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  1. program-record $147.5 million revenue

    In the last 10 years our revenue has increased roughly $58M/year. Where the hell is that extra money going? I could see maybe an extra $20M due to rises in coaches/administration salaries, but nearly $60M in added expenses per year?
  2. And that could be the case at Auburn. But i know every single one of our supposed equals in the SEC has been adding 5-20K+ seating in their stadium expansions in the last 10 years. So either something is wrong at Auburn, or these schools are not our equals like we thought they were. Since 2000, we've gone from basically tied for 2nd largest stadium in the SEC to 6th, which is last of the major football schools. (LSU - 20K, Bama -20K, Texas A&M -20K, UGA - 5K). We're now just ahead of USC and Arkansas. I wouldn't be surprised if they expanded again in the next 10 years leaving us just ahead of the Mississippi schools and Missouri.
  3. I don't see how general admission is a money loser. There used to be a day before any stadiums had luxury boxes. Were all stadiums money losers in those days? Think of it this way. Season tickets are $450. If we added 10,000 seats, that's $4.5 million/year. In 10 years, that's $45 million. I think it's EASILY worth it if the seats can be sold. Additionally, people don't go from having no-seats -> luxury boxes. People tend to go from cheap seats -> expensive seats -> luxury boxes. If Auburn quits adding general seats, they'll have fewer boosters in the future because they will not be hooking as many Auburn graduates into coming back to games with season seats, because the bar to entry is too damn high for people that live outside of a 2-3hr radius of the school who can't go to EVERY game. Auburn could easily fill these seats for 75% of the home games at regular ticket prices. And for the other 25% of the games if they were reduced pricing, they could still be sold. I'd come down to Auburn for more games, but the decent games have tickets that roughly start at $75+ and go up to $250+. I think the bar to entry for recent graduates that live outside the Auburn bubble is just too high to hook them. And by the time they have money, they don't care to come back as much because it hasn't been a huge part of their recent life. That's on Auburn failing to reach out to the alumni base. And they're missing out on future boosters because of it.
  4. For those saying that we need to sell out tickets consistently before we expand, here's the data from Auburn's history of our attendance vs every time we have increased capacity. At NO time has "max capacity" for numerous years in a row been a requirement before expanding. If yall had your way, we'd still be sitting at about 40K seats, because "we don't need it". Bottom line is we are more consistently close to max capacity, than anytime in our history. Just look at the data for yourself. The green line in the top chart shows stadium expansions over time.
  5. With his biggest known skill being fundraising, I just hope he can get the money together to finally upgrade JH in both endzones. Compared to the rest of the SEC, it seemed like the past vision was a bit lacking and i think that mostly had to do with a lack of big pockets backing the project. We need major donors coming forward (especially with the economy booming like it is), and get these endzones fixed up. Personally, i'd like to see them close off at least one of the endzones with a double-decker arrangement of luxury boxes with a couple thousand extra regular seats above them, and smaller (relatively) video boards in the corners. And maybe he can push to get rid of those dang bollards that have made tailgating such a frustration over the last 10 years.
  6. Dan Wolken comments on AU AD search.

    It's been up/down. David Marsh leaving AU. Baseball scandal (Golloway), Softball had a huge scandal (Corey Myers). Basketball has a current FBI scandal. And football was nearly on the brink of having to fire Malzahn. Add in the fact that he's been unable to drum up enough support for an overhaul of Jordan-Hare, despite every other stadium in the SEC getting major upgrades, and I am definitely glad he's being shown the door.
  7. Dan Wolken comments on AU AD search.

    Million dollar question, but i doubt they're operating current AU tickets sales or an ex-head coach with no AD experience.
  8. JB Grimes Returns to Auburn

    It just seems weird that he was given a contract extension just a couple weeks ago. If he's being pushed out, don't re-sign him. I'm just glad he's gone. I can put the bottle down at this point.
  9. JB Grimes Returns to Auburn

    Pera graduated HS in 1999. Trickett left in 1998. He played for Hugh Nall the entire time...whom he was also not a fan.
  10. Dan Wolken comments on AU AD search.

    I hope they go after someone outside the program this time. Go after the best in the nation. Not the best in the AU program/history.
  11. JB Grimes Returns to Auburn

    Here's a video of him when he went to Cincinnati. It seems like he's still got the tenacity. And it doesn't sound like he's a bumbling idiot that can't recruit.
  12. JB Grimes Returns to Auburn

    Who all is a possibility here? Hopefully none of our good guys.
  13. Stidham Returning

    Agreed, we definitely needed to add a passing game to our anemic offense, and he's definitely done that. I think it also helps having Gorgeous Borges back as well at AU. However, i do have a hard time imagining them abandoning Malzahn's read option that was 99.9% of his playbook.
  14. Demographic Curiosity

    lol. i used to post on autigers, but my account is so messed up there, i can't post at all anymore. Every time i try it kicks me to the login screen. Anyway, I'm getting more used to this forum, and it appears much better with a more involved fanbase. just need to remember to come back more than once every couple weeks
  15. Stidham Returning

    To really run the read option that Malzahn is going to run here, you need a QB that has a quick first step or two. Top speed isn't huge, but he has to be fast enough to evade that first defender being able to guard both the RB and the QB. I'm not sure Bo is quick enough or big enough to handle a true read option offense. Even JS is not great at it.