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  1. I'm trying to get my double negatives right. Doesn't that mean you want the Fisher family somewhere near Auburn???
  2. They are going to federal pound-me-in-the-azz prison for at least a decade. What were these morons thinking?? This is an insane amount to have one you when you're a freaking millionaire.
  3. If he doesn't have the money for quality coaches, then he really is a dead man walking and we're just delaying the inevitable at our own detriment. Either your foot needs to be on the gas or on the brake, but to let it coast for an entire extra year is just a slow painful death.
  4. We're going to be completely starting over from scratch on the OL this year and our recruiting has been abysmal at the position. We NEED a proven coach at the position. One that can both recruit and coach. Frankly, we should be able to find SOMEONE around the country that meets those qualifications. We shouldn't have to go sign an alum with virtually zero experience. We're not Ball State. Even if we have to pay $1M/year for a position coach, so be it. Whoever it is will need to fix the ****hole we've dug ourselves in and it's going to take a couple years to get there. Surely we can find a quality coach if we're paying Top 5 money for the job.
  5. He's constantly been searching for that unicorn after Cam and even Nick. He puts athleticism ahead of everything else and assumes he can turn them into a quality QB. He's been living in a delusion that he made Cam and Nick. And that they were just good athletes that he turned into amazing quality college QBs, when in fact he just happened upon some unicorns early in his career. He continues to shoot for the moon and typically falls on his face. Nix was thankfully dropped into his lap or who knows where we'd have been with Gatewood this past year. My guess is Malzahn would have been fired after this year. But yes, evaluating recruits overall is a huge issue for him. Our team has had huge deficiencies. And going into next year, the number of JUCO OL we've targeted is a clear sign of that. He's having to plug holes in our depth that shouldn't be there. For someone who still focuses on running it up the middle in the teeth of the defense, you've got to have quality OL that can generate a push. And he's been treating OL recruiting like it's an afterthought.
  6. "we didn't want him anyway" "he's a team cancer" "probably won't even qualify"
  7. If Ryan Silverfield doesn't get hired as the head coach of Memphis, i'd like us to go after him. Great recruiter and has history in the NFL as a successful OL coach. It's fairly evident he knows how to coach an OL with the results there and the 1000yd rushers
  8. Or Malzahn saw that Chad Morris was available and pushed Dilly out to get a guy he preferred. Surely you don't think that Dilly is better than CM, right?
  9. For reference, here they are: 1:18:43 1:20:21
  10. The timeouts were called because we were about to have a delay of game the same drive. It seemed to be that Kodi was relaying the play too slow or something for them to run it. I'm fairly sure it was before the half. I could be wrong though.
  11. Anyone have any info on what was happening before the half where we had to burn 2 timeouts and Gus was chewing out Kodi Burns? I haven't seen anything explaining the miscommunication.
  12. Accuracy isn't easily fixable, especially considering he's grown up with such experienced teaching and still hasn't fixed them. It's not like he just has poor mechanics that could use some significant tweaking. I have a feeling this is just an issue that Bo will have the majority of time at AU.
  13. This is a Wordpress website. Any old Joe can start a website on Wordpress in less than an hour. Whoever did this didn't even spend enough money to create their own domain name. This is franly only one minor step above an "email forward". How did you even find this? Facebook share?
  14. Cannella is pretty good but Auburn/Malzahn just SUCKS at incorporating the TE into the offense. He's obviously a tweener between a true TE and WR, but i still think he'd be racking up numbers at a different school that could exploit his skill set. Bottom line though is he came in from JUCO and was able to get some snaps on the first team and has been a steady offensive player. I feel like a long time ago, one of the recruiting analysts said they considered a 5-star a player that *could* come in and start immediately at your typical program. Cannella seems like somewhat close to that. I think he should have been 4-star worthy if not higher.
  15. This is correct. If anyone thinks Bo Nix is going to call out the coaches in the media for misusing Gatewood (HIS backup), they're delusional. He's 100% just talking about Gatewood being a backup as a more experienced player. The same was true when Kodi Burns had to take a back seat from the new QB at the time. It's a tough situation for players to swallow their pride and let a younger guy take their spot.
  16. Bo needs to sit. He can't hit the broad side of a barn right now. If it's completed, it's simply luck. I don't know why he's this horrible being the son of Pat Nix, but it's embarrassingly bad. Horrible mechanics.
  17. He definitely gets a bit too much credit there. He *should* have been intercepted. The Safety played the WR despite playing off the ball and seeing it come straight at him. Had he simply made a play on the ball, it would have been game over. Considering even a FG would have won us that game, it was EXTREMELY careless and dangerous. He got lucky more so than making a good play. So yea definitely gets too much credit. Just look at this clip (starting at 4:45) and watch the Safety's eyes and how he went after the tackle instead of jumping the route.
