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  1. So you're telling me there's still a chance.
  2. I see Cadillac as a good hire. He's knowledgeable. He's experienced as a player. He's young and enthusiastic. And maybe most importantly he's relatable. Sure, he may not have a lot of coaching experience or recruiting experience. It's not like he hasn't been coached or recruited before. He has insight into much of what recruits are looking for. He's been through it before. Welcome aboard, Cadillac! It's good to have you back. WDE!
  3. He sounds like that QB from Kentucky a few years back. He might be good on the goal line though. Not sure he would fit into what Gus wants. Intriguing prospect though.
  4. In other words, now E can take a nap. 😂
  5. It's not too surprising. He de-committed from Ole Miss earlier. There was talk of him playing some OL in the AL/MISS All-Star game. It would of been a nice backup plan at AU. It's a bold strategy, Cotton. I wonder if it will pay off.
  6. With all the OC offers I just scratch my head and wonder why. I hope it works out for him.
  7. Not surprised. I'm sure he'll be retained in the same capacity as Butch Davis.
  8. I would think Drinkwitz will be making a push to keep him.
  9. It's a decent hire. Time will tell how good of a hire. Wonder if it will have any impact on KT if he decides to transfer? Welcome aboard, Coach Dillingham and War Eagle!
  10. I'd love a Chad Morris type that could come in and run this team and develop the offense while keeping Steele. There are a lot of interesting prospects. Scott Frost is definitely one to consider. Whether or not he bolts to Nebraska will soon be revealed. They just got a new AD. Dino Babers is also quite intriguing. He's good at developing talent as well. Clark is a possibility, and UAB is`looking to extend his contract. That's what makes college football so entertaining, the possibilities.
  11. The thing with LSU and Chavis involves LSU changing his contract after it was signed. I can't recall the specifics. I believe Chavis is suing LSU.
  12. I think you need to back away from the keyboard. Most of what you just accused people of saying has not been said. You just made up a fictional point of view and then argued with it. Lol. You must not read much board fodder. Actually, everything I said is factual. You just have to look around.
  13. Some people will never be satisfied. CWM left after one year and people lost their minds or what was left. When CWM was hired we knew there was a really good chance he would leave for a HC position. It happens. CGM had to hire someone. After all his job is one the line and he's on the proverbial hot seat. Names were leaked of possible candidates. These candidates turned down all advances by AU. Rumors continued and the sky was falling. No one wants to coach at AU. We'll just settle for anyone. We're losing recruits. The nation is making fun of us. We're the laughing stock of college football. Boo-hoo. Good grief! smh I swear people just need to back away from the keyboard...or take their meds.