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  1. I totally agree. He should be fired this week. We've seen a plenty big enough sample size. It's never going to get any better, just more seasons oscillating between 5 and 8 wins and underachieving our talent base. It's clear to me that 2013 was an aberration.
  2. Can someone who has Directv tell me what channel the game is on now? Thanks.
  3. It takes away the possibility of a wild pitch, passed ball, or a pitch being left near the plate and getting hit. This rule change cheapens the game to save a miniscule amount of time.
  4. Slowly the game is being ruined by all of the rule changes to supposedly speed up the game. The MLB product is a shadow of what it used to be. Ratings are down and the powers that be are grasping at straws to increase the numbers of younger fans. What they don't accept is that most young people are not going to watch a baseball game whether it is 3 hours or only 1 hour. In the process lifelong fans are being alienated. The rule change that just kills me is no longer having to throw pitches on an intentional walk, which is a beer league softball rule. Good luck attracting new fans MLB; this fan who has followed the game closely since the mid 70s is down to watching post season games only. Disappointing to see the college ranks now following suit.
  5. Jenna Olszewski is transferring to UAB. She is the 4th player to leave since Coach Dean took over. I sure hope we're out doing some serious recruiting to fill needs. When this new staff originally took over I was very optimistic. After watching things unfold over the past 10 months I have huge concerns about the direction of the program.
  6. It pains me to say it but I think our chances are very small. We received the spot we earned with our performance throughout SEC play. I've seen no evidence that this team is capable of making a post season run. I hope they prove me wrong. I believe the talent is on the roster but something is missing. In addition to the hitting woes this team just doesn't seem to have the chemistry and grit that we've seen the past several years. I just hope Dean and company can get it turned around for next year.
  7. Here's the even bigger challenge. A play such as this is happening in a very short amount of time. All 3 elements (ball, runner and defensive player) came together in the blink of an eye. There is so much judgment involved here and the decision has to be made in a split second. The play is not reviewable on the field so we don't have the benefit of the officials getting to watch frame by frame replay from multiple angles. So with the current rules and protocol the outcome of plays such as this are going to be somewhat of a crap shoot.
  8. I'm a fast pitch umpire at the high school level. It doesn't matter if it's a runner or batter runner that interferes with a defensive player's opportunity to make a play on a ball. Either way it is a dead ball and the runner or batter runner is out. The only explanation for the ruling on this play is that the home plate umpire judged that our player did not have a reasonable chance to make the catch. I disagree with that conclusion in watching the play on tv. However that's the only explanation that makes sense to me because I'm certain that every D1 umpire is quite knowledgeable on the rules governing interference.
  9. Seriously. We had our chance and didn't close the deal. The committee absolutely selected the correct 4 teams for this year's CFP.
  10. Anyone know when signing day is for this year's class? Very interested to see who is signed along with the position and skill mix.
  11. I'm totally serious. No umpire calls a text book strike zone. It's not humanly possible. Differences in perspective and judgment between umpires leads to minor differences in strike zones. Why do you think that in the major leagues some umpires are known as pitcher's umpires while others don't tend to call pitches on the black or in the high or low edges of the zone? How does a player figure out the zone during the game? Simple. Because a good umpire will be consistent within the entire game. For example a pitch at the knees with the edge of the ball catching the black is called a strike in the 1st inning, 2nd inning, 3rd, inning etc. The problem occurs when strike zones are inconsistent within games, and it's even worse if one team is getting the benefit of a certain pitch within the zone but the other team isn't. This is what leads to arguments and ejections. The other interesting thing is that even the rulebooks don't specify strike zones that are applied within games. For instance the USA Softball (formerly ASA) rulebook specifies the fast pitch strike zone as being from the top of the batter's knees to their armpits. Some umpires may get away with that zone in low level youth ball. But in any competitive game calling strikes at the armpits would result in serious issues in game management.
  12. The vast majority of umpires at the travel ball, high school and collegiate levels are much more competent than fans will ever acknowledge. Speaking from experience the game is much different behind the plate than it is as an observer. Even the pitch trackers on television are suspect in my opinion. Every umpire has a slightly unique zone. All teams and fans should expect is for an umpire to be consistent for both teams within a game. If that goal is met then everyone should be satisfied, and pitchers and hitters will adjust accordingly.
  13. Didn't see anything like that....AU crowd was with the team the entire way.....but maybe the fact that the game was in Oklahoma where about 90 % of the crowd was for the Sooners might have been a factor. AU fans did a great job .....sorry to see this kind of comment. They didn't show the AU crowd once after the 5th that I can recall. I can guarantee you they were getting after it. No one who watches this team believes they are ever out of it. I was at the game last evening. I had previously attended the Georgia and FSU games during the weekend. After the incredible game 2 victory I decided to take Wednesday off and make the 7 hour round trip drive from Dallas to support our ladies in the championship game. They've more than earned complete support from the entire Auburn family. The crowd last night was probably 90% Oklahoma. Our fans cheered continuously from first pitch to the last out. Aubie and another flamboyant Auburn fan, who had been there for the entire tournament, did an outstanding job leading the AU faithful. The problem was that most times we would simply get drowned out by the opposing fans. This was especially true late in the game when their fan base started to anticipate a victory. Auburn fans did a fantastic job but were just drastically out numbered. On a separate note I was disappointed in the vibes I got from Sooner fans. They came off to me as arrogant and entitled. None of them made any directly negative or disparaging remarks but I was disappointed that not even one of them extended any good will after such a classic series. Not a peep from anyone at the stadium after the game, leaving the stadium, on the shuttle bus, or at a restaurant afterwards. Maybe being an Auburn alum I expect too much because we've set the bar so high. Our culture and family atmosphere is truly special and rivaled by few others. Congrats to our Lady Tigers on an outstanding season. They are true champions and have given all that have followed them some incredible moments that will never be forgotten. Can't wait to see them on the field again next season. War Eagle, Jim
  14. Looking at the schedule along with questions at qb, wr, and defense I think 8 wins is a stretch. We could very well be an improved team and still only win 6 or 7 games. If we are to get to 8 or more wins many players are going to have to step up big time.
  15. Our quarterbacks combined for just over 100 yards and threw more interceptions today than touchdowns. I wouldn't call their performance more than mediocre. They managed the game and that's about it. The bar must be significantly raised going into next year.