  18. I think his problem is he sees the wide open player and gets an adrenaline rush and launches it with a little extra oomf as fast as he can. He's basically freaking out in excitement. If he can settle down and treat it like any other throw it'd be fine. I think that will come in time as he gets used to playing on a national stage. Hopefully.
  19. Saw where he was replaced in the starting lineup. Think this was more of a deal with Wanogho being injured, or a wakeup call for him to be replaced? I know he didn't have a good game last week.
  20. I did a bit of research on our OL recruiting the last 5 years awhile back, and what i saw was that we were not only not recruiting the best players out there, but our number of OL signees was WAY below Bama/UGA and the likes. Like half as many OL signees. If there isn't enough competition or if players don't pan out, you're backing yourself into a corner with the type of result your going to get. It'd be one thing if you only signed 4-5 star OL at every position and recruited half as many as them. But we know that's not the case. If you're signing 3-star OL, you need to sign 2-3 of them in the hopes that one pans out. And if you want depth, you thus need 4-5 players in the hopes that 2 pan out. That's the biggest problem we got. That's not a JB problem or even a Hand problem (they both sucked at recruiting OL here). The problem lies with Malzahn for not making it a priority. If we're not getting the players or numbers, you go to Juco and start back-filling. You bring in more recruiters to help make certain players priorities. The OL just has NOT been a priority for Malzahn, and it's finally come home to roost. Next year is going to be a bloodbath when all these senior OL graduate and we're left with an empty cupboard. The death knell is tolling for him and if he isn't fired this year, he'll definitely be fired next year because of it.
  21. Wow. He just flipped that thing about 35yds on a dime falling backwards out of bounds. 😲
  22. Kenny Dillingham built lasting relationships while in Memphis Auburn’s new offensive coordinator had special bond with players When tight end Joey Magnifico struggled while juggling football and school early in his Tiger career, former coach Kenny Dillingham helped him realize his love for Memphis. The new Auburn offensive coordinator forged a relationship with many Tigers during his three seasons on the University of Memphis staff that both sides hope lasts a lifetime. Magnifico hasn’t encountered a coach like him during his college career. “He had a special bond with a good bit of us,” Magnifico said. “I know a lot of us keep in touch with him. He’s probably one of the greatest men I ever met in my life. He probably had the most impact on me.” Reserve quarterback Brady McBride said Dillingham was the main reason he chose Memphis over other schools. The Texas native not only developed a close rapport with Dillingham during the recruiting process but also as McBride learned coach Mike Norvell’s complex playbook. FaceTiming and texts between the two are still common. They don’t talk football, though. Conversations involve life and the happenings of Memphis and Auburn. Kenny Dillingham, the new offensive coordinator at Auburn, forged a relationship with many Tigers during his three seasons on the University of Memphis staff. (Photo courtesy of Memphis Athletics) “There’s definitely not a lot of coaches that would do that,” McBride said. “There’s a reason he’s 28 and the offensive coordinator at Auburn. We were really close.” Dillingham plans to become a head coach one day, and coaching runs in McBride's family. McBride hopes to join the “family business” after his playing days. The former graduate assistant turned offensive coordinator always told McBride he wanted him to join whatever coaching staff Dillingham is on once the time comes. “He’s such a young coach,” McBride said. “He knows I’m going to coach with him one day. We talked about it all the time.” The high regard players have in Dillingham doesn’t mean they aren’t impressed with new offensive coordinator Kevin Johns, who’s set a tone that Magnifico and McBride have no problem following. Johns brings a different point of view than Dillingham while he builds relationships with his new players. “I like him a lot so far,” Magnifico said. “He’s done a great job of getting a trust between him and the players.” Like McBride, Dillingham told starting quarterback Brady White whenever he was done playing football, he’d have a spot for White whether it was Memphis or Auburn. The two grew close in their time together at Arizona State, but that bond flourished when they arrived in Memphis. Staying in touch isn't as easy as it used to be, Auburn has to recruit and White is busy preparing for the 2019 season. They still find time to talk and catch up on life, such as when Dillingham was in town for the Tigers Big Cat Mega Camp this summer. “He’s one of the unique and different coaches who cared about the players more than the money and getting promoted,” White said. “He loved Memphis. Auburn got a good one.”
  23. Whitlow is surprisingly good imo. Especially with how much our OL got pushed back last season. Give Whitlow a head of steam and he can be one of the best in the SEC. He has great awareness for seeing the holes, and he keeps his feet under him pretty well. Kind of reminds me of Rudi. Shivers i feel like would be cranking out absurd numbers at a non-power 5 conference school. But against SEC competition, his size definitely limits him. He's great as a 3rd down back, but he's not a guy you want as a starter in a Malzahn offense that runs up the middle every 3rd play.