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  1. Well dang it! Just when Auburn was making some noise.
  2. Etheridge is such a great guy. If Auburn has a decent season....he's responsible for most of it because of his hard work recruiting players. He's the most valuable coach on Auburn's staff.
  3. I have been big on Allsup sine the first game he pitched. He's a great talent and he's developed nicely. Very excited about his career at Auburn and beyond.
  4. I want to give a shout out to the much maligned Bobby Peirce. What a great baseball player he is. Really happy that he's making the most of his opportunity to play this season. He has been a real difference-maker in big games. WDE BP!
  5. He's been around long enough by this point in the season that SEC pitchers know how to pitch to him....or they just walk him to cut out any chance of RBIs or homers. Sonny is a little frustrated by that. I think he'll come around.
  6. It's also to take advantage of Sonny D being on base due to all the walks. Rambo is such a good hitter that this will give him a chance to get some runners home. It worked out well today.
  7. It's always a great day when we beat bammer. That was a nice game. Barnette is getting better with each outing. Really good to see him perform the way everyone hoped he would.
  8. And this is what I love most about baseball.......the strategy and a successful suicide squeeze. It's my favorite play in baseball and I think it's amazing how many times it actually works out. Butch is a just a great coach. I would also like to say how much I like the job that Nate Larue is doing behind the plate. He's doing a fine job of picking off runners trying to steal 2nd this season, and he's improved his batting average in the process. What a weapon he's become for Auburn!
  9. So impressed with this Tigers team!! WDE!!!
  10. I think Arky probably has the best bullpen in college baseball.
  11. It's such a game of ups and downs and all it takes is one pitch. But I love it.
  12. Mark Fuller is taking some little digs at TN. He's not naming names but we all know......lol
  13. Auburn gone pretty quickly in the bottom of the 1st. The Arky pitcher is very good.
  14. 1-2-3 in the top of the 1st. Barnett got the start. Howell with another great catch in CF. Auburn will miss him next season.
  15. SHHHH!!!! Just don't talk about it That never bodes well for Auburn baseball!!! I'm sort of joking and sort of not joking. I'm not superstitious about anything else and I am a die-hard realist. No astrology forcasts or ouija boards for me. But I swear......the baseball jinx just defies explanation. 😳
  16. It's bad bad bad baseball mojo to look that far ahead. AU baseball fans should know this by now.... Baseball players are superstitious for good reason.
  17. Typical. They did absolutely nothing to help struggling student athletes, and made billions for decades. Now all of sudden athletes have the control so the college leaders want to get involved? What a joke.
  18. And land in a big pile of pig poop on the other side......
  19. I am so proud of my Tigers. Getting TN at their home was a tough draw. Winning one game is a big deal.
  20. Gonzalez did all he could. He is so solid. With Burkhalter out it's a tough situation.
  21. Easy 3 outs for Gonzalez. On to T-7 still tied 3-3 Can Bobby Peirce bat again please?
  22. Ugh-oh. Vols get a lead off hit. Bottom of the 6th.Gonzalez still on the mound. Double play!!!! 5-4-3!!
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