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  1. The issue is that so much of it is posted by those who don't understand baseball. The criticisms are 95% unwarranted, and it's very irritating. Some of it is just mean. That shouldn't be tolerated under any circumstances.
  2. I can relate.... Auburn had a fabulous season, and the post season the Tigers faced was more difficult than any other team. Our kids played on despite those difficulties and I am extremely proud of them, and ALL of the coaches.
  3. There's no point in it. Bo is gone and Calzada has never played a down for Auburn in a game. Different coaches and offenses....it's just a chance for posters to take digs at Bo who does not deserve it. He played hard for Auburn and it didn't work out. Move on and just shut up about it. It's so mean spirited.
  4. There should be a forum for those who won't let go and like to live in the past. This whole thread is kind of pathetic.
  5. Bello just finished his freshman season and he didn't start until later in the season. He just doesn't have the experience.
  6. Well......that may be enough to nail the coffin lid shut. I just hate that we had to play Arky.
  7. Rambo made up for it on the next play.
  8. No matter what happens tonight......I am very proud of this team. Every Auburn fan should be. Arky doesn't look tired to me. My Tigers look....tense.
  9. Hey it's all good! Welcome to the thread and start following on a regular basis!
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