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  1. AUTigerTime

    Data on how predictable we are on Offense...

    Why doesn't a journalist ask questions regarding tendencies and provide specific numbers like this? I'd like to see his justification for the tendencies or if he even realizes it.
  2. AUTigerTime

    Where is the problem

    It boggles the mind that Malzahn gave him a chance. He had a history of being a BAD OL coach. He may have fit the "cool" bill, but we need someone who can both recruit AND coach. I don't really think Grimes is the solution either. I feel like if an honest to goodness search were done for an OL coach this past year, it wouldn't have been Grimes. Re-hiring a guy who is on his last leg of a career seems like a poor choice for a coach that is making one of the highest salaries in the country. It seems like he just mailed it in and said "meh, he'll do".
  3. AUTigerTime

    Not liking this new 4 game rule

    I don't see how it's affecting the team. How many catches does he have? Will it really be a loss? Same thing with Jalen Harris. Just put a couple extra backup OL in to block and call it a day. We can run 7 OL, HB, RB, WR sets.
  4. AUTigerTime

    Jalen Harris to redshirt then transfer

    It's not like he'll be missed. He wasn't really used anyway. People say we're thin at TE, but we don't even use them. Just stick a 6th OL up there at the position. I wish him the best because he gave it his all while here and i think has the talent to produce. It amazes me we don't use TE or even our WR more. Even if we want to be a run first offense, at least let the WR/TE eat when we play cupcakes. We had 14 pass attempts and 59 rushes against Alabama St. That's insane. What's even the point of playing that game if we aren't going to practice our full offense? Is the point to just smash their skulls in and not learn anything about our players? Our 5th AND 6th string RBs had more touches against Alabama State than all our TEs combined...for the entire year!!! That tells you all you need to know about our offense.
  5. AUTigerTime

    LSU postgame thread (merged threads)

    This team just is not a top team and we were pretty blatantly exposed. Defense: Our front 4 on defense is top tier and were just held constantly today. Our LBs are quite good. Our DBs however are just plain not good at all, especially that one (not going to mention his name because he already gets burned enough game after game). We're going to get destroyed on the outside all year. Though it seems crazy that they aren't getting more safety support. These guys CANNOT work on an island. Even remotely. Offense: Our OL was my concern going into this year and yup! They're at best, serviceable. WAAAY too many mistakes, and were getting whooped on pass plays. Stidham was off today. i'm not sure why he felt like he needed to win the game himself. Took way too many chances throwing into coverage. Coaching: They did their best at throwing this game away and in the end gripped defeat from the hands of victory. I'm not sure what our offensive coaches were thinking. We are just not jelling at all.
  6. AUTigerTime

    Alabama State Report Card

    I've always been of the opinion that you should play your full offense in these scrimmage games, so that when the big dogs come to play, you have some reps under your belt. Don't wait until you're against the ropes against a top team to pull out plays you've not run in a game-like situation. The passing game comes down to timing and precision. Don't put that pressure on athletes to nail the timing the first time when you don't give them the reps, but REALLY need them to have it finely tuned.
  7. AUTigerTime

    Things I Think I Saw: AU vs Washington

    It still amazes me that we still try the "hurry up hand-off up the middle" after a first down like 75% of the time. It seems these days it's a completely wasted play as it's been scouted to death. At least try a play action if it looks like the LBs are creeping up to snuff it out. With Stidham able to call plays, he should be able to take advantage of it.. Did we ever pull a guard and run off tackle? Is their defense just that good on the outside to do it? Seems like every time we ran it was up the middle into a mass of people. I was really disappointed in the TD we gave up before the half. Our entire team seemed to hear "prevent defense" and we went into a "ehh, we're done for the half" mode. Their lack of effort dropped of the face of the earth that series, and it gave Washington momentum going into the 2nd half. I'm glad Steele adjusted at the end of the game and decided to man up and take it to them instead of trying that "bend but don't break" nonsense.
  8. AUTigerTime

    June Facilities Update

    Those renders are what a stadium upgrade is supposed to look like. Instead it looks like we paid money to add a multi-million dollar 1980s style tumor to our stadium.
  9. AUTigerTime

    Calvin Ashley

    She's a bit of an attention seeker (big on boasting), but otherwise they're fine enough people. Michael will still show up on the holidays on occasion, so they still seem pretty close, so they seem genuine in that aspect.
  10. AUTigerTime

    Calvin Ashley

    I'm from the Memphis area and actually went to church with all the Tuohy's. That whole story of her teaching him football and toughness is a bunch of hogwash. It was WAY played up. Michael has actually talked about it in interviews and the fact that he's teased about something that was made for Hollywood.
  11. AUTigerTime

    CJ Tolbert

    He looked more like a young Mike Tolbert decided to suit up for Auburn. Dude was a beast out there. Amazing what experience can do.
  12. AUTigerTime

    program-record $147.5 million revenue

    In the last 10 years our revenue has increased roughly $58M/year. Where the hell is that extra money going? I could see maybe an extra $20M due to rises in coaches/administration salaries, but nearly $60M in added expenses per year?
  13. And that could be the case at Auburn. But i know every single one of our supposed equals in the SEC has been adding 5-20K+ seating in their stadium expansions in the last 10 years. So either something is wrong at Auburn, or these schools are not our equals like we thought they were. Since 2000, we've gone from basically tied for 2nd largest stadium in the SEC to 6th, which is last of the major football schools. (LSU - 20K, Bama -20K, Texas A&M -20K, UGA - 5K). We're now just ahead of USC and Arkansas. I wouldn't be surprised if they expanded again in the next 10 years leaving us just ahead of the Mississippi schools and Missouri.
  14. I don't see how general admission is a money loser. There used to be a day before any stadiums had luxury boxes. Were all stadiums money losers in those days? Think of it this way. Season tickets are $450. If we added 10,000 seats, that's $4.5 million/year. In 10 years, that's $45 million. I think it's EASILY worth it if the seats can be sold. Additionally, people don't go from having no-seats -> luxury boxes. People tend to go from cheap seats -> expensive seats -> luxury boxes. If Auburn quits adding general seats, they'll have fewer boosters in the future because they will not be hooking as many Auburn graduates into coming back to games with season seats, because the bar to entry is too damn high for people that live outside of a 2-3hr radius of the school who can't go to EVERY game. Auburn could easily fill these seats for 75% of the home games at regular ticket prices. And for the other 25% of the games if they were reduced pricing, they could still be sold. I'd come down to Auburn for more games, but the decent games have tickets that roughly start at $75+ and go up to $250+. I think the bar to entry for recent graduates that live outside the Auburn bubble is just too high to hook them. And by the time they have money, they don't care to come back as much because it hasn't been a huge part of their recent life. That's on Auburn failing to reach out to the alumni base. And they're missing out on future boosters because of it.
  15. For those saying that we need to sell out tickets consistently before we expand, here's the data from Auburn's history of our attendance vs every time we have increased capacity. At NO time has "max capacity" for numerous years in a row been a requirement before expanding. If yall had your way, we'd still be sitting at about 40K seats, because "we don't need it". Bottom line is we are more consistently close to max capacity, than anytime in our history. Just look at the data for yourself. The green line in the top chart shows stadium expansions over time.