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  1. Tigerbelle

    Alabama is averaging 56.7 PPG

    They rarely get called for even obvious penalties. It's hard to tell how disciplined they really are. Having that kind of talent also leads to having plays that work because the players have the capabilities to get it done and bammer makes sure to have a favorable schedule. That's not to say there's not good coaching. There is. But talented coaches everywhere could do what saban does with the same gifts he is given by the REC. He is not a miracle working coaching deity. As he was building this empire his record was far from perfect. If he was that great he should've been able to be this overpowering with what he had then. When other teams of equal talent face him he often loses. His goal to be on top has always been fed by his enormous ego and his willingness to cheat.
  2. Tigerbelle

    Ole Miss

    Somehow.....that obvious fact always seems to escape them.
  3. Tigerbelle

    Ole Miss

    You reek of bammer ignorance and willfull stupidity.
  4. I hope no one actually hunts down any of those refs. But fans should let the SEC office know how unhappy we are with what happened. Things need to change,
  5. Auburn was doing what they needed to do to win. They were certainly not perfect...but neither was LSU. You are just plain wrong about that. But no team can fight off a good SEC opponent who is being favored by the refs at the most crucial times in the game. The constant bad calls had a devastating effect. That was just too much to overcome. Auburn lost to FL in the Super Regionals because of one badly missed call at a crucial time. Davis Daniel struck out a hitter but it was called a ball instead of strike 3. It wasn't even close. Auburn should've been out of the inning but FL ended up getting the winning run and AU did not go to Omaha. Once again...AU played good enough to win but got robbed on a bad call and everyone knew it. There are times when bad calls are a direct reason for a loss. The timing of the call can make it impossible. Don't try to pretend that those kinds of calls don't affect the outcome of a game because they absolutely do. And I believe that in college sports refs have biases that rear their ugly heads more that people will admit. SEC refs in particular have been doing a very poor job for the last several years and you have to wonder why.
  6. Tigerbelle

    Ole Miss

    I don't agree. You aren't even close. Cam did very well. But he is a very special talent....like Bo. Some athletes are just naturals at the game of football and it is something they possess inherently. They will excel because it's the way they are made. bammer has a roster full of those kinds of athletes. For the most part saban starts out ahead of everybody else. When he was in the NFL he was not successful because the talent was mostly evenly distributed and it depended more on his ability to coach. If he has to face a level playing field he doesn't dominate. He's been coaching long enough that he knows what he needs and the REC complies. When the hurry up offense put his defense full of big slow players at a disadvantage he started the campaign against it. The SEC officials, per the REC, gave him what he needed, and slowed the game down until he could recruit faster athletes. Now ol'nickster is using the same kind of offense that he claimed was so dangerous. That's how he works it. The nickster is not really a coach....he's a slick manipulator of college football and he has arranged it to suit him.
  7. Tigerbelle

    Hurts and Tua: a tale of deceit and betrayal

    Hurts is playing tonight. So....one more game.
  8. Absolutely. All the criticism about Auburn's performance does not take LSU's talent into consideration. People act like it should've been a total beat-down and that was probably not gonna happen even on a day when Auburn had it's best game going on. LSU is not Jax State.
  9. Tigerbelle

    Ole Miss

    That's true for any team. But when all the well compensated top talent is in the same locker room it is not a difficult task.
  10. Tigerbelle

    Ole Miss

    All of it is true. I am not a trash talker.
  11. Tigerbelle


    Maybe some of the talent at FSU would like to move on up to The Plains.
  12. Tigerbelle

    Ole Miss

    They are a well paid machine. And they have built a business that ensures they will stay on top. It has ruined college football.
  13. I was trying to find a way to say this. Good post.
  14. That's it. It was the timing that was so damaging.