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  1. Middle Tennessee State - Preview

    Score please?
  2. University of West Florida

    GO ARGOS! It's game day!
  3. Ole Miss being raided

    keesler you would be wrong about the bammer boosters. And if you have no interest in learning the truth about bammer...... maybe you need to just be quiet on the subject. You have no idea what you're talking about but you still want to argue about it and claim that bammer is no worse than other schools. That is absolutely wrong in numerous ways. I don't care if you want to be ignorant about it but do not call me out over and over again when you don't have any idea what you're talking about. Auburn has never,ever had a machine and the issues facing the AD are not a result of anything done by a group like the REC. You just don't comprehend the scope and power of the REC and what they do. Like I are extremely naive. My family members have been Auburn boosters for DECADES and they have NEVER provided any athlete with anything and that includes Eric Ramsey who came calling with his hand out and telling his sob story.
  4. I hate Finebaum - but he's right I said...he manipulates. And people allow themselves to be pawns in his game.
  5. Ole Miss being raided

    They did nothing that bammer hasn't done for the last 50 years. You are one of those who continues to deny and excuse what has really gone on in the SEC for decades. There are those of us who know differently. Until bammer gets slammed for what they do then it is very hypocritical to slam Ole Miss as hard as they have. And I can guarantee you that had bammer beat Ole Miss in those games, and for those recruits then things would have gone a little easier in Oxford. The rot in bammer football is entrenched in the state of Alabama and it includes government influence as well. You have no idea how naïve you are. The NCAA has become a huge joke and any justification they make is a hollow one. I know what I witnessed, and I know what a close friend experienced and I know that the bammer machine is twice as dirty as Ole Miss tried to be under Hugh Freeze. But you just go on thinking what you want. However I would suggest that you read Donald Watkins posts about how the REC works its magic. You might learn something.
  6. University of West Florida

    So excited! UWF is an outstanding university and the rise of the football program is amazing. The QB1 is fun to watch and the team is very disciplined and well coached. Hope they can win it all on Saturday!
  7. I hate Finebaum - but he's right

    PF makes loads of money playing off the lowest form of humanity....mostly bammers. He's part of what's wrong with people now. He likes to incite anger because it's profitable for him.. I really do wish people were not manipulated into participating. He serves no good purpose to the SEC or college football anywhere and to call him a sports journalist is a joke. I don't think he even understands the game all that well. He's just a big negative.
  8. Ole Miss being raided

    Ole Miss went after bammer and was beating them at their own game. This is their punishment for it.
  9. Ole Miss being raided

    He might regret that decision when he gets up there. It is bitterly cold for almost 9 months out of the year and it's....Michigan. I hope it's worth the big change he's making.
  10. Men vs UAB

    Thanks for the info.
  11. Men vs UAB

    I missed something....where is Heron?
  12. Let it SNOW!!!!!!!

    Such a beautiful place.....Mt. Cheaha. I'm sure it's stunning covered in snow.
  13. UT Hires Jeremy Pruitt

    He has serious personality issues and a very hot temper. He is like nickster in several other ways too......mostly no ethics and a weak moral compass. I'm not sure how that will play out for him in the SEC. When he and nickster go after the same recruits I wonder what will happen. We saw what the outcome was for Hugh Freeze. JP has the insider knowledge on bammer so it could get entertaining.
  14. Patrick Keim Awarded a Scholarship

    Very happy for PK. Well deserved!
  15. Tennessee targets DC Kevin Steele

    What's with all the Pruitt/ asparagus talk? I missed something somewhere.....