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  1. Ok you're either dumb or illiterate or just stubborn. I'm not sure which. But, like i said, Barrow would probably be more likely to take an off the field position because it pays well and there is plenty of off time for him to spend caring for his mom while still being employed. It's a great job and many former coaches, like people on here have listed, have taken those jobs either to rehab their coaching resume or to take some time off. I never claimed that I believed Barrow would take such a position, I only said that we should make him turn us down. He would be much more of an asset to us in that position anyway, I believe.
  2. Kevin Steele, Billy Napier, Joe Pannunzio, Phillip Lolley, and Scott Fountain all say hello. If you believe he's going to take that then I want to sell you a certain bridge. I never said I believed he would. I said make him turn it down. If, as some have led the board to believe, that because of his mother's sickness, he doesn't want to coach, why not offer him a position off the field where he can make a lot of money and still take some time off? You've already been wrong once, so maybe you should just keep this bridge that you've been selling to pretty much everyone on this board.
  3. Gus has a lot more to fix other than defense. 3 of our 4 defensive coaches are highly qualified to fix the mess and the other hopefully will be seeking redemption after his last season's performance. Gus should also work on his play calling because it got way too cute last season. Special teams was a disaster last season and I'm shocked Fountain still has his job. The good thing is that Gus is doing the best to correct these things. The results of next season will tell us a lot about how good of a coach we have.
  4. Kevin Steele, Billy Napier, Joe Pannunzio, Phillip Lolley, and Scott Fountain all say hello.
  5. Make Barrow turn down an off the field position if he's not ready to return to the field. Now that theres a position available, his recruiting ability would really help us.
  6. The only people who are allowed to be insiders on here are the mods. In reality, they know just as much, if not less, than we do. They're just concerned with posters stealing their spotlight.
  7. Combination of who I wanted to see hired and guessing based off of who Muschamp has worked with in the past.
  8. Thompson is a much better hire than Barrow. Better recruiter and much better coach with far more experience, plus he's worked with Muschamp before. I don't get how anyone could be upset with this. As for questioning why he would make a lateral move, well no need because it's not a lateral move. Coaching LBs is a step up from coaching ILBs. Again, I don't get it.
  9. I called it almost a month ago before anyone but Muschamp was hired and I got 3/4 right. 75% is pretty damn good. How'd you do?
  10. Not to say I told you so, but I called it. Well you did get it. good for you. Now lay off RG and Gus. Give them a chance to prove to you "doubting thomases" that they know what they are doing If people aren't doing their jobs, I call them out. I would just rather not have a 2012 redux so I am wary coming into 2015 because I think we can all agree this season was a lot like 2011. Gus has done enough to prove his keep because of 2013, Garner not so much based on results. Whether 2013 was a flash in the pan will be determined by this season. I will gladly eat crow if Garner performs well next season. I want us to be the best we can be.
  11. Not to say I told you so, but I called it.
  12. Telling the truth gets you called a troll so just watch out. You're a troll, it's the truth. AMAZING comeback. Bravo.
  13. Telling the truth gets you called a troll so just watch out.
  14. Only one guy noticed the photographer? We need an LB coach with that kind of awareness! Also, is it just me, or does it look like Garner just said something about Muschamp's Mama? :-) My response is going to make folks mad, but Garner should be on his knees thanking the PTB that Muschamp did not have enough pull to replace him on the D staff. Garner is on the clock. Our DL needs to show a lot of improvement next year. We have more than one recruiter on staff that, today, is every bit as good as RG (based on his level of effort in this regard the last few years). So, RG needs to step WAY up as an on the field coach. I really hope he proves me wrong. wde Be careful. He's an Auburn man, so that automatically qualifies him for the job no matter what. Anything else is heresy. Forget that our defensive line has been atrocious.
  15. If we're being honest, you generally don't know what you're talking about. If you're not pulling rumor out of your rear-end, you're making up nonsense that fits your "when in doubt, be negative" modus operendi. He was not forced to take a sabbatical and in fact caught Miami off guard. A "forced" sabbatical would have come shortly after the 2013 season ended giving Miami ample opportunity to replace him with a better candidate if such a motivation were true. You don't wait until August 2014 when you're in the midst of preseason practice and getting ready for the first game of the season. Miami's 2013 defense was bad, but most didn't blame the play of the linebackers. There were much larger problems on that side of the ball than linebackers. Oh yeah, still waiting on that link on 24/7 regarding Orgeron. Numerous message boards were reporting that 247 had reported Orgeron to AU was a possibility. Apparently they made that up. I didn't and I apologize for posting it. I am not a troll despite your childish claims and I think you need to calm down or take meds so you don't get angry so easily. Whether or not Barrow was forced to resign or not doesn't really matter. I'm not sold on him and I have a right to that opinion. I respect yours or try to even though you constantly belittle others. I am certainly glad I could contribute to your self esteem however.