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  1. just feel entitled to information about injuries being released in a way that makes you happy. So you started bashing Gus in a forum that was totally unrelated to football, and got called out on it at that time. That's it in a nutshell.
  2. Ugh huh......I'm accusing you. Just highlighting your points. You brought that stuff up. Fox News and all is only OK for you to use? And just to clarify......the problem is not that people are frustrated and need to vent. The problem is that the ugliness has just consumed everything and it just never stops. And also.....that perspective has been completely lost, and players themselves were being bashed.
  3. The delusional ones being the ones who don't join in the mob mentality according to you apparently.... This poster is defending taking the Gus hate poison to the baseball forum where it was not welcomed by the majority of posters there. There's nothing delusional about what took place.
  4. Good Grief.... I can comprehend just fine. And yes it does. Gus, nor any coach, owes any explanation of what they choose to say or not say, about injuries to anyone, including you. Is that plain enough for you? Injury reports are done the way they are for reasons you don't understand. And once has different strategies than football. The coaches will handle some things in a much different way. And athletes all have different feelings about what they want to become public, and when.
  5. No. You just want to be right. That's more important to you than the ability to see that there are reasons coaches decline to satisfy your curiosity. I stand by my comment. Sometimes things are just none of your business for reasons you don't comprehend. That's on you.
  6. The "active posters" have dwindled down because it is very boring to see the same old whining and complaining and nastiness constantly. You're mostly the only ones left and that's why you're in the majority. Same old same old 24/7 by the same posters. It is very much like Fox News here. One side of hate and negativity has taken over, and it has become it's own worst enemy because it has lost perspective. You only want to see posts that are about bashing Gus so you turn completely unrelated topics into something hating on him anyway.
  7. Then you're an idiot. Gus is not obligated to disclose injuries to you. The less he reveals then the less Auburn's opponents can prepare. Baseball is a totally different sport with different parameters for the coach. BTW.......the baseball coach never really revealed what was wrong with our catcher 3-4 years ago. No one knew until later that he had a virus. Maybe that kid wanted privacy.
  8. Well then I will disagree with you too.You have no idea what "mentally weak" even means, but it did not apply to that team at any time. They were learning to play together, working on building team chemistry and had things that needed to improve, and they did just that. It's a really inaccurate, insulting and disrespectful term for kids that put so much work and discipline into being a college athlete. That team was always made up of gutsy winners.
  9. In the was fun here. There was hope at one point that things would calm down. I don't think anyone hates the forum or even said such a thing. What you don't want to understand is that this negative nastiness has gotten out of hand and other posters want a little relief. Those attempts to have something fun always get corrupted by the Gus haters. I could ask the same question....if a poster dislikes Gus to the point that it makes him this angry .....why keep bringing it up all the time and why delve into it constantly? Why not step away? Or why not stay on a thread where all of you can wallow in the negativity and leave other posters alone? Why does it have to spread to the whole board? Why do you think you have to be accommodated to the detriment of the rest of the posters who may not want to see it everywhere? There should have been room for everyone. But that is not what's happened here.
  10. He's the guy that called the basketball team mentally weak and said they weren't very good.
  11. He was accusing me of making stuff up just to be dramatic. WTH? There absolutely have been posters here stating that they wanted Auburn to lose. He had no idea what he was talking about.
  12. Apparently you missed quite a few threads on this board. Most threads become a hate fest of Gus and nastiness directed at those who don't join in. This was a nice post by Mikey but it suffered the same fate that all the rest of them do.
  13. This board is so off the rails. You're just wasting your time. There are about 4 or 5 posters that can say whatever they want, call you a liar, denigrate our's closer to than a fan board now.
  14. It's not just you. There's way too much territorial marking going on here.