrice5 11m11 minutes ago Charles Kelly expected to sign with Auburn as DC for 950k per year. 3 year deal. #coachingcarousel Not sure who this guy is but this is out there
  13. Sounds like he is jumping the gun hoping for a story to me but heck I dunno nothing about nothing
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