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  1. I'm concerned about them also.....and their families, the coaches, the coaches families, all the support personnel.....the many people they all interact with on any given day. When you throw the COVID 19 rock into a pond the ripples just keep on expanding until the entire pond is consumed.
  2. 72 - Sending prayers for a better experience this time. We are all thinking about you and pulling for you through this round of chemo. Update only when you feel like it....we understand that your energy is needed for the fight. Stay strong my friend, and God Bless.
  3. Great news on the success of the surgery. I hope he recovers quickly and this fix will allow him to have a break for awhile. He sure deserves it, as well as the rest of your family. I'm so very sorry that your son has been through so much. As parents, you suffer right along with him, and I feel for all of you. Your family, and James, are in my daily prayers. If we can do anything to help James and your family....just ask. James looks so much like my son that they could be brothers! It is really uncanny how much they favor each other. My son is 10 years older than James but wow.....looking at your boy takes me back to when my son was that age.
  4. A lock-down is the only thing that will slow the spread of the virus. It's too late to contain it. The initial lock-down was way too short.But we don't have the leadership in this country that we need, so that won't happen. It's a crisis of epic proportions and no one in our government is doing much about it. Our patients are testing positive at a rate of about 5-6 people a day. That's just one a beach town of about 5000 year round residents. Other physicians in this area could have different numbers. That was caused by opening the beaches way too soon. The tourists brought the virus and spread it all over 2 counties and now our area is the epicenter.
  5. Agree 1000%. Wearing a mask is a lot more comfortable than being on a ventilator in the ICU......
  6. It's pretty short and informative but I understand. About 30% of negative tests are a false reading, and the patient still has COVID 19. It can be a longer recovery for some people. Sending prayers for your Mom and your family.
  7. Read this thread e....
  8. It could be that it never left her body and is now flaring up again. There's a lot of COVID 19 research going on at the moment and some researchers are exploring that possibility. I am really sorry to hear that your Mom is battling COVID 19 for the second time. This particular virus is a fierce opponent and EVERYONE should take it seriously. Sending prayers for your Mom ellitor. Let her know that we are all keeping her close in thought and prayer for as long as she needs it. The good thing is that because so much research has gone on in the last couple of months......Drs have learned a lot about better treatments for Patients. I'm praying for her medical team as well. Please keep us posted.
  9. have another powerful weapon.....the support and prayers of your friends here. Whatever option you are using......we are with you.
  10. I hate that mind-set......that it's bothersome and an annoyance to just be fair and equal....and that it's not a positive thing to expand opportunities for women. It's actually beneficial to Auburn in the long run when more gifted student-athletes get their chance to excel. And Auburn baseball would become an epic program under Butch if more scholarships were available. This would be a win-win situation for everyone. The NCAA is not known for having progressive policies so I don't think this will happen any time soon. Emmert's mishandling of the football players' financial compensation, and the basketball scandal could do him in eventually. A fresh perspective there would be good for collegiate athletics. Someone who understands Gen Z would be a great improvement. Emmert doesn't have a clue that 1980 left him. Maybe the NCAA needs a woman at the helm....
  11. Same for me. I still love the Braves.
  12. I don't think that's it. Where I live is a smaller city. Our protesters were mostly masked and never got over a few hundred at most. Plus being outside helps a lot. Most protesters in other places wore masks. What has caused the huge surge in this beach town has been tourists by the thousands coming in with no masks and going in stores and restaurants. They have not been social distancing anywhere. Yesterday the news came out that several life guards are now positive for COVID 19. They have close contact with tourists by necessity. I have stopped going to my Neighborhood Walmart store because there were tourists with no masks and no social distancing taking over the store. They looked at us in our masks like we were the stupid ones. Now we are overwhelmed with thousands of sick people and the hospitals are strained to capacity. The mayor JUST YESTERDAY issued a mask ordinance and bars are closing down as are some restaurants. Now we all know someone who is either sick or dead. It is so awful. I have a Dr friend, a pediatrician, who has been very sick for 2 weeks. I worry for her and her family. I have lost 2 friends here and one in Birmingham. 😭
  13. are a good man. No one is perfect and mistake free. Don't be too hard on yourself. Still praying for you every day.