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  1. So now I have to be a corndog fan because I don't really like that Gator team.
  2. I am really surprised that OSU is out. I was pulling for them.
  3. That is very cool!
  4. He can still work on his degree by taking online classes. And he should get some help with development from the Angels organization.
  5. Good for him! I hope it works out.
  6. OSU plays every facet of the game well. I think they will win it all, and I hope they do because of all the teams in Omaha they deserve it the most. The Beavers are the best team in college baseball right now. I'm amazed at how good they are because I hadn't seen them play until the Super Regionals.
  7. That's because bammer has cheated for over 50 years to get that so called "tradition". They built it by creating a machine that operates with no repercussions. The nickster is a beneficiary of a lot of perks that other coaches aren't allowed. When bammer had to give up it's extras for a few years they were a very lackluster team. They had no idea how to operate within the rules. Saban has no ethics so he has been a good match for the REC.
  8. That's because bammers don't have enough sense to know that Bryant was an alcoholic, cheating racist, and they wouldn't care if they did. Just because Dye was a successful coach at AU does not mean he has carte blanche to denigrate Auburn. He should stay off of finescum's show and just stop talking. Auburn has traditions....traditions that don't include full scale cheating and exaggeration and classless arrogance.
  9. Frank Sander and Ben Obomanu. Darvin Adams after that.....because he was so clutch.
  10. I hate this premature Heisman hype.....
  11. Yes that's absolutely true. The haters come out at every opportunity and Cam has done nothing to deserve it. It's just sickening at times.
  12. After the Logan Young fiasco and the NCAA sanctions the bammer machine laid the groundwork for never having to worry about getting caught again. There are now bammers at every important organization that has any influence in college football. TTown Menswear, Trent Richardson's family, that kid from Russellville who was taken to the beach by a booster.....not a flicker of interest from the NCAA. And Ole Miss who beat bammer a lot recently is going to take a fall for doing much less than bammer has done for years. bammer just taking care of business....The numerous advantages that the nickster has make him successful. If it was his ability as a coach then he would've duplicated it everywhere else he's been. His deficiencies were especially glaring in the NFL where he couldn't cheat his way into winning. I want him to start losing to Auburn every year until the hounds tooth cult runs him off. Auburn just needs to stay squeaky clean while doing it just like the situation with Cam. I am convinced that bammer was behind that ordeal getting blown out of proportion and they were sure Auburn had skeletons in the closet like they do. I will never ever forget what they put Cam through, and how ESPN treated him during the Heisman ceremony. Saban is the worst thing to ever happen to college football and it will never be the same because of him.
  13. FSU knew he was good enough. I'm not sure why he was not used often. Maybe he's just used for certain situations or he had some issues to work on before getting into the rotation. He threw exactly the kind of pitches that AU can't hit very well. That was surely no accident.
  14. Ruthless is a perfect description.
  15. It's not like the guy was untalented. He clearly has some great stuff.