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  1. If W KY is marginally better than Mizzou Auburn could lose that game. Other than that....sadly......this is probably how things will go.
  2. If Aubrn hired the right coach a turnaround could happen quickly. Look at TN. 3 years ago the team was disentegrating and the coach was as inept as Harsin and maybe even more unlikeable. The Vols are about to beat UFL and maybe edge into the top 10.....in just 2 years. But Auburn has to make a good decision for once, and right now I wonder if it's possible. Maybe the new President has a better grasp of what it takes to hire a great coach in the SEC.
  3. He buries it a little deeper with every passing week.
  4. Yes they do. They deserve much much better than this clown show....
  5. If he had met those challenges there would be very little "outside noise"......
  6. Well that explains so much. No wonder the ineptitude was so closely matched on both sides.
  7. He's not very bright....but maybe he does understand being fired in the SEC.
  8. I feel bad as a fan.....but I feel much worse for the team. They have literally worked very,very hard for a lot of years...and this is what they get? We really have no idea how awful these kids must be feeling today.
  9. If that's true......he should never be allowed to coach again. The players did not deserve this no matter what armchair coaches think about their talent level. No player signs up for this kind of misery.
  10. We won't have to imagine it in the very near future....
  11. This has NOTHING to do with Gus. So lame. Harsin had the opportunity to recruit a better O-line and he didn't. That's on him. Heupel was able to improve the roster for TN, and it was in worse shape than Auburn. It could've been accomplished if Harsin was actually interested in being a good coach instead of a being a star. If you think these coaches are effective you are dreaming. The talent level is low, but so is the coaching. It's a problem in both areas.
  12. They need to shut up about Harsin. Even they don't believe in him and it sounds pretty empty.
  13. No.....the coaches are the ones to blame. The O-line is bad because of coaching failures to coach and recruit.
  14. I think he just has an accurate understanding of the OL.....
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