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  1. ERA Through games of March 20, 2017 RANK NAME TEAM ERA 1 Matt Kent Xavier .00 - Ryan Testani Seton Hall .00 - Troy Conyers San Diego .00 - Beau Sulser Dartmouth .00 - Joe Orlando Binghamton .00 6 Luke Heimlich Oregon St. .25 7 Jared Poche' LSU .25 8 Casey Mize Auburn .30 9 T.J. Sikkema Missouri .33 10 Brendan McKay Louisville .36
  2. Maybe. But GT is a home run hitting team. The NCAA HR leader is Joey Bart of GT.
  3. Auburn wins! 7-4! Jonah Todd is player of the game!
  4. Until this last one.... Bottom of the 7th 7-4 AU
  5. 7th inning stretch. 7-2 AU. GT scored on 2 homers....
  6. Will Holland is having GREAT game on both defense and offense.
  7. 5-1 AU top of the 6th
  8. This was a Tiger trifecta weekend in SEC baseball. bammer and the dawgs also got swept. Things in the league are interesting already.
  9. WARRRR EAGLE!!!! That is some great baseball right there! Auburn just never let up and there you have it! Great series for our Tigers!
  10. I have lingering trust issues with the AU bullpen. Gonna take some time....
  11. If this game goes into extra innings.....will the AU bullpen hold up?
  12. This FL pitcher has our number.
  13. Josh Anthony again!!! Man oh man what a defensive savior he has been! Great play Josh!!!
  14. Josh Anthony has been really valuable this weekend.
  15. I hope the Auburn bullpen can hold off the gators. I'd love to see their meltdown continue.