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  1. Missouri dismisses Nate Howard

    Mizzou is in a precarious place right now. They sure didn't need any more negatives.
  2. John Franklin III leaving Auburn

    Best wishes to JF3. I hope he does well where ever he lands. He has an AU degree and that makes him a winner no matter what happens with football.
  3. Read all of Donald Watkins' posts on this case. So disturbing.....but not really surprising when it comes to UAT. Everything that is wrong with the state of Alabama begins and ends with Tuscaloosa.
  4. AU vs UMASS in JHS 2020

    Let's just never do the USCw opener again.....bad football mojo.
  5. Saban has idea to change season schedule

    I certainly don't hold back....... Good to see you on the board. Now that the season is almost here I hope we see more of the old crowd!
  6. Ex-Bama QB Opines

    How much of their placement in line has to do with learning a new offense and getting some development?
  7. Saban has idea to change season schedule

    Knowing what I know about about that scurvy little garden gnome and UAT......it sickens me to see people fawning over his every word like he has some kind of eternal wisdom that we lesser people couldn't possibly understand. In reality he's just your average old cheater/scammer in a beneficial environment.
  8. Saban has idea to change season schedule

    I don't give a damn what the nickatator would like. He has already damaged college football beyond repair as it is. I wish he'd retire and shut the hell up.
  9. Jeremy Johnson chooses different path

    I wish nothing but the best for JJ.
  10. Four years later and I'm still mad

    I was at that game. That dropped pass was such a heartbreaker....
  11. Sammie's got some hard work ahead of him

    Best of luck to him.
  12. Good news!! Tre Mason is BACK!

    IMHO Tre Mason will not play again. His mother's statements on his health tell the whole story and it's like no one is listening. There's no telling how many blows to the head Tre sustained through out his football career but it is all cumulative. And his position at RB is one of the most susceptible to concussions. The damage from the pounding he took in NFL pushed him over the line and finished his career for good. I don't know of any ethical neurologist who would clear him to play if he has CTE like his Mother says he does.. Tre does not have a character issue. He more than likely has significant brain damage. I would love to be wrong. It's very sad to think about Tre being in this situation at such a young age. I wish him the best.
  13. Hugh Freeze Resigns

    You apparently missed this in the first sentence......" We will never know what Houston Nutt's real motivation is" . But human nature being what it is, and given the fact that Nutt hasn't worked in a while I'm betting that he would've loved a cash settlement and an agreement of some kind since he is guilty also. Working a deal with him would've been preferable to what will happen now.
  14. Hugh Freeze Resigns

    We will never know what Houston Nutt's real motivation is.....but he wasn't a very successful coach. Nothing anyone can say about him good or bad will change that. And he did have some of the violations during his tenure did he not? He is not totally innocent in this deal either and his character was not squeaky clean to start with. No one involved has any claim to football honor. The whole thing is a big mess and Ole Miss will spend 10 years in the dungeon of college football because of it.