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  1. I don't care if they're from Mars. If they can crack skulls and tote the rock on an elite level, that's fine by me.
  2. Needs to get his feet planted before throwing. That's 50% of his problem. Too many throws where he's not being pressured, he'll be throwing off his back foot, or throwing while moving around.
  3. Love hearing we'll get some 1 v 1s. That's the way it should be 50% of the time. Hope that means more eventful ADay games too. It's been garbage the last several years.
  4. Assistant TO the regional manager!
  5. I just want to know two things: 1. Can he get us some damn OL that are more than just "try hards". I want 4 and 5 star type OL. And more than just 2-3 per class. 2. Can he coach up a QB.
  6. Considering the player support that Gus seemed to have at the end, if there was some underhanded work by Kevin Steele and other people in power, there's going to be serious turmoil in the locker room between coaches and players going forward.
  7. Is he saying we're behind in facility upgrades? I know the stadium is sorely in need of $100M in upgrades. But what else?
  8. There's WAAAAAY more work than just "hire/fire football coaches" as an AD duty. Something as major as that requires a ton of signoff by the BOT and everyone else since millions of dollars are involved. Someone has to do the mundane crap like authorization of when locker rooms get updated for the softball team and new fences around the horse stables. Do you want the President of the University doing all that?
  9. Agree with you wholeheartedly. I think mods should merge like-minded posts. Especially if they're low effort content and just the same old rant with a different slant on it. This coaching discussion is the same thing over and over and over.
  10. Bottom line is there are very very few players on our team that would be in the two deep on UAT. Just about across the board they are better. Bo doesn't have time to throw and when he does he's still inaccurate (mainly because his footwork is non-existent. He's a "backyard chunker". He's physically gifted and likely has the right idea most of the time in this offense, but he's basically a poor-man's Johnny Manziel. Tank also has no time to run and is just a freshman and injured. We can't rely on him to beat the #1 team in the nation and our biggest rival. WRs are rarely getti
  11. I don't think Bo could get any worse or more rattled by taking a breather. He needs to calm down more than anything. He's too amped up. It's not a lack of confidence.
  12. All you have to do is look at what happened to end the last game. He literally spiked the ball backwards. He's lost ALL composure as a QB. I've honestly never seen a QB so out of his mind rattled. His accuracy and decision making has gotten worse. He's yelling at teammates and coaches alike. He's diving at opponents after plays are over because he gets bumped by them. He's unstable and at a position that requires composure/leadership, he's failing miserably. The team is following his lead in lack of composure.
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