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  1. Copy/paste to your twitter .@therealbigshon #JustLive72 Add your message in between. Let him hear the @AUFamily as he begins physical preparations for the 2016 draft.
  2. if you haven't left a graduation gift in Shon's honor to St. Jude -- be sure to do so. http://stj.convio.net/goto/wareagleshon
  3. If you haven't donated to St. Jude (or even if you have) go do it and share with the Auburn Family. http://stj.convio.ne...to/wareagleshon Take time to watch Dear Shon: The Shon Coleman Story right now. http://www.stjude.or...e_050214_primar Shon is graduating tomorrow. Go congratulate him with a donation to his tribute fund. His mom will get an email notification about your donation.
  4. Support and Give Thanks to St. Jude in his honor. http://bit.ly/SCTribute
  5. http://family.auburn.edu/profiles/blogs/5-things-aggies-want-you-to-know-about-aggieland?xg_source=activity
  6. 40 donations to 500 total gifts. help us flood Shon's mom's email inbox with donation notifications. every dollar counts.
  7. ..drop $5.00 or morein the tribute fund -- he and his family get emails every time a donation is made. fill up that inbox. His mom told me yesterday that he is more than ready to get out there -- lets make sure he knows his fight isn't forgotten as he pushes through to success. we can all afford $5.00 and it'll go a long way to making a difference for the children/families at St. Jude which is the most important thing. wde http://stj.convio.ne...to/wareagleshon
  8. we can motivate him to that RT1 slot. Donate donate donate --- his family gets an email with every donation. http://stj.convio.net/goto/wareagleshon support on facebook http://www.facebook.com/sctributefund
  9. fall camp starts today -- let's blow this fund up over the next couple of weeks. motivate shon to push harder
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