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  1. If you know then why ask? This is just really dumb. Y'all carry on until the biggest ego either wins or gets deflated.
  2. There will be all kinds of complaints about every single aspect of the game win or lose. You are obviously unfamiliar with the make-up of the forum right now.
  3. Oh you are very mistaken. History will repeat itself because there are posters on here who just love to spread constant misery. It happens on every sports forum.......take a look at the "experts" in the 2018-19 early season basketball and baseball forums predicting outcomes of doom and gloom. See how that turned out? Auburn is 3-0 and how that's a bad thing escapes me. In 2010 it took a FG to beat KY because the QB1 was still adjusting to SEC play, and the coaches were still discovering just what they had in him. Nobody believed in the future, or had any foresight about what came later. Everybody was just mad about the KY game and called it an embarrassment. I'm not sure what will happen in 2019, but I'm not tossing in the towel already. I do think the team is starting to gel a little bit more, and the season will be respectable. What happens after the season is over is not the point right now, and it's just borrowing trouble. These kids did not come to Auburn to lose, and for their sake I hope Gus is wildly successful in 2019. They believe in their coaches, so during the season I will back that up. Nothing hopeful, positive or fun allowed here anymore by the Gus-hating bullies.....I feel the herd breathing down my neck and accusing me of being the dumb sunshine pumper riding on the Gus Bus. I just love Auburn, and I refuse to denigrate the coaches and players constantly, especially when the season is in full swing. My family and I had fun watching the game last night. If some of you were so determined to be unhappy and didn't enjoy it because it was imperfect.... then that's on you.
  4. Well.....if the defense is holding back on effort a little bit then that's what I mean. Against a team like Kent St it's really not worth risking a lot. Auburn will win the game without sacrificing anybody. People get upset about not getting a shut-out but that isn't that important in the big scheme of things. Just get a respectable enough win and don't get anyone hurt.
  5. I'm OK with it in a game like this. Less chance of injury. With the schedule that Auburn has the defense needs to stay as healthy as possible.
  6. It would've gone nowhere anyway, and he needs to keep a level head and not get tossed out. That's not a poor decision at all. It's much better to raise hell in private, especially when the coach has a reputation as a hot head. The refs are useless and he knows that.
  7. Surely you're not saying Will Muschamp has no fight in him.......because that would be a stupid thing to say. He will handle it behind the scenes and I doubt he will be nice about it. His team knows him, and I'd bet they don't call him Coach MilqueToast.
  8. Of course he knows.And he also knows it would be pointless. He spent enough time at Auburn to know what he's up against.
  9. 38-7 UCF at the half..... UCF is for real.
  10. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! That's so satisfying to see no improvement there...year after year.
  11. Me too. He is one of the few bammers I actually like and respect. His time at MSU was doomed from the start.
  12. Unbelievable. It really is a hounds-toothed cult.
  13. You must've forgotten for a moment.....this is Auburn football. 😜