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  1. So.....Tanner has soreness in his shoulder. Doesn't sound serious.
  2. AUBURN WINS!!!!!! NO SWEEP!!!! Way to fight back Tigers!!!!
  3. What just happened here? Auburn got burned by officials and their incompetence again. I hope Allen Greene has the SEC office on the phone right now. Inexcusable.
  4. LSU hasn't had much trouble with any pitcher Auburn has put on the mound in this series.
  5. He has some bad habits at the plate that he needs to break. LSU is about to bust this game wide open.....
  6. Wonder what's up with Tanner Burns...... Hope it was just a precautionary thing.
  7. Posts like this are just annoying..... If the Auburn batters took a swing at everything you and posters with your mindset would be screaming about that too. I've seen it. College athletes work damn hard every day and the EFFORT it takes to play baseball in the SEC plus summer ball in the various leagues around the country is huge. These kids want to win much worse than you want them to. There are improvements that need to be made but hard work and effort are already there. Learning to handle the pressure of the SEC is something they have to learn and this team seems immature in that area.
  8. There's plenty of effort. They're just pressing.
  9. HOLLAND WITH THE HOME RUN!!!!!!!!! Boy Auburn sure needed that one! Good for Will!
  10. Gabe cannot swing the bat for these kids. This is a hard headed bunch and they don't always do what Gabe teaches them to do at the plate.
  11. I get the feeling that CBT was sort of hedging his bets with the series tonight..... not having 3 true starters is such a huge handicap. And Auburn doesn't have the offense to counter anything when the pitching goes on a down hill slide.
  12. He is quite a character. I can't help but like him. That was so hilarious....