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  1. AU is just not feelin' it tonight....
  2. We need a rally like in the South Carolina game....
  3. If he ends up pitching it won't matter that much.
  4. He's just a great athlete. Auburn is really going to miss him. I wish he'd had CBT for his entire college career.
  5. If Reuben was taking prescribed medication from his physician as part of his rehab.....there would be no issue. If he was self medicating that's another thing altogethe
  6. I'm loving those fist pumps from second base.... And there's the 3 that emt wanted.
  7. I doubt it. Today is pitching by committee.
  8. Mitchell is warming up in the bullpen. I hope he's got his stuff going today.
  9. Well....dang.
  10. I wasn't implying that they hadn't. But some days everything is a little off and teams don't play as well as they usually do. This was that kind of day.
  11. Just not Auburn's day....unless there's a miracle in the 9th.
  12. My post is true in it's entirety and you made the incorrect statement in your own post dude. I'm just setting you straight since you threw it out there.
  13. Come on Tigers. Lipscomb in to stop the bleeding.....
  14. Smoking pot regularly is probably bad for your lungs..... http://www.lung.org/stop-smoking/smoking-facts/marijuana-and-lung-health.html?referrer=https://www.google.com/ ALL DRUGS have side effects. You just have to weigh the negative ones against the positive ones. These young women took a risk and they lost. The bad part is that they hurt other people with the decisions they made.