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  1. Yeah I'm investigating it. I think it may be the best option if I leave sling.
  2. They would have to find a solution for buffering before I'd go that high. I have high speed internet so not sure why it has become such an issue.
  3. No changes....and I realize all that. I got the sling sports package originally so that I would have the SEC Network and all the ESPN channels and it was $25. sling has increased the same package twice and it is now 40 bucks. They sent me an email both times letting me know that my cost has gone up for the same package The first increase was $5 and this last one is for $ 10.00. I have now had sling for a little over 3 years. Buffering is becoming a much bigger problem than it was in the beginning. My sling is on a Roku. Not sure I'm staying with sling.....
  4. They just raised that price. It's $ 35 per month for the sports package.
  5. Be aware....there is some kind of problem with the NFL streams on reddit. I never found out what exactly the issue is because the thread seems to have been deleted. From what I could gather.....the NFL streams will be moved to Discord???? Maybe the NFL came after the redditors....not sure. But game streaming may not be available on reddit now. I have sling....who just increased my bill....again. It started out as a $20 package which I then upgraded for 5 bucks to include a sports package that allowed me to watch Auburn sports. Last year they again increased their price. Now they have gone up another $10 and I do have streaming problems with live games. So I'll be paying $120 total for both high speed internet from Cox and sling. Not sure it's worth that. I'm investigating other options right now.
  6. I don't blame him and I wish him much success......but DANG IT! I wanted him back for one more year.
  7. Why do you think you're entitled to start a thread strictly meant to criticize a young man? With his name on it....but it's not personal. Are you coaching any Auburn players? Are you a coach at all? In what way would you ever see this as "constructive" when you are not involved? He has coaches, and that job belongs to them. It's just an excuse to say "it's not personal" because being an athlete IS a large part of who these young men are. They have dedicated their time, their energy,and their bodies to being an athlete at an elite level, and they have done it for years by the time they get to an SEC school.. To say it's not personal is complete BS. This kid came to Auburn with high hopes, and he is surely hurt and discouraged by the outcome. He is a decent young man who worked very hard to improve. I feel bad that his Auburn dream did not materialize. To have a thread full of criticism about him is useless, and certainly not constructive to him in any way.
  8. I can't help but feel bad for Chuck now that the whole story is out there. I hope he can rebuild his life.
  9. Clark had many offers after UAB football was shut down. He declined them all in the hope that UAB football would be reinstated. Now he is committed to UAB and to rebuilding the program. He loves where he is and probably won't leave until he has accomplished his goal.
  10. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2017-01-04/college-football-s-top-teams-are-built-on-crippling-debt I posted this elsewhere but not all of you will see it in the baseball forum.