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  1. My gut instinct is telling me that something is off somewhere. I guess we'll see. Harsin has gotten rid of 3 coaches that he hired.....he seems to have done a poor job. That's more than taking a chance on 1 guy.
  2. If Mason is so terrible.....then why was he hired in the first place? That should disturb you. And if he resigned....then there is actually some trouble brewing and that should also disturb you.
  3. I haven't stopped. I won't stop. Please please Dear Lord.... heal this wonderful, kind and loving woman.
  4. If KY had any integrity they'd play a full strength Auburn in an Elite 8 game.....and still lose.
  5. Auburn played UK in the Elite 8 without Chuma. No excuse for UK this time.
  6. Or move us down to # 11 just to continue being an azz.....
  7. I'm usually optimistic when the situation calls for it......but I also believe in being realistic. I would love to feel good enough about Harsin to be all in but the reality is that he has not inspired that confidence so far. Maybe he'll get more people to warm up to him s time goes on but I'm not sure about that either. Things should be more settled by now but so far the chaos continues. That does not help his cause.... This is just where we're at whether people like it or not. Maybe by this time next year there will be a clear picture of Harsin's abilities, and we'll know if he's got what it takes to coach an SEC team. I really hope he does because this mess is so detrimental to Auburn's football program.
  8. I was just thinking the same thing.......it's amazing that these kids are sitting out in the cold like that for Auburn basketball. Love the name "Pearlville".....so perfect for what Bruce has done at Auburn.
  9. I'm always all in 100% for the players. They deserve coaching stability. For the last 2 years it's been a mess.....COVID and then all this coaching upheaval. Things just don't seem right at the moment. We all want Harsin to succeed. I want that more than anything for these hard working kids who came to Auburn.
  10. It's going to be a vital role from here on out......more than just generic "support staff" Maybe you need to dial back on the snark yourself.
  11. It was much easier at Boise State. That is really where my biggest concerns are.....he has no foundation in the SEC and doesn't seem to grasp what it takes to make it work here. Neither do any of those Boise State coaches. We are back into another "coaches in training" situation. This is a cut-throat conference with a much different culture, and Harsin will either change his understanding of what it takes to succeed in the SEC or he will fail. The SEC isn't going to adapt to the Boise State ideology. In his former conference there were no organizations like the REC, but they will be a big obstacle for Harsin. I just don't think he gets it yet.
  12. Constant upheaval and instability with the coaching staff will always be a negative.....
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