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  1. If you think not "coming around" to like that scumbag is some kind of flaw......then your judgement is also suspect. I think Auburn has lowered itself by hiring a man with a very bad character. There's plenty of evidence to back that up....and virtually none to show that he's the kind of man who should be a leader of young men.
  2. What he did was not a "mistake". It was an exhibition of sociopathic behavior. There is a spectrum of sociopathy and I know he's on it because of his behavior. Then there's the recent harassment of that poor young woman. He has no understanding of appropriate behavior, and also, on topof that, has a disrespectful attitude towards women, including his own wife.
  3. He has no character or integrity to exhibit. He'll throw around a few bible verses and people will think he's changed. He hasn't.
  4. It won't wear off for me. Some things are just unacceptable no matter what, and time does not change that for people who have standards. I'm appalled by this hire, and as long as Freeze is at Auburn I will keep my money, and most of my family feels the same way. No more donations. It will ALWAYS be bad. There is no way to sugar coat this. There's just people who don't want better.
  5. He's done some reprehensible stuff recently. And it makes a BIG difference.
  6. Yep. These were not "rumors". Fans didn't want to hear it because for some unfounded and incomprehensible reason they were all convinced that Harsin was a great coach. Some of those kids were flat out telling people their experiences with Harsin and instead of believing the group of people who would be in the best position to know, they chose to believe the actual rumor that Harsin was fabulous based on nothing really substantial. Then for 2 years they blamed Gus for Harsin's cold ineptitude. The celebration of a dark cloud being lifted was pretty obvious. Caddy has chosen to be discreet and professional, and it's just another thing I love about him.
  7. Look.....no one is claiming that it is. Period. Nothing for any of you to get so pissy over. Ridiculous.
  8. Wow......that was a huge hole for Tank! Haven't seen THAT in a loooong time.
  9. You know this how? I never said he would...but he would not be a bad choice. He's doing so much with so little, and that's evidence of coaching talent. This is why sometimes Auburn and other schools get disappointed so many times, and it's how the Harsins and Golloways of the college sports world get hired.
  10. Well....Harsin had experience as a head coach so it's not always a recipe for success. Freeze is a failure as a role model and trustworthy human being......like Petrino. Houston Nutt? Dan Mullen? Will Muschamp? Caddy has experience in ways that others don't.....and he understands these players. He might be a good choice.
  11. Well......go on and be disappointed then. The QB is still very talented and once in a while he will be great and make a great play. Auburn is limited. That's just how it is.
  12. Caddy is so inspiring......Imma start working out again...lol
  13. Well normally yes.....but this season you need to lower your expectations a little bit. The Aggies are just loaded with talent and at times it does show up. Auburn is what it is right now. It's a win for Auburn tonight just to be in this game and to be competitive and have some excitement. Caddy is a miracle worker to have Auburn in this position at halftime but it's still a depleted team.
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