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  1. Tubs coached at AU when bammer was in a rare down phase. He might not have the same success these days in the SEC.
  2. That's exactly what I said when he was hired. I sure got some hate for saying it. Playing and coaching at Boise State does not prepare anyone for an SEC head coaching job. And he brought too many Boise State coaches with him. It's going to take some huge adjustments and changes in coaching personnel for Harsin to be as successful as we hope he will be in the next few years. But he's going to have to do it in a hurry before Auburn falls too far. I'm just not too sure about his ability to recruit SEC caliber athletes. His frame of reference is from Boise State..... Here's to Harsin
  3. Ok......but don't talk about it....lol. That kind of hype never works out for Auburn. Keeping it off the radar/low key is our strength.
  4. Wow......this is some kind of alternate football universe.
  5. He better find something because this is just a disaster.
  6. I didn't misunderstand anything. You did. But the need to continue mansplaining seems to feed your ego. Gus is long gone. The constant bashing is so low class and unnecessary.
  7. WTH are you even talking about? You seem to think blaming a former coach for today's fiasco is completely appropriate instead of looking at the CURRENT coach who is actually responsible. Some of you really are pathetic.
  8. You know that ignore feature? You should put me on yours. You're well aware that's not a "comparison".....or maybe you're not. That wouldn't surprise me.
  9. No thanks on the mansplaining.....talk about a high horse. It is a stupid thing to say because Malzahn has nothing to do with what's happening in this game today. Just because some of you can't let go of constantly talking bad about Gus still doesn't make it true. Take your unnecessary breakdown somewhere else.
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