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  1. Millennials and Gen Z spend their lives embedded in the social media culture. College athletes and the vast majority of NFL athletes fall into those two age groups. SM is their way of communicating. If a person is going to work with young people then social media is a fact of life. Learn how to navigate in that world because it is unavoidable. It's no different than if you want to work effectively in must know their language and culture.
  2. Such a great moment for the Auburn band. I never get tired of watching it!
  3. The Old Guard coaches are all slipping away..... RIP Coach Majors
  4. Glad to hear that you are at home now. Sepsis is a very scary condition ! Take care of yourself. Sending lots of prayers your way. You are so strong! Keep fighting Nathan!
  5. I know. I feel so sad. I remember how excited my Dad was when Coach Dye was hired..... Another tough loss for the Auburn family.
  6. What a sad day for the Auburn family. We just keep suffering these heartbreaking losses...….the last year has been very tough. RIP Coach Dye.
  7. What a back story..... I am now a huge fan. War Eagle Wesley Steiner!
  8. Better put your foot down before it gets out of control.....either that or make frequent beer runs.....😅
  9. Sending prayers for Coach Dye. He is an Auburn icon.
  10. Wow.....thanks for posting! I had never heard that before. The culture in Tuscaloosa is poisonous and deeply embedded so I'm not surprised to see that it goes back even further than I realized. And it's not surprising that it attracts coaches with a pattern of questionable ethics like the nickster, either.
  11. Zeek....We are here for you my friend!!! Sending prayers for your Mom, her medical team, you, your wife and your family. It's good for you to have somewhere to turn. We are pretty good at listening and being supportive. Any time you need it.....we will be here.
  12. The irony of a bammer trailer park dweller calling someone else stupid is lost on you......🙄 Take note little houndstoothed cultist. and this one.... Maybe you missed this.... Here are some newer ones.... It is evidently beyond your level of comprehension....but this is an Auburn site so we discuss things concerning AUBURN UNIVERSITY. No one said....ever.....that only Auburn grads were involved in the COVID 19 fight. But posters here....on an AUBURN site like to read about and discuss IMPORTANT things related to AUBURN. You mentioned important.....I know you are limited in your capacity to understand much beyond the trailer park.....but what I posted IS important. And it's particularly relevant to AUBURN FANS on an AUBURN SITE. This side-tracked the main event.....bammer is now and has been a major cheating enterprise for almost 70 years. There were no real championships won fair and square....EVER. Everything was bought and paid for and that continues to be the case. Tua was just the latest bammer possession, and his family was purchased. Only an idiot would claim otherwise. But then again.....the houndstooth cult is not a smart group.