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  1. Whitlow is surprisingly good imo. Especially with how much our OL got pushed back last season. Give Whitlow a head of steam and he can be one of the best in the SEC. He has great awareness for seeing the holes, and he keeps his feet under him pretty well. Kind of reminds me of Rudi. Shivers i feel like would be cranking out absurd numbers at a non-power 5 conference school. But against SEC competition, his size definitely limits him. He's great as a 3rd down back, but he's not a guy you want as a starter in a Malzahn offense that runs up the middle every 3rd play.
  2. So what did they say? Are they "meh"? Are we awful? Are we screwed?
  3. I'm imagining both players going in and asking for a number change independently so they could have unique numbers, and this was the result.
  4. Would probably be ideal, but he just made the All-ACC team at Guard. So making a position change might be a tough sell to him unless he's just looking to try something else. He'll likely have several top offers to start as on OG at major programs which would be a more comfortable/smoother transition for him.
  5. My guess is he would start at guard and Horton/Harrell would be tested out at center since that's a somewhat weak spot?
  6. Since it sounds like people aren't attending games (and it's apparently only going to get worse), they should just remove both upper decks and go back to roughly 60K seats. At that point, put a dome on it, and then put chairback seats in there with built in cup holders. Maybe THAT will help us keep it packed. And to help fund it, just raise the donation requirement an extra $2500 per seat minimum.
  7. Only if we replace him with someone who can recruit AND coach. Hand was an utter failure and took all of last year to get our OL back to a collegiate level of blocking.
  8. Maybe if they reduced the prices to a "non-ridiculous" level, more people would come. Or if they added more seats, they could reduce the prices. It's about supply and demand. There's apparently enough demand that they can keep those prices sky high.
  9. Well, maybe that's the problem. They should. People should be able to buy tickets directly from the ticket office if there are apparently "seats available". It's asinine to not sell a ticket that's available just because "you have to donate additional money", or have to buy packs of tickets. I completely understand if they want to sell those types of tickets first, but after a certain amount of time, they should be available to the general public. I live too far away to go to multiple games a year, and i don't want to spend an entire weekend away from the house and several hundred dollars to go see us play Crap State International in a blowout. I want to see real games, and i want to buy tickets directly from Auburn. That's not an unreasonable request.
  10. I'm not sure of the attendance numbers this year, but if we're selling out tickets for 50% of the games, then we need to expand. It's similar to a restaurant. If you have a waiting list for 50% of the day, you probably need to expand your restaurant. You shouldn't wait until you have a waiting list for 100% of the day before you consider expanding. A lot of people just don't want to eat at 3pm. There will obviously be busy times of the day (good games) and slow times of the day (cupcakes), and if you wait until you're always sold out, you will be missing out on a lot of people who wanted to come to dinner at the prime time, and chose to go somewhere else because the wait was 2hrs long. When it comes to football, a lot of their money comes from donations. If people aren't able to get into the stadium to watch games (the good ones), then they aren't coming to the school as often or at all. They aren't bringing their kids. They lose that touch with the University and community. And in the long run, they lose donations/future alumni/interest. If you think that we aren't selling seats, then i should be able to call up the ticket office a week or two before the game and buy tickets for face value to games like LSU, Texas A&M, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Ms St. Is that possible right now?
  11. After so many years of run, run, run. Good QBs just aren't going to want to come to AU. It worked for years with Gus, but QBs want to pass. People ON HERE claimed "why fix what's not broken?". Well, running an offense that is so one dimensional leads to a future of "why can't we get any true QBs?". We should have been more 50/50 with run/pass 3-5 years ago, despite how successful we were under Nick Marshall. Especially later in games when we had already blown teams out of the water. Let Nick pad his stats or die trying. Instead we sit here with a cupboard of projects and wonder what happened.
  12. What if our offense becomes a Top 3-5 in the SEC next season, and our defense craps the bed?
  13. I knew it was only a matter of time before they started dipping into the JUCO ranks here. Glad they're FINALLY doing it. We need depth AND competition on our OL.
  14. 14 years later and we're finally good again! Would you be ok with .500 football until the year 2032 (14 years from now) so long as Malzahn was fired this year?
  15. That's what Auburn fans said before they fired Coach Cliff Ellis....and they went out and hired Lebo and then Barbee...and we got to be the laughing stock EVERY year!