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  1. Tigerbelle

    Can UAB keep Bill Clark?

    bammer likes to steal UAB's thunder about everything.....
  2. Tigerbelle

    Can UAB keep Bill Clark?

    Coach Clark loves UAB. He had attractive offers during the time the program was shut down....but he turned them down and hung on to UAB with the hope that football would be resurrected. He enjoys the challenge of building a team and a program. He loves Birmingham. It would have to be a really extraordinary opportunity and huge money before he would consider a change. IMHO....
  3. Tigerbelle

    Another loss to a rival

    Well.....about what I expected. I feel so bad for the players. So much frustration and disappointment after all their hard work.
  4. Tigerbelle

    **Georgia Game thread***

    Maybe. But IMHO they are still a great team and bammer probably can't beat them twice either.
  5. Tigerbelle

    **Georgia Game thread***

    I think so too. That seems true of college football in general. bammer and UGA are the only great teams in the SEC right now. And adding Missouri helped no one.
  6. Tigerbelle

    Mississippi State @ uat (merged threads)

    The rest of the conference has known for 50 years that bammer is dirty, and they didn't care as long as it was just Auburn getting burned. They didn't say a word when Cam was going through hell even though it was obvious who was fanning the flames. And they all laughed about Toomer's. But now that it has an effect on them they are suddenly whining. So no.....I do not care what they think. It won't matter anyway. The SEC will not make any permanent changes that go against what bammer wants. If the other teams had stepped up and joined Auburn and stopped it years ago then things might've been different. It's most likely way too late now to make a lasting and profound difference because bammer has built a powerful network in all areas of college football, and there's way too much money at stake. Kirby might be the only guy that will take on bammer and get away with it, since he knows about a lot of the dirt, but that won't help anybody but him and UGA. I am well aware that Ole Miss had violations.....but they did nothing that bammer doesn't do on a regular basis. That was the whole point of what they were doing....becoming competitive in the same way bammer has for years. Ole Miss thought they could fight fire with a bic lighter. They do not have the REC and the network that bammer has and it cost them a 10-year set back in their football program. Freeze and the Ole Miss plan was working and bammer was not going to allow it to continue so they burned down the Ole Miss house. In 2010 they tried to do the same thing to Auburn's run for the gold but luckily Auburn was clean as a whistle and it mostly failed.
  7. Tigerbelle

    **Georgia Game thread***

    He played football.....for Auburn....IIRC
  8. Tigerbelle

    **Georgia Game thread***

    A targeting call on Auburn.....deserved or not.
  9. Tigerbelle

    **Georgia Game thread***

    Well.....you knew it was going to happen at some point.
  10. Tigerbelle

    **Georgia Game thread***

    I have been in the high seats once during the NCAA tournament at BJCC.....never again. I was so scared I couldn't move. And Auburn lost to North Carolina so it wasn't even worth it. I'd rather stay home.
  11. Tigerbelle

    **Georgia Game thread***

    I'd be sick if I was sitting up that high......REALLY don't like heights!!! You are brave!
  12. Tigerbelle

    **Georgia Game thread***

    Yeah that was careless and costly.
  13. Tigerbelle

    **Georgia Game thread***

    They are dirty. Happy that was called. Hope all of that kind of nastiness gets them in trouble tonight.
  14. Tigerbelle

    **Georgia Game thread***

  15. Tigerbelle

    **Georgia Game thread***

    Yeah it is a good name. Accidental brilliance still counts...