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  1. WDE... completely agree! You seem to always be in the loop with who we are getting, what are you currently hearing? I know it will be an all out WAR to take him from UGA.
  2. WDE.... at the end of the day, do you think we get Brock or does he end up at Oklahoma?
  3. WarDamn.... who do you see Auburn closing out this class with, obviously Cox included.
  4. According to UGA insiders, Dean has already told AU, LSU and A&M they are out. Still deciding on Bama, UGA and Ole Miss and they are saying Ole Miss is in this a lot more than most think. Not an insider, just relaying what I have been told. Take it for the two cents it’s worth.
  5. Looks like he is committing today at 1. Auburn seems to be trending nicely for him, but the question is with all of his recruitment drama so far, will we sign him in Feb. Would be a nice addition to our defensive backfield.
  6. 23.... is he really an option for Auburn? His IV today said a Top 3 of UGA, Clemson & FSU.
  7. WDE.... Did something change with his recruitment. You seem to really be on point when it comes to if kids are coming to Auburn, but you seem to suggest he would definetly end up at Bama. Just curious what you are hearing and hopefully this helps with Mond knowing who his future bookend tackles will be at Auburn.
  8. WDE.... Do we get Mond on board this weekend or are we chasing after another QB?
  9. It's being reported on Twitter that Ivey is now coming up for an unofficial this weekend. Huge news for Auburn!
  10. In my opinion, this is a 2 horse race with AU and Fsu. Oregon is pushing hard for the QB out of Cali that just decommited from ND. I hope FSU takes Kai and we get DF, but would be ecstatic with Gibson as well.
  11. Looks to be the first commit of the Weekend! Congrats on becoming a future Tiger!
  12. Sorry....hadn't read TOS, any clues to who that guest is?