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  1. Does he consider OL recruiting important? Can he do it at a competent level? Who is going to be the OL coach? These would have been in my top 5 questions in the interview.
  2. We now know what the holdup with Kiffin was. He wouldn't get off Twitter.
  3. Jackson St is one step above Springdale HS. It's not like we're talking about a mid major program here. He doesn't have a single win against a Power 5 team or even Group of 5 teams. He has a long way to go before proving himself worthy of a Top 15 coaching position in the country.
  4. Speaking of which. I wonder if that girl was fired too.
  5. The fact that the rumor of Kiffin is out there this early on ESPN tells me he will not be the coach. It's usually never the one the spotlight shines on first.
  6. Shmedding is the last Boise guy i think
  7. This just screams "We're looking to hire a temporary head coach that we can fire in a few years when we get better players". Sure, let's look to pay out another massive buyout, and then start from square one again with a better cupboard....likely filed with borderline problem recruits. That sounds like a great plan for Auburn right now.
  8. Y'all have hyped Deion to be some magical coach. He's still sooo green. I was listening to radio the other day, and while Memphis fans are somewhat interested for their coaching position (if it were to become available), the talking heads are saying he may not be quality enough to coach there. But it'd be worth the chance. But yet y'all feel like he's good enough to be a top tier coach in the SEC?? This seems like Turner Gill type hype. It seems many of you have lost faith in Auburn being a top tier program and think they can't hire someone decent with experience. We have to take moonshot options as a prayer's chance of being successful? Have y'all reduced the Auburn coaching gig to level of Memphis Football?
  9. I didn't even watch. This team is abysmal and has no future that exudes hope. I had better things to do on a nice fall day. Sad that's where we're at when it's the UGA game weekend.
  10. I wonder if you could just come out and say that he's not fired, but you're not going to retain him so that you can go ahead and start a coaching search and make an offer for his replacement.
  11. I don't think they'd loose less by firing him now vs 3 months from now. It's not like an assistant will be able to win anymore...or less bad. Obviously he needs to go by the end of the year, but we aren't going to replace him until Jan at the earliest so there's no real point unless you feel like your targeted coach won't be available by then. We aren't going to make a bowl game, so I think we'll be fine to wait until December.
  12. With word that Nebraska fired their coach 3 weeks prior to a huge drop ($7+M) in price of the buyout, I'm wondering what the contract says and when the costs drop for Harsin.
  13. Guys. This is the beginning of the Harsin-era comeback. 😂
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