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  1. This. My biggest gripe against Gus isn't against his coaching ability. I think Grimes needs to be canned yesterday and a stud OL coach and recruiter (Jeff Grimes comes to mind) needs to be hired. This would solve A LOT of everyone's issues with Malzahn imo. Bring in a better O-line and quarterback/running back play improves tremendously. Our O-line has been horribly crippling to our success this year.
  2. I'm not necessarily opposed to it, but I do think it should only be reserved for the student section. Fans crawling through the bushes is just embarrassing. Cameras catch it every single time and it lessens the impact of the win quite a bit imo. Let the student section on the field if they feel it is a must and the rest of the stadium can sing the reverse rammer jammer. Amendment: I am absolutely not opposed to all AU fans rushing Bryant Denny if we win there. And I don't care if bama is ranked 126th in the nation when we do it.
  3. Gonna go with the jump pass out of the wildcat
  4. It's positively offensive, that's for sure
  5. I think, if Gus has taught me one thing about hiring head coaches, it's this. Of all the qualities a head coach should have, pride in self is not one. If a coach is not humble and willing to remove himself from his own way, he will likely fail, regardless of where he coaches. That seems to be a common theme of those on the "proven coaches" list. They are committed to their style and change doesn't work for them. The others, namely Orgeron, are capable of clearly evaluating what is wrong with their program and doing something to fix it aside from having "good practices". While Cristobal or Fleck would be my choice, I don't particularly care who we get so long as stubborn as a mule isn't listed on the "good qualities" section of his resume.
  6. Very much an outsider, but I agree it seems likely. All the rumblings about him are coming from somewhere and you'd think the administration would almost make it a stipulation that Steele is retained. I don't believe there would be quite as much smoke around Cristobal if he weren't willing to retain him.
  7. This definitely should be considered. I know it may not be plausible to say, but with all the rumblings about Cristobal, does it seem likely that if hired, he would keep Steele?
  8. I think you'd have to examine a bit deeper than that. You'd also have to look at the length of time the coordinators you're asking about have had time to absorb those things and the number or quality of coaches they've absorbed from. Kirby, for instance, coached under Saban for what seemed like a small eternity. Gus, for all I know, never coached under what would be considered a good head coach. He coached under Houston Nutt, Chizik, who else am I missing? Many of these big name coordinators seem to jump at the opportunity to be a head coach too soon (Muschamp, Kiffin, Morris come to mind). Others (Jimbo, Mullen, Kirby, Orgeron, etc) take the time to learn - even if an initial early jump burned them at some point - and don't jump at the first opportunity that comes their way and it has paid off in a big way for them. I'm not a big fan of Steele moving to HC, but I am of the opinion that he probably falls in the latter category.
  9. Imo, there is only 1 option. If Gus is fired, it should only be because he is being replaced with a proven winner and a household name. There is entirely too much money being thrown around to take a chance on another coach. Especially Steele, whose last head coaching gig went terribly, or Garner, who I don't believe has ever had one. We've already had the Chizik trials and the Malzahn experiment. Time to give the reigns to someone who has absolutely proven they know how to win consistently at a power 5 program.
  10. Agreed. With any luck though, maybe next year we'll have someone to row it!
  11. Did Steele say that? Or is this hypothetical? Bc if Gus stays AND Steele leaves.......God help us
  12. As sound of a reasoning as anything else that has been said to this point. I think you're on to something here lol