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  1. One of the funny things the video team did was to include an old AU vs. UGA TV clip where an AU back ran over Kirby Smart. I think Jim Fyffe was the announcer and during the clip Jim says something like "he just ran over Kirby Smart . . ." One was before the game, where they had a video history of great Auburn plays and moments against UGA. The second was where the fans got to vote for one of three plays.
  2. The AU Alumni Association is sponsoring a tailgate. They sent out an email invitation about a week ago. Contact them.
  3. My recollection is that the refs let their offensive linemen pull our DL to the side, allowing the middle to be wide open, especially if the back cutback just the slightest.
  4. Wouldn’t KM committing to UGA be positive for AU because I thought the Tank wanted to be the one and only tailback in his class?
  5. Earlier today I saw UGA get a crystal ball with respect to some tailback. Any chance that is influencing the Tank this weekend?
  6. Some of the most important characteristics of a great back, which are hard to measure, are their vision, ability to feel where the defensive players are coming from, and innate ability to process this quickly and run to day light, make a cut avoiding the tacklers or taking on the tackler (hopefully stunning them) and making the best out of what is there. These characteristics are developed from lots of experience, but the great ones just have an uncanny ability to make the best decision. The Worm has these characteristics and has developed them as a result of always being a tailback. As pointed out in the article, Boobie is now just learning to follow his blockers. This being Worm's second year in the system, I think his natural talents are going to be recognized more fully this year and he is going to get his fair share of carries, both inside and outside the box.
  7. One good thing about the draw -- If we can make it to the Sweet 16, the AU fans, as well as the nation of UK fans, in attendance should have the Sprint Center in Kansas City rockin' for an AU win over UNC.
  8. Does anyone know if the game is still gonna start on time on the SEC Network?
  9. It thought that Jordan Peterson played some corner against UW. That makes 4 backups.
  10. Not have the Offense, especially the QBs, prepared for lots of blitzes that are sure to come early and often until our opponents learn that our QBs will make them pay for such recklessness.
  11. Just got my email saying they are being shipped today via UPS 2-day service.
  12. As for the name of the game, I'm following Charles Barkley's proclamation on the ESPN pre-game show: this game will be known to me as the "Kick Ass" game.
  13. 1. The improvement of the use of the video board cannot be overstated. The video board keeps the crowd involved in the game the entire time, whether it is focusing on Aubie, students dancing, some old dude lip syncing, or a baby wearing headphones. It brings a family atmosphere and is entertaining all game long. 2. By not being there, you missed the 2007 football class reunion. Brad Lester and Brandon Cox got the largest cheers. 3. You also missed Brandon Cox holding a letter during the spelling of AUBURN. He looks like he could still play today and he got a long ovation from the crowd. 4. And, finally, nothing beats a late September, 5:00 pm game at Jordan Hare. Weather was great for football. Crowd great and ready to see the boys play. When the band comes out and performs the pre-game routine, it always chokes me up a little and makes me proud to have been, and continue to be part of Auburn.
  14. If we sign the expected three, we will have landed an entire offense and defensive unit, other than being light on offensive lineman (which we don't currently need) and heavy on defensive lineman (which we'll have a big need for next year) and defensive backs (for which we have a current need). With the flexibility that our coaches demand of our from members in each unit, I think this class fills our current needs at each position and sets us up well two years from now. Great job by coaches if they call reel the final three in.