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  1. I really, really missed college baseball last spring, and of course Auburn baseball in particular. No SEC tournament, no CWS. It was such a boring time. It was the first spring in my entire life that I didn't watch college baseball. I kinda felt a little lost.....lol. 4 weeks.....just 4 more weeks!!!
  2. Nathan.....I will continue to pray for you daily. I'm saddened to hear that you're experiencing some painful complications, and I hope your Dr can help you get some relief. We're here with you and I hope you can feel all the caring and prayers that your aufamily friends are sending your way.
  3. So is it definite that TWill is gone? I lost track of the hires somewhere last week.
  4. Cheating is not excellence. It's just cheating. I suspect you think you're pretty cute but really you just made an ass out of yourself.
  5. I had a feeling it would be a while. I saw the play where his head hit the floor.....UGH. Unlike turf.....basketball hardwood has no give and of course there is no gear to protect a basketball player's head.. He took a direct big blow to his head and he may not be back in 2021. If he does get to play this year it could be very limited I feel awful for him because it it a very life- disrupting injury on top of being so painful.
  6. I am a HUGE fan of Ryan Bliss. He's a lot of fun to watch. He's an instinctive baseball player, and that's why he's so good at it.
  7. I can see Greenhill, Owen and Fitts.....but really Fitts and Greenhill could swap starts and it would still be a great line-up. I have confidence in all 3 pitchers and Butch does a fabulous job of managing his players. I'm very excited about watching Auburn pitchers this year. I'm also hoping Steven Williams has caught up with his growth spurt and can get his magic swing back. Ryan Bliss....always so fun to watch.....what a talent! I'm also looking forward to watching the new players. No telling what kind of surprises are in store for 2021.
  8. I cannot wait until baseball season starts. I agree with you on Auburn's 3 starters. My only question will be who gets the Friday night slot. Butch has put together an outstanding roster, and we may have another run all the way to Omaha if our guys can stay healthy.
  9. You clearly have not read my posts. NEVER have I EVER said bammer was the only school that cheats. In fact I mentioned that in a post recently. But bammer takes it to an entirely different level. It is incorporated into their athletic department as their usual way of doing business, and they no longer even attempt to hide it.The REC exists solely to facilitate the financial benefits given to elite athletes. In fact...it is exalted by the media. All those stories about Trent Richardson and his mama, and Tua coming all the way from Hawaii. The stories just failed to mention HOW these poor people
  10. You have no idea what you're talking about. bammer just wants to win by any means and they have no problem doing some really terrible things to get there. If you cheat.....you have not achieved anything.
  11. Well then....that's what I always thought. And I do not blame him one bit for doing what was best for his family.
  12. Great win! Good experience for our young team.
  13. Yes you do. The duration of immunity is unknown. Think of it like getting the flu vaccine. We get it every year because immunity to the flu virus does not last long. COVID will most likely be the same way, and public health officials are saying that even if you had COVID you will still need to be vaccinated against it.
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