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  1. Too long between games for Auburn.....Tigers were not sharp. Also.....a split with the Bulldogs is OK considering how things go when Auburn plays Samford. There have been seasons where Auburn just can't beat Samford. They are always extra motivated when playing Auburn, and they can be a pretty good team. It's just some kind of odd rivalry because of Casey Dunn.
  2. Swilling still had enough gas in the tank to grind it out. And he had a great defense behind him. No reason to change pitchers.
  3. When Auburn got the win last night I knew that they'd win today. If they had lost that game last night after fighting so hard I think it would've broken the team for the rest of 2021. It felt like they were on the edge of a cliff.... Will Morrison was digging deep to get that last out. This is a gritty, tough bunch of kids and last night was fascinating. Today the Tigers seemed confident despite the fact that they must've been pretty tired. Winning changes everything.
  4. This Jax State game is once again proving the point about a closer.....
  5. Did you see where I said he wanted the opportunity? That means it was discussed. It was discussed in 2020 IIRC. Owen's injury was preseason btw. So there was a big hole to fill before the season even started. The reshuffling would've happened anyway.
  6. You're assuming that our starting pitchers.....had they been healthy and had a normal rotation rhythm.....would have been ineffective. I don't think that's the case. We lost a lot of games in late innings. We had no one who could come in and shut things down. That was when so many of those games were lost by that one painful run. Greenhill will help plug the leaks.
  7. He was also put into the starting rotation because of the injuries to Jack Owen and others. I'm sure he wanted the opportunity, but it was necessary as well. With Fitts working his way back and Owen already pitching on Saturdays Greenhill is needed more as a closer at this point. If Auburn had been able to utilize him as a closer all season some of those lost by 1-run games might've been wins instead. With his lingering injury the move back to closer is going to benefit everyone.
  8. I'll send as many prayers as you need cole256. I hope the surgery goes well, and that you have a full and speedy recovery. Keep us posted!
  9. Greenhill was the closer tonight in a close game with Samford. It's really his strength and a natural spot for him. What I thought was the best news though is how effective Peyton Glavine was tonight. He was the important middle reliever that Auburn needed. Samford is a good team and they always are extra motivated when they play Auburn. Those two guys can help get Auburn back on track hopefully. BTW.....Auburn has the best middle infield in baseball.
  10. How about you take the whining and complaining about Gus and the past to one thread and if we are not interested we can avoid it. The need to contaminate every thread in every forum has been tiresome for a very long time. All the bad attributes of a Gus-led team have been discussed thousands of times. There's nothing new to say. Everybody is well aware of how some of you feel about Gus. It IS time to move on. Your need to continue the Gus bashing should not supersede what other people would like. Why would you assume that it should be paramount? It has been allowed to take over the board for y
  11. He's not where he was and he's not starting yet....which was the original plan. The starting rotation is still out of sorts. Auburn would lose a few games no matter what because that's just baseball. But you want to discount how disruptive the injuries have been, and you seem to think it's not that big of a deal. Well it is a very big deal and it has had a devastating effect on this team. It takes time to recover and it's been an up and down process.
  12. Williams probably does too.....he still has PTSD from that FL game. You know he thought of it just then.
  13. They don't just pick up a ball and start where they left off. It does not work that way. That's why Huddy and Butch have to let them pitch.....that 's the only way those kids can get back into their pitching rhythm. The Tigers are still missing Fitts, and that's a big thing.
  14. We have pretty good defense and really good hitting. The problem has been injuries to the pitchers.....especially Jack Owen and Richard Fitts. It's bad luck that so many injuries happened all at once but it has been the biggest contributor to Auburn's woes.
  15. The majors have more personnel.....different circumstances. Auburn's bullpen is like Andrews Institute......full of rehabbers.
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