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  1. ***Auburn vs. Mercer -- Game Thread***

    4 fumbles and an interception mainly. Plus some poor execution.
  2. scrimmage updates?

    Unless Willis is head and shoulders better than White, i think White will be the backup. 1. He has experience and if you need a QB to come in cold in the middle of a tight game on the road, you want someone who has been there before and knows the offense backwards/forwards. 2. It allows us to redshirt Willis. However, if JS wasn't on this team, then i could see Willis being the starter. There's just no real benefit to putting Willis in that backup role right now.
  3. AU Football All-Access Podcast

    Thanks. That might get me by, but i use PocketCasts for all my PodCasts on my phone. Right now, their podcast doesn't show up:
  4. AU Football All-Access Podcast

    Do you have a non-Apple/iTunes link for people that don't have Apple?
  5. Auburn vs Clemson Score Predictions

    28-13 Clemson
  6. AUFamily RSS link

    On the homepage of AUFamily, the RSS link has been broken for years. Is this every going to get fixed? I'd love to subscribe to this site, but it doesn't seem like there's a point, since the feed shows nothing. Now that the forums have been updated, i hope some attention can be given to this.
  7. Time to change seating

    The easy solution to this, is take a picture at the end of the game (or less than a minute to go) of the student section like has been posted above. Count then number of students in that block at the end of the game. If the number of students in that block is less than 75% of capacity for the block, then they get knocked a damaging number of "spirit points". What defines a "spirit point" more, than having your butt in the stadium big win/big lose/draw??????? As for students/pledging cheating the system by scanning a bunch of ids at other events and then leaving, they need to fix that problem and stat. Have them pick up a card at the beginning of those events. At the end of the event, let them turn the card in for the privilege of scanning their id and their id only. Lastly, pledges or whomever else trying to reserve a significant number of seats in the general student section is BS. That crap needs to end. I'd have serious problems with that if I were a student still. The problem Auburn currently has, is they've let these fraternities run amok and abuse the system without any repercussions. That's the bottom line. AU needs to get control of it.
  8. RSS Feed?

    Is there an RSS Feed for this website? It'd bring a lot more visibility to your articles if there was one.