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  1. Tigerbelle

    SEC Baseball Tourney thread

    The arm and shoulder stress are cumulative so there is a tipping point in every pitcher's career. The goal should be to postpone it as long as possible and to protect a pitcher's possible future in MLB. It's not fair to a talented college pitcher to ride him like a rented mule and take unnecessary risks. Even if the kid can't see the danger the coach should protect him. CBT does a great job with his pitchers. That KY coach is questionable IMHO.
  2. I didn't feel good about this game all day. 😧
  3. WHAT??? You messed with baseball mojo?
  4. They are anti-Auburn in that ever so slight ESPN way that I cannot stand.
  5. This Aggie pitcher is a lefty too.
  6. Everybody throws their best at AU when Casey's on the bump. Yes to the pressure. I mentioned it a while back.
  7. The last 3 games Casey has not been as sharp......
  8. Does the Aggie have another NO HITTER in SEC play? Or is would this be his first NO HITTER?
  9. I'm hoping Auburn gets going pretty soon. This team comes late to the party sometimes.....
  10. From the looks of it so's one of those nights.
  11. Alright.....that should maybe spark something at the plate.
  12. Come on Tigers.....get some bats goin'
  13. Well.......DANG IT!!!!! Conor Davis got ROBBED!!!!