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  1. 1. The improvement of the use of the video board cannot be overstated. The video board keeps the crowd involved in the game the entire time, whether it is focusing on Aubie, students dancing, some old dude lip syncing, or a baby wearing headphones. It brings a family atmosphere and is entertaining all game long. 2. By not being there, you missed the 2007 football class reunion. Brad Lester and Brandon Cox got the largest cheers. 3. You also missed Brandon Cox holding a letter during the spelling of AUBURN. He looks like he could still play today and he got a long ovation from the crowd. 4. And, finally, nothing beats a late September, 5:00 pm game at Jordan Hare. Weather was great for football. Crowd great and ready to see the boys play. When the band comes out and performs the pre-game routine, it always chokes me up a little and makes me proud to have been, and continue to be part of Auburn.
  2. If Auburn gets their final 4 hard pushes...

    If we sign the expected three, we will have landed an entire offense and defensive unit, other than being light on offensive lineman (which we don't currently need) and heavy on defensive lineman (which we'll have a big need for next year) and defensive backs (for which we have a current need). With the flexibility that our coaches demand of our from members in each unit, I think this class fills our current needs at each position and sets us up well two years from now. Great job by coaches if they call reel the final three in.
  3. Tenn Fans and Stadium

    Agree that upper level of stadium needs lots of work. Mens room was closed. It was nice that they played our fight song. Also nice that they said a prayer before game. Traffic leaving was poorly managed.
  4. Fast Notes 8/5/12

    Any one know why he wears his shirt inside out?
  5. Internet Radio

    Are there any radio shows that deal strictly with Auburn sports (particularly football) and, if so, where can they be found on the internet?
  6. Because it is July

    I was looking at the roster the other day and saw that Dee Ford was an undersize DE. Because of our abundance of DEs and our lack of middle linebackers, I thought that Dee Ford may make a good middle linebacker, but didn't know if he has alway played with his hand on the turf.
  7. Top 5 least favorite programs.

    1. SPUAT - cheaters 2. tOSU - big fish, extremely shallow pond 3. Miami - bunch of band wagoneers 4. FSU - national championship = life time achievement award 5. UF - most arogant fans in SEC despite average history
  8. When I was a kid growing up, in my neighborhood we all imitated Phil Gargis, Sedrick McIntrye and Mitzi Jackson running the veer option. Those three put it to many a team, including Texas in the Gator Bowl when they had Earl Campbell, Johnny Lamb Jones and Johnny Ham Jones. I'm going with Phil - a winner and one tough hombre.
  9. Let's talk O-Line

    I like this Oline. It reminds me of the 2010 line when they were freshmen. As our then coaches said, "they may not know who to hit, but they are going to hit someone." The enthusiasm that the incoming redshirt freshmen will bring to the game may be just what this physical offense needs. If Big John and Reese can provide enough leadership early on and they can learn the line calls in this new offense to the extent serious mistakes are minimized, this Oline may have gelled sufficiently that it gives LSU all it can handle on a hot afternoon in September. The key will be avoidance of injuries so that we have the same starting 5 through the LSU game.
  10. tight ends

    Agreed, I just think Burgess has a leg up because of his past experience playing on the line, there is a lot of technique to playing line, and Uzumah is used to playing in space. Holding calls cannot be tolerated.
  11. tight ends

    With Loeffler's offense often going with two and three tight end formations, which two tight ends (other than Lutzi) have a break out season? I'm going with Burgess and Fulse. Maybe one of the incoming freshmen if they add a little weight and strength this summer and they can block. (I assume Proesche will be in the backfield with our single tailback.)
  12. Arrival of Freshmen

    I agree with JR and Pops. I also think that Ricardo Louis has a chance because of his athleticism and Ricky Parks is putting himself in a position to compete as a result of arriving early and Loefflers use of multiple tight end formations. I would have liked to have seen Darrion Hutcherson arrive for the first mini-mester to bulk up to add some size to his 6' 7'' frame and gottten needed reps in summer skeleton drills. Tyler Nero has a chance, but I think and hope Travis works extremely hard this summer and in fall camp and asserts himself to get the last spot on the 6 man interior line rotation.
  13. Arrival of Freshmen

    FYI, the first mini-mester starts May 17 and ends June 24; the second begins June 25 and ends August 1.
  14. Arrival of Freshmen

    The first mini-mester at AU starts in about 10 days. Any idea which freshmen commence acclimation of the AU experience in 10 days? Any intelligence about those commencing the second mini-mester? And finally, any insight on those who are going to arrive for Fall camp (and be relegated to the Scout Team and be subject to Yoxercise before most of up have even crawled out of bed)?
  15. Please send private message